Sabrina Spellman fantasies

Sabrina Spellman stood on the porch outside her student
house. She had just come back from her first date with
Josh and he was now walking her to her door. Her hair had
returned to her natural dark red, and she was wearing a
white shirt that left her mid-rift bare, and her maroon
mini-skirt with black stockings and black high heels. It
was a warm night, so she had no coat.

“I had a great time tonight, Josh,” Sabrina said as she
wrapped her arms around the back of his neck.

“Me too,” he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled
her close. Sabrina stood on her toes and reached up to
kiss him goodnight.

They held the kiss for a minute, and Sabrina almost
melted as she felt a bulge grow in his pants that was
pressing again her moist pussy. What she wanted most now
was for him to unzip his pants and pull out cock, so she
could take it down her throat. When his hands slid down
to her ass, she thought she’d cum on the spot. Suddenly
her eyes shot open and she pushed Josh away.

“I’m sorry Sabrina, I don’t know what came over me.” Josh
was sincerely flustered.

“It’s– it’s okay Josh. I don’t know what came over me
either.” And she was telling the truth.

When Josh backed off, he noticed something about
Sabrina’s red leather mini-skirt. “Did you spill your
drink tonight, your skirt’s damp?”

Sabrina looked down at her skirt, and noticed that it was
wet around her crotch. “Um–” She had to think fast. “I
peed myself.” Too fast, she regretted it as soon as the
words came out of her mouth.

“Well, I guess that answers the mystery of that puddle
below you.”

“What?” Sabrina was now freaking. She looked lower, and
saw that there was a puddle on the porch, underneath her
skirt. It wasn’t pee, though. It was her cum. Her pussy
was dripping through her panties. “I had to much to drink

“Relax Sabrina.” Josh said. “I’m actually turned on by

She looked at him like he was a freak, but she had a big
grin on her face. “Really?”

“Yeah. It’s a college thing. In fact, I’d ask to come in
and watch you sit on the toilet, but I can see Morgan
inside, and I don’t think she’d be happy to see me right
now.” He had recently dumped Morgan, which did not make
her happy.

“Yeah, your probably right.” Sabrina didn’t really care
about Morgan, but she knew that if Josh came inside,
she’d lead him to her bed where they would have hours of
hot kinky sex. Now there was nothing wrong with that, but
she was still a virgin and had never even thought about
sex before. Not even with Harvey, her high school sweet

“I better let you go in, your peeing yourself again.”

She looked down for a third time and was aghast to see
more cum drizzling down from her skirt. “Gotta go.” She
pushed him back and quickly ran inside and closed the
door behind Josh. Before he left, he bent down and
inhaled the cum on the porch. Intoxicated by the scent,
he dipped his finger in it and sucked it clean, than he

Inside the house, Sabrina ran across the living room to
her bedroom.

“Have a good time?” Morgan asked, though her tone
suggested that she didn’t really care.

“It was great, gotta go.” She closed the door behind her.

Morgan didn’t really hear her, but when she smelled
Sabrina’s musky scent, she put down her magazine and
inhaled deeply. “Wow, that’s great perfume.”

Inside her bedroom, Sabrina made sure that her other
roommate, Roxy, wasn’t around, and then she zapped
herself to her aunts. Appearing in the kitchen, Sabrina
yelled in shock when she saw her aunt Zelda spread eagled
on the kitchen table, getting fucked by some naked guy in
a lab coat, and her aunt Hilda bent over the counter,
taking it in the ass by a large black bear.

“Ahhh! Aunt Zelda, aunt Hilda what are you doing with
him,” she pointed to the scientist, “And cousin Ben?”

The bear looked over his shoulder and growled.

Zelda looked up from her wild sex and gasped. “Oh,
Sabrina. Take five boys.” She waved her fingers and
zapped the scientist and cousin Ben away.

“Hey, what gives?” Hilda shouted. When she looked back
and saw a very disturbed Sabrina, she stood up, “Oh
shit.” She said, as she comprehended.

“What were you two doing? Wait, I don’t really want to

“I guess we owe you an explanation.” Zelda said as she
zapped on a lace night coat. Hilda also zapped one for

“You think?” She was hysterical.

“Well, you see, there’s a blue moon outside tonight.”

“I know, that’s why Josh walked with me in the campus
park tonight.”

“Yeah, but when there’s a blue moon out in the mortal
realm, witches– um, how can I explain this.” Hilda

“Witches get horny as other realm rabbits.” Salem said,
as he ran into the room and jumped onto the counter.

“Which explains why you’re cumming on our kitchen floor.”
Zelda pointed out.

“Hmm.” Salem jumped off the counter and went to where
Sabrina was making a puddle, and he started licking up
her dripping cum. “Yum, sweater then when she turned

“Eew, Salem.” Sabrina was grossed out. “Hey, wait a
minute. So that was you under my covers.” Salem just
laughed and kept drinking.

“Why am I just finding out about this now?”

“Well, this was never an easy topic to talk about with
you, and we did try after the first time, but you were to
young to understand.” Zelda explained.

“First time?”

“Yes, when you first arrived. There was a blue moon three
months after your sixteenth birthday, and since you
didn’t have a boyfriend, your aunt Hilda and I had to–
um– help you.”

“Eew.” Sabrina was grossed out.

“Luckily once the blue moon passes, a witch can choose to
forget what happened. This is why you don’t remember your
first time … and the second time.”

“Second time?”

Hilda answered this question. “It was close to your
eighteenth birthday. We let you get drunk and then we
went at it again with you. We offered to zap in Harvey,
but you wanted your first time to be special. Afterwards,
you forgot again.”

“Well, I guess this is okay for this time. I’ve
masturbated before and Roxy does have that great toy
under her bed. I guess I can satisfy myself until I fall
asleep and everything will be back to normal tomorrow.”

“I’m afraid not honey.” Zelda said.

Hilda walked up behind her sister and wrapped her arms
around Zelda’s waist. “You see a female witch must have
at least nine orgasms before the moon sets, or she’ll
turn into a nymph. Which isn’t always to bad, unless you
like the life you’re living now.” Hilda’s hands where
slipping underneath Zelda’s nightgown and began to fondle
her breasts.

Zelda leaned her head back again Hilda and kissed her
neck. “And they must be administered by someone. Toys and
machines don’t count.”

“What are you two doing?”

“Well, you did make our ‘guests’ leave.” Hilda said as
her hands slid down into Zelda’s pussy.

“This is getting really weird.” Sabrina whined. “Where’s
cousin Ben, I can use his big cock inside me.” She looked
around for the bear but then stopped. “Eew, what am I
saying.” Her pussy continued to drip. “And how do I turn
this off?” She said, pointing at her cunt. “I’m sorry
honey, but you must have sex. You’re welcome to stay with
us. It will just be like old times.” Zelda opened up her
gown, showing Sabrina her shapely figure and slightly
drooping breasts, as well as three of Hilda’s fingers
shoved up her shaved cunt.

“Yeah, we’ll just keep it us three.” Hilda said. “Well,
maybe we can bring back cousin Ben. He is so big and

“Grosse. Salem what are you doing now?” the black cat was
fucking her leg.

“Hey, I may not be a witch anymore, or have any magic
powers, but I’m still horny.”

“I need to get out of here.” Sabrina zapped herself back
to her own house.

“I hope she’s going to be all right.” Hilda said, pulling
on Zelda’s clit.

“I’m sure she’ll be okay.” Zelda replied. “Now for our
fun.” She twirled her finger again, and zapped back in
cousin Ben and her scientist, who’s dick was covered in
bear shit.

“Hey you two.”

Ben growled and knocked Hilda back onto the counter. He
proved this by shoving his huge cock back into Hilda’s

“Hey, does anyone know where Salem went?” Zelda said as
she rode her scientist’s dick.


Back at the student house, Sabrina was pacing her floor.
“What am I going to do? I need to have hot sex, but I
want to stay a virgin.”

“You heard your aunts’ invitation. It doesn’t have to be
sex with a guy. Or even a human. Just as long as it’s
with something that’s alive. Well, not even that if you
listen to your second cousin, Hazel, who likes to have
sex with ghouls.”

“Grosse. I don’t want to have sex with my aunts. Or the
undead.” She had fallen onto her bed and shoved her
fingers down her panties, fingering her very wet pussy.
“God, I am so horny. Hey, what happened to my bush?” She
dropped her skirt and lifted her panties with a thumb.
Her pussy was completely bald.

“It’s another thing that happens when the blue moon is
out. Your fuzz won’t grow back for two months.”

“What?” She freaked out, but she fell back and fingered
herself faster. “Oh god, I need to get laid.”

“And as for that, your aunts aren’t your only options.”
Salem rolled onto his back and his tiny cat dick popped
out of his sack.

“Oh please. That tootsie roll won’t satisfy me.” She
ripped her top off and twisted a nipple underneath her

Salem cried at this remark, but then said, “Well, you do
have two attractive roommates. And Milo.”

“Well, Milo is out, but that’s okay because I don’t want
him. But the others–” Sabrina stood back up and walked
over to Roxy’s clothes hamper. Opening the hamper, she
took out one of Roxy’s few frilly panties. She had last
worn it two nights ago to a party. They were white and
covered in piss stains and cum stains. Sabrina raised
them to her nose and inhaled deeply. “Beautiful.”

Walking back to the bed, she picked up Salem and thought
about this. While walking, Salem used this time to rub
himself against her breasts and sniff Roxy’s panties
whenever they reached his nose. “This might work. Roxy
and I had talked about it before, though we were both
really drunk. And I know that Morgan has done it before,
because she talked to us about it. And she had that video

She sat back down, and Salem walked over the bed to stand
over Sabrina’s pussy. With his tiny rough tongue he
started licking her wet cunt. “Ohhh yes.” He purred.
Sabrina didn’t notice, busy picturing her and her female
roommates having sex.

“But how do I seduce them?”

Salem’s answer was muffled in her pussy.

“Salem!” she shouted, pushing him to the floor.

Salem cried again, but then said, “You’re a witch, use
your magic. Just cast a spell on them.”

“That’s it.” Sabrina stood up and walked over to her
magic laptop, when she heard the front door slam shut.

“Men are all pigs.” Roxy shouted. Forgetting about the
spell (and her current wardrobe), Sabrina left the
bedroom to see what was the matter. In the living room,
she saw Morgan listening to Roxy complain about her date.
Roxy’s hair was black and flowed over the middle of her
back as she moved. She was wearing a very hot pair of
tight black leather pants and a tight black shirt. If
Roxy was wearing this outfit, it meant that she was also
wearing her only g-string and a push up bras. She looked
incredibly hot in it. Morgan was also looking hot,
wearing a blue top and spandex pants, with her red curly
hair down.

“Can you believe he wanted me to fuck his best friend,
while sucking him off?” Roxy was saying.

“What was the problem?” Morgan asked, not understanding.

“Why am I talking to you?” Roxy shook her head in defeat.
Looking up she noticed Sabrina. “And why are you half
naked and holding a pair of my dirty panties?”

She had forgotten about them. Throwing them back in the
room, Sabrina tried to come up with some kind of
explanation, but she was just too horny. Instead she ran
at Roxy and took her in a deep embrace. Roxy was so
surprised by this, she was unable to stop Sabrina, and
Morgan just stared in shock. When Sabrina wouldn’t end
the embrace, Roxy’s eyes closed and her arms wrapped
themselves around her. After a couple of minutes, their
embrace became more passionate as their tongues got
involved, and Roxy’s hands slid down to Sabrina’s ass.
Roxy didn’t mind that Sabrina’s panties were soaked and
sticky, as she slid her hands beneath the flimsy material
and squeezed.

“Hey, what are you two doing?” Morgan asked, standing up.

Sabrina ended the embrace and Roxy took a few steps back.
“Wow. That was incredible.” The dark haired girl’s head
was spinning.

Turning to Morgan, Sabrina knelt down and pulled down her
resident advisor’s pants, exposing her pink pussy that
was covered by downy red hair. You couldn’t call it a
bush, because it wasn’t bushy. The hair covered her cunt,
but didn’t hide it.

“Sabrina!” Morgan was too shocked to do anything to stop
her, so when Sabrina started licking her cunt, Morgan
could only close her eyes and moan.

With a little prodding, Sabrina pushed Morgan back down
onto the couch and spread her legs wide open. Now that
she had full access, Sabrina leaned forward and stuck two
fingers into Morgan’s already dripping pussy. They fit
easily in, so Sabrina was able to slip in a third. It too
also slid in easily. Her pussy wasn’t fat, but it sure
was big. She must have a lot of experience.

While fingering her, Sabrina also continued licking. When
Morgan’s clit popped out, she took it between her teeth.
Morgan yelped, but her eyes stayed closed and she
continued to groan in pleasure.

“Oh Sabrina. If I had known you two were into this, I
would have done this a lot sooner.” Morgan said as she
stroked Sabrina’s red hair.

“Hey, I never said I was into this.” Roxy said, backing
away from the pair. She was freaked out and couldn’t
understand why the kiss had excited her so much, or even
why the sight before her now was making her so hot.

Sabrina now had four fingers inside Morgan and it was
finally starting to feel tight. Her clit had also swollen
to a large size and Sabrina continued playing with it
between her teeth.

“Come on Roxy,” Morgan said. “Just look at Sabrina white
ass, just sticking up in the air like that. Look how wet
she is. Her panties are so full of cum you can see her
asshole through them. And they must be itchy too. She’s
been dripping for a while now, with no one to clean it

Roxy’s eyes were pulled to Sabrina’s ass when Morgan had
mentioned it, and she now couldn’t look away, even if she
wanted to. Morgan was right; she could see Sabrina’s tiny
asshole. And her bald pussy underneath. Her fingers where
still sticky from their contact with that ass and pussy.
Roxy licked her fingers clean, and almost swooned from
the sweet taste. It was incredible. And if that little
bit from her fingers was good, then?

She needed no more encouragement. Roxy dropped to the
floor and pulled Sabrina’s panties off, throwing them
away where they landed on Salem’s head. Laying down on
her back, Roxy positioned herself so that her head was
underneath Sabrina’s hips and she could suck her cunt.
Roxy waited for a few drops of cum to drip off into her
mouth, before she buried her face into Sabrina.

Sabrina stopped her meal as she gasped from Roxy’s sudden
attention. Looking down, she smiled when she saw the
raven-haired girl eating her snatch. Finally getting the
attention she needed, Sabrina dove back into Morgan’s red
cunt. Morgan leaned back in the couch grinding her hips
into Sabrina’s face. “Oh Sabrina. You really know how to
use your tongue.”

“My aunts taught me well.”

All three girls paused for a second after hearing this,
but Sabrina just shrugged her shoulders and went back to
Morgan’s pussy, while Roxy returned to hers. When she
felt Roxy’s tongue pressing deep into her, she was in
heaven. When Roxy stuck two fingers (all that she could
fit) into her cunt, Sabrina let out a loud groan of deep
pleasure. “Oh god, yesss, that’s so good.”

Morgan leaned forward and slid her fingers over Sabrina’s
back. “Here, let me make you more comfortable.” She then
unhooked Sabrina’s braw, letting it fall to the floor,
and letting her c-cup breasts hang down.

“Hmmm, let me thank you.” Sabrina replied, as she pulled
her four fingers out, made a fist, and shoved it into her
older friend.

Morgan straightened and cried out, but once the pain
past, she slid back down, letting Sabrina’s fist go
deeper in. “Good thing you have small hands.” Morgan
said. Sabrina was up to her wrist in Morgan.

“Hey, I can do that too.” Roxy said as she slid out from
underneath her and sat on her knees,

“What?!” Sabrina looked up from Morgan’s pussy in alarm.
Then screamed out as Roxy shoved her fist deep into
Sabrina’s cunt. “AHHHHH!!!”

Roxy also had small, delicate hands, but Sabrina’s cunt
was untouched and very tight. Roxy had enough trouble
getting two fingers in, but now she had managed to fit
her fist inside. Sabrina went from Heaven to Hell, but
she didn’t care. She accepted the pain and started
grinding herself on Roxy’s fist.

“Hey, no fair. Sabrina forgot all about me.” Morgan
complained. Sabrina’s fist was still inside her, but now
that the witch’s attention was pulled away, she wasn’t
pumping her first anymore.

“I’m– I’m sorry– Morgan.” Sabrina panted. The pain was
finally passing as she got used to having a fist inside
her cunt. She went back to pumping her fist, but when
ever an orgasm shook her, she forgot about Morgan.

“Guess I’ll have to do things myself.” Morgan started
pumping up and down Sabrina’s fist, much like she does on
a real cock, or on her favorite chair.

Sabrina felt Morgan grinding, and smiled up at the
natural red head, before closing her eyes and groaning as
Roxy continued to pump. “Oh god, yes.” This was her ninth
orgasm, and she was now safe from the affects of the blue
moon, but Sabrina didn’t care. The night was still young
and she was still horny.

With some difficulty, Sabrina pulled her fist out of
Morgan’s cunt. She had some trouble with this, because
Morgan was so tight, that she didn’t want to let go. When
it was out, Sabrina climbed up over Morgan and brought
her hand to Morgan’s lips. Both girls started licking
clean Sabrina’s sticky hand.

“Hey!” Roxy complained as Sabrina’s movements dragged her
along, since her fist was still connected. When she had
regained her balance, Roxy tried to pull her own fist out
of Sabrina’s cunt, but it was still tightly clamped down
on it. “Hey, let go. You’re crushing my wrist.”

Roxy used her other hand to push against Sabrina’s bare
ass, trying to force her hand out, but with no luck.
Finally she pinched Sabrina’s ass with her long nails,
but this only seemed to excite her more, as she cried

“Ouch!” Sabrina looked behind her and saw Roxy rolling on
the floor in pain.

“My hand! Let go of my hand you tight cunt bitch.”

“Sorry.” Sabrina said and relaxed her cunt enough so Roxy
could remove her wet and sticky, though swollen, hand.

At first, Roxy brought her hand to her mouth to suck it
because of the pain, but as she tasted Sabrina’s warm,
salty cum, she started licking her hand like a popsicle.

“That looks good.” Morgan said and Roxy moved closer to
the two other girls and all three cleaned off Roxy’s
sticky hand.

When they where done, Roxy moved closer to Morgan and
helped slide her shirt off. Just before it was over her
head, Roxy stopped it, holding it over her eyes, and
pinning her arms in the air. With Morgan held helpless,
Roxy leaned forward and kissed the red head advisor on
her ruby lips.

Sabrina felt herself growing even wetter watching Roxy
and Morgan tongue wrestle, and her hand unconsciously
slid down to her dripping cunt. It was still stretched
and sore from Roxy’s fist, but this just allowed her to
fit three fingers in. When Roxy finished her embrace, she
pulled off Morgan’s top and threw it aside.

With her tiny breasts revealed, Morgan invited Sabrina
over to suck on her erect nipples, while Roxy practically
ripped her own clothes off. Sabrina accepted the offer
with an appreciative appetite. Her moist lips took the
right pink nub, while the now fully naked Roxy came over
and took the left nipple in her own mouth. Morgan stood
tall as she felt the two girls suckle. “If only my
breasts were bigger,” she whispered.

Sabrina heard Morgan’s wish, and with a little magic, she
caused the older girl’s breasts to swell with milk.
Morgan went from a small b-cup to a very large 42DD.

“What the?” Morgan looked down at her very large breasts
in surprise. Both Sabrina and Roxy pulled away to better
look at them, only to realize that their balance was
suddenly off. Milk started to dribble down from her
nipples. Looking down at her own chest, Roxy noticed that
her own 36C breasts were also 42DD and so were Sabrina’s
breasts. “Wow, I like these.” Roxy said as she played
with her tits, tweaking her nipples and smiling widely as
she saw milk dribble out. She lifted one huge tit up to
her mouth and sucked on her own nipple, drinking the milk
that flowed out. “It’s real milk,” she said with joy.

Sabrina was surprised by this turn of events. She didn’t
expect her spell to affect all three of them like this,
but she wasn’t complaining, though her back did start to
hurt a bit. “I’m not one to look a gift horse in the
mouth,” she said as she went back to suckling Morgan’s
nipples. This time she also had the satisfaction of
drinking some milk. “It does a body good.”

While Sabrina suckled the giant boobs, Roxy planted
kisses on Morgan’s lips. When Roxy pulled away from
Morgan, both girls took hold of Sabrina. Pulled away from
her meal, Sabrina wanted to cry like a baby, but when
they pushed her onto the couch, she stopped complaining.

“What are you two up too?”

Roxy said nothing as she sat down next to Sabrina and
silenced the young witch by kissing her. Her right hand
held that back of her head as she held Sabrina still.
While she kissed her, Roxy’s fingers played with
Sabrina’s red hair, curling it with one finger. Sabrina
kept her eyes closed as she kissed her roommate, but Roxy
would open her eyes and smile with wicked satisfaction.

Morgan also helped by kneeling down and taking one of
Sabrina’s breasts into her mouth. Sabrina moaned in
pleasure through Roxy’s kisses, and her pussy kept
pumping out cum as Morgan sucked her milk. Her right
breast felt like a pump as milk was drawn from it. While
drinking, Morgan’s right hand slipped down to Sabrina’s
cunt and started pumping it, while her left hand squeezed
her right breast.

“Yes. Yes. More!” Sabrina cried.

Roxy moved from kissing Sabrina’s mouth to kissing her
neck. Sabrina was now able to openly voice her moans and
groans of pleasure as Morgan fit three fingers into her
wide cunt and pulled on a dripping nipple with her teeth.
“God, yes. I have never felt such pleasure.”

The other two girls smiled at Sabrina’s innocent cries.
“Isn’t it cute the way her pelvis shakes as she orgasms?”
Morgan asked.

“And her squeals,” Roxy added. “I didn’t know she had
such vocal cords.”

“Speaking of squeals,” Morgan said, now checking out
Roxy’s firm body. “We haven’t heard you cry out yet. In
fact, I don’t think you’ve even had an orgasm yet.”

Roxy looked up from kissing Sabrina’s body and smiled at
Morgan. “You know, you’re right. I’ve been doing the
sucking, but getting no fucking.”

So the girls stopped again for a few seconds as Roxy lay
down on her back, while Sabrina crouched down between her
legs, sucking her pussy. She had a little dark bush over
her snatch, but the pussy itself was shaved clean. Morgan
squatted over Roxy’s body, stretching out to suck
Sabrina’s cunt, while Roxy leaned up to suck hers. It was
a three-way sixty-nine.

Because of their positions, the girls had to suck each
other furiously. “Yes, yes.” Roxy shouted as Sabrina
plunged three fingers into her cunt and ate her out.

“You’re pretty tight down her Roxy,” Sabrina said, having
some trouble fitting her third finger in.

“I– I– I haven’t had– sex in three months.” She

“Maybe this will help.” While she had three fingers in
Roxy’s cunt, she squeezed a thumb into her asshole.

“Oh god YES!” Roxy yelled, and started licking Morgan’s
tight asshole.

Morgan arched her back in surprised pleasure from the wet
intrusion in one of her most sensitive areas. “Oh, you
dirty girl.”

“Sabrina started it.” Roxy purred.

“You did, did you.” Morgan said and then stuck two
fingers into Sabrina’s asshole.

“Ughhh,” Sabrina cried out. “You two are really abusing
me down there.” But she didn’t care.

“Poor– baby,” Roxy said between pants. She was breathing
hard now and shaking from an orgasm, with Sabrina tasting
the results.

“There’s a good girl,” Sabrina said as she pulled her
thumb out and used her two hands to spread open the pussy
flaps and lap Roxy’s spilling honey. When her clit popped
out, Sabrina started sucking that too.

“Ohhh, it’s been so long,” Roxy cried. With her free hand
she was massaging one of her big tits. “And I love
these.” She brought one to her lips and started drinking
from it again.

All three girls started moaning and groaning as they
continued to give themselves simultaneous orgasms.
Meanwhile, Salem had finished licking clean Sabrina’s and
Roxy’s panties, and had passed over Morgan’s, since they
were free of any cum, and was now on their coffee table,
watching the girls, his tail twitching from enjoyment.

Roxy noticed him watching them and grinned. “Kitty wants
some cream?” She used her free hand to squeeze her tit,
causing milk to drip out.

“Gwah!” Salem said when he saw this. Jumping off the
table, the black cat ran over to the raven-haired vixen
and climbed up onto her. Holding onto her tit with his
front paws, Salem took Roxy’s nipple in his small mouth
and started licking it with his tiny pink tongue.

With Sabrina chowing her cunt and Salem drinking her
milk, Roxy joined Sabrina in Heaven. “Good kitty.” She
purred, stroking his fur. “Why, what’s this?” She reached
under his belly and stroked his tiny dick.

“Gwah?” Salem’s head shot up. Roxy’s fingers started
stroking his dick but, because he was only a cat, it
couldn’t get very big.

Sabrina looked up from Roxy’s cunt and once again worked
her magic, making Salem’s dick grow to over six inches
long and almost an inch thick. “Meow!” Salem cried in
excitement, as he tried to keep his balance.

Now, this might not sound very big, for a cat it was
huge. And Roxy knew how to use it. Separating herself
from her roommates, Roxy got on her hands and knees and
Salem jumped onto her hips, position his dick towards the
smaller of her two entrances. His dick was the right size
for her asshole, and it slid in with little resistance.

“Yeah, come on kitty, ride me like a pony.”

While Salem fucked Roxy, Sabrina stood up. “I just have
to pee.” She made a move to the bathroom, but Morgan
stopped her.

“Why don’t you just do it right here?”

“What?” Sabrina stopped and turned around.

“Just squat over my face.” Morgan grinned wickedly.

Sabrina shared that grin and stood over Morgan, holding
one leg in the air, her pussy hovering over Morgan’s open
mouth. Within seconds, a golden shower flowed from her
cunt into Morgan’s mouth, the older girl drinking it down
like lemonade. When Sabrina finished, Morgan licked her
cunt clean, and then pulled her back down. Both lying on
their sides, they spread their legs wide open, and
crushed their cunts together. Both girls started grinding
their pussies together, going at it clit to clit.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Sabrina cried out.

“God yes.” Morgan agreed, her body writhing wildly in

Sabrina tried grabbing onto the floor to help steady her,
but the orgasms just shook her non-stop. “Ugh, ugh, yes,
oh god yes, ugh, ohh. More, grind that hot cunt into
mine. Yes. You’re so good.”

“Ohhhh, you’re good too, Sabrina.” Morgran cried out, as
her huge tits shook from another orgasm. By now, they
were both covered in white sticky cum from pussy down.
“How’re you … doing Roxy?”

“Great Morgan.” Salem had already cummed in her ass and
she was now tity fucking the cat.

Salem was purring and moaning, his dick firing loads of
cat-cum all over Roxy’s huge tits and face. Whenever it
sprayed her face, she would open her mouth and suck it

After two more hours of intense, hot, passionate sex,
where Salem had a chance to fuck Roxy’s pussy, as well as
Morgan’s (Sabrina didn’t want to loose her virginity to a
cat), they all fell asleep on Morgan’s bed. Even Salem
was curled up between Sabrina’s legs (she did allow him
to lick her).

When the sun rose, Sabrina was back in her bed and in her
pajamas, and Roxy was in hers. Their tits had returned to
their normal small size, and the desire to have hot sex
had past. Even Salem had returned back to the aunts (his
dick having returned to its normal tiny size).

Sabrina was a bit disappointed that her breasts were
small again, but she never relished the idea of having to
walk around with the huge melons. “Maybe a bit bigger,
though.” She would look up a spell later to make them
into a more permanent, round C cup.

Now for the possible problems that might arise from last
night. Would her roommates remember anything? A part of
her hoped they would, so they could do it again. But now
that she wasn’t under the affects of the blue moon,
Sabrina was afraid of them remembering and hoped they
wouldn’t. She was able to accept last night as being a
special event.

Standing over Roxy’s bed, Sabrina looked down at the
raven-haired girl and smiled fondly at the memories. Her
hand slowly slipped down to her cunt again (that was now
dry), but when Roxy stirred and opened her eyes, she

“What?” Roxy asked.

“Nothing.” Sabrina innocently said, backing away from the
bed. “Um, do you remember what we did last night?”

Roxy sat up in bed and screwed up her face, trying to
remember. “Actually, no I don’t. But for some reason I
remember having a dream about your cat.” Remembering her
“dream,” Roxy also noticed that her sheets were wet.
Sliding a hand down her hips, she was shocked to find her
cunt soaked with white cum.

“Well, I wouldn’t have any idea why you’d dream that.”
Sabrina innocently explained as she walked out of the
room, her ass swiveling seductively.