Angelina Jolie bi adventure

What celebrities always hated the most about their
relationships were break ups, and the way that their
personal heartbreaks were always splashed around in the
tabloid press.

All the heartaches that the general population felt
during their separations were also felt by the film
stars, models, singers… during their break ups. But
this would always be compounded by the fact that most
people didn’t have to have their problems rammed into
their face everywhere they looked.

People magazine, The National Enquirer, and the weekly
press seemed to advertise it all like it was anyone’s
business. The truth was that people in the spotlight had
the same emotions: fears, hurts, insecurities, joys,
laughs, lusts, loves, angers and excitements as anyone

Angelina Jolie was really feeling the pinch at the
moment. Her career had just hit the stratosphere, with a
collection of box office hits topped off with the
Academy Award she’d received in March. She could command
a large fee, whilst keeping her artistic wishes alive if
she wanted to.

The world was her oyster, and she wanted to make the
most of it. But she was also experiencing the down side
of it all, and now more than ever. Nobody had taken her
relationship and consequent marriage to Billy-Bob
Thornton seriously, but to her it had been the real
deal. She had really loved the man, and had ignored his
past track record with marriages enough to move headlong
into a wedding with him.

Also, she had to suffer through the same old press that
she always been dogged by, that she was a ‘wild-child’,
satanic and prone to benders where she’d do anything.
She admitted at first that such press helped establish
her career, and she did like to party, hard, but it was
all getting a bit too much.

Now that her marriage to Billy-Bob had failed, she felt
that she was the butt of every joke. Everyone was saying
‘I told you so…’ All the magazines were hard at it,
and sparing none of the ‘juicy details’. It was airing
all of their dirty laundry.

Yes, it hadn’t been her fault, and yes, Billy-Bob had
been sleeping around on her. That was something she
would never forgive from anyone, past and present
relationships included. She was the gossip on everyone’s
lips and on every front-page. It was getting too much
and Angelina was feeling low, betrayed, depressed and
just needed to escape.

What she needed to do was to get away for the weekend.
Escape from it all. She felt like a woman scorned, and
she wanted to act like one, go out and get away from it
all, and go wild and enjoy herself if she could. If she
had such a reputation, she may as well live up to it.
What she wanted to do was enjoy those road trips she
used to do with friends.

Go away in a car, forget about worries and simply get
pissed, sun-bake and have fun. She used to go in big
groups, ten or so, but she’d always enjoyed it most when
she’d just gone with one of her best friends. Jennifer
Connelly had always been her best companion. She was a
fair bit older than her, six years, but because of that
she’d always been there to help her avoid the pitfalls,
and shabby deals they could encounter.

She was a bit more experienced than her, and would look
after her. But she also knew how to have fun, and how to
really party when the time called for it. Finally,
Jennifer was also Angelina’s only actress friend, and
knew about the spotlight and its associated problems and

Angelina called up her friend and explained the
situation. Jennifer was more than happy to help. “What,
like old times? the whole bit and all, lounging around,
drinks?” Jennifer asked.

“Yep, I just want to get away. Let’s get drunk on cheap
cocktails, sit around the pool and do nothing. Down to
Mexico, just to go wild. Any place but here,” Angelina
replied, referring to downtown Los Angeles. “You’ve been
complaining about having no relationship, look what my
man did to me, the little shit, let’s just forget about
it all. Just like old times, just that we’ve got a bit
more money this time around. Perv at men for a change,
have a bit of fun. Fuck it, why not? I’ve really had it
up to here, you know what I mean?”

With that they were off. Jumping into Angelina’s sporty
convertible and down south via the freeway. They’d
stocked up on alcohol, and joked that they were going to
outdo old Hunter’s escapades, and both laughed, knowing
nothing of the sort was probably going to happen. The
stereo was up loud, and for a while Angelina forgot her
worries finally.

When they were over the border, they decided to avoid
the tourist traps and big plush resorts, and just find
an old canteen on the beachfront. This way no one would
know who they were, as who would expect to see both
Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Connelly getting plastered
together in a rundown bar.

Anyone who saw them would think they were seeing things
and be looking at two twenty something American women
enjoying themselves, just like anyone else. By ten that
evening, they were utterly soused on tequila slammers
and taking the piss out of Bill-Bob and his sort.
Jennifer was taking good care of her friend making sure
that they laughed at all of the remembrances, and that
Angelina didn’t start drifting into depression. “Another
round!” they ordered.

By twelve they’d bottomed out, and both stumbled into
their beds at a local small motel completely fucked. The
next morning they awoke to sun streaming through their
window, both suffering from the worst hangover. Jennifer
had managed to slightly compose herself, but Angelina
just made a mad dive for the bathroom where loud spewing
sounds could be heard.

Jennifer lost control and laughed at her friend. “You’re
just like a freshman at college, NO control and can’t
keep it in. I thought you’d be a bit better trained by
now, but obviously not.”

Angelina emerged from the door looking very bedraggled,
but with a grin. “Fuck off, I’ve seen you worse!”

With that they decided to spend the rest of the day down
at the beach, recovering with water and sunbathing. With
both decided to go skimpy, and with their sexy frames
filled their one-piece suits nicely. With Angelina’s
long tanned legs, Jennifer’s gorgeous breasts, they made
quite a site. The local buffed boys whistled in their
direction and they both decided to tease.

Jennifer struck a classic pose: lying on her back,
hoisted in her arms, so that her tits were thrust
upwards. Though the suit hid some of the rounded
contours of her breasts, her nipples were clearly
noticeable through the thin fabric.

Feigning being cold, she sat up and wrapped her arms
around her, pretending to rub herself warm, the
consequences of course being that it enhanced her
cleavage, so that she had a deep valley formed between
her now very prominent tits. She pretended not to
notice, but was happy to see that local boy’s jaws had

Angelina decided to be a bit more daring. She lay on her
stomach, perched on her elbows. Already she noticed that
the boys were checking out her tight arse. She pretended
to stretch from a yawn, and flexed her entire body.
Quite noticeably, Angelina’s but muscles became taught,
and seemed unbelievably tight. Angelina chucked to
herself, and then decided to really tease.

With her hands she started pulling down, quite slowly,
the top half of her suit. As the rounded globes of her
tits began to become uncovered, she lay down, so as to
cover them from view. Angelina decided that would be
enough. Jennifer looked over and sniggered at her buddy.
She leaned over and cheekily said, “Here Angie, you look
a bit uncomfortable there, can I help you?”

Angelina hadn’t expected her friend to do or say
anything, but quizzically said yes, unsure of what she
had in mind. Jennifer leaned over and grasped the top of
Angelina’s suit, and proceeded to pull it further. As
more and more of Angelina’s tanned back became exposed,
she became unsure of where Jennifer was going to stop.
She could feel the burning stares of the boys, as more
and more of her luscious body was unveiled. Soon the
suit was far enough off, that it had reached the top of
her backside.

Angelina stared at Jennifer, unsure of what was going to
happen next. Jennifer looked for confirmation to
proceed. Angelina made a snap decision, that, shit, why
hide herself now, when her body was free and easy to be
seen in any multitude of movies she had made. Angelina
nodded yes, and with that raised her hips, so that, ever
so slowly, inch by inch of her butt was exposed.

Soon Angelina lay in plain view, without a stitch of
clothing, the rounded sides of her tits just barely
exposed, but spread and crushed flat, by her laying down
on them. She enjoyed the sensation of the rough beach
towel on her nipples, barely, but just noticeably,
rubbing against them. Her arse though, was fully
exposed, and noticeably less tanned than the rest of
her. Angelina wiggled it a little.

Jennifer couldn’t help but milk the situation for all
the camp value it was worth. She knew what the boys
would be thinking. “Poor darling, you’re so pale, if you
don’t watch yourself you’ll be burnt in a matter of
minutes,” expressing mock concern. “I really must help

She leaned over and got some creamy sunscreen lotion,
dabbed a sizeable amount onto her palms and exclaimed,
“So, are we ready?”

Angelina glanced with feigned sincerity and yelped, “Oh!
Yeeesss pleeeze!”

As soon as Jennifer’s hand even touched her friend’s
back, an audible groan was heard from one of the boys.
Angelina glanced across, just in time to see them all
quickly turn around, pretending not to notice the
display that was happening.

Jennifer started slowly massaging the cream into
Angelina’s back, running her slippery hand over the
smooth contours of her flesh, delighting in the fact
that her friend was probably enjoying putting on a show,
and enjoying the massage. Angelina’s flesh creased and
smoothed under her friends’ touch. As the rub turned
into a full-on massage, Jennifer’s touch seemed warm and
slick on her smooth flesh, and she responded with an
audible sigh of real pleasure.

Jennifer fingers made circular motions into the flesh,
squeezing and releasing skin simultaneously, slowly
working down the dip in Angelina’s back, slowly working
down towards her hips. The sensations transmitted
through Angelina’s delicate and sensitive skin were
wonderful, and made her feel terribly relaxed, if not
even a little stimulated.

When Jennifer’s hands were just above Angelina’s butt,
she paused, and with her thumbs on either side of the
ridge in the back, she made small figure eight movements
with thumbs, skin moving lick a ripple around her back.
Jennifer looked at Angelina’s face, and could clearly
see that she was enjoying herself. Jennifer hesitated
about whether she should move further. She whispered
quietly and with uncertainty, “Um, Angie, do you want me
to continue?”

Angelina’s eyes open wide, realizing this was a move
with, at least, even vaguely sexual connotations.
Quickly this had moved from a situation that was of
sexual mocking, into just downright sexual, no matter
how minor it was. They both looked into each other’s
eyes, realizing there was suddenly a sensation of
legitimate arousal in the air. Angelina speechlessly
nodded yes.

She winced at the first touch that Jennifer made with
her palms on her arse-cheeks… it felt like
electricity. Slowly, and greasily, Jennifer started
cupping Angelina’s flesh, and squeezing it between her
fingers. Angelina couldn’t believe the delight she was
getting having her friend touch her in this way.

Jennifer’s fingernails scratched lightly against her,
causing the first legitimate sense of sexual arousal for
Angelina. It felt like an electric sensation had been
made between her friend’s fingers and her crotch, and
she responded unconsciously by raising her hips a little
in the air. She felt giddy.

This wasn’t the first time that Angelina had responded
sexually to the touch of another female, since it was
fairly common knowledge that Angelina had bi-sexual
tendencies, but she’d never had any feelings that way
for Jennifer, one of her oldest pals.

Jennifer was terribly uncertain herself, this was
definitely completely new territory for herself. She’d
always been one for males, but the sensation of her own
friends skin under her figures made her feel nervous,
and definitely sensual. She looked down at Angelina’s
face, and made contact with her eyes.

Both knew that a sensation and connection of some sort
was passing between them. Jennifer froze in this
realization and stopped massaging, too afraid almost to
continue. Angelina simply just continued looking, as if
urging her to touch her.

For Angelina sensations were growing in her crotch, with
her cunt slowly becoming moist and twitching with slight
rhythmic contractions. For her she decided she could
separate herself from what was happening by deciding
that as close friend they could share this brief moment
of sensual sensation without problems or guilt.

For Jennifer Connelly, she couldn’t do this, the
sensations she felt were a little too unsettling and
weird. She lifted her hands off Angelina Jolie’s butt
and looking at down at her face nodded no, as if trying
to explain that she didn’t know why, but she just
couldn’t do this. Angelina felt that she’d been cut off
from a sexual urge that was growing inside her, but
could also understand her friend’s uncertainties.

Unsure how to act, a little whisper emerged from
Jennifer’s mouth, “Um, I’ll just wait over here for
you,” as she motioned towards a tree. With that she got
up and walked over, glancing down all the way. She was
mightily uncertain about what just happened, had she
just fucked up a friendship, or did it mean more?

Angelina was stunned over what just occurred, she was
prepared for more, and felt that at the moment when, at
least for her, sexual stimulation was growing, she’d
suddenly been denied contact. She felt REALLY horny and
quite simply, very wet. Already she knew that a creamy
white film of sticky juice was forming between her legs.

Though she understood where her friend was coming from,
and she’d never push a situation like this, her
friendship meant more to her than simply lust and
fucking. But she needed some sort of release. Angelina
wrapped the towel around her and stood up, her breasts
squeezed tightly against the fabric, spilling slightly
from the top of the towel. She collected her items, and
motioned with her head to Jennifer towards a public
toilet that was just a few meters away. She assumed that
Jennifer would just think that she was getting changed.

As she entered the public toilets, Angelina was hit by
the foul stale smell of urine, and she briefly thought
about doing an about face. However, with this build up
of sexual tension she was feeling (and she could feel
warm oily liquid slightly dripping from her cunt down
her thigh), she needed sexual release, and she needed it

She walked over to a cubicle, and made sure it was
tightly locked behind her. She was unsure whether it was
that she simply needed any sexual contact since Billy-
Bob left her, or that she’d realized some sort of
attraction towards her best friend, but Angelina Jolie
was exceedingly horny. She’d seen Jennifer naked before,
simply through getting changed in the same room
together, but now her imagination was filled with the
vision of Jennifer standing naked and upright before
her, prostrate and willing to share her body.

Outside Jennifer Connelly was tense and feeling
uncomfortable from the glazes she was getting from the
boys, whom had witnessed the entire situation. What the
FUCK had just happened there between her and Angie?
She’d never had bi-sexual tendencies, and was pretty
sure she never would. For her she had no problem with
same sex tendencies, especially with how open her
friends (both male and female) acted about their
tendencies around her.

It was simply that if presented with a red erect penis
or an open, wet vagina, it was the erect dick that made
her horny and wet, and not the other. Just how she’d
react to when Angelina came out from getting changed,
she didn’t know? She was simply unsure of a great deal
of stuff at the moment.

Inside the cubicle Angelina Jolie simply sat on the
toilet, naked, with her legs spread, and with an earthy
female scent filling the air. She felt very aroused and
if she couldn’t get contact from Jen, she could please
herself. Angelina was not sexually inhibited, and was
good at touching herself in this way.

An image of Jennifer standing on all fours with her
lying beneath her now filled her mind. Jennifer’s large
beautiful breasts gently swayed before her eyes.
Jennifer raised one arm, grasped a breasts tightly (it’s
flesh oozing between her fingers), and offered it to
Angelina to suck.

With this vision, Angelina’s hand slid inward over her
rounded hip and tight belly, heading relentlessly
towards her pouty, sticky outer lips of her cunt. She
cupped her mons and felt the soft bulge and the curls of
hair tickle her palm. She forcefully pressed her entire
palm against her crotch, the pressure it was creating
feeling wonderful, and creating a push against her clit,
which felt so aroused it was if it was separate from the
rest of her body.

She continually pressed her palm back into her snatch,
over and over again, and time creating a new sensation.
After a minute she slowed down. Her left hand wandered
up to her right breast. She squeezed, imagining it was
Jennifer’s breasts, and took hold of the nipple, roughly
rolling it between her fingers. She winced with the pain
it caused, and sensations it created in her crotch.

With her right hand she lightly traced the length of her
slightly open slit with her fingers. Soon they turned
into firmer intense strokes, as her fingers slowly
penetrated through the warm oily lips. To this her body
shivered, despite how warm she was. With hand in place,
she took her middle finger and pressed it heavily
against the inner folds of her crotch, her knuckle
against her clit.

With her fingers on each side, they kept her outer lips
open and exposed to the warm air around her. She then
started rubbing her hand up and down, stimulating her
entire slit, including her clitoris. To this her other
hand lifted her breast up to her mouth. Angelina was now
lightly grating her teeth against Jen’s nipple,
occasionally bighting hard so that it squeezed down
flat, with her tongue tickling it. She continued this
for around five minutes, squeaks emanating from her
mouth, lost in imagination and self-pleasure.

Outside Jennifer stopped worrying about the situation,
and simply started wondering about what was taking her
friend so long to get changed? She hoped she hadn’t
upset her, and that she wasn’t holed up inside consoling
herself (not that she could imagine Angelina Jolie doing
this). She decided to go in to check up on her.

By now Angelina’s both hands were centered at her
crotch. Sitting on the seat, her legs were splayed wide,
exposing her cunt. One finger was simply pressing hard
on her clit, making little circular movements. She did
this roughly, making little cries each time. Her other
hand was thrusting two fingers in and out of her vagina,
sliding easily in the oily juice that it was coated in.

She started buckling her hips, and making repeated cries
as the orgasm started to build. In her mind she was now
being licked by Jen, who was probing her tongue
backwards and forwards out of her cunt, in time to the
actual finger-fucking that she was giving herself.
Building to a crescendo.

Angelina came, buckling her hips uncontrollably, and
letting out a low guttural cry. “Are you alright there
Angie, I didn’t mean to make you upset? I mean I think
it was a weird moment for both of us,” whispered
Jennifer, standing just outside the cubicle, and very
concerned, considering the noises she had heard.

FUCK! Angelina thought, brought back to reality in a
snap, just as her orgasm was beginning to subside.
“Ummmmm, yeah, ahhhh, just having some problems here,
nothing to do with you!” How the fuck was she gonna get
out of this one, and try to explain just what was going
on? Angelina quickly got dressed, and came running out
of the cubicle looking bedraggled. Now Jennifer was
really concerned.

“You look hot and bothered, are you feeling ill?”
Jennifer was really worried.

“Um, no, just had to relieve myself, if you know what I
mean,” Angelina replied.

Jennifer had no idea what she was on about but just
said, “Yeah, sure,” she was used to Angie being a bit
weird sometimes.

Angelina just looked into Jen’s eyes. It looked like she
was going through a major emotional crisis, while
Angelina was completely relieved. “Look I’ll explain
what’s going on, in the meantime let’s try to relax, get
pissed and just work through what happened.

It seemed Jennifer had to work out a little bit about
her own sexuality.

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