The Simpsons – Family Fun

Tina Simpson moaned softly into her husband’s mouth as
he skinned the tight, silk panties she was wearing down
over her slim, girlish hips.

She had been looking forward to this since lunchtime
when she began to get the familiar, unmistakable urge for

It had been hell at work, trying to stop herself staring
at every tight, male bulge that walked past, and her
pussy had been wet and tingly all afternoon. Now a young-
looking thirty-four, Tina had always been a very highly
sexed woman, even in her teens. This had of course
attracted many boyfriends, but only her husband, Dave had
been able to regularly satisfy her lustful cravings. They
were two peas in a pod, and sex between them had always
been fast, furious and frequent.

“Are you sure the kids are asleep, Dave?” whispered
Tina, wrapping her long, slim fingers around her
husband’s rapidly lengthening cock.

“Yeah, don’t worry honey.” he replied, squeezing her
breasts with one hand.

“John went to bed hours ago. He’s got that big game
tomorrow, he’ll be dreaming about the big touchdown by
now, babe.”

Tina pulled gently up and down on his stiff joint,
rubbing her thumb up over the fat, purple head.

“What about Julie?” she moaned as his hands caressed her
tingling flesh.

“Julie’s light was on, but you know how she always falls
asleep reading. Right now honey, all I’m interested in is
this hot little pussy of yours.”

Opening her thighs, Tina let his other hand have free
access to her cunt and moaned loudly as his fingers
cupped her sex, slipping inside the tight, juicy slit
with practiced ease.

“Mmmmmmmm! Yeah, that feels so good!” murmured Tina, as
she hunched her slick pussy up around her husband’s
fingers. “Boohoo, Dave, I need fucking so badly! Don’t
waste too much time, I’m already wet!”

Indeed she was… as soon as Dave’s fingers entered his
wife’s flooded pussy, a veritable stream of warm,
fragrant cunt juices bathed his hand and her fluttering
vaginal muscles nibbled delightfully at his fingers.

“Jesus Christ, baby you’re hot… and your pussy’s so
wet!” Dave whispered, inserting a third stiff digit into
his wife’s quivering hole.

“Fuck me then! Stick it in and fuck me hard! I want your
big, fat cock baby!”

Tina rolled onto her back and spread her legs, pulling
her husband’s rigid prick into her seething snatch like a
woman possessed.

Spurred on by Tina’s obvious desperate need, Dave wasted
no more time in driving his huge cock into the tender,
delicate, hungering flesh of his wife’s cunt. Her long,
tapered legs swept higher, capturing her husband’s
powerful body, her heels locked just above the crack of
his ass, giving her the added leverage she needed.

Dave felt the walls of his wife’s pussy spread apart,
molding around his invading cock like a glove as he slid
easily into her, his mighty shaft impaling her hot little
snatch until his balls came to rest against her pinkly
puckered asshole.

“Arhhhhhhgghhh! Jesus! Oh, God you’re hot and sweet
baby” he gasped, as her clinging flesh enveloped his

“FUCK! OOOOOOH, DO IT! FUCK ME, BABY!” whimpered Tina,
screwing herself urgently up against him so that her clit
rubbed deliciously against the shaft of his cock.

Dave braced himself with both hands and pulled out of
his wife’s sucking hole, only to plow back down into her
tightness again with added force, thrusting in and out
with all his strength.

“OH! OOHH! FUCK, YES! That’s it! Throw that hot pussy up
at me baby!” he grunted, ramming his thick cock into her
eagerly upthrust twat. Tina bucked her ass up off the bed
in time with Dave’s savage thrusts, moaning with pleasure
at each deep penetration.

“Unnnnnggghhh! Ohhhhh! Fuck! Oh, baby! That’s it! Yes,
harder! OHHHH, YESSSSS!” she squealed. Both husband and
wife were completely engrossed in their energetic
lovemaking, oblivious to all but their own bodies in
their frantic search for sexual release.

Chapter 2.

Dave had been quite wrong when he had assumed that their
children were all asleep. In fact, Julie, their youngest
daughter was still wide-awake. At fourteen, Julie was the
baby of the family, a slim, pretty brunette with a
compact little body and tits that any fully grown woman
would be proud of. She had been reading in bed, but the
storyline was beginning to bore her a little so she
decided to go get a midnight snack from the refrigerator.

Stepping into the corridor, Julie began to tiptoe
towards the kitchen, careful not to wake the rest of the
household at this late hour. As she did so, a muffled
noise caught her ear. It was coming from her parent’s
room down the hall, and sounded like someone was moaning
in pain. Concerned that something was wrong, the young
girl turned and hurried towards the source of the strange

As she moved closer, the noise became louder, until
Julie could clearly make out the sound of muted voices,
voices punctuated by peculiar groans. A naughty shudder
of adolescent curiosity alerted the teenager’s senses as
she stopped outside her parent’s bedroom. There it was
again, louder this time. Julie stepped nearer and pressed
her ear against the door. “Dave…Oh God …OooohHhhh..
Yessss Dave, Fuck me… Harder… Unngh!” It was her
mother’s voice and it was obvious what they were doing.
Julie continued to listen with bated breath, letting the
air seep from her lungs when she could no longer contain
it. Suddenly her father’s deep, throaty baritone drifted
through to her from the room within. “Yes! Jesus, honey,
throw that gorgeous cunt to me like that and I’ll fill it
full of hot, thick cum!”

Julie’s heart skipped a beat and her young cunt
moistened at the sound of her father’s obscene
suggestion. She knew what the words meant, but this was
the first time she had heard them used with such profound
feeling. It made her pussy crawl. Julie’s pulse began to
quicken as the sounds of the salacious dialogue etched
themselves permanently on her impressionable young mind.
She simply had to see for herself. Kneeling before the
door, Julie peeked eagerly through the keyhole.

She gasped aloud. The sight that greeted the excited
young girl’s eye literally took her breath away. Her
mouth became suddenly dry and her heart thumped in her
chest as she gaped at the incredibly lewd scene before
her. Julie had a completely, unhampered view of the bed
where her parents lay. Both were stark naked. Her mother
was lying on her back in the middle of the bed with her
legs raised and spread widely, her slender calves locked
tightly around her husband’s waist as he pumped his huge,
thick organ into her quivering belly.

Julie gasped again as she caught sight of her father’s
long stiff shaft sliding in and out between her mother’s
widely spread cuntlips. She could see its throbbing
length glistening with her mother’s juices as it moved in
and out like some great piston. It looked absolutely
enormous! She had seen her father’s cock several times
before, but it was always much smaller, never like this.
She couldn’t believe it! The incredible size of her
fathers prick sent unexplainable shivers though her
awakening pussy, as she stared at it, totally enthralled,
like a tiny mouse hypnotized by a snake.

With every stroke, it withdrew until even the fat
bloated tip was visible, before suddenly pumping down
again into her mothers’ bucking cunt. How could she take
such a huge thing without it tearing her asunder? Yet,
Julie could see that her mother was obviously enjoying it
immensely! The young teenager was confused… extremely
excited… but equally confused. Although she wasn’t
sexually active yet, Julie wasn’t a virgin either. Last
summer, she had let Russell Miller go all the way in the
woods off Park Road on their way home from school. Russ
was tall and handsome and sixteen, and Julie had had a
crush on him for some time.

Chapter 3.

When Russ had kissed her, Julie’s legs simply melted and
it wasn’t long before he had her pants around her ankles
and his cock in her virgin cunt. It had hurt at first,
but just as she was starting to enjoy it, Russ had pulled
out and sprayed her belly with white, sticky cum. She’d
thought Russell’s cock had been big at the time, but now,
looking at her father’s mighty organ, she knew she’d been

Her young voluptuous body had unconsciously begun to
prickle sensuously, reviving all of the excitement she
took such careful precautions to hide whenever the rest
of the family was around. Julie stared through the tiny
hole, and watched the muscles on the insides of her
mother’s lightly tanned thighs flex tightly as she thrust
her ravenous cunt up to absorb the full length of her
husband’s blood-engorged prick.

As she stared open-mouthed, her father’s glistening cock
stabbed repeatedly in and out of her mother’s creamy hole
in rapid-fire succession, causing Julie to whimper softly
in passionate empathy. Her mother began to moan loudly,
mouthing filth at her lover again…. exciting filth that
Julie’s young ears wanted desperately to hear….

“Unnnhhh! Unnnhh! Fuck meee! Yes, fuck me hard you big
bastard! Christ, what a cock! Jesus I love your cock!
Uhhhhhggggghhhh!” Spasms of erotic sensation rippled
through the precocious fourteen year old as she continued
to watch, glued to the incredible scene. One of her hands
drifted up to caress the plump, roundness of her young
tits as she watched and listened to the provocative
sounds of her parents fucking. Her other hand crept down
under the waistband of her panties to the prominent mound
of her pussy, and began to stroke the moist, adolescent
slit. She had been masturbating since she was twelve, and
knew exactly how to get the most pleasure from her horny
little hole once it was aroused.

First, she ran a finger between the lips of her slit to
moisten it, then rubbed the liquid in and around the
folds of her cunt until it was all slippery. Then she
took her clit gently between two fingers and rubbed it
lightly, thrilling at the delightfully lewd sensations it
sent through her easily excited young cunt. Though she
had experienced intercourse only the one time, it was
enough to give her knowledge of the delights of sex, and
she began to wish desperately that she had a boy with her
now. She wanted to fuck! She wanted to feel a cock inside
her again!

“Mmmmmmuhhhh! Ungggggghhhh! Ummmmmmmmmm!” moaned Julie,
probing a second stiff finger deep into her drooling
pussy, trying to imitate the rigid cock she so
desperately desired. “Ooooh, Russ! Daddy!… Anybody…”
she whispered, her wide young eyes glued to the junction
of her mother’s frothy, pink-lipped cunt, and her
father’s pistoning prick. The youngster’s hips writhed
and twisted as she finger-fucked herself to the rhythm of
her parent’s noisy coupling, moving her cunt in tight,
sharp little circles as she had when Russ had jammed his
stiff young prong deep into her virgin cunt for the first

In the heated lust of her approaching climax, Julie
closed her eyes and imagined it was her wonderful,
handsome father who was fucking her tight, little-girl
cunt with his big cock, instead of her own tiny fingers.
In her mind’s eye, she was the one bucking and mewling
under his heaving body… not her mother. The incestuous
fantasy was suddenly too much for the young girl.
“Oooooooh! Fuck ME Daddy! Fuck ME! Fuck Fuck Fuuuuuuuck!”
she whimpered quietly as her little cunt creamed around
her pumping fingers.

Wracking spasms overtook her young body, causing Julie
to slump back onto her haunches. She pressed both hands
between her slender adolescent thighs as her climax
faded. Pleasurable though her orgasm was, Julie had
become so excited watching her mother and father fuck,
she was far from satisfied….

Chapter 4.

She returned her eye to the keyhole, staring at her
father’s gleaming prick as it slammed repeatedly into her
mother’s hot, gaping cunt. Julie continued to rub her
throbbing clit, teasing and rubbing the swollen little
bud until she once again exploded in orgasm, pumping two
fingers deep up into her frothy little cunt as she jerked
and bucked in adolescent ecstasy.

As the intense pleasure faded, feelings of shame and
guilt replaced them and Julie crept silently back to her
room, not even waiting to watch the completion of her
parents lovemaking. Safely inside her room, the young
girl slipped under the bedcovers and tried to fall
asleep. But her mind was full of wild thoughts. It
worried her that she had really been turned on by the
thought of being fucked by her own father!

Was she sick or depraved or something? She didn’t know,
but what she did know, was that tonight had awakened
something inside of her, something sensual, and she was
determined to experiment some more. It was nice to
masturbate, she decided, but when she remembered how her
father’s cock had looked, and how Russ Miller’s cock had
felt just before he pulled it out of her, Julie had to
know what it was like to cum like she did tonight, but
this time with a big, stiff cock filling her pussy,
pumping out gallons of hot, sticky jism, making her come
until she fainted from sheer pleasure.

Her mother had made sure that she was on the pill as
soon as she started high school, so the way was clear
with no worries about getting pregnant. She needed
someone, but who? All the boys she knew at school were
just that, boys! Once they had fucked a girl, the whole
school knew. Damn, the whole neighborhood knew! Besides,
if Russell Miller was anything to go by, it would all be
over in two seconds flat anyway. She thought of her
father again. Naw, she was dreaming, he wouldn’t fuck his
own daughter! It had to be someone else, someone
available, someone who wouldn’t blab.

She thought of her brother, John, who was only a year
older than herself. He was always sneaking looks between
her legs at her panties when she lay on the living room
floor watching television or giving her a ‘brotherly’ pat
on the ass when she came out of the shower, and his eyes
nearly bugged out of his head sometimes when she wore her
skimpy black bikini. He acted tough, but Julie doubted if
he’d ever had his cock inside any of the numerous,
giggling girls who seemed to follow him around.

He did have a cute body though, she mused. John played
football and she had to admit that more than once, she
had admired his firm, muscular behind as he paraded
around the house in those tight-fitting shorts of his.
Come to think of it, the bulge in his pants reminded her
of her father! ‘I wonder if his cock is just as big?’,
she thought, surprised at her own shamelessness. A shiver
of uncontrolled lust sped up and down her spine as she
tried to picture his erect cock.

She remembered once when she had entered the bathroom,
only to find her brother stark naked, toweling himself
dry. He never locked the door and Julie suspected that it
was intentional, and he was actually hoping that Mom or
herself would walk in on him. His cock was limp, but
Julie had caught enough of a glance at it to realize that
when aroused, it would be quite a formidable weapon. She
had quickly apologized and retreated from the room, but
not before she had seen the sly smile on his face. Julie
shivered again trying to concentrate.

Then there was Toby Sheldon. He was her best friend
Tracey’s current boyfriend. Tracey and Toby were both
sixteen and had been dating steadily for almost six
months now. He was good-looking, tall and slim, and from
what Tracey had boasted one night when she was a little
tipsy, he was a real stud! No, she couldn’t fuck her best
friend’s boyfriend. It wouldn’t be right!

Chapter 5.

Then the answer suddenly struck her! BOB! Bob Conroy was
their next-door neighbor. He was nineteen, five-eight,
muscular without being muscle-bound, coal-black hair,
dark piercing eyes and above all… CUTE!! He had moved
in next door about two years ago and lived with his
mother, Debbie and his twin sister Kelly. Kelly had often
come over to baby-sit her and John when Mom and Dad went

‘Yes! He was perfect! But how could she get his
attention?’ she thought. ‘Of course! He sometimes cleans
our pool for Dad. If I could only arrange to be alone
with him for a few hours!’ As Julie schemed, a devilish
smile began to form on the pretty young girl’s face, a
smile tinged with anticipated lust as she carefully
planned Bob’s seduction. But as she drifted off to sleep,
her thoughts returned to her father, and vivid,
incestuous images began to fill her mind as she began to

In her dream, her father loomed above her, kneeling
between her widely spread thighs, holding his impossibly
huge cock in both hands. Beside him stood her mother and
brother, also completely naked. John’s cock was a mirror
image of his father’s… long and stiff, and very, very
big. Julie groaned apologetically towards her mother as
her father lunged forward and pressed the tip of his cock
into her slit.

“I’m sorry Mom! I’m really sorry, but I can’t help
myself!” she whimpered. Her voice sounded strange and
distorted. Her mother looked down at her and smiled
wickedly, her face a distorted caricature of pure lust.

“Don’t worry, baby! I don’t mind! I’ve got all I can
handle right here!” she said, wrapping her fingers
lovingly around her son’s massive prick. John responded
by squeezing his mother’s firm, round tits and then
sliding his hand down over her belly until his fingers
disappeared inside her wet, hairy cunt.

“But Mom, John’s your own son!!” cried Julie helplessly
as she watched her mother lean back and place the tip of
John’s immense cock between the open lips of her cunt.

“I know honey, but he sure can fuck, you should try him
sometime!” Julie gaped in disbelief as her mother thrust
forwards, impaling herself fully on her brother’s rock-
hard prick. At the same time, she felt her father’s
impossible organ penetrate her own tight little hole.
Julie screamed as it entered her, but not in pain,
because surprisingly, in her dream, it was the most
pleasurable sensation she had ever felt. As the fantasy
swirled and dissolved, she heard her mother screaming
too, an identical replica of her own guttural cry of
incestuous pleasure.