Scarlett Johansson’s Heavenly Massage

“Yes of course he loves me….. but ever since the baby it’s …. Different. I thought when the baby started sleeping through the night but still…. I don’t know.”, the gorgeous actress confided in her agent. “Scarlett…. All couples go through this sort of thing. Me and Bob….. we just made time for it and even got into some games and role playing. We made it fun and sexy.”, she offered. “Yeah…. He keeps saying everything is fine…. And we’re having sex but it’s ….. UGH….. I’m just stressed out.” Scarlett continued. “Okay…. I’m going to make an appointment for you with my masseuse. His name is Richard….. I’m going to get you the “Heavenly Special….. Just relax and enjoy it….. it’s exactly what you need. Whatever happens…. Just go with it…. Trust me.” urged her agent. “Are you sure?” the actress asked. “His hands are magical and he will take you away and send you home floating on a cloud…. That’s why they call it the Heavenly Special….. just trust me….. He’s going to push all your buttons.”, the agent promised.

So…. Somewhat unsure but trusting….. Scarlett Johansson drove to the very exclusive spa. She was checked in and shown to a changing room where they left her with a lovely silk robe. She undressed and slipped on the robe. She entered the adjacent room and Richard greeted her. “Good afternoon…. I’m Richard and I will be servicing you today.” He offered. “I’m here for the Heavenly Special?” she replied somewhat questioningly. “Yes…. Your agent advised me that you’ve been feeling a lot of stress and I’m going to help you with that… and more.” He stated casually.

Richard instructed….. “First, you will soak in the jet tub….. and here is a juice….. There is a little something extra in there to help you relax.” Scarlett could taste the rum but she had no idea that there was also a female Viagra mixed into the drink. She closed the door, slipped off her robe and stepped into the warm jet tub…. She settled in and took a big drink from her glass. The drink tasted really good so as the warm water loosened up her muscles, she sipped the cool drink and let the jets work on her skin and nerves…. She could feel the jets hitting all the right spots… she didn’t even mind as it fluttered between her legs… When the tap on the door came her drink was empty and she was ready for her massage.

“Leave the robe and just wrap one of the towels around you.” Richard ordered. Scarlett complied and stepped out into the warm massage room. “That’s big table.” She said. “Yes…. It’s state of the art. I can adjust it however I need to get additional leverage.” He replied. “Just lie down this way and rest your head right here.” He continued. Scarlett opened her towel and laid down on the table placing her head in the face cradle. The room was warm enough that she wouldn’t feel any chill…. So Richard folded the towel over her butt and prepared to begin the massage.

Scarlett was remarkably happy as his hands really were magic. Richard began on her neck and she sighed as he wrestled the kinks out of her neck and shoulders. Richard expertly applied pressure to her shoulders and Scarlett noticed that the table was perfectly adjusted with a contour so that her breasts weren’t all smashed. Richard was able to put pressure on her back without any discomfort to her boobs. He continued to apply the sensual oil to her back working his was down her lower back and she groaned as he pressed all the sore spots until she felt wonderful. Now Richard moved to her feet. It was complete bliss as he expertly massaged her foot. Richard worked his way up and over her calf and hamstring. She felt his hands completely around her leg. Scarlett’s thoughts were muddled as his strong hands slid all the way up to her pussy….. almost touching but not…. Only the slightest hint of contact and that made her even more excited. Then Richard folded the towel off her right check and worked her butt. His technique was flawless. Finally he moved to her other leg and repeated the process. Scarlett was really turned on when he finished her butt. She was almost embarrassed at how turned on she was.

“I’m going to adjust the table now…..” which he did…. “Now please roll onto your back. Scarlett had been naked on screen so she wasn’t nervous about him seeing her body. She rolled over and adjusted herself on the table. Richard very professionally covered her torso with the towel but he enjoyed the view including her hard nipples. Richard then started on her head and neck again. His technique was completely expert and she dreamily lounged her head back into his hands as he stroked her face and neck. Now Richard moved to her arms. Starting on her hands he massaged them worked up her arms and onto her shoulder and chest. Yes… he casually ran both hands over her shoulder and met on her breast. Scarlett noticed but it felt really good so she didn’t say anything…. The massage felt so thorough she wasn’t sure if it was normal or not…. But she didn’t care. Richard moved to the other arm and repeated the process. When both arms were done Richard oiled up his hands once more…. He moved the towel off her upper torso and stroked all the way from her neck over her breasts and down to her abdomen. The long strokes felt exquisite.

Richard now moved back to her legs, leaving her upper body uncovered, warm and tingling. He revisited her feet…. Just wonderful sensations…. Then he worked the lower leg. Scarlett heard a hum and felt the table move. Richard moved to one side and eased her left leg towards him…. Opening her up. He worked his firm hands over her quad and then worked the inner thigh starting at the knee and once again working all the way right up to her pussy. The most delicate brushes which drove her crazy as she squirmed under his expert pressure. Richard now moved to the other side as the table hummed again and Richard pulled her right leg open spreading her wide. She was pretty sure that he could easily see her pussy but she was absorbed in the massage and didn’t really want to raise her head up to look…. And she knew the towel was still on her…. But she could feel how open her legs were. Meanwhile Richard worked her foot, leg and then her thigh…. (Oh God) she thought as his hands worked right up to her pussy. She could feel the slightest brushing against it….. She was so wet.

Richard now stepped away and oiled up his hands again he moved directly between her legs as the table had split down the middle and her hips had been positioned completely open. Scarlett noticed his position but by then it was more about what he did, then where he was standing. Richard placed both hands on her inner thighs, moving them directly up to the clefts of her thighs. With his thumbs down and his fingers on top he rubbed both hands right up to her pussy and then directly on either side of her vulva, pressing her lips together and stroking her already swollen clit. “UUUUUGHHHHH”, she moaned as that first touch was electrifying. Scarlett opened her eyes and finally looked down. Richard was engrossed in his work as both hands slid up and over her pussy again and now staying in the clefts as his thumbs stroked her pussy on either side. Scarlett’s eyes were wide and her mouth agape as she groaned in complete surrender. “OOOUUUUUGGGHHHHH”, she moaned. Scarlett rocked her head back and arched her body up….. Richard moved his fingers directly to her clit and rubbed her swollen bud. “UHHH…. UHHH…. OOOHH…… OOOHHHH GOD….. UHHH…. UHHHH…. UUUHHHH….. AAAAHHHHH…. UHHH….HHHHHHH….. UUHHHH HUUUHHH…. UHHHH….HHHHHUUUHHHHHHH! She came shuddering.

Richard smiled down at his latest conquest. He slipped his fingers into the starlet and found her G spot. Scarlett gripped the table the thrust her hips into the air. She froze in place as his fingers set off all the alarms in her head. She was totally captured…. Richard vigorously pushed her button as Scarlett twitched and bucked. “OHH…. OHHH….. OHHH….MMYY….. GOD….. OHH….. GOD…. OH GOD…. OH GOD…. YES… YESSS….. YEAAAHHHHSSSSSSSSSS!!!!” And just like that Richard’s warm mouth enveloped her pussy milking out her luscious juice. “UUUUGGHHHHHHHH GAAAWWWDDD” she moaned and gripped his head….. Then he moved up and swirled and sucked on her throbbing clit. Richard continued to finger the G spot of his lusty prize and any thoughts of protest had flown out of Scarlett’s mind. She bucked and thrust as his tongue painted her clit. She ran her fingers through his soft hair as another orgasm crested and her body shook with pleasure.

The table was perfectly designed for what he was doing…. And yet she wasn’t upset at all…. Now fully engrossed with his pussy licking Scarlett just moaned, groaned and bucked in blissful surrender. Richard reached under the table and pulled out a slender vibrator. Her juices were coating her ass and he turned on the toy and pressed it against her rosebud. He continued to suck her clit making her writhe as he pressed it into her ass. “UGHHHHH” she grunted…. But the vibrations were fantastic and with just a few strokes Scarlett came again for the fourth time. Richard pushed it deep into her and moved between her legs with his hard cock. Scarlett was buzzing with lust as she felt the tip of his cock. She knew…. But again…. Wasn’t ABOUT to stop him. “MMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH”, she purred as the tip entered her trembling pussy. As he bottomed out in her hot cunt she could feel the table move again coming back together and lowering. Richard climbed up onto the table and pulled her legs to him. He leaned into her until his pelvis ground down against her clit. “UGGGGHHHHHHGAWD”… He had a nice cock…. She thought as she looked up and he kissed her.

Richard pulled out and drove his rock hard cock into the delicious starlet. She was his prize and he fucked her with lustful intent. He got into a rhythm as Scarlett held on…. And he got more and more forceful until he was banging away at the gorgeous angel. “OH GOD…. OH GOD…. UHH…. UHHH… UHHH…. UHHHH…. YESSS… YEAHHHSSSSS….. OH GOD…YESS…… UHHH…. UHHHH…UHHHH….. FUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK……. GAAAAWWWWDDDDD….!!!” She came hard…. And it was a sight to see…. This amazing movie star just all twitchy and gooey with lust.

Richard pulled out and flipped her over doggie style. Scarlett groaned as he reentered her pussy. With one hand on her hip and the other on the vibrator Richard began to double penetrate her. Now her moans became squeals of delight…. Scarlett worried that she’d be too loud but there was no way to be quiet. Harder and harder he fucked her until she cried out in ecstasy. Her pussy clutched at his cock as the lustful pulses ripped through her taught body. Scarlett hadn’t been fucked like this in much too long. And to make it even better…. The taboo element…. The thought that she was cheating and doing something very wrong at a business…. With the lights on and completely exposed and uncovered….. plus her blood was boiling from the lady Viagra….. She just lost all grip on reality as Richard fucked her harder and harder. Another orgasm ripped through her loins as her heart was pounding as hard as Richard.

He stopped and pulled out….. He then plunged his tongue into her juicy cunt. “OOOOOHHHHHH” she cooed as he flicked his tongue in and out of her pussy. “MMMmmmmmm Gawd, that’s sooooo good.”, she moaned….. enjoying this change of pace. It was so nice to have a man stop and start and change positions… it was new sex, and new sex feels so much different and better…..

Richard pulled her up to him and kissed her again…. Everything felt so wonderful…. She was savoring this tryst and for Richard…. This was a dream come true. Scarlett Johansson’s tongue was dancing in his mouth. He stroked her body and she was his to play with…. His willing play toy.

He laid back and motioned for her to climb on….. and she grinned and gripped his cock and slid down on it. Her pussy was so tight…. She was so turned on. “OOOHHHHHMMMMMM” she groaned. Her lust was undeniable and she couldn’t wait to start impaling herself on his cock. Richard just marveled at this amazingly beautiful woman thrusting her tight box down on his rocket as hard as she could. He could feel her pussy start to flutter as she bucked against him. He held her hips and thrust up into her making her squeal louder. Her juices were running down his cock….. He was so thrilled at how HOT she was…. He was able to make her cum so hard, so many times…. And so quickly but he wasn’t going to last forever…. It was Scarlett Johansson. After she came again, he sat up and leaned her back onto her back mounting her again. Scarlett looked up at him dreamily as he put her ankles on his shoulders. Her expression brightened as she knew he was going to pound her.

Richard began to fuck her deep and hard. Each thrust caused her to grunt and yelp but he was relentless. Scarlett just held on as he fucked her hard and fast…. Her sizzling skin burned as she cried out and clawed at him. “UGH GUH….UGH… UGH …HUH…. HUH…. GOD….. UGHH… HUUUGHHH…. HUH…. HUHH…. HUHHH… YEAHH… GOD…. YESSS….. GOD…. OH…. GOD… OH …. GOD…. GOD …. GOD….. GAAAAAWWWWWDDDDDD!”, she cried. Richard kept hammering. Scarlett kept grunting…. And quickly another orgasm ripped through her body…. But Richard was there…. He was gonna cum… HARD. “Last part of your massage….. my secret face cream…. Keeps your skin looking young and flawless.” He said with a wry grin on his face. Scarlett’s eyes widened when she realized what he was saying. The corners of her mouth turned up and Richard knew she was excited. He pulled out of her and climbed over her waist until his legs were resting against those fabulous tits. He gripped her head and pulled her to the tip of his cock. Scarlett eyed his urgently throbbing rocket. Richard pushed it into her mouth…. “MMMMMMMMMMM” she moaned as his precum mixed with her juices in her mouth. Richard pumped into her sexy mouth as she sucked with all her might. She felt him tremble and buck as his balls clenched and he pulled out. She watched as the first rail squirted from his cock, splattering across her lips, nose and forehead…. Then burst after burst exploded from his flesh volcano as she squeaked. Some of his cum shot into her mouth and it was the first cum in her mouth other than her husband in years. She took the head back into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head as the last of his juice oozed onto her tongue. He was sensitive but she wanted to show her appreciation and kept sucking. Richard pulled it from her lips and rubbed it over her cheeks and lips pushing more cum into her mouth…. She continued to play with his tool and lick up his cum. It was a spectacular sight to see…. Scarlett Johansson playing with cum and being a total slut….

Richard climbed off his prize….. just deliciously imagining how good the video of this “massage” was going to look after he finished editing it….. (MY GOD) he thought…. I just fucked Scarlett Johansson’s brains out and came on her face like the best sex tape of all time. He pulled a steamed towel from a metal box and handed it to her. But Scarlett was rubbing the cum off her face with her fingers and licking them clean. Finally she used the towel on her face and grinned at her masseur. Richard moved over to her again and leaned in and kissed her. It was a deliciously savory kiss…. And she held him tight as she kissed him back with all her might.

After, she showered and washed herself. Scarlett dressed and met with Richard out at the front. “That was the most amazing massage I’ve ever had.” She gushed. Richard smiled, acting very professional. “I’m very happy that you’re ‘satisfied’. I look forward to serving you again in the future.” “Oh I’ll definitely be back.” She said with a smile and a nod. Then Richard gave her a professional peck on the cheek and she was gone.

Scarlett climbed into her car… He body felt amazing…. Her skin was glowing and her thoughts filled with lusty visions of Richard’s cock thrusting into her. The whole drive home she smiled and sang along with the radio. When she got there her husband was oblivious as she floated around the house. She went into the master bathroom and called her agent. “It’s me….. OH MY GOD IT… HE WAS AMAZING!!” she blurted. “So you like Richard hmmmm? Yeah the first time I let him….. you know…. My kitty was singing for days afterwards.” Her agent replied. “Oh the things he did to me…. It was the best sex I’ve ever had…. I’m definitely going back.” Scarlett continued. “Well…. If you’re really up for it…. Order the Super Secret 4 hand massage…. Then you’ll meet Jake.” Her agent advised. “Jake? Who’s Jake??!!” Scarlett said with surprise in her voice. “You’ll see.” Her agent chimed.