What happens when a singer like Ashlee Simpson goes to fastfood resturant?

It’s a cool summer night in Toronto, Canada. The sky is
clear and filled with stars shining like diamonds. The
moon is full, casting a calm glowing light over the
land. Ashlee Simpson has just spent all night partying
and hopping from club to club. On her way back to her
hotel, Ashlee spots a 24 hour McDonald’s…

Ashlee pulls her black Lexus into the McDonald’s
parking lot. The restaurant is dead, considering it’s
1:30 am, with the exception of three young men eating
inside. Ashlee parks her vehicle and makes her way
inside of the McDonalds. Upon the door opening, the
three men eating inside all turn to see who is coming
in. As the guys eyes grow in diameter to the size of
half-dollar coins, Ashlee struts her shit right pass
them. Moving her hips side to side with each step, the
guys stare a hole through her.

“Holy shit! That’s fucking Ashlee Simpson!” says Aaron.

“No way, that’s not her!” Mike replies.

“Fucking look, it’s her!” exclaimed Aaron.

“Oh my God, it is her! She’s so fucking hot!” says

“Well there’s only one way to find out for sure,” says

Josh, being the bravest of the three, gets up and walks
over to Ashlee.

“Excuse me, are you Ashlee Simpson?” Josh asks.

“Sure am sweetie,” Ashlee responds.

“What’s your name?” she asks.


Josh turns to Mike and Aaron and utters, “It’s her!”

Ashlee continues her way to the restroom, when Josh
stops her again.

“Um Ashlee, can I have a picture with you?” as he pulls
out his camera phone.

“Sure, but only if you kiss my feet,” Ashlee says.

“Kiss your feet? What the hell, no way!” says Josh.

“Well fine then, fuck you!” Ashlee says with a pissed
off look on her face.

Ashlee turns her back to Josh as she enters the
restroom. Josh is left standing with his cell phone in
hand and completely stunned. Josh returns to where his
friends are eating.

“So what happened?” Aaron asks.

“I asked if I could take a picture with her, and the
bitch said only if I kiss her feet!” answered Josh.

“What? No fucking way! Are you serious?” says Mike.

“Yeah, that’s what she said, fucking celebrity whore,”
Josh mumbles.

“Fuck that! Go into the bathroom and ask her again”
says Aaron.

“If she still acts like a bitch, hit her in the fucking
face,” he adds.

The three share a laugh.

“Your right, fuck her! I’m going to go in there and see
what her deal is,” says Josh.

Josh gets up and makes his way to the women’s restroom.
He opens the door to find Ashlee checking herself out
in the mirror.

“What the fuck are you doing in here?” Ashlee yells.

“I just want to know what your problem is, all I want
is a picture with you,” Josh answers.

“You come charging through the door of the women’s
bathroom for a fucking picture?” Ashlee says.

“You must really like me,” she adds.

“You probably jerk off to pictures of me and shit don’t
you?” Ashlee asks Josh.

“What?” Josh replies with a stunned look on his face.

“Well…ummm…I…” Josh is speechless.

“I’m sorry, I just think you are so hot, and yes I do
jerk off to your pictures” Josh manages to utter out.

“You happy now?” Josh adds.

“Well Josh, your a little hottie yourself,” Ashlee says
to him, as she gives him a sexy look from the mirror.

“Really?” Josh replies, his face turning a warm red.

“Thanks,” he adds.

“Well Josh, no matter how big of a fan you may think
you are of mine, there is one thing you don’t know
about me,” Ashlee says.

“What’s that?” Josh asks.

“That I’m a big slut and I love to fuck my fans when I
have the chance, only if their hot of course,” she

Josh’s jaw hits the floor.

“Holy shit! Are you serious?” Josh asks.

“What do you think?” Ashlee says, as she rolls her
tongue across her lips.

“How about your two friends out there, are they fans
too?” Ashlee asks.

“Yeah, yeah, they think your hot as hell too! Big, big,
fans!” Josh answers.

“Maybe they would like to join us?” Ashlee says.

Before Ashlee even finished her sentence, Josh runs out
of the bathroom back to his friends Aaron and Mike.

“She wants to fuck us!” Josh says to Aaron and Mike.

“What? Get the fuck out of here,” says Aaron.

“I’m serious, come on, follow me to the bathroom!” Josh

“Let’s go see,” says Aaron to Mike.

The three young men get up and make there way to the
bathroom where a horny and sexy Ashlee Simpson awaits
them, to make all of their wildest fantasies come true.
Josh opens the door and enters, Aaron and Mike follow.

“Who are your friends Josh?” Ashlee asks.

“This is Aaron and Mike,” Josh answers.

“So, did Josh here fill you guys in?”

“He said you wanted to fuck us,” Aaron says.

“Yeah, but we think he is full of shit though,” adds

“No bullshit guys,” Ashlee says.

“All three of you are hot and I want to have some fun,”
Ashlee adds.

Josh, Aaron, and Mike’s eyes are all focused on
Ashlee’s body. As she stands in front of them dressed
in a low cut blue denim skirt, exposing her long sexy
legs. Accompanied by a white halter top that shows off
her huge tits nicely. Her blonde hair is long and free
falling. She is supported by a pair of sexy pink heels.
The three guys each have porno visions running through
their minds. Each just imaging what will take place
here tonight in the women’s restroom of McDonald’s,
with the very sexy Ashlee Simpson. When suddenly Ashlee
blurts out.

“I want to suck all your cocks, drop your pants.”

The guys eagerly comply, each of them in a hurried
fashion unzip their pants and drop them to the floor,
followed by there boxers. Aaron’s packing the biggest
dick with a full 8inch hard-on. Mike and Josh are about
equal, each carrying an average, but still satisfying,
6 1/2 inch cock. The three guys form a curved line
around Ashlee. Ashlee uses the guy’s pants as padding
for her knees, as she gets adjusted around the three
dicks. Josh is to her right, Aaron is in the middle,
right in front of Ashlee, and Mike is to her left.

“Ashlee, suck my dick first,” says a hot and worked up

Ashlee doesn’t hesitate. She takes Aaron’s fat cock in
her hand and puts it in her mouth. She begins sliding
her mouth back and forth on Aaron’s long, stiff dick.
Ashlee’s hands are on Josh and Mike’s dicks stroking
them softly, as she blows Aaron. Aaron puts his hands
on top of Ashlee’s head and forces her to suck him
faster and harder. Josh and Mike have each managed to
pull Ashlee’s top down under her 34C tits.

With Ashlee’s tit’s fully hanging out over her top,
Josh and Mike each have taken a tit in hand, caressing
them. Aaron is still slamming her head down on his
dick. Everybody is moaning sexily and breathing harder
and harder. Ashlee gags on Aaron’s cock, and pulls away
from him for a breath of air. Ashlee switches over to
Josh, and takes his dick in her mouth. She picks up
where she left off with Aaron on Josh, blowing him hard
and fast, just as she had done with Aaron.

“Oh fuck, Ashlee, suck that dick!” Josh moans.

As Ashlee is sucking Josh’s dick, Mike is behind Ashlee
pulling her pink thong down from under her denim skirt.
He pulls them off and tosses them into the corner of
the bathroom.

“You want your pussy ate out Ashlee?” Mike says.

Ashlee with a cock in her mouth utters, “Uummm hmmm.”

Josh moves over to the toilet and takes a seat to get
more comfortable. Ashlee moves herself over to Josh and
positions herself between his legs on her knees.
Arching her ass out, she spreads her legs far apart so
Mike can slide under her ass. As Ashlee takes Josh back
in her mouth, Mike is laying on his back, on the cold
tile floor, moving under Ashlee’s ass, Mike starts to
lick her pussy. As she sucks Josh’s dick, Aaron is
hovering over Ashlee’s body playing with her big tits,
rubbing and playing with her nipples. Aaron gives
Ashlee’s ass a couple of hard slaps as she gets ate out
and blows a stiff dick.

Ashlee’s pussy is wet and dripping her juices all over
mike’s face. Her head bobbing up and down on Josh’s

“Holy shit, have you guys seen the tits oh her!” Aaron
says out loud.

Ashlee takes Josh’s dick out of her mouth and lowers
her ass farther down on Mikes face.

“Oh fuck!” Ashlee let’s out.

“You guys want to tit fuck me?” Ashlee asks the horny

Ashlee stands up and removes her halter top from her
body and removes her denim skirt too. Now a totally
naked Ashlee switches places with Josh on the toilet
and takes a seat. Ashlee takes her hands and pushes her
tits together to form a nice and tight cleavage area
for the guys to stick their dicks into.

Aaron forms a line with Mike and Josh behind him. Aaron
stands over Ashlee’s lap with his body inches away from
her. He takes his hard cock and slides it between her
tits and starts to thrust back and forth. Fucking her
tits fast and hard, Ashlee, begins to softly moan to

Aaron breathes heavily as he watches his cock slide
between the beautiful Ashlee Simpson’s tits. Aaron
steps out of line and let’s Mike have his turn. Mike
steps to Ashlee and moves his head towards her tits. He
takes her left tit in his mouth and sucks on it a
little bit. Then pays the right tit some attention, by
sucking on that one.

After letting some spit drop from his mouth and landing
between Ashlee’s tits, Mike takes his dick and places
it between her melons. Ashlee’s tits are slippery from
Mike’s saliva. His cock slips back and forth between
them with ease. Ashlee puts her head into her chest and
every time the head of Mike’s dick pokes through the
opening of her tits cleavage, Ashlee gives the tip of
his dick a lick with her long tongue.

After a few minutes, Mike steps out of line to let Josh
have his fun. Josh steps to Ashlee and ignores her tits
and puts his dick straight into her mouth. Josh fucks
her mouth as Aaron is eating her out from below.

Josh now takes his cock out of her mouth and backs away
from her. Ashlee stands up and lets Mike take a seat on
the toilet. Mike sits down and Ashlee falls back onto
her hands and knees. Aaron lines up behind Ashlee and
positions her ass in front of his cock. As he does
this, Ashlee already has Mike’s dick in her mouth,
giving him a sloppy wet blowjob. Aaron takes his cock
and puts it in Ashlee’s pussy from behind.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Ashlee let’s out.

“That feels so fucking good!” she adds.

Aaron is fucking her in doggy style position, as
Ashlee’s mouth is filled with Mike’s dick.

“Fuck me, fuck me good!” Ashlee says in a slutty voice.

Aaron really picks up the pace after hearing that come
from Ashlee.

With each thrust Aaron gives Ashlee, their body’s come
together to make a “CLAP” sound. Josh in the meantime
is standing over Ashlee, stroking his cock, keeping it

“I want some of that pussy,” says Mike.

Aaron pulls his dick out of Ashlee and she stands up
off her knees.

She turns around in front of mike, who is still seated
on the toilet. Ashlee bends over in front of Mike and
lowers her phat ass down onto Mikes cock. Now in
reverse cowgirl position Ashlee bounces her ass up and
down on Mike’s dick. Her tits bouncing up and down with
each movement. With Ashlee facing Aaron and Josh, she
tells them to stick their dicks in her face. They both
get real close to Ashlee and put their cocks in her
face for her. Ashlee takes both of cocks in her mouth
at the same time.

“Oh my God, that feels so fucking good!” both Aaron and
Josh say at the same time.

Ashlee has two cocks in her mouth and has a dick in her
pussy, all at the same time. She is on the edge of

“I want you guys to cum all over me,” she says.

Aaron and Josh begin to start jerking off their cocks
in front of their pop-star-slut-dream-girl. Mike is
still busy fucking her from behind.

“Oh fuck yeah, fuck my pussy!” Ashlee says to Mike.

Mike starts to tear her pussy up, with deep, hard,
penetrating, thrusts. He smacks her ass a little bit,
to try and help himself reach his point of climax. As
Mike is fucking away, Aaron and Josh are about to cum.

“Oh shit, here it comes Ashlee,” says Josh.

“Cum on my face baby, all over my fucking face,” Ashlee

“Fuck yeah, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” yells Josh.

Ashlee moves her face closer to his dick, then josh
explodes white, thick, hot, steamy ropes of cum,
plastering Ashlee’s pretty face.

“Fuck yeah, cum on me baby,” Ashlee says, as Josh is
still cumming on her face.

Just as Josh is finally finished cumming, Aaron is
about to let loose.

“Open your mouth slut,” Aaron orders Ashlee.

Ashlee opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue. Aaron
lines up his fat cock with her open mouth. Stroking and
jerking, Aaron blows his load all in her mouth.

“Eat that fucking cum you whore!” Aaron’s yells.

“Mmmmm…. That taste so hot,” Ashlee says.

Now that Aaron and Josh have unloaded their spunk all
over Ashlee’s face, they chant for Mike to bust his not
for Ashlee.

“Come on Mike, fuck her, fuck her!” yells Josh.

“Cum all over that slut!” says Aaron.

Ashlee even gets in on it.

“Oh Mike, fuck my pussy, fuck it really hard,” Ashlee
says to Mike.

“Harder, faster, harder, faster,” she adds.

“I’m going to cum,” Mike lets out.

“Yeah baby, I want you to cum all over my tits,” Ashlee

Ashlee gets up off Mike’s dick and quickly drops to her
knees in front of him, as he remains seated on the
toilet. Ashlee on her knees, leans towards Mike and
puts her tits on his cock. She begins to move her tits
up and down on his shaft. titty fucking Mike’s cock,
Ashlee spits on his dick as it slides up and down
between her tits.

“I can feel it, I’m about to cum!” Mikes says to

As soon as he says this, he shoots his hot load of cum
all over Ashlee’s chest and tits. Stream after stream
of hot cum fly out of Mike’s cock. It seems almost
never ending, it just keeps shooting and shooting out.
Finally he is finished, and Ashlee is covered in hot
sticky cum, from three of her biggest fans.

“Oh my God, that was so fucking good you guys!” Ashlee
says, with cum plastered all over her body.

“I will remember this for the rest of my life,” says

“Awww Anything for my fans,” Ashlee replies.

“How about that picture now Ashlee?” Josh asks.

“Sure, why not, I mean I already have your guy’s cum
all over me, I’m sure a picture won’t hurt,” Ashlee

Aaron, Mike, Josh, and Ashlee all gather close together
as Josh holds his camera phone up high above the four
of them, and snaps a photo. The three of them get their
clothes back on and each give Ashlee a goodbye kiss and

“Thank you so much Ashlee, we will never forget this”
the three of them say, as they leave the bathroom.

“You guys were awesome, thank you for the best fuck of
my life!” Ashlee says to them.

Aaron, Mike, and Josh make there way out of McDonald’s
and head for their car, when Josh says, “I can’t wait
to post this picture on the net!”

“Everybody will go crazy seeing Ashlee Simpson covered
in our cum!”

“What a fucking slut!” Aaron says.

The three share a laugh together, then get into Mike’s
car and take off towards home. Meanwhile, Ashlee is
still in the bathroom cleaning up all the cum off her.

“God, I love my fans!” Ashlee says to herself.

“I can’t believe my sister Jessica, waited until
marriage to get fucked.”

“What a fucking idiot!”

“She has no idea what she was missing!” Ashlee says
laughing to herself, ha, ha, ha…

“Well, what can I say?”

“I guess I am a little slut! Ha, ha, ha!”

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