Scarlett Johansson is Agent Red

Scarlett Johansson is Agent Red, working undercover as a Secret Service agent assigned to protect the President of the United States 18 year old son Thad, for B.R.E.A.S.T.S., the Bureaucratic Response and Engagement Action Squad and Tactical Strikeforce. When not protecting Thad, who has learned her secret, Agent Red protects the world from the evil organization S.L.U.T., the Sexually Liberated Unification Taskforce, led by their evil overlord Christina Hendricks. Following the orders of Director Linda Carter, Agent Red and B.R.E.A.S.TS. do whatever is necessary to stop S.L.U.T. from seducing their way to power and control of the world!

-The dark of night, S.L.U.T.’s new base

“Behold all that I have achieved, my lowly functionary,” Christina cackled in malicious glee, “From here I shall achieve my plans of world domination!” She cackled as she raised her arms in the air, her large breasts straining against her starch white blouse, the buttons threatening to give way. Her crystal blue eyes gleaned with madness as she turned to her personal assistant. “What do you think, Lindsay?”

Lindsay Lohan looked around the dark hall before shrugging her shoulders. “It would help if I could see.”

“The elections will be here next week,” Christina said matter of factly before resuming her walk. “Once my base is at one hundred percent then not even B.R.E.A.S.T.S. will be able to stop me,” she continued, her wide hips swaying dramatically breather her tight, tan skirt.

Lindsay tried clicking on some lights as she followed Christina, even stopping to try a water fountain, buy nothing appeared to be working.

“The plumbers will be here next week,” Christina said frankly.

“My Mistress of Mayhem, exactly how much of a percentage would you say your base is working at?” Lindsay asked trying to keep the sarcasm out of her voice.

“Twenty-two percent,” Christina said matter of factly.

“So we’re basically visiting the concept of a evil base,” Lindsay said, failing to keep the sarcasm out of her voice.

“And from here I will take over the world,” Christina answered, missing Lindsay ‘s sarcasm.

“…some time next week,” Lindsay muttered under her breath. “Was there a specific reason you needed to visit your up-coming base today, oh evil enchantress?” she asked out loud.

“Ah yes. Good of you to remind me,” Christina said. She turned and walked purposefully down the dark hall, her thick, round ass threatening to rip the seams of her tight skirt. “Follow me! Ha, ha, ha…”

After several minutes and after walking down several flights of stairs due to the elevators not being on, Lindsay arrived behind Christina at the base’s holding cells. Inside one of the cells was a prisoner stripped completely naked and chained to the ceiling. Her jaw dropped as she saw the stunning figure of their nude captive. “O-M-G, who is that?” she gasped.

Christina opened the cell and held her arms out to present her prisoner. “May I present B.R.E.A.S.T.S.’s top international operative, Kate Upton.”

Lindsay ‘s eyes crawled greedily over the naked secret agent from her unbelievably large, firm breasts to her the flare of her hips to her long legs and then to her shaved pussy.

Kate stared at Christina defiantly. “You’ll never get away with this you fiend,” she growled. She shook the chains holding her, sending a tidal wave through her enormous chest and not noticing Lindsay choking on air.

Lindsey’s pussy gushed as she wiped the drool from the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand and stared longingly at Kate. “Um… Boss? What are… I mean… do you have any plans for her ‘cuz I have a few,” Lindsay said breathlessly.

Staring wickedly at the bound Kate, Christina cackled maniacally. “Ha, ha, ha… With the help of Ms. Upton here I will finally be able to rule the world!”

“You’ll never turn me to your side, Christina,” Kate said as she jerked at the chains again and drew a moan of lust from Lindsay.

Walking up to Kate, Christina hooked a finger under her chin and pulled her beautiful face up and stared deep into her eyes, her long, blonde hair cascading around her face. “I can turn you or any one, Ms. Upton. None can resist my charms,” she hissed.

Kate stood as straight as she could and glared at the criminal mastermind. “I’d like to see you try.”

“Challenge accepted,” Christina said before wrapping Kate’s hair between her fingers and yanking her closer. She kissed the secret agent hard, sliding her tongue into her mouth as Kate gasped in sudden pain. With the slightest bit of pressure she drew a lustful moan from her captive and pressed her body against the naked woman’s. She could feel Kate’s nipples become hard through her blouse and smiled childishly in pride.

Lindsay was unashamedly squeezing one of her own large breasts as she watched the evil overlord molest the prisoner. “Um, boss? Any chance I can get in in that?” she asked as she slowly slid her free hand up underneath her own tight skirt.

“No!” Christina shouted as she held Kate’s tits around her head and motor-boated them, “I, and I alone, will teach her some respect!”

With one hand on her tit and the other hand squeezing her pussy, Lindsay stared at her boss in disbelief as Christina continued her assault on Kate’s massive mammories. “Is it any wonder I’m a double agent?” she wondered as she pulled her fingers out of her horny pussy with a loud slurping sound. “Well, boss, since you’ve got things covered here I’m gonna head back to the office,” she said as she tried to keep the disappointment out of her voice. Granted she was technically on the same side as the captive secret agent but who wouldn’t fuck Kate Upton if they had the chance?

“By my command!” Christina shouted in reply as she pinched Kate’s hard nipples and twisted them like radio dials.

“You’ll never turn me,” Kate panted as Christina continued assaulting her voluptuous, bound body. She could feel her juices trickling down the insides of her thighs, amazed at the evil maniac’s oral skills. With just a few swipes of her tongue, Christina had her panting and moaning in lust and she had barely even started using her fingers yet. But she must hold out for a rescue, the fate of the free world could depend on it!

-4:00 PM, The bedroom of the President ‘s son

“Boom chika bow wow,” the radio blared out as Scarlett flicked her hip enticingly. Her cheerleader skirt flared up to show her red thong snuggled between her thick ass-cheeks as she twirled around holding on to Thad’s bed frame. She wiggled her hips as she dropped down low, her skirt flowing up to show her thigh high socks before she popped back up.

“Bravo!” Thad cheered from his chair sitting in the middle of the room. His hard cock was tenting his pants but since this was a strip show Scarlett had ordered him not to touch himself or her. Her cheer leading outfit was a size too small for her and her firm breasts stretched the front of it near the breaking point. The skirt barely covered her ass and the three inch high heels she was wearing did wonderful things to her legs and butt. He unconsciously began stroking his dick through his pants but Scarlett quickly bent at the waist and slapped his hand away.

“This is a strip show, not the champagne room,” she chided him, “So no masturbating.” She was bent at the waist with her ass high in the air and the skirt flipped over her hips giving Thad a upside down look at her heart shaped ass.

“It’s uncomfortable,” Thad said defensively, “I was just going to adjust it.”

“Yeah, I bet,” Scarlett said as she reached down and began adjusting Thad’s prick for him, “I’ll do the adjusting, young man. I don’t want you trying to take advantage and trying to rub one out while I strip. Remember, we have a professional relationship and I’m only doing this to pay you back for covering for me the last time I saved the world. Now, does your… your ‘thing’ feel better?”

“A little to the left,” Thad said and suppressed a groan as the sexy agent moved his hard prick slightly. “Nope, too far,” he said and had to bite his lip to keep from groaning out as Scarlett shifted his dick back. “Let me show you,” he said and grabbed the agent’s wrist and used her hand to move his cock back and forth.

Suddenly Scarlett’s phone went off and with her free hand she pulled it out of the front of her panties.

“Oh Good, let me answer it,” Thad said as he stroked Scarlett’s hand slowly up and down his bulge.

“Quiet. It’s headquarters,” Scarlett hushed Thad before answering. “This is Agent Red.”

Director Carter’s voice came out in a lustful groan over the phone. “Agent Red, it’s Director Carter. We have a Code Pink. Report to headquarters immediately,” she said in a breathless tone.

“Right away, Director,” Scarlett said before hanging up. “Thad, I’m afraid we’re going to have to cut this short, there’s a emergency…” she trailed off as she noticed what Thad was doing with her hand. While she had been speaking with the director, he had somehow pulled his pants down around his ankles without her noticing and placed his throbbing cock in her hand, moving her wrist to jack himself off. “Thad!”

“Almost there,” Thad grunt just before he came, his thick, creamy load landing on Scarlett’s creamy cleavage before dripping down and staining her top. “Whoo,” he said with a proud smirk on his face. “Did you see the arc on that?”

“Thad! I checked this out of B.R.E.A.S.T.S. undercover division,” Scarlett said angrily. “How can I return this now?”

“I can give you the number of my dad’s dry-cleaner,” Thad said helpfully.

-Thirty minutes later, B.R.E.A.S.T.S. Headquarters

Scarlett stepped out of the elevator still trying to clean Thad’s cum from her top. She walked halfway down the hall before remembering that she was still wearing her blonde hair and quickly changed it to her natural red color just as she reached Director Carter’s office. At the desk in front of the director’s door sat the director’s personal assistant, Kat Dennings. Kat looked crestfallen with her face in her hands, not even noticing Scarlett approach.

Kat had an unabashed crush on Scarlett which made Scarlett feel kind of skittish whenever she was around so she thought over how to get out of what seemed like an awkward conversation. With no real idea on what to say, Scarlett made a small coughing noise to catch Kat’s attention. “Ahem. Kat? Is the Director in?”

“Oh you can bet she’s in,” Kat said before glaring up at Agent Red, “I bet she’s in wrist deep by now.”

“I don’t know what that means,” Scarlett said in confusion.

Kat threw her hands up dramatically. “She’s ‘interviewing’ a new agent. She’s been ‘interviewing’ her for two hours now for her final ‘hands-on’ interview!”

“I still don’t know what you mean,” Scarlett said just before the door to the director’s office open and she saw the most startling blue eyes she had ever seen.

“Oh… Ah, I’m Alexandra, the new agent,” the young woman said as she began trying to straighten out her long, mussed brown hair.

“More like a old pro,” Kat mumbled under her breath.

Scarlett held out her hand to the young agent. “I’m Agent Red, the old agent,” she said by way of a joke.

Alexandra stopped trying to straighten out her messy, wrinkled clothes and shook Agent Red’s hand. “Wow. Agent Red. ‘The’ Agent Red. I’ve heard all about you,” she said with a look of awe on her face.

“I hope not or I’d have to kill you,” Scarlett chuckled.

Kat rolled her eyes and mumbled under her breath again. “We can only hope.” She looked from Agent Red to Agent Alexandra. “Your shirt’s buttoned crooked,” she said with a jealous glare.

Alexandra looked down at her wrinkled blouse. “Oh, sorry,” she said and quickly began rebutting her top and flashing a great deal of pale, bra less cleavage.

Scarlett looked the new agent up and down. She was wearing a black businesses jacket over a white blouse that her large breasted were straining against. Her black skirt matched the jacket with fishnet stockings underneath. “Um, your skirts on inside out,” she said helpfully.

Looking down at her skirt, Alexandra muttered, “Crap,” before tugging it down with a flourish if her hips. Her fishnet pantyhose showed a small, black thong underneath as she flipped her skirt right side out.

Scarlett bent down to whisper into Kat’s ear. “You should of told her all this before her meeting. Who knows what kind of impression she left with the director.”

Kat glared at the new agent as she whispered back to Agent Red. “I’m guessing a pretty damn good impression since she was dressed fine when she went in two hours ago.”

Just as Agent Alexandra began pulling up her skirt the director’s door opened wide to show Director Carter. The director’s clothes were in even worse disrepair than the new agent’s and her hair appeared to be matted on one side. Her eyes were immediately drawn to Agent Alexandra’s thick and barely covered ass.

Scarlett snapped her fingers in the director’s face. “Um, Director? You wanted to see me?”

Director Carter blinked her blue eyes and focused on Agent Red. “Oh, um, yes. Right! The Code Pink,” she exclaimed. “Our double agent inside of S.L.U.T. has gotten word to us that out International Agent, Kate Upton, has been kidnapped and is being turned to the side of evil. Report to Tech Division and then rescue Agent Upton immediately,” she ordered before turning back to the new. “Agent Daddario, their are a few more… questions I’d like to ask you,” she said before turning to Kat and Agent Red. “That’ll be all,” she finished before dragging Alexandra back into her office. The door closed just as the new agent giggled excitedly.

“Must be a heck of an interview,” Scarlett said before turning around to leave, her cheer leading skirt flaring up to reveal her thong. “I’ll see you later, Kat,”

Kat stared at Agent Red’s thick ass before the skirt covered it. “I think I’ll go with you, Red,” she said in a sudden cheerful tone as she followed the sexy secret agent’s ass down the hall.

Scarlett groaned and rolled her eyes. “I think I know the way by now, Kat,” she said.

“Safety in numbers,” Kat said, her eyes never leaving Red’s thick rear-end.

Both women entered the large warehouse sized Tech Division of B.R.E.A.S.T.S. A tech turned and watched the two women enter, his eyes crawling over their bodies as the door closed behind them. He quickly ran to the shielded control console to the Atomic Fitness Machine and lowered the lights.

“Up you go,” Kat said cheerfully as she held her hand out to Agent Red. “Need help with those clothes?”

“I told you before Kat, I can undress myself,” Scarlett said as she pulled her top off to reveal a red push-up bra lifting her tits up like a pale, jiggling shelf on her chest. The skirt fluttered to the ground before she reached around and began to take off her bra, her large breasts out thrust. “We’re kinda in a hurry here, Kat, so you better get behind the shield or you could get irradiated,” she warned before sliding down her barely there red thong panties.

“You are so with the risk,” Kat responded before scurrying behind the shield with the tech. “We’re in a hurry,” she whispered to the tech as she reached under her tight skirt and began yanking down her panties, “So gimme a hard-on while I get the machine ready.”

“Yes, ma’am,” the tech said as he unfastened his pants, pulled his soft cock out and began tugging on it.

Kat looked out the window at the completely naked Agent Red as the agent stepped up on the raised platform and waited her instructions, “God bless that body,” Kat moaned in lust before clicking on the microphone. “Since we’re in such a hurry the tech says that some jumping-jack’s will do,” she announced before turning around to the tech. “You got that thing ready yet?”

“What was that? Scarlett asked, “I didn’t get that last part.”

“Nah… nothing,” Kat stammered as the tech gripped her fleshy ass and slowly started sinking his hard prick into her already wet pussy, “Just, ah… Just start… start with your, ah… Your usual stretches and we’ll… we’ll go from there.”

“I thought the techs said that the stretches were getting to easy and that I was going to do jumping-jacks,” Scarlett asked.

“For the love of God, women, people could be dying,” Kat squealed as the tech started fucking her slow and deep, her juices sliding down the insides of her quivering thighs, “Hurry up and stretch!”

Scarlett couldn’t help but hear the strange note of desperation in Kat’s voice but with a shrug of her shoulders that sent a wave of movement through her firm breasts she decided that the assistant was still upset about whatever had happened earlier. She started her stretches and made a mental note to try and figure out what had happened with the new agent later.

Kat and the tech moaned in lust as she pushed herself back against his hard prick and he pushed himself deep into her hot cunt as they both stared at Agent Red preparing for her mission. “Oh baby, move those arms,” Kat groaned as the sexy secret agent held her arms out and rolled her shoulders, Agent Red’s large breasts swaying on her chest.

“Mmm, look at how she’s arching her back,” the tech groaned as he held on firmly to Kat’s wide hips and pushed his cock in and out of her tight cunt.

“Shhh, this is mommy’s time,” Kat chided the tech as he fucked her while she stared lustfully at Agent Red. “Arch that back, baby. Stick that chest out,” she groaned in pleasure. “Oops, that’s right, spread those legs so you don’t tip over. That’s a good girl, open those thighs for mamma.” Opening up her blouse she pulled her mammoth tits out of the cups of her bra, squeezing them relentlessly with one hand as she held herself up on the console with the other.

As she watched Agent Red get down on the floor of the platform and do the splits, Kat chewed on her bottom lip as she stared at her and fucked herself on the tech’s prick. “That’s right, spread those legs wide,” she groaned in pleasure as she rocked her hips back and forth, forgetting all about the tech except for his cock, “Such a good girl to spread those legs for mommy.”

Kat began groaning from deep in her impressive chest as she fucked the tech’s dick faster, her orgasm boiling inside of her. “That… that’s right. Show mamma the goods,” she panted as her thighs began quivering, her eyes locked on the juncture of Agent Red’s thick thighs. “I’m cumming,” she groaned as her wet pussy clamped down on the tech’s cock, triggering his orgasm and milking his hard pole of his thick cum. “Fuuuuuck yeah.”

Scarlett stopped her exercises and stared at the darkly lit control area. “Kat, you okay? Why’d you groan out, ‘Fuuuuuk yeah’?” Suddenly Kat’s voice came out of the comm again. “You idiot! You hit the comm button. You’re so lucky it was your turn today,” Scarlett heard the Director’s assistant grumble.

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain,” Kat said into the microphone as she swatted the tech away. “Go give her her supplies,” she whispered harshly to the tech as he struggled to slide his spent penis back into his pants. “That’ll be all for today, Red,” she said into the microphone as she began looking for her panties, “Good luck.”

The tech came out and gave Agent Red a simple box, a obvious stain darkening the front of his pants, before shuffling off.

Scarlett looked at the box with a cocked eyebrow. “This is it? What about protective clothing or my regular uniform?”

Kat struggled to get her firm, thick ass back into her panties and her large voluminous tits back into her bra. “No time dammit! Peoples lives are in danger!” she shouted.

Scarlett looked at the small box and then at her sexy cheerleader costume and back again. She looked back at the dark control area and raised her eyebrows. “Really?” she said in bewilderment.

-The dark of night. The main corridor of S.L.U.T.S. new secret base.

Scarlett crept along the dark hallway, stopping every few feet to listen for noises before sneaking further. Her instincts tingled at the lack of light or guards and how easily it was to walk around. It was almost like the base was only half finished or something. She had been sure that the white in her cheerleader uniform would have been a problem or the sheer amount of pale flesh she was flashing but the lack of patrols was making this incursion a walk in the park.

“It appears Lindsay was right on the mark,” Scarlett thought as she began casually strolling down the halls, easily entering the holding cells. Lindsay hadn’t been very specific as to which cell Kate was being held in, she had simply said that it was the first and only cell with a prisoner. Even with the lights out it only took Scarlett a few moments to find a cell with a large chested, naked woman in it.

The woman was statuesque, even in the dark. Her hands were chained above her head, pulling her large breasts up high and tight on her chest, gravity apparently have no effect on them. Scarlett used her astonishing lock-picking skills and quickly entered the dark cell. The woman’s face was covered by her long, blonde hair but Scarlett figured how many blonde women with a chest like that could there be.

Tip-toeing up to the large breasted woman, Scarlett placed her finger on the bound woman’s lips and shushed her. “My name is Agent Red. I’m here to rescue you.”

The incredibly proportioned woman silently nodded her head, her ample bosom jiggling slightly. “They’ve bound my ankles. Untie those first or I might fall,” she whispered.

“Good idea,” Scarlett whispered back before getting on her knees. She lightly grasped the naked woman’s ankles but didn’t feel any bindings of any sort. She ran her hands up and down the shadowed woman’s long, long legs but could still not find how exactly she was bound. “I don’t feel any…” she started before being hit in the face by a small spray of warm fluids. “Hey!” she squeaked out in surprise, plopping down on her barely covered ass, “Did you just cum?”

“I have done far more than that,” the woman said as she released the overhead bar and let her arms dangle freely by her sides. She threw her hair back to reveal her face to the infamous Agent Red. “You are my slave now.”

Scarlett quickly rolled away and leapt to her feet, her skirt flying out to reveal a glimpse of her red panties. “I don’t think so,” she said defiantly as she placed her hands in her hips. “Who are you? Where’s Kate?”

“You are correct. I am not that little Miss Goody two shoes Kate Upton,” the sexy woman cackled as she stepped towards the secret agent, her mountainous breasts swaying softly back and forth, “I am Charlotte McKinney and you are now my thrall! Bwa ha ha ha!”

“We’ll see about that,” Scarlett said as she assumed a fighting stance. “Where’s Kate?”

“Mother is safe,” Charlotte answered as she continued walking slowly forward. “Take your top off,” she ordered.

“Like I said, I don’t think so,” Scarlett said as she quickly tugged off her top to reveal her red push-up bra before returning to her fighting stance. She looked down at the shelf of pale cleavage barely contained within her bra and then back up at Charlotte. “Okay, good trick. How’d you do that?”

“You have fallen prey to my pheromones. Your will is mine,” Charlotte crackled again as she stopped and pointed a finger at Agent Red. “Off with the skirt!”

“I’m not falling for that,” Scarlett said as she undid the clasps of her skirt and let it fall to the floor around her sneakers. She felt a cool breeze licking between her legs and looked down to see what she had done. “Well shit,” she mumbled. When she looked up again Charlotte was now sliding up in front of her, the evil S.L.U.T. agent’s breasts enveloping her own as she pressed herself against Scarlett.

“Love me,” Charlotte whispered breathlessly as her arms encircled Agent Red’s mostly naked body. They kissed deeply, their tongues meeting and caressing each other as their bodies melded together. They rubbed their bodies together, moaning passionately into each other’s mouths as they enjoyed the friction their bodies were making, “Love me with everything you have,” Charlotte groaned into Red’s warm, pink mouth.

Scarlett began kissing down Charlotte ‘s amazing body. She grabbed onto the wicked woman’s large breasts and smothered her face with them as she used her thumbs to circle the evil agent’s hard nipples. She continued licking and kissing down Charlotte ‘s body until she was on her knees in front of her, her panting face mere inches from her wet, naked cunt.

Charlotte peered down at the complaint secret agent and smiled wickedly. “Love me with your tongue,” she ordered as she wound her fingers through Red’s hair and draped her firm thigh over the subdued secret agent’s shoulder. Red reached around her and grabbed on to her thick ass as she bent forward, licking her slit tentatively, “This isn’t the first time to taste a woman, Agent Red. Even in the labs were I was grown I heard stories of you. Make me cum.”

Pressing herself tightly against Charlotte ‘s wet pussy, Scarlett licked up one of the evil agent’s wet pussy-lips and down the other causing the statuesque villain to shiver in appreciation. She held onto Charlotte ‘s broad hips as the servant of S.L.U.T. slowly began rubbing up against her face. She used her pink tongue to circle the villainous vixen’s clit, to make her moan as Charlotte held onto her hair more tightly.

With Charlotte holding onto her, it allowed Scarlett to slid her hands up the villain’s body to her phenomenal chest. She squeezed and massaged the large orbs, circling the nipples with her thumbs and then pinching them with her fingers as she dipped her tongue between the horny evil agent’s plump labia. As she slid her tongue into Charlotte’s hot hole, Scarlett squeezed her mountainous breasts until the firm flesh oozed out between her out stretched fingers.

As Charlotte fucked her face harder, pressing herself against her talented mouth, Scarlett released one of her large, heavy tits and slid her hand down her graceful back. She slipped her fingers between the horny agent’s thick ass-cheeks until her fingertips met her darting tongue. Sliding two fingers into the villain’s horny hole she used her tongue to circle Charlotte ‘s clit causing the evil agent to moan out in lust. And then, with years of experience and the best training B.R.E.A.S.T.S. had to offer, in a blur of movement, Scarlett pulled her fingers out of Charlotte ‘s gripping hole and shoved them into her clutching ass as she shoved her tongue as far into her cunt as she could and nuzzled her clit with her nose while using her fingers to pinch her hard nipple.

“Yessss…” Charlotte shrieked in bliss as she came, her warm, slick juices gushing out of her pussy and raining down on Agent Red’s beautiful face. Her entire body shook and seized as her orgasm crashed through her, her firm thigh wrapped around the talented agent’s head. She pulled at Red’s hair to keep her balance and stop herself from falling to the floor as she rode out the most powerful orgasm of her life. As she began to come down from her sexual high, Charlotte looked down at Agent Red staring up at her from between her legs. “Just so you know, after S.L.U.T. rules the world, I’m keeping you as my pet,” she told Red and smiled as the subdued secret agent nodded enthusiastically. “Now sleep until I return for you. Mwa ha, ha, ha…”

In the cell holding Kate Upton, the busty secret agent was pressed to the wall, her long legs spread wide as Christina held her up and humped herself between her golden thighs. “No… no more, pl… please,” she pleaded between gasps.

Completely naked, Christina’s thick, pale ass clenched and relaxed over and over again as she jumped herself between Kate’s spread thighs. “I think you’ve got one more in you,” she cackled as she grounded her hot pussy mound against Kate’s drawing ragged breaths from the captive woman. Suddenly Kate’s toes curled as her entire body tightened up, her long legs wrapping around Christina’s waist.

“Oh God not again!” Kate squealed as she came, her warm juices sliding out of her cunt and dripping into a puddle on the floor. Suddenly Christina let her fall to the ground, surround by her slick juices. “I… I give up… you… you win…” she panted in surrender.

“Of course I win!” Christina cackled again with her hands on her hips. Her large, gravity defying breasts jiggled as she laughed triumphantly, the small triangle of red pubic hair matted and knotted above her shaved, dripping wet slit. She glared down at Kate as the secret agent continued panting for breath. “Now, with you in a much more submissive mood, I shall use your genetic material currently covering my nether regions to create a clone army just like the Charlotte clone I’ve already made. And with their libido enhancing pheromone control I shall seduce every world leader into becoming my horny, witless pawns! Mwa ha, ha, ha…”

Still completely naked, Christina strolled out of the cell and snapped her fingers. Immediately a dozen guards appeared around her and failed to not stare lustfully at her body in all it’s naked splendor. “You will guard the prisoner with your lives so that I might use her to lure Agent Red to her demise. Fail and I will be displeased. Succeed and you will be…” she began as she slid her fingertips provocatively across the tops of her extraordinary breasts, “…rewarded.” She turned and walked up the hall with every guards’ eyes crawling over her firm backside.

From the puddle of her own cum, Kate watched as Christina left. “I may not have stood a chance against the Queen of the Grudge-Fuck but her guards are another matter,” she thought. She began making soft cooing noise, slowly getting louder until she had the guards attention. She moved around until she was on her ass and spread her legs enticingly before sliding a hand between her golden thighs. She moaned lewdly as she began stroking her wet pussy and reclined back on her free hand, arching her back and thrusting her breasts out. She groaned louder as she slid two fingers into her cunt and began circling her clit with her thumb.

“Oh God please,” Kate moaned out as she made eye contact with the guards, “That evil woman left me hanging on the edge and I need relief. Please help me.”

The guards all looked awkwardly at each other before turning back to the hot, horny, masturbating woman.

“Oh please help me,” Kate pleaded with wide eyes, thrusting her drooling cunt up against her hand. She sat up straighter and began pawing at her phenomenal chest, mewling in lust as she eye-fucked the guards.

The guards all looked awkwardly at each other again until one spoke up. “We can sure as hell guard her just as well in there as we can out here!” he shouted as he began excitedly stripping off his uniform.

“Fuck yea!” the rest shouted in agreement and before they all rushed into the darkly lit cell.

In a matter of moments, Kate’s naked, bound body was covered in horny, naked men. They spread her body out on the floor, a guard shoving his aching cock into her wet pussy, a guard sliding his prick past her lips, two guards sucking and squeezing at her giant breasts, two more guards wrapping her hands around their dicks and used them to jerk themselves off as the rest pawed at every inch of heated, exposed flesh. It was only a few moments before she swallowed her first load of cum and that cock was quickly replaced by another as the guard thrusting himself between her widely spread thighs shuddered above her.

The guard fucking Kate’s pussy was quickly yanked away by another desperately horny man who began fucking her and she raised her wide hips up to give him easier access to her willing body. Her grunts and groans were muffled by the cock fucking her mouth that was soon replaced by another as the men pawing at her body began rubbing their needy cocks over her skin, humping whatever part of her that they could. With subtlety and skill she began turning the men from a pile of horny men raggedly fucking her into a more easily controlled group.

Kate led the men fucking her like a train conductor, leaving some at the brink of orgasm as her voluptuous body was rock back and forth beneath them and getting others off as soon as she could to give them more stamina for the next time they got at chance at her. In mere moments she was covered in puddles of the men’s cum and a few minutes after that the men’s cum was joined by puddles of their sweat. The men grunted and groaned above her, panting and breathless as they continued to fuck her over and over again. She kept them hard with her hands and mouth, urging them to keep using her body to the point of exhaustion. Until they finally crossed that point.

As one of the guards fucking her pussy came inside of her he looked down at her and was surprised when Kate looked up at him and winked. She aimed the cock she was jerking off at his face and it exploded into his eyes, blinding him. Twisting the prick in her other hand, the guard grunted in pain, his body following the movement of her hand and causing him to stumble against the guard fucking her mouth and both of them landed on the floor. The guards humping her body realized what she was doing and tried to restrain her but the mixture of cum and sweat let her easily slip from their grasps and slide across the floor from the back to the still open door. The guards struggled to regain their feet but the slick, wet mess they had left on the floor prevented them from regaining their feet until Kate was already out of the cell.

Regaining her feet, Kate quickly shut the cell door, locking them in, before gathering up their uniforms and tossing them down the hall. “See you later, boys,” she said with a grin and a wink before jogging down the hall to freedom, her large breasts swaying on her breasts with each step.

-At the same time, not to far away

When Scarlett finished counting she opened her eyes and looked around. She saw no sign of Charlotte and decided that that the coast was clear and stood up. “Thank goodness Tech Division gave me those nose plugs. I just wish they had given me a uniform as well, it’s freezing in here,” she said to herself as she stuck her head out of the cell and looked up and down the hall. She saw no sign of the evil clone or any guards and grabbed her clothes wadded on the floor. “Now to find Kate and escape,” she said when she had finished putting on her sexy cheer leading uniform.

She walked quietly down the hall for a few yards before being startled by a cell full of naked S.L.U.T. guards.

“Hey, lady. Can you open the cell please?” one of the naked men pleaded.

“I don’t think so, scofflaw,” Scarlett said defiantly, “You deserve this and more.” Completely missing the guards’ armor and weapons on the floor she continued down the hall looking for clues as to where Charlotte had gone as well as, apparently, the escaped Kate Upton. Peering around she spotted a sticky foot print on the floor. “Hmmm, looks like a very horny or very well fucked woman came this way not five minutes earlier,” she said as she bent down and inspected the wet mark, “I’m obviously on the right track!”

A few hallways away, Charlotte stood proud with her feet shoulder width apart and her fists on her hips. “I knew I’d track you down, Kate. Mwa ha ha ha…” she chuckled.

Kate turned around and gasped at the naked woman. “Who are you?” she asked with alarm.

“Why, I’m you, mother,” Charlotte laughed.

“That makes no sense,” Kate said with a note of confusion.

“I am the product of the culmination of S.L.U.T.’s genetic science,” Charlotte chuckled, “They found DNA left over from one of your missions and grew me. I am all you are and more.” Spreading her toned thighs wide, the evil creation slid her hand between her legs, parting her dewy labia and released her pheromone, covering Kate in her slick juices.

“Eww… You got that in my eye,” Kate gasped as she rubbed her eyes.

“You’re body is mine, Kate,” Charlotte said as she walked forward and gripped her genetic mother’s mountainous breasts. “You will do everything I command,” she laughed as she lightly toyed with Kate’s nipples with her thumbs.

“I am yours to command,” Kate said flatly as she stood up straighter and presented her chest to Charlotte.

Charlotte used her tongue to cover Kate’s larges tits with her warm saliva, licking her nipples until her lust controlled prisoner was groaning and panting in passion. Chuckling to herself she began licking and kissing down the other woman’s body until she was on her knees in front of her. She pushed the helpless woman against the wall before lifting one of Kate’s legs up and draping it over her shoulder, opening the wet lips of her pussy. She licked up the mindless woman’s slit causing her to shudder in pleasure and buck up against her mouth. She peered up at her genetic mother, unable to see her face over her voluminous tits and chuckled to herself in maniacal glee.

Scarlett peered around the corner at the two women a little further up the hall, one on her knees tongue fucking the other leaning against the wall. In the dim light it was difficult to tell which girl was which, their bodies were both ridiculously developed but judging by the blank look on the standing woman’s face she was Kate Upton and she was under Charlotte’s control. “If Charlotte catches me sneaking up on her she can order Kate to attack me and there’s no way I can survive an assault from four breasts that large,” she thought as she tip-toed around the corner.

Kate caught a glimmer of movement from the corner of her eye and looked over spotting the famous Agent Red dressed like a slutty cheerleader. She couldn’t yell out to her co-worker or else Charlotte would realize that she wasn’t under the S.L.U.T. agent’s control and rather than using her mouth to fuck her into submission she’d call for guards and take her and Agent Red captive. She gripped the back of Charlotte’s head and rolled her hips up, smothering her clone’s face against her groin as she tried to catch Red’s attention.

“Is this considered a rape, incest or masturbation?” Scarlett wondered to herself as she tried not to get distracted by the two naked, voluptuous woman. “Soooo much naked flesh,” she muttered to herself before shaking the lewd thoughts out of her head. As she slowly made her way up the hall she kept getting distracted by the two overly-developed women, fighting against her instincts to just go slower, watch longer, because when would anyone ever get the chance to see two women built like these two fucking each other. Porn stars weren’t built this good. Suddenly she saw the stricken look on Kate’s face and realized what must be going on.

Charlotte sank her fingers into Kate’s thick, soft ass, holding her tasty pussy to her face. She shoved her tongue as deep as she could into her genetic mother’s pussy as she could, lapping up her gushing juices. She released one of Kate’s spongy cheeks and ran her hand up her body, squeezing her large tit and pinching her hard nipple. All her concentration was on making Kate cum, enjoying the sounds of her mother’s moans echoing through the dark hall.

Scarlett moaned out a bit before catching herself. Her hands seemed to have minds of their own as one slid up underneath her top and squeezed one of her large tits and the other slid beneath her short skirt and teased her throbbing cunt. Her juices slid down the insides of her thighs as she fought to control her throbbing body all the while she palmed her swollen breast and slid two fingers up her dripping snatch.

Kate glared angrily at Agent Red as the secret agent masturbated not five feet from her. “What does she think she’s doing?” she wondered as her evil clone continued forcefully pleasuring her. She tried to project her thoughts at the horny agent across the hall, to get her to act so they could take down Charlotte but the horny, masturbating agent continued fingering herself, staring at them both with glazed eyes.

Kate’s moans of forced pleasure eventually forced their way into Scarlett’s lust addled mind. She realized how she must look to Kate struggling across from her, caught in a battle for her life against a evil genetic monstrosity with a unbelievable body, phenomenal tits, thick round ass, and cascading blonde hair. “I have to act now,” she thought as she pulled her naughty hands out from underneath her clothes. Charlotte was on her knees before Kate, her long legs spread, bent forward slightly as she ate out her genetic mother and Scarlett was struck with an idea.

Kate stared at Agent Red with confusion on her face. B.R.E.A.S.T.S. top secret agent had finally stopped fucking herself, which relieved Kate, but then got onto her back on the floor, which confused Kate but suddenly Red put her feet against the wall and pushed off, sliding across the floor. Suddenly Kate figured out what Red was up to and smiled with relief as the agent’s body slid quickly across the floor and her face slid under Charlotte’s out-thrust ass.

Scarlett grabbed Charlotte’s thighs, amazed at how soft yet firm they felt, and stuck out her tongue, her uncanny aim sending it straight up into the evil genetic clone’s tightest hole. She could hear Charlotte scream out in surprise, slightly muffled by her mouth on Kate’s cunt, as she started to struggle but Scarlett kept a tight hold on her.

With Charlotte momentarily distracted, Kate wiggled her way out from her clone’s grip. She quickly got down on the floor on her stomach, her large tits pressed flat against the cold floor, and turned her head to the side. She scooted her way between the struggling genetic abomination’s thighs, grabbing her by the waist and extending her tongue as far as she could. She quickly found Charlotte’s inflamed clit, circling it with her tongue before sucking it between her lips, trapping it and continuing to lash it with her skilled, moist tongue.

Both B.R.E.A.S.T.S. operatives kept the struggling evil agent trapped while they attacked her ass and pussy with their knowledgeable mouths, keeping her helpless in their arms. They both quickly developed kinks in their necks due to the odd angle but it was a small price to pay to keep the free world safe. They drove their tongues as deep into her wildly thrashing body as they could, fucking her with their mouths and quickly driving her towards orgasm. Charlotte’s body seized as she came, her juices gushing out and covering Scarlett and Kate’s beautiful faces.

As Charlotte came down from her orgasm, Kate and Scarlett released her to fall limply onto the floor. They stood up and looked down at her prone body as she struggled to regain control of herself. Both secret agents placed their fists defiantly on their hips as Kate looked over at Agent Red. “How did you escape her fierce pheromones?” she asked.

“Nose plugs,” Scarlett said simply, “Tech division was really up on their game this time. How did you escape them.”

“Well, technically they’re my pheromones. If they were capable of affecting me I’d be horny all the time,” Kate answered before giggling. “Can you imagine what I’d look like if I was some kind of nympho?” she laughed out.

Scarlett’s pussy began throbbing as all the things a nymphomaniac supermodel could possibly do just to subside the burning in her loins.

Kate nodded her head and looked back down at Charlotte. “We’ve got to tie her up. Any ideas? Once that’s done I can get her back to B.R.E.A.S.T.S. on my own,” she offered.

“’Fraid Tech Division didn’t supply me any rope,” Scarlett said with a shrug.

Kate looked back over at Agent Red. “Well, that top you’re wearing just might do it,” she offered.

Scarlett looked over at Kate with disbelief. “How am I supposed to get back to Washington topless?” she asked.

“I don’t really think it’ll be a problem for a topless cheerleader to get a ride,” Kate said with a smirk.

-The next morning, inside the living room of the President and his family

Scarlett tip-toed across the thick carpet, careful not to make a sound. The lights were off and the curtains closed against the rising sun and that was just how she wanted it, dark with no witnesses. And then suddenly the lights turned on.

“What… The… Hell?” Thad gasped as he saw his personal Secret Service agent frozen with her eyes wide open in shock. She was frozen in mid-step, her hair still it’s natural red color, wearing her cheer leading skirt up over her chest, concealing her nipples but revealing the undersides of her large breasts, her red thong ragged and barely held up by the strings she had tied at her hips, and her sneakers.

Scarlett was caught and she knew it. With no other options she decided to try and play the whole thing off. She planted her foot, placed a hand on her hip and wagged her finger angrily at Thad. “Young man, we’ve had the discussion about your language,” she said sternly.

“Is that the out fit you left in?” Thad asked with his mouth and eyes wide open as he stared at the barely dressed secret agent.

Sighing in surrender, Scarlett relaxed. “Yes, there was an emergency and I didn’t have time to change,” she said before holding her arms out to present her ruined outfit to Thad, “This is all that was left.”

Thad licked his lips hungrily. “Well, I got some time before school, wanna finish my dance now?”

Scarlett rolled her eyes in frustration. “I seem to remember you ‘finishing’ just fine before I left, Thad,” she said sternly.

“I finished, sure,” Thad said with a mischievous smirk, “But you didn’t get a chance to finish your dance. Hence, you, technically, still owe me.”

“It getting to be that saving the world just isn’t worth the hassle,” the nearly naked super secret agent mumbled under her breath.

The End.
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This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what’s good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Scarlett Johansson, Kat Dennings, Christina Hendricks, Lindsay Lohan, Linda Carter, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kaley Cuoco or Alexandra Daddario, or have anything to do with them. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

Story Codes: F/M, F/F, F/F/F, Teen,

Scarlett Johansson: Agent Red Ep. 04 The Girl Next Door… to Evil
By Muhabba

Lindsay grunted as she nearly tripped over her feet again. “Oh Bitchiest of Bitches, can I please take the blindfold off now?” she asked.

“Mwa ha, ha, ha…” the evil Christina cackled maniacally. “Now is the time, my servile servant,” she cried out before roughly yanking the blindfold off of Lindsay’s face.

Lindsay Lohan, double agent working undercover for B.R.E.A.S.T.S. to infiltrate the evil organization S.L.U.T., blinked as she looked around the room. “Is that a throne?” she asked as she nodded across the large room, her voice echoing.

“My throne from which I shall rule the world!” Christina called out as she raised her arms triumphantly in the air.

Lindsay took her first good look at the evil Queen of Mischief since she had put the blindfold on. Christina was wearing a black leather jumpsuit with metallic shoulder pads on it. A red cape a shade darker than her hair was pinned to the pads with bits of metallic jewelry placed around the suit that accentuated the maniacal mistress’s own blue eyes. She stood on six inch black heeled boots that stretched her legs out and made her thick ass look like it belonged in an oil painting. Her large breasts strained the front of her new uniform as she cackled in glee.

Looking down at her own new uniform, Lindsay could tell it was of a similar design except without the orientation. “Where are we exactly, my queen?” she asked.

“My throne room,” Christina said simply as she strutted across the room towards her new throne.

“I, uh… I guessed that, oh Evil One,” Lindsay said nervously. “She’s gone crazier than ever,” she thought to herself. “But where exactly?” she asked in case it was finally time to ditch her gig and escape.

“My new secret base,” Christina said as she dramatically sat down and threw one of her legs over the arm rest, “Emphasis on the ‘Secret’ part.”

“She’s gone completely paranoid,” Lindsay thought. “But how can we staff your new ‘Secret’ base without your Charlotte McKinney clone army? Perhaps if you told me where we are I could start holding interviews…” she started before Christina interrupted her.

“After our last two bases were infiltrated by that despicable Agent Red only I will know the location of our new base!” Christina shouted.

“At least she’s including me in the ‘ours’ part or my cover is blown,” Lindsay thought. “But the staff…” she started before being interrupted again.

“They will be bussed in,” Christina said simply.

Lindsay rolled her eyes at Christina’s bus plan. “But without the clone army, how will we…” she started before being interrupted once again and grinding her teeth in frustration.

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head about that,” Christina said joyfully, “It’s being taken care of. Now get your knee pads and tongue brace, I wish to celebrate.”

Lindsay shrugged her shoulders in defeat. With no information from Christina and no way to communicate her location to B.R.E.A.S.T.S. she would just have to hope they could uncover S.L.U.T.S.’s plan on their own. “Yes, your gooey greatness,” she said as she shuffled off to find her oral protective gear as Christina clapped excitedly.

-9:08 AM, The Office Of Jennifer Love Hewitt, Family Counselor

“Come in,” Jennifer said from her seat behind her desk. She didn’t look up as her patient came in and shut the office door behind him. “Have a seat,” she said as she finished the last of her paperwork. “I’m glad to see you today, Tom,” she said as she looked up and smiled warmly.

Tom sat down on the couch and looked at his psychologist. She was beautiful with a girl next door face, flowing brown hair and a killer body. Her amazing chest was always threatening to burst forth from her simple white blouses and her hips always stretched whatever she was wearing tightly across her rounded ass. He shook the image of her stripping for him out of his mind and tried not to leer at her. “I… I was surprised when you called and asked for a private appointment without my wife,” he said nervously as he noticed how transparent the blouse was and the fact he could almost see her hard, light brown nipples.

“Don’t worry about your wife,” Jennifer said as she stood up from behind her desk and arched her back to stretch out. See saw the look of need in her patient’s eyes and tried not to smirk as she strolled over to him. Her brown skirt came down to mid-thigh, and as she took too large of a step she exposed the garter holding her stockings up. She took several long steps forward until she reached the couch and sat down next to her up-coming victim.

“This… this is supposed to… supposed to be ‘Couples Counselling’ so what about Carol?” he asked nervously as he unknowingly stared at Dr. Hewitt’s chest.

“I’ll get to her as well,” Jennifer said, “But I wanted to talk to you first.” Jennifer slowly undid the first two buttons of her blouse. It wasn’t anything indecent or showed a great deal of cleavage but it was a reminder of her breasts for Tom. “Tom, I want to ask you a question,” she said plainly.

In a effort to not appear to be a Peeping Tom pervert, Tom ripped his eyes away from Jennifer’s chest and looked up at her face. She was smiling sweetly at him and her hair was pulled back into a loose bun. He felt kind of ashamed of himself for concentrating on his doctor’s chest as soon as he had entered the room. Sure, Dr. Hewitt was attractive but that didn’t mean he had to leer at her. “Sure, Doc, shoot,” he finally managed to say.

Jennifer looked deep into Tom’s eyes. “Would you like to see my tits, Tom?” she asked with a careful, even tone of voice.

“Yes,” Tom blurted out before he could stop himself.

“Would you like to touch my tits, Tom?” Jennifer asked in the same time of voice.

Tom kept the correct answer in his mind, the answer that wouldn’t get him divorced. “Yes,” he blurted out again despite wanting to have said “no”.

“Would you like to fuck me, Tom?”

He was ready this time. There was no way he was going to fuck up and say “yes” again. He was a rock. “Yes,” he said, “Dammit!”

“What’s the deepest, darkest fantasy you’ve never told your wife about, Tom?”

There was no way he was gonna fuck this one up. He had no idea why he kept answering Dr. Hewitt’s questions truthfully but this was a more difficult question than a simple yes or no. He knew he could stop himself from digging a even deeper hole for himself. There was no way he could screw this up. “I want to be completely used and dominated by a woman,” he said quickly before he could slap his hands across his mouth. His eyes grew wide in shock and horror at what he had just said and his mouth went dry.

“Easily managed,” Jennifer said. In a flash she slapped Tom hard enough to knock him back farther onto the couch.

“Ow! What was that for?” he whined as a perfect, red handprint slowly started blossoming across his face.

“Silence, worm,” Jennifer growled angrily as she got to her feet. She lifted her legs up and shoved her heel against Tom’s chest forcing him to lay flat on the couch. “You’ll speak only when spoken to,” she said through gritted teeth as she ripped her blouse open to reveal her large, wildly jiggling breasts.

Tom was nearly blinded as Dr. Hewitt’s buttons hit his face but he would rather lose an eye than miss a moment of his doctor’s large, swaying breasts. “Sorry, ma’am,” he mumbled pitifully.

“What did I say about talking!” Jennifer snapped as she yanked her blouse off and threw it to the side, “I have no interest in you using your tongue for talking.” She removed her foot from his chest as she undid the snaps of her tight skirt, letting the flimsy garment flutter to the floor as she let Tom peer at her mostly naked body. She wore only her high heeled shoes, her black stockings and her matching garter belt. “Now, present tongue,” she demanded.

Tom have no idea as to why he saluted his doctor before sliding his tongue out of his mouth but he did it anyway as he scooted deeper into the couch cushions. His hands slid down to his pants to take them off and relieve some of the pressure his erection was giving him but Dr. Hewitt smacked his hands away.

“That’s mine and nobody touches what’s mine. Got it!?” Jennifer scolded as she wagged her finger at Tom. He nodded submissively and she gave him a curt nod back before climbing up into the couch and straddling his head. Using her fingers she opened her pink, shaven labia and glared down the length of her naked body at her patient. “Lick,” she ordered.

“Yes, ma’am,” Tom said before being slapped painfully again.

“Stop talking!” Jennifer growled before smothering Tom with her spread pussy. She gripped his hair and held him firmly between her thighs as she began humping his face. She shuddered slightly as his tongue delved deep into her pussy, her juices flowing freely into his lapping mouth. She tightened her hold on his hair, using him like a pony that needed to be broken, riding hard and rough, moaning passionately the whole while.

As his therapist rode his face, Tom lapped at her juices as fast as he could as his face was smothered by her hot, horny groin. He held her thighs firmly, bracing himself as she tugged on his hair and he began gasping for breath as she rolled her hips up against him. He began panting for breath, his teeth clacking together with the force of Dr. Hewitt’s thrusts as she moaned out above him. Never in his life had he ever dreamed about cheating on his wife but for some strange reason, the longer that Jennifer rode his face the more comfortable he was to do it.

As her juices bubble up from inside her, Jennifer panted and moaned louder and louder, enjoying the power that her body gave her since she had first hit puberty. She had found that most everybody she met had an almost hypnotic desire to see her breasts and had started studying hypnotism young in her life, using her charms to accrue most anything she wanted whenever she felt like it. And then she had discovered S.L.U.T. and they knew how best to use her assets and eventually discovered the process to give Katy Perry her powers. And now she was the key figure in Christina’s newest plan.

On the verge of orgasm, Jennifer practically leapt off of her patient’s face. “You are pathetic!” she growled.

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” Tom said meekly.

Jennifer slapped him hard and glared down at him. “What did I tell you about talking,” she hissed, “I’m trying to forget the fact that you are here. But since you obviously don’t know how to use your tongue I have no choice but to fuck you in order to get off. Strip!”

Tom tried to contain his boyish enthusiasm as he stripped off all his clothes and sat back down, his erection bobbing and pointing up at the ceiling, his eyes locked onto Jennifer’s firm breasts.

Jennifer appraised her patient’s prick before shrugging her shoulders. “It’ll do,” she said before straddling his lap. It wasn’t just her body and tits she used to exert control over people, it was her voice as well. Modulating the tone of her voice along with what she said she could pretty much claim the will of anybody as her own. Straddling Tom’s lap she grasped the base of his cock and squeezed him painfully. “And don’t fuck this up,” she ordered, “This is your last chance.” She shrugged her shoulders to send her breasts swaying as she lowered herself down, her tight pussy parting around her victim’s hard prick.

As his therapist took his cock, Tom groaned out in pleasure as he stared at her nearly naked body, her garters and stockings highlighting her nudity. His hands immediately ran to her round, firm ass, squeezing her silky smooth flesh as she moaned and he bottomed out inside of her. His hands slid up her warm, soft body to her chest and her magnificent tits. His hands trembled as his fingers spread around her large, firm breasts, failing to encircle them completely because of their size. He squeezed them tentatively, her flesh oozing out from between his fingers as she began rolling her hips and fucking him.

As she fucked her client and moaned at just the right frequency, Jennifer let him get a good feel in of her tits, her tight cunt gripping his pole as it slid wetly up and down his shaft. She placed her hands on his shoulder as she rode him before sliding her hands down his arms as he squeezed and kneaded her tits. When she reached his wrists her wrapped her fingers around them and squeezed her lower muscles making her cunt grip and ripple around his cock. And then suddenly she yanked his hands away.

“What!” Tom asked in a panic before mewling pathetically as Jennifer held his hands away from her amazing body.

“That’s enough of that,” Jennifer said with a evil grin and a wicked smirk on her lips. She held him down on the couch, refusing to budge an inch as his cock throbbed inside of her.

“Please?” Tom asked pitifully.

Jennifer peered evilly down at her patient. “You know what I want to hear, worm,” she growled as she moved her hips just enough to make Tom shudder.

Tom could feel his will slipping away as the desire to touch Jennifer’s large tits overcame him. “I… I… I can’t,” he stuttered.

“You will do as I say,” Jennifer said. She shook her shoulders sending a wave through her chest as Tom whined pitifully below her.

By now, Tom only had eyes for his doctor’s swaying chest. “H… Ha… Hail S.L.U.T.”

Jennifer laughed evilly as she released Tom’s wrist and his hands flew to her chest.

-4:30 PM. The bedroom of The President’s son, Thad.

Thad stared lustfully and unabashedly at Scarlett’s chest, his erection tenting the front of his pants as he sat on the edge of his bed.

“Thad, you haven’t heard a word I’ve said,” Secret Service agent Scarlett Johansson said angrily.

“You can’t possibly know that,” Thad answered, his eyes locked onto Agent Johansson’s thick thighs. She sat across from him in a high back, over-stuffed chair dressed in the black suit and skirt of her job as his personal Secret Service agent. Her legs were crossed and her skirt stretched tight of her firm thighs. He licked his lips hungrily.

“Then what did I just say?” Scarlett asked sternly.

“That’s a unfair question,” Thad responded as his eyes crawled up to her impressive chest.

Scarlett huffed and threw her hands up in frustration. “I said we have to keep our relationship professional and that means you have to stop blackmailing me for sexual favors,” she said.

Thad’s eyes looked up into Scarlett’s blue eyes. “I think ‘blackmail’ is kind of a harsh word,” he said defensively.

“And what would you call it?”

Thad shrugged his shoulders. “Youthful flirting?”

Once again Scarlett threw her hands up in frustration before her phone went off. It was her direct link to B.R.E.A.S.T.S. so that meant if was an emergency. “I have to take this, Thad, but don’t you think that this conversation is over,” she said as she stood up and moved to the side of the room. Thad may have known about her status as a secret agent for B.R.E.A.S.T.S. but B.R.E.A.S.T.S. didn’t know that Thad knew. “This is Agent Red,” she said, using her code name.

“This is Director Carter,” the leader of B.R.E.A.S.T.S. said, “Are you alone?”

Scarlett looked over at Thad who just shrugged at her with a knowing smirk on his lips. He knew that the polite thing to do was leave so she could receive her orders in private but instead he just sat and grinned at her.

“Yes, I’m alone,” Scarlett said as she glared at Thad and leaned against his dresser, turned away from the smart-ass, teenage boy.

With Agent Johansson turned away from him, Thad stood up as quietly as possible. He could hear a tinny voice coming from the secret agent’s phone, drawing her attention away from him. He snuck up behind her as quietly as possible until he was standing right behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders.

Scarlett jumped in momentary shock when she felt Thad slid his hands across her shoulders and repressed a quick squeak of alarm.

“What was that, Agent Red?” the Director asked.

“No… nothing,” Scarlett stuttered, “Just saw an annoying mouse.” She looked over her shoulder at the president’s son and glared angrily at him as his hands slid down the front of her shoulders to the top of her impressive chest. She tried to shoo him away as his hands slid down to her firm breasts and squeezed them tightly, almost possessively. “You can go ahead,” she told the director.

As Agent Johansson started listening to her director again, Thad stepped up closer to the sexy agent, rubbing himself against her body. He continued fondling her heaven-sent breasts as he ground himself against her thick ass, drawing his erection across her cheeks through his pants and her skirt. He placed his shaft between her firm cheeks, dry-humping her through their clothes as he began nuzzling against her neck through her shoulder length, blonde hair.

Scarlett’s eyes fluttered in unwanted pleasure as Thad ground himself against her, a small groan escaping from her lips.

“What was that?” the director asked again.

“Jus… just that… that annoying mouse again,” Scarlett said trying to repress another groan of unwanted lust. Thad may have been just a teenage boy but he seemed to certainly knew how to use his body in the best ways possible.

“You might want to see about getting an exterminator for the White House,” Director Carter said.

“I’ll… I’ll do that,” Scarlett groaned as Thad’s hands slid down her now panting body. The President’s son’s hands made their way down to her plain, black skirt and began pulling it up her thighs, exposing her stockings. He slipped his fingers between her legs and moved them up the insides of her quivering thighs. He used his fingertips to trace the leg openings of her functional panties, teasing her and causing her body to warm. Her nipples were rock hard and her pussy was moistening as he continued to molest her body.

Thad groaned as he ground himself against Agent Johansson’s body and she angrily shushed him as she tried to listen to her phone. He had a firm hold on her body, one hand circling where he knew her clit was beneath her panties while his other hand slid back up to her amazing chest. He unbuttoned two of the middle buttons of her plain blouse and slipped his hand inside and scooped one of her large tits out of her bra. He squeezed her warm, silky breast and teased her nipple as the middle finger of his other hand continued circling her clit. He smiled spread wider as she groaned again and began grinding her hot pussy against his hand and her thick ass against his throbbing cock.

With a loud grunt, Thad came in his pants, collapsing against Scarlett as she tried to listen to her phone. She found herself sandwiched between the President’s son and his desk, his body pressed tightly against her. “I’m sorry, Director Carter. Can you repeat that?” she asked.

“I said I need you to come to HQ as soon as possible,” Director Carter said.

Scarlett elbowed Thad in the ribs trying to get him to move off of her. “Yes, ma’am,” she said obediently before switching off her phone. She shoved her official phone back into her pocket and shoved the sated teenage boy off of her. “I can’t believe you’d take advantage of me like that,” she said angrily.

“I thought we’d agreed to call it ‘teenage flirting’,” Thad said with a self-satisfied grin on his face.

Again, Scarlett threw her hands up in frustration and also in confusion. Frustration that Thad refused to take their relationship seriously and confused over the fact that she wasn’t upset that he had used her to orgasm but rather that they didn’t get to finish together. “You owe me, mister,” she said sternly.

“Yes, ma’am,” Thad said with a mock salute.

-5:26 PM, The Headquarters of B.R.E.A.S.T.S., The main hallway leading to the administration offices

Scarlett ran her fingers through her blonde hair using the nanotechnology to return it to it’s natural red color. Her footsteps echoed down the hall as she made her way to Director Carter’s office. Suddenly a door opened beside her and she immediately assumed a fighter’s stance, ready to be attacked. She slowly relaxed her stance as the two women on the floor who had fallen out looked up at her and Kat Dennings grinned.

“Hiya, Red,” Kat said as she began trying to pull herself out of the other woman’s tangled embrace. “Say hi to Agent Red, Alex,” she said to the other woman as they both quickly climbed to their feet.

“A pleasure to see you again, Agent Red,” Junior Agent Alexandra Daddario said nervously.

Cocking an inquisitive eyebrow at the two women, Scarlet crossed her arms under her impressive chest as she watched them try to get redressed. Kat’s plain, white blouse was completely open, her bra barely containing her large, wobbling breasts. Alexandra’s blouse was still buttoned but horribly wrinkled, her functional skirt pulled up to expose her stockings and black panties. Kat’s skirt appeared to have started out having a somewhat conservative slit up the side but was now ripped all the way to the top exposing the elastic of her stockings. Both womens’ make-up was smeared and their hair mussed.

“Headed to the Director’s office?” Kat asked cheerfully.

“Yes, I received at phone call earlier,” Scarlett said simply, trying to keep a knowing smirk off of her face, “Do you know what it’s about?”

“Nope, I’ve been busy,” Kat said simply, making Alex blush.

“So I see,” Scarlett said simply.

“I’ll walk with you,” the over developed executive assistant said before waving good-by at Alex, “And I’ll see you later, kitten.” She growled playfully at Alex as she joined Agent Red and began walking down the hall.

“I see you and Junior Agent Daddario are getting along better,” Scarlett said, finally allowing the smirk to spread across her lips.

“Oh yeah. She’s a peach,” Kat said with a skip in her step, her large breasts straining against her starched blouse.

Scarlett kept an eye on Kat as they walked down the hall and was mildly surprised as Kat hummed cheerfully to herself. Usually the brunette woman insisted on walking behind her to stare at her ass or constantly hit on her or constantly stared lewdly at her or constantly followed her into the restroom, or the gym, or the tech division, or her apartment. But now the Director’s assistant seemed oddly content which made Agent Red slightly suspicious.

When the two agents reached the director’s office, Kat sat happily down at her desk and buzzed the intercom. “Agent Red is here to see you, ma’am,” she said.

When Director Carter answered back, Scarlett could hear the door click open. She waited for some kind of sexual comment from Kat but when the assistant continued merrily shuffling her papers without paying any attention to her she shrugged her shoulders. She opened the door and entered the office making a mental note to check back in on Kat sometime later.

“Come in, Agent,” Director Carter said, motioning to her best agent. “You’re probably wondering why I called you here today,” she said briskly.

“I’m here to serve, ma’am,” Scarlett said earnestly.

Director Carter closed her file and placed her pen down, steapling her fingers and giving Agent Red her full attention, she was an easily beautiful woman with crystal blue eyes and long, silky, wavy dark hair. “We’re having a problem in the Mid-West,” she said in crisp, business-like tones, “Specifically Texas. Even more specifically, Dallas, Texas.”

“Hmmmm, what could it be?” Scarlett asked.

“A cult,” the director said.

“I thought they were called ‘militias’ now?”

“That’s a whole other problem,” the director said, “This appears to be a ‘cult’ cult. Maniacal leader, easily duped followers…”

“Still sounds like a militia.”

“…rumblings about ‘Revolution’, refusing to acknowledge any form of government…”

“That’s basically a Texas militia.”

“…tax evasion, weapon hording…”

“Texas in a nutshell.”

Director Carter shrugged her shoulders in agreement. “Still, I’d like you to investigate. For some reason I have a hunch it could be something more,” she said.

“Is it S.L.U.T.? Have you heard anything from Lindsay?” Scarlett asked.

“All is quiet on that front,” Director Carter said in relief.

“Don’t worry, Director, I’ll peek in and see what the what is,” Scarlett said earnestly, “Will I be getting any back-up?”

“You’ll be meeting our Mid-West agent when you land in Dallas,” the director told her, “So go ahead and visit the costume department and they’ll fix you up with a undercover outfit so you’ll fit right in with the locals.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Scarlett said with a salute.

-A few hours later, Dallas Mid-West airport, Terminal C, Gate 31, 52 feet from the Burger King, 2 yards from the luggage carousel, across the hall from the mens restroom

Scarlett stumbled a bit as she exited the walkway from her plane. Her cowboy boots had 6 inch heels that stretched her legs and pushed her ass out. She wore a cut-off pair of denim daisy-duke shorts that left the bottom half of her ass exposed and rode low on her hips. Her top was a sleeveless, flannel shirt tied in a knot under her chest exposing her flat stomach and buttoned barely half-way up. A red push-up bra lifted her large breasts up like a shelf of creamy flesh that jiggled enticingly with every step. Her red hair was up in a low pony tail and she wore a ragged cowboy hat on top of her head.

The top agent of B.R.E.A.S.T.S. looked around for her partner with her arms crossed under her impressive chest, tapping her foot impatiently. She didn’t have to wait long when a blonde young woman approached her.

“Boy, sure is hot today,” the young woman said, speaking her half of the catch phrase.

“It’s all Obama’s and those damn liberals fault,” Scarlett said, answering the catch phrase.

“Pleased to meet you, Agent Red,” the blonde said as she held her hand out cheerfully, “I’m Agent Kaley Cuoco.”

“Pleased to meet you too,” Scarlett said as she shook the agents hand and looked her over. The blonde agent was wearing low heeled cowboy boots as well as a pair of shorts nearly as short as her own. She wore a Cowboys football jersey and her wavy blonde hair was tucked under a red truckers hat. The agent popped back on her heels for a second, a small jiggle going through her body proving she was completely bra-less. Scarlett released her grip and asked for a sit-rep.

“Boy-howdy, that could take a minute,” Kaley said, still strangely cheerful, “Let’s walk to my truck.”

Scarlett listened eagerly as Kaley divulged the information she had carefully collected. A psychologist had bought a large plot of desert land that had been completely barren. As the psychologist had gotten more popular she had eventually had a large building built, moving her practice there and out of the city. Eventually her clients had taken over the building duties themselves, giving all their money to the psychologist, selling everything they owned and living in the compound. All within a few months.

“That’s astonishing,” Scarlett said as they stepped outside. With the Texas heat both women quickly began to sweat, their flesh gleaming in the light of the sun.

“Tell me about it,” Kaley said as she led Agent Red to the parking lot, “I was out there two weeks ago and the compound was twice the size of your average strip-mall.”

The two woman walked in silence the rest of the way to Kaley’s vehicle as Scarlett waited patiently for the other agent to offer more information. When Kaley continued walking in silence, Agent Red took another look at her and decided that, well, beside her obvious physical appeal that she was really rather not outstanding in the least. She hadn’t offered any information on the security of the compound or details on the psychologist or any tactical data on how to breach the buildings. “I take it you’re pretty new,” she added just as they reach Kaley truck.

“Pretty new,” Kaley said with a noncommittal shrug as she opened the door of her truck. It was a old 4×4 pick-up, dingy white with dingy red accents and looked nearly as inoffensive as Kaley.

“Oh well, I’ll just have to see what’s going on when I get there,” Scarlett decided as she got into the truck. Kaley started the old, rumbling engine and the air conditioner kicked on, the cool air evaporating on their skin causing both women to nearly shiver with goosebumps and drawing their nipples up hard. Scarlett had her suspicions answered that the other agent wasn’t wearing a bra by the twin points on the blonde’s chest. The more she studied Kaley’s body the more she found to stare at. While in the airport she hadn’t really paid attention to the blonde agent’s chest but now she found it pretty impressive. “Must be the air conditioning,” she told herself as they pulled out of the parking area.

As they drove to the compound Scarlett found herself staring more and more at Agent Cuoco’s body. Her thighs were thick and tan, her legs long, and her shorts wrapped snuggling and enticingly around her. “So, uh… The compound,” she stammered as she tried to pry her eyes away from the insides of Kaley’s golden thighs, “Have you been in it?”

“Not yet,” Kaley said, completely oblivious to the stares she was getting from the other agent, “I’ve made contact with one of the security guards ‘tho.”

Scarlett licked her lips as she watched Kaley’s unencumbered breasts jiggle with every sharp jolt of the old pick-up truck. “And, uh… I mean… have you turned him?” she asked nervously. And oddly possessively. The thought of Kaley having to seduce some strange man made her strangely jealous and even a little angry.

“Not yet,” Kaley admitted and then giggled, “Although I have to admit he’s a old perv.”

“I’m sorry you had to go through that,” Scarlett said with all sincerity.

Kaley just shrugged. “All part of the job,” she said before turning off of the road, “And we’re here.”

Both women got out of the truck and crawled into the ditch. It was a old dirt road with gravel, dusty and dry and they each laid down on their stomachs behind the truck. Scarlett took her cowboy hat off and pulled a small pair of binoculars out as Kaley took her cap off and pulled out a small listening device. “Twice the size of an average strip-mall?” she said suspiciously.

“Oh wow,” Kaley gasped, “It’s more than doubled in size in the space of a week!”

Scarlett handed Kaley the binoculars while Kaley handed her the listening device. “And based on what I’m hearing there must be over a hundred people inside,” she added.

“And that security guard I told you about is on duty,” Kaley added herself.

Looking around at the security fence with razor wire looped around the top, Agent Red could only see one point of entry, the front door. “We have to get inside and find this psychologist!” she said in alarm at the surprising size of the compound, “This so-called cult is growing to quickly.”

“I agree,” Kaley said as they once again traded equipment, “And we’ll have to go through Frank the security guard to do it.”

“Are you sure you can do it?” Scarlett asked as she put her arm around Kaley’s shoulders protectively.

“Sure,” Kaley said offhandedly as she stood up and dusted herself off, “People just respond to me.”

Scarlett helped dust Kaley off, her hands wandering over the blonde agent’s luscious body. “You poor, dear, brave child,” she told the other agent, her hands clearing the dust from Kaley’s impressive chest.

“How ’bout a kiss for luck?” Scarlett asked hopefully.

“That’s okay,” Kaley responded, not recognizing the strangeness of the request, “I haven’t bought my own drinks since I was fourteen, this’ll be easy.”

“If you’re sure,” Scarlett asked in all seriousness.

“Sure thing,” Kaley said cheerfully and climbed into the trunk as Agent Red got in the other side. They drove up to the gate and it immediately opened for them allowing the two agents to drive right up to the main building. Kaley got out and greeted the security guard warmly, giving him a hug and pressing her chest against his.

Scarlett glared hatefully at the guard as he hugged Kaley just a bit to long before letting the poor girl go. Frank had to be at least 60. And ugly. He had a large gut and if he took his hat off he’d probably be bald too. And she couldn’t see any hair sticking out of the disgusting old man’s ears but she knew it was there and he probably had to shave them. He had a stupid mustache and his uniform was stupid too.

“This is my friend, Red,” Kaley said as she introduced Scarlett to Frank.

Posing, Scarlett let Frank stare her up and down. She cocked her hips enticingly, her hands clasped behind her back to thrust her chest out as she gave him her best, coy smile. “Pleased to meet ‘cha,” she said using her best Texas accent. At the B.R.E.A.S.T.S. Academy she had earned top marks for her oral technique and had even earned the Best Use of Tongue award in her senior year.

Frank continued looking the red-haired woman up and down slowly, his hand resting on Kaley’s exposed hip, her warm, tan thigh pressed against him. “Pleased to meet you, darlin’,” he said as he used his other hand to shake the red head’s hand “What brings you little pieces of heaven out here on such a hot day?” he asked both the women.

“My friend wanted to visit the compound,” Kaley said innocently as she ran her finger up and down the tie of Frank’s uniform. The uniform was a slate gray color with a matching hat and was stretched around his gut a little, the buttons barely holding the shirt closed. “She’s from up north so she ain’t ever seen a compound before,” she added with a giggle.

“Is that right?” Frank asked, still holding onto Scarlett’s hand while his other hand lightly caressed Kaley’s hip, “You’re a Yankee.”

Scarlett blushed and fluttered her eyelashes coyly. “Yankee by birth, Southerner by heart,” she said with her own giggle.

Kaley pressed herself against Frank, her chest rubbing against his arm as her hand stroked his chest. “She’s my cousin come down here visiting so I thought I could show her where you work,” she said breathlessly into the old security guard’s ear.

“Well, I don’t know about that,” Frank said. He could feel his pulse picking up and his face blushing as the blonde pressed herself against him and the red-haired agent stepped up next to him. The red-head took his other hand in her own and pressed herself against him, her chest rubbing against his side. “I mean… I… I wouldn’t be, ah… be much of a security guard if I just… just… y’know, let anyone in,” he stammered.

“But it’s so impressive,” Scarlett told the guard.

“And so big,” Kaley added. Her hand wandered down from his chest, past his belt, and grabbed the growing bulge in his pants. Agent Red immediately picked up on what she was doing and kissed the old man, her hand joining Kaley’s as they massaged the aging security guard to full hardness. She started getting down on her knees and out of the corner of her eye she noticed Agent Red doing the same.

“What are you doing?” Kaley whispered to Agent Red as they both massaged Frank’s bulge through his pants.

“There’s no reason you should have to put yourself through this,” Scarlett whispered back as she pulled down the zipper of the old man’s pants.

“He’s my mark,” Kaley whispered possessively as she reached into Frank’s slacks and pulled out his hard prick, “I’ll handle it. You need to reconnoiter.”

“At the rate this compound is growing reconnaissance is pointless,” Scarlett whispered back before she began licking the older man’s wrinkly balls.

“All the more reason you should be the one infiltrating,” Kaley bark-whispered before licking Frank’s throbbing cock-head, “You’re senior agent after all.”

With one of the guard’s testicles in her mouth, Scarlett thought over what Kaley had said before she sucked half of Frank’s cock into her mouth. The blonde agent bobbed back and forth, her lips stretched around the security guard’s girth, her saliva leaving his shaft gleaming in the Texas sun. “Dammit, she’s right,” she decided. Frank closed his eyes and groaned in pleasure and Agent Red used her cat-like ninja skills to quickly release his scrotum from between her lips and scurry behind him. Jumping to her feet she clicked the cameras off from Frank’s console just inside the door and sneaked inside the compound’s main building.

With Agent Red gone, Kaley gripped the base of Frank’s cock with one hand and massaged his dangling balls with her other. The old man groaned in pleasure as she sucked on his prick, massaging his shaft with her moist, pink tongue as her head bobbed back and forth. His fingers wound themselves through her silky blond hair around her cap as he began fucking her mouth, his bulbous cock-head hitting the back of her mouth with every small thrust. She had prepared herself mentally for the time she would have to do this to reach her objective but she had to admit to herself that the old man had a pretty nice cock. She made a mental note to herself to look Frank up after they had taken care of the psychologist. If he didn’t wind up in jail that was.

“That poor, brave girl,” Scarlett thought to herself as she quickly reached into her cowboy hat and pulled out her B.R.E.A.S.T.S. issued lock-pick. The amazing agent made short work of the door and entered silently, closing and locking it behind her. The hallway was well lit and it was kind of off-putting how normal it looked. Fake wood paneling, recessed lighting, not quite tacky linoleum, and even wood chairs every few yards. It looked like the hallway of any business office in the country. Except it was completely empty. She ducked down low, prepared for security or personnel to come from any of the doors lining the walls but no one presented themselves. She was all alone.

Scarlett darted down the hall to the first of the wooden chairs and tried to hide behind it as she surveyed the hall. It was completely empty. Somersaulting to the next closet’s chair she ducked behind it and made another survey. The hall continued to be empty. Pin wheeling to the next chair, Agent Red once again made a survey of the hall that continued to be empty. Doing a half-tuck spin-away roll she ducked behind the next chair. The hall was still suspiciously empty. Using her graceful agility she jumped up onto the wall behind her, kicking off the wall and doing a spinning tuck in mid-air as she spun, landing on her shoulder and rolling with the momentum, stretching one leg out to catch herself, her palms landing flat behind the next chair. The hallway remained empty.

Topless on her knees, Kaley let Frank fuck her talented mouth. Small streams of drool escaped from the corners of her mouth as his thick cock plunged in and out between her lips. Still wearing her cap, shorts, and boots, she stayed still and let the old man have fun with her, after all, when was the last time a man that old and out of shape had a girl as young and fresh as her. He complimented her with every thrust of his cock and every bob of her head telling her how beautiful she was and how lucky he was to had met her. It was really kind of sweet. She had her hands braced against his thighs as he fucked her mouth and throat, her unencumbered breast wobbling with every jolt, her own saliva dripping onto her golden chest and shining in the sun light.

Kaley’s nipples were hard with excitement, sizzling with need as she let Frank use her mouth. She found herself thrusting her chest forward, rubbing her sensitive tits against his thighs as his hips rocked back and forth. Granted, she hadn’t been a secret agent very long but she was enjoying the Hell out of it right now.

Landing on her feet, Scarlett finished the last of her gymnastic routine to get down the hall and ducked behind the last chair. The hallway split off like a T and she looked around the corner the best that she could. Her incredible eye sight quickly found what she had been looking for, a door, at the end of the left-hand hall, that had the words “Jennifer Love Hewitt” written across the frosted glass with “Therapist” written below it. “Jackpot,” the sexy secret agent whispered to herself. With no more chairs to hide behind, she slowly crept down the hall, cursing the six inch heels the costume department had given her as the sounds of her footsteps echoed down the hall.

With the speed the compound was spreading there could be as many as two hundred converts by the end of the week which left Scarlett very little time to investigate. Her only choice was to quickly find and take down the psychologist to interrogate her, perhaps even take her back to B.R.E.A.S.T.S. headquarters. She would have preferred more time to investigate but public safety was at risk. Once again pulling out her lock-pick kit she prepared to jimmy the lock just as a voice called out from the other side of the door. “One moment please,” the voice said, startling Scarlett.

“Fuuuuck yeah,” Frank gasped in pleasure as Kaley cupped her large, firm, golden breasts around his shaft as he fucked her tits. The blonde bombshell had her head bent down, sucking on the tip of his prick as his cock pistoned up and down between her firm, warm, silky breasts. Her moist, pink tongue swirled around his tip as her hands kept her tits pressed tightly against his shaft. She was moaning nearly as loud as he was and he could look down over his gut to see her playing with her nipples as he fucked her golden orbs. “What the Hell did I ever do to deserve this?” he wondered as Kaley looked up at him with her crystal blue eyes and smiled around the tip of his cock between her lips.

Scarlett stood dumbfounded. She’d been found out and no doubt guards were on their way to capture her. Suddenly the office door opened and she assumed her fighter’s stance, ready for anything. Anything except for what happened. There were no guards, merely one woman. The professionally dressed woman was wearing sensible pumps and flesh colored stockings. She wore a plain brown, knee length skirt that, while not provocative, were stretched tight around her wide hips. She wore a matching blazer over a crisp starched white blouse. Her dark-brown hair was up in a loose bun and she wore a plain pair of black reading glasses. She had a dramatic hour glass figure and the blazer failed to hide the impressive bust beneath her clothes. Scarlett felt strangely under-dressed.

“Thank you for waiting,” the psychologist said with a warm smile, “I’m Doctor Hewitt. Won’t you come in?”

Scarlett eyed the room suspiciously. Dr. Hewitt held her arm out presenting the room to her and just stood waiting patiently. Not being able to see any immediate dangers she walked past the psychologist into the oddly non-assuming office. She heard the doctor close the door but didn’t hear a lock catch indicating she could leave at any time. The mid-sized office held a couch with a matching chair, a desk with various papers and folders spread about and a filing cabinet. There were hung diplomas all bearing Dr. Hewitt’s name as well as a few water color paintings. It was a very middle of the road yet functional looking office.

“Please, have a seat,” Jennifer said warmly as she motioned to the couch. She made her way back behind her desk and sat down, waiting patiently for Agent Red to do the same.

“I, ah… I, ah…” Scarlett stammered. She looked around the room skeptically but didn’t see anything suspicious. She sat down on the couch and looked at the therapist as the busty brunette finished the last of her paperwork and closed the files. “You, ah… you’re probably wondering what I’m doing here,” she said to Dr. Hewitt.

“You’re a secret agent with B.R.E.A.S.T.S. come to see if my compound is a danger to world security,” Jennifer said as she looked back at the sexy secret agent. She steepled her fingers underneath her chin and looked every inch the professional.

“That’s, ah… that’s right,” Scarlett responded in confusion.

“Oh, sweet Jesus,” Frank gasped as Kaley took off her short shorts leaving her completely naked except for her hat and boots. He took a moment to appraise her wonderful body, her full breasts, flat stomach, wide hips, small waist, thick thighs, and firm ass, all covered in golden, sun tanned flesh. She pressed her naked body against him, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him deeply, rubbing herself against him as he groaned into her mouth, his throbbing dick pressed against her abdomen.

Kaley broke the kiss with the old security guard and turned around, bracing her arms against the wall and thrusting her tan ass out. He ran his hands reverently over her silky smooth flesh causing her to shiver and giggle at the look of astonishment on his face. He scooted up behind her, his pants wrapped around his ankles as he pressed his throbbing cock-head against the slick entrance to her pink pussy. She just couldn’t get over the cute look of wonderment on his face as he began sliding his prick into the velvet grip of her cunt, it was adorable. He just looked so thankful to have the chance to fuck her. He groaned out in need behind her as he slowly parted the tight walls of her pussy and filled her nearly naked body, sweat rolling off of his flushed face. She groaned out herself at the feel of his hard tool bottoming out inside of her, his hands gripping her hips possessively as he ground himself against her taunt rear-end.

Ripped fuck-boi’s and frat dudes may have been fun for a free drink or three at a bar but nobody tried harder than and over-weight old guy Kaley decided as her slick juices trailed down the insides of her thighs. She cooed as the older man’s hands slid from her hips to cup her dangling breasts as he started fucking her, his thick prick pushing roughly in and out of her. She began rocking herself back against the security guard, meeting his insistent thrusts as he fucked her hard and deep.

Jennifer smiled warmly at Agent Red as she nonchalantly undid the first of the three buttons on her blazer. “I would imagine you’re not here alone,” she said as she undid the second button.

“No, no I’m not,” Scarlet said as she watched the doctor undo the last of the buttons on her blazer, “I’m here with a junior agent.” Dr. Hewitt slowly slid the blazer off of her shoulders, her chest out-thrust and her large breasts straining against the starched material of her blouse. “What do you hope to accomplish here?” she asked as one of the therapist’s hands slowly slid up the front of her blouse to her first button.

“I think we’d both be happier if I was the one asking the questions, don’t you,” Jennifer said as she undid her top button.

Scarlett’s eyes slowly went wide as she watched the doctor slowly undo her top. If the therapist wanted to ask all the questions then she’d let her as long as she was undoing her clothes while she was doing it.

“I love my job,” Kaley grunted as she thrust herself back against Frank. She could hear him panting and groaning behind her, his hands limp as they slid over her body. She had no doubt that she could easily subdue him now whether he was actually involved with the cult or just a hired security guard but her body was on fire with desire. As she viciously fucked the old guy she decided that the famous Agent Red could easily handle one cult leader without her, after all, she was supposed to have turned the guard already so she might as well do it now.

Kaley pushed herself back from the wall and felt Frank lean against her, his gut rising and falling with each struggling breath. She turned around to face him, his still hard prick sliding out of her overly excited body as she gently cupped his face. “Why don’t you have a seat,” she said as she helped him sit on the ground.

“Thanks, I just… just need… needed a second to… to rest,” Frank panted.

“Oh, we’re not stopping,” Kaley grinned as she leaned Frank’s back against the wall and straddled his twitching thighs, “I just wanted to get on top.”

“I’m gonna die,” Frank gasped.

“And what a way to go,” Kaley giggled as she gripped Frank by the base of his prick and lowered herself down.

Jennifer unfastened her top to the middle of her impressive chest, her firm cleavage completely exposed over the top of her lacy, black bra. “If I wanted to enter B.R.E.A.S.T.S. Headquarters, what’s the code for the doors?” she asked as she pulled out a pen and a piece of paper.

As the doctor continued unbuttoning her top, Scarlett thought over her answer. “Would you be entering as a guest or as a authorized visitor?” she asked as Dr. Hewitt undid the last of her buttons down to the top of her skirt.

“Which one would get me to the Director’s office?” Jennifer asked as she pulled her blouse out of her skirt.

Scarlett hungrily licked her lips as she watched Dr. Hewitt remove her top. The doctor’s cleavage jiggled enticingly with every movement as she slowly undressed. “Actually you can’t reach the director’s office from there. The actual entrance is through Food Delivery. You can only reach the director through her rear entrance,” she offered helpfully.

“Thank you,” Dr. Hewitt said as she stood up behind her desk, “Why don’t you go ahead and get naked.”

“That’s a very good idea,” Scarlett agreed as the psychologist worked her skirt down over her broad hips. She saw that the doctor was wearing stockings and garters matching her panties and bra. The secret agent untied the knot holding her shirt together, her large bra encased breasts spring forth as the doctor unclasped her stockings.

“Oh, oh, oh…” Kaley panted happily as she rode Frank’s prick. Her large, tan breasts jiggled wildly on her chest as she thrust herself up and down, her thick, firm ass rippling with every wet slap. The older man’s hands laid limply at his sides, his head rolling back and forth with every impact of her sun kissed, naked body.

“Pl… pl… please,” Frank grunted helplessly, “I.. I need… to… to rest.” The stunning blonde was riding his prick relentlessly as he sat limply, his entire body feeling oddly boneless. Boneless and limp except for his cock. Kaley seemed to have taken possession of his prick and it refused to listen to him, to respond to him at all. All he wanted was five minutes, five minutes to rest before he had a heart attack but the eager girl had hijacked himself from himself. He was helpless before her wildly thrusting body.

Kaley grabbed Frank’s limp wrists and pulled his hands up, holding them to her chest, her hard nipples scrapping against his palms. She cooed out as his fingers instinctively squeezed her form orbs, her gleaming body never stopping as she rode him harder and faster. She could feel her orgasm rising inside of her, her firm thighs twitching as her graceful back arched and she squealed in joy.

Now wearing only her stockings and pumps, Jennifer stepped out from around her desk. She leaned against it with her hip, her arms crossed below her large, firm breasts, her hair still up in it’s loose bun and her glasses resting on the tip of her nose as she waited for Agent Red to finish undressing. Topless, the buxom secret agent still had her cowboy hat on and was currently pulling her short shorts down her legs as she stood in front of the couch. “Why don’t you leave the boots on,” Jennifer offered, cupping her own breasts in her hands and squeezing the playfully.

Scarlett keened at the sight of Dr. Hewitt jiggling her tits up and down and thumbing her hard nipples. “That is the best idea I’ve heard all day,” she admitted as she kicked her shorts and panties off. She posed, offering her nearly naked body to the doctor, desperately wanting the psychologist to find her desirable enough to let her continuing seeing her large, wonderful breasts. Despite the large size of the doctor’s breasts they were still nearly a perfect tear-drop shape, the nipples high on her breasts, demanding to be seen. The red-haired secret agent stood with her hips cocked, her breasts out-thrust, her hands sliding up and down her sides as she waited to see if the doctor found her desirable enough.

Jennifer smirked at the expectant look on the agent’s beautiful face. She lightly ran her fingertips over the tops of her breasts as she thrust her chest out, mirroring the other woman’s pose. “Do you like my breasts?” she asked knowingly. She smirked as Agent Red eagerly nodded her head. “Most people do. I found that out at an early age,” she chuckled as she slowly sauntered closer to the red-haired agent, “As soon as I hit puberty people would literally fall over themselves to make me happy as long as I showed a little cleavage.” She stood a hair’s breath from Agent Red, their hard nipples nearly touching, the agent heaving in desire. She reached forward, lightly caressing the agent’s arms as she continued to talk, “I even helped Katy Perry to learn how to use her talents to ensnare the minds of others.”

As the doctor gripped her wrists, Scarlett let Jennifer raise her arms up and place her hands on her breasts. She gingerly squeezed the psychologist’s large, firm breasts, thankful to the bottom of her heart to be allowed to do so, truly she had been blessed by Dr. Hewitt. “Thank you,” she whimpered meekly.

“You’re welcome,” Jennifer said magnanimously, “You know, there’s more I could do for you.”

“Please,” Scarlett cooed, “I’ll do anything you want.”

Jennifer cackled manically. “Yes you will!” she laughed out, “There’s just one thing I want to hear. What is your deepest sexual secret, Agent Red?”

“Pl… please, no,” Scarlett begged pitifully.

With an evil glint in her eye, Jennifer began pulling the confused agent’s hands away from her breasts. “For these you will tell me,” she said wickedly.

Scarlett shook her head no but knew that she had no choice. “The only sexual satisfaction I feel is when I’m with Thad,” she admitted.

“Very good,” Jennifer said. She had no idea who this “Thad” person was but the information brought her one step closer to complete control over the famous Agent Red. She once again pressed her breasts more firmly into the agent’s hands and whispered into the confused woman’s ear, “And there’s just one more thing I need to hear.”

The words came together in Scarlett’s hazy mind. “I… I can’t,” she stammered.

Jennifer pushed her breasts more firmly into Agent Red’s hands. “You know what I want to hear,” she said with a knowing smirk, “You can’t resist these. No one can.”

“I… I… I…” Scarlett continued to stammer, her mind a whirlwind of confusion. There was nothing more important in the world than Dr. Hewitt’s god given and blessed breasts but she couldn’t bring herself to say the words that she knew the doctor wanted to hear.

Removing Agent Red’s hands she took another step closer, pressing her chest the bewildered agent’s, rubbing their bodies firmly together. She wrapped her arms around the red-haired and horny woman, holding her tightly, hip to hip, breasts to breast. She ground her pubic mound against Agent Red’s as she rubbed her breasts up and down the other woman’s, their nipples sliding over their sensitive flesh. “Just two little words,” she whispered breathlessly as she began to nibble the secret agent’s neck.

“Hail… hail…” Scarlett began.

“Hail Mary full of grace, those are some magnificent titties,” Kaley said as she pressed herself against the back of the doctor’s body. She slipped her hands between the psychologist’s and Agent Red’s, squeezing the large, firm orbs in her hands as she humped her sticky pussy against the doctor’s round ass. “My God,” she gasped as she gave the therapist’s tits another squeeze, “I think they’re real, too!”

“Of course they’re real!” Jennifer shouted defensively as she tried to look at the secret agent who had interrupted her from over her shoulder.

“Oh, wow,” Kaley said as her fingers rippled along the evil doctor’s magnificent cans, “Imagine that.” She rubbed her naked body against Jennifer’s own naked body, sensuously humping up against her, rubbing her groin against the psychologist’s ass and her tits against her back as she grabbed the doctor’s arms and trapped them between their bodies.

Turning back to Agent Red, Jennifer tried to use her will against her. “Agent Red, dispose of this interloper,” she ordered.

Kaley smiled as Agent Red looked up at her from around Jennifer’s shoulder. “You don’t want to hurt me, right, partner?” she asked.

Scarlet’s eyes softened as she peered at Kaley’s face. “Of course not,” she said. Her hands slid around the two women, holding Kaley to Jennifer and Jennifer to her as she leaned forward over the evil doctor’s shoulder. Kaley smiled wider at her and leaned forward herself so they could kiss, their tongues lightly caressing in their mouths.

“You will obey my breasts!” Jennifer said angrily, “And my breasts demand your attention!”

“Don’t worry,” Kaley assured Red, “I’m paying very good attention to her tits so why don’t you come around here and pay attention to me.” She knew that she had to break the doctor’s control over Agent Red and there was a small moment of doubt when she saw the confused agent actually take a moment to consider her wishes but luckily it was only a moment. Red eagerly shook her head clear before stepping around the other two naked women and again wrapping her arms around them, sliding her hands between their writhing bodies. And then she slid to her knees.

“Oh, wow!” Kaley gasped as Agent Red squeezed her ass and parted her cheeks, “Straight for the ass. I never would have guessed.” She shuddered as she felt the red-haired agent’s tongue slide wetly over her puckered asshole, teasing her momentarily. She ran her tongue in slow circles around her tight little entrance, spiraling around until the tip of her talented tongue probed lightly against her. The blond agent’s eyes fluttered as the ginger agent slowly pressed her wonderfully wiggling tongue into her thick, round, rear-end. “Oh, wow,” she groaned into Jennifer’s ear, “I’m so sorry I interrupted you, you’re really missing out on something here.”

“You will obey me!” Jennifer yelled defiantly at Agent Red.

Kaley tried to peer down at Red kneeling behind her to check on her and saw the red-headed agent looking back up at her. “You just keep right on doing what you’re doing, ‘kay?”

Scarlett nodded her head eagerly, the movement causing Kaley to gasp out as she turned back towards Jennifer. The red-haired agent held the blond-haired agent’s thick cheeks apart as she tongued her, rolling her tongue up into a tube and using it like a small cock to fuck her ass with.

“And as for you,” Kaley said to the evil pathologist. She raised one hand up to Jennifer’s chest to cup one of her large tits, enjoying the way it fit in her hand, and gave it a experimental squeeze. Her other hand slid down between the psychologists thighs to her heated groin to give it it’s own squeeze as well. “It’d probably be easier to just knock you unconscious,” she whispered into the doctor’s ear, “But I hate violence.” She slid two fingers into Jennifer’s gooey cunt and felt the doctor shudder in her arms.

Jennifer couldn’t stop herself from rolling her hips up to meet Kaley’s fingers. As a medical professional she knew it was only simple biology, her attempted seduction of Agent Red leaving her all ready horny she was helpless against the other agent’s highly trained fingers. As she rocked her hips up to fuck herself against the blonde woman’s hand she found herself grinding herself back against the other woman’s heated groin as well, groaning in pleasure.

“Oh, oh, oh…” Kaley panted as she molested the evil doctor’s amazing body and Red’s amazing tongue fucked her ass. She was grinding herself against Jennifer’s ass, humping the other woman as the other secret agent wiggled her tongue inside of her tightest hole. “Tha… tha… thank God you’re… you’re… you’re on our side,” she gasped back at the senior agent while she continued to molested Jennifer’s needy body. She pinched the agent of S.L.U.T.’s hard nipple between her fingertips as she slid her two fingers as deep into her cunt as she could, pressing her thumb against her hard clit.

Scarlett could hear the muffled sounds of Kaley and Jennifer panting and moaning in lust and it filled her chest with pride. She was proud to be part of the 3-way and to be helpful, it was, after all, the whole reason she had joined B.R.E.A.S.T.S. in the first place. “Mumph, mumph, mumph…” she mumbled into the Kaley’s thick ass with every thrust of her tongue.

“No, no, no…” Jennifer panted as she humped against the agent’s hand on the verge of orgasm.

“Yes, yes, yes…” Kaley panted as she humped her drooling cunt against Jennifer’s rolling ass and Scarlett’s probing tongue.

“Oh Godddd…!” Dr. Hewitt cried out in passion as she came. Her traitorous pussy clamped down on the agent’s wiggling fingers as her orgasm rolled through her body. Her chest heaved as her nearly naked body shuddered in lust, her juices rolling down the insides of her twitching thighs, soaking into her stockings.

“Oh Godddd…!” Agent Kaley cried as she came. Her warm juices gushed out, spilling out against the evil doctor’s round ass as she rocked her own ass back-side against Agent Red’s deeply buried tongue.

Filled with pride at getting to pleasure Agent Cuoco, Scarlett felt her body relax and drew her tongue out. With her grip on the blonde’s ass she helped guide her to the couch to rest letting Jennifer slump to the floor. She then helped the evil doctor up to sit next to the panting body of Kaley before standing back up. “Would anybody like a glass of water?” she asked them both helpfully.

Still naked twenty minutes later, Scarlett’s mind began to clear and she helped Kaley tie up the dastardly doctor. “So what the hell was that?” she asked the blonde agent.

Kaley thought it over for a moment. “I think the doctor uses her psychology degree and people’s desire to see her breasts to get them to do whatever she wants,” she said with a shrug. Frank bought Kaley her discarded clothes and she began getting dressed while the aging security guard slumped into Jennifer’s chair. He was so tired from their earlier escapades that he didn’t even bother to ask why his boss was tied up on the couch before falling asleep, snoring.

“I got that,” Scarlett said as she gathered her own clothes up and began getting dressed, “I mean with you.”

Shrugging her shoulders like it was no big deal, Kaley finished putting her barely there in the first place clothes back on. “Ever since I was a little girl people just want to do stuff for me,” she said plainly. “So what do we do with her?” she asked nodding to the gently slumbering, slightly snoring, still naked doctor.

Scarlett stared up and down the sleeping doctor’s nude body. “Well I’m not dressing her for a while yet,” she mumbled to herself, burning the image of Dr. Hewitt into her mind for later use.

“Who’s Thad?” Kaley asked offhandedly.

Scarlett jumped and screamed out with shock, “Gah! Where’d you hear that? He’s no one!”

“Okay, okay. Geez,” Kaley said before turning back to Jennifer. “I think Frank has some handcuffs,” she said helpfully.

“Good idea but that’s for later. What do we do with her first?” Scarlett asked.

-8:00 AM The next in the White House parking lot.

At 8:00 AM The next day after once again saving the world, Scarlett pulled into the parking lot of the White House. She checked her hair in the rear-view mirror to make sure it was still in it’s undercover blonde color before stepping out and walking into the seat of government for the free world. Using the private employee elevator she made her way to the living area of the first family and relieved the night shift Secret Security agent. “Anything to report?” she asked.

The agent shook his head as he gathered up his supplies. “Not a peep,” he said before turning to leave. “Oh, Thad’s almost ready for you to take him to school but he wanted to talk to you first,” he added.

Scarlett rolled her eyes and groaned. “What could he any now?” she grumbled to herself. She knocked on Thad’s door before entering, “Thad, you better be decent,” she warned as she closed the door behind her.

“Aren’t I always,” Thad smirked.

Refusing to rise to the bait, Scarlett folded her arms beneath her impressive chest. “So what did you need, Thad? We’ve got to get you to school,” she said as calmly as possible. She still remembered what she had confessed to Jennifer Love Hewitt and it was still causing her all kinds of confusion. Not to mention she was the only one there at the compound that hadn’t gotten off and she was feeling extremely sexually frustrated. Even Frank, the old body guard had gotten his rocks off. Not to mention that their interrogation of Dr. Hewitt had revealed that the poor, old security guard was indeed just a poor, old security guard and Kaley had decided to spend her next few days of interrogating him herself. Probably vigorously and repeatedly.

“It’s time for our End Of The Mission Treat,” Thad said excitedly.

Scarlett cocked an eyebrow at the Presidential Son. Is he starting to think all we are is a treat, she wondered to herself. She didn’t really know what to think about that. She began unbuttoning her jacket. “Is that all I am?” she asked him as she slid her jacket off and placed it on Thad’s dresser. She began unbuttoning her blouse as she continued, “And now you think you’ve been a good boy and deserve a treat?” She took her blouse off and revealed her half-cup bra, her nipples just barely covered by the material. “What ever shall we do about that?” she asked as she placed her blouse on the dresser in top of her jacket, her pale, creamy cleavage jiggling enticingly.

“Oh, I have a few ideas,” Thad said excitedly as he sat in his bed and rubbed his hands together.

Ignoring the teenage boy with the obvious erection in his pants, Scarlett began unfastening her skirt. “I had a rough couple of days and sure could use a good treat, Thad,” she said as she let her skirt fall to the floor. There was nothing special about her under clothes except for the fact that she was the one wearing them. Her large, firm breasts bulged over the top of her bra when she breathed and nearly jumped free from their restrictions when she pulled her shoulders back and pushed her chest out. Her panties were stretched tight across her hips, pulled taunt across her groin. Her sensible pumps stretched her legs out, lifting her thick, rounded ass out.

Thad choked on air as he stated lustfully at Scarlett nearly naked in his room. And it had happened so easily. Normally he had to do anything he could think of to get her this way, even blackmail, but today she had practically peeled her clothes off as easily as he’s peel a banana. Maybe she was finally coming around to him. He rubbed himself through his pants. “Oh, I certainly have a great for you,” he chuckled as he rubbed himself through his pants.

Scarlett peered at the obviously aroused teenage boy and appeared to think over his off. Suddenly she grabbed her clothes. “Then again, I can buy myself a great. You have a bus to catch,” she said before opening Thad’s bedroom door. Just before closing the door back she looked at the president’s son from over her shoulder. “Besides, I was fine on my own time so you didn’t have to cover for me and you owe me one anyway. It’s the bus for you this morning,” she said before closing the door behind her.

Thad looked down at his lap and then at the door in panic. “How can I get on the bus with this?” he whined.