Keri Russell lesbian adventure

A haircut. A simple, stupid haircut. Keri Russell could
never in a million years have guessed that her big break
in Hollywood could be endangered by a simple haircut. Of
course, when it came to her career, nothing was ever
really simple.

Starting off on “The Mickey Mouse Club,” moving to TV
movies and some shots on some shows and now this. The
hype surrounding the debut of “Felicity” was so
overwhelming that Keri got sick of it. She laughed her
head off when “Mad TV” sent up the show and all the
critical acclaim in a skit called “Intensity” that
portrayed her character as a borderline psycho stalker.
She even appeared as herself on the show to let them
know how much she liked it. Unfortunately, the current
situation was no laughing matter.

Ratings for the show had always been so-so. That wasn’t
too surprising. It was the WB after all and critical
acclaim did not equate huge viewership. Lately, however,
ratings had dipped even lower and the WB brass had one
of the most original explanations Keri had ever heard.
They blamed it on Keri (and her character) ridding
herself of her famous long locks. The short haircut had
been panned by a lot of fashion critics and was being
blamed for the drop in fans of the show.

Keri didn’t know how to handle this. This was her dream
role going down the toilet because she wanted a change
in style. She was already feeling some pressure from the
studio to let the hair grow back but resisted it. This
was an important step, not just for her character but
for herself, a way of showing some independence.
Unfortunately, the network wasn’t really in the mood to
accommodate its stars. Since the controversy over
Jessica Biel’s topless photo shoot erupted, just about
every actor on the lot had felt some heat over trying to
get on the good side of the big shots.

Ironically, given the nature of her troubles, Keri was
currently inside a beauty salon. It was a small, private
shop that had opened a few weeks before, a few blocks
down from the WB lot. It seemed to cater to stars, with
promises of private appointments and the best service
around. Keri had heard a few things from friends and
decided to check it out. She had been waiting for only
five minutes before a woman came out.

She appeared to be in her late thirties but still
attractive, with long black curly hair and a nice smile
that widened when she saw Keri. “Ms. Russell, hi! I’m
Hannah, I’ll be doing your hair today.”

“Nice to meet you,” Keri said. “Glad you could fit me

“It’s hectic, but I’m always willing to make extra time
for some stars,” Hannah said. “If you’ll follow me?”

She led Keri to the back room, a lavish salon with only
a pair of seats and sinks ready for her.
Apparently, the place really did cater to privacy, which
Keri was more than happy for. She sat in one of the
seats as Hannah pulled a cloak around her. “Basic
shampoo first,” Hannah said. “Then we’ll do the actual
work.” She leaned Keri back and began to wet her hair
“So, how are things?”

“Usual studio garbage,” Keri shrugged as she felt her
hair slicken under Hannah’s hands. “They keep urging me
to do some things I’m not comfortable with.
Guess what tops the list.”

“Well, from a professional viewpoint, I am somewhat
disappointed,” Hannah grinned. “The long-haired look
really seemed like the perfect job for me.”

“Sorry,” Keri said. “I’m afraid you’re going to have to
make do with what you’ve got.”

“I’m sure I can manage,” Hannah said as she reached over
and pulled a green bottle off the shelf. She lathered it
in her hands and began to work it into Keri’s hair. Keri
closed her eyes and leaned back as she felt Hannah go to
work. “So, what shampoo are you using?” she asked.

“A special brand a friend made,” Hannah replied as she
rubbed the shampoo into Keri’s hair. “Guaranteed to give
you a nice look.”

“I hope so,” Keri said, sighing. “I could use one.”

“Don’t say that,” Hannah replied. “You’re a very
attractive young lady. A step up from some of my

“I guess,” Keri said. “I just sometimes worry. I mean,
you’ve got the babes on ‘Buffy’ and ‘Charmed’ and even
Jessica Biel is a sexy one. I think I’m a little left
behind on that.”

“You shouldn’t worry about it,” Hannah said as her
fingers slid around Keri’s scalp. “You shouldn’t worry
about anything right now. Just sit back, relax and let
me do my work. Just relax a bit and let me take care of
you. All you need to do is relax and let me take care of
you, Keri.

Keri’s thoughts began to drift as Hannah spoke and she
found herself welcoming the sudden relaxation that
filled her mind. It felt good, really good, to finally
let go and let all the problems and worries that had
filled her drift away. It felt so good, so very good,
just to let go and relax, relax and let Hannah do her
work, relax and let Hannah take care of her, relax and
let Hannah do anything she wanted, relax….

Hannah stepped back and moved to another sink, washing
her hands. She walked back to where Keri sat, her eyes
closed, her face serene in sleep. Hannah carefully
raised the seat up to an upright position, which brought
no reaction from Keri. Hannah waited a moment for the
effect to happen.

It seemed that Keri’s hair was drying faster than
possible, as if it had never been wet at all. Then, it
started to grow. Slowly at first, then with more speed,
the locks spread out, flowing around Keri’s head,
finally stopping when the hair hit the shoulders. In
less than a minute, Keri looked like a younger version
of herself, with her famous hair fully in place.

Hannah had been telling the truth when she said the
shampoo had been prepared by a friend. The fact that the
friend happened to be a practicing witch had escaped her
narrative. The shampoo had seeped into her scalp and her
brain, placing Keri under the powerful spell, cutting
off her will while boosting her hair follicles. Hannah
had been infatuated with Keri since “Felicity” first
aired, but she had been turned off when Keri cut her
hair. Now, thanks to her friend, she could live out the
dream she had been nurturing for so long.

Hannah paused before disrobing, her jeans and shirt
hitting the floor, showing her firm body and full
breasts. She paused before speaking, hoping that the
spell worked the way her friend had said. “Keri, stand
up.” She watched as Keri slowly rose to her feet, her
new long hair bouncing as she stood up and swayed in
place. “Keri, take off all your clothes. All of them
until you’re naked.”

She watched as Keri slowly obeyed, the smock hitting the
ground, followed quickly by her clothes. She finally
stood naked and while her body might not have been the
knockout material of some of her WB companions, it was
definitely attractive, made even more so by the fact
that her long hair hung behind her naked back.

Hannah moved forward and kissed Keri gently. The star
responded with a surprising tenderness that made Hannah
wet between the legs. They embraced as they kissed,
Keri’s pert breasts rubbing against Hannah’s large ones.
Hannah lowered them to the ground and laid Keri onto the
newly cleaned floor. Keri’s hair framed around her, a
brown halo around her gorgeous face.

Hannah moved down that tight little body, kissing each
nipple, running her hands up and down the smooth hips.
Keri was thin, but not the waif look that seemed so
popular nowadays and Hannah enjoyed pinching the skin on
her hips before moving her face down to Keri’s clit. She
let her tongue drag along the curly pubic hair before
pushing it into Keri’s pussy.

The starlet sighed as she felt Hannah’s mouth on her,
then moaned as Hannah began to work her tongue into her
pussy, licking all around the sides as she pushed in.
Hannah’s hands roved up and down Keri’s thighs, turning
the spellbound starlet on even further as her tongue-
lashing continued. It had been a long time since Keri
had enjoyed sex and the long pent-up feeling soon came
loose under Hannah’s expert workings.

As soon as Keri’s orgasm had passed, Hannah was on her
feet, helping Keri up. She sat back onto the chair Keri
had occupied and spread her legs. Hannah took Keri by
the head and pushed her face in between her legs and
clamped the thighs around the mass of curly hair.

Keri knew what to do. Her tongue quickly began to work
at Hannah’s pussy, her inexperience soon pushed aside by
desire as she worked at Hannah with pleasure. Hannah
leaned back in the seat and moaned, her hands holding
Keri in tight, her fingers raking her scalp as she felt
Keri lick at her in eager pleasure. As she finally let
loose, Hannah thought about the way she could recapture
this feeling anytime she wanted.

Keri’s eyes opened and she focused on the mirror in
front of her. Funny, she must have zoned out for a
second. Her confusion left her as she admired herself in
the mirror. “Not bad,” she said as Hannah removed the
smock. “This really looks good.”

“I but live to please,” Hannah grinned as she led Keri
back to the outer office. “I hope you mention this to
some friends. I could use the business.”

“Believe me, I will,” Keri said as she paid for her
salon, not noticing the rather high price for a simple
perm. “Count on some new business.”

“I will,” Hannah smiled as Keri began to walk out. She
watched Keri leave and sighed. It had been good to see
the long hair back and she’d been tempted to let it
stay. But, it was Keri’s decision and it wouldn’t do to
fight it too badly. But she could still console herself
with a few things, such as the fact that there were so
many hairstyles to play with around this town. She
wondered how Sarah Michelle Gellar would feel going back
to her roots.

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