Massage and More with Sasha Banks

Mark arrives for another exciting day of work at the WWE Performance Center. It had been a few days since he had his amazing encounter with the red and gold express. He hadn’t had any more massage appointments but he would still get glances from Eva and Mandy when he walked through the PC. When he arrives at his office he looked to see if he had an appointment for the day and he did and it was “The Boss” Sasha Banks. She was coming in for a full physical and the main roster doctors were concerned that she may have a lingering back injury and thought Mark could possibly help her out. So he sat in his office and brushed up on back pain and injuries just so it would be fresh in his mind for when she arrives. He had just finished reading the final page of one of his medical books when he heard a knock on his office door.
“Come in!” Mark says as he moves around making sure he looks as professional as possible. The door swings open and Sasha Banks enters the office. Mark takes a moment to take it all in her long magenta hair, her beautiful face with those glasses of hers, and her petite but muscular upper body covered by a Bayley T-shirt and her lower half covered by a extremely tight pair of leggings with a galaxy design.
“Please come in it’s very nice to meet you.” Mark says as he extends his hand for a handshake.
“Pleasure is all mine.” She says as she shakes his hand and sits down in one of the two chairs in front of his desk.
“So what exactly brings you to me today?” Mark asks.
“Well you’re the doctor guy shouldn’t you know why i’m here.” Sasha says with a hint of sass in her voice.
“Well I know the main roster doctors have a concern of a lingering back injury and you are here for a full body physical as well.” Mark says with a smile.
“Well I can tell you my body is in peak physical condition and my back is just fine.” Sasha says with a smirk standing up.
“Now if you’ll excuse me i’m leaving have fun doc!” Sasha says heading for the door.
“Well I guess you don’t wanna wrestle then.” Mark says nonchalantly.
“Um excuse me what was that?” Sasha says stopping her turning of the door knob.
“They didn’t tell you? I have to clear you before you can wrestle again.” Mark says with a big smile.
“Your joking right?” Sasha says with a bit of anger in her voice.
“Nope it’s either I clear you or you don’t wrestle until you get cleared by me. Now if you would act like an adult and let me do my job you can do yours.” Mark says with stern voice. Sasha walks back to Mark’s desk and get right up into his face.
“Listen, my back is fine and I don’t need a physical so sign the damn paper that clears me or we will have a problem!” Sasha says before pulling Mark’s tie hard.
“I think I have something that can help us both, instead of a physical how about you just let me give you a massage and I’ll sign off on the paper.” Mark says pulling his tie out of her hand and removing it.
“If it’ll get me wrestling then i’ll do it!” Sasha says in anger as she heads over to the massage table.

Mark grabs his cart of things including massage oils and towels and such and moves over to the table.
“Well hurry up and start!” Sasha says demanding he does something.
“Well how am I going to massage you if you’re wearing your shirt and pants?” Mark asks a little annoyed with Sasha.
“So what do you want me to do get naked you perv!” Sasha says as she sits up.
“No, all I need you to do is remove your shirt and pants so I can massage your back and your legs and then you can leave.” Mark says getting more and more annoyed at Sasha. Sasha then stands up and slaps Mark across the face.
“I’ll do it but you better not try anything or you’ll get a lot more than a slap.” Sasha says before beginning to remove her shirt and pants. She starts by slowly pulling off her Bayley shirt revealing her breasts being held back by a dark purple bra. Mark admires her body he could describe it she was muscular and petite at the same time some would say thick but still petite. She then begins rolling her yoga pants off her beautiful legs until Mark could also see her dark purple panties. When she climbs back up onto the massage table is when Mark is able to take in the caramel cheeks that made up her ass.
“Now can I do my job or do you want to slap me around some more?” Mark asks now having second thoughts about his new job. Sasha nods yes and Mark can finally begin as he looks at all the different oils on his cart. He knows he has to pull out the big guns for Sasha so he grabs a bottle from the bottom shelf the same shelf of the cart he grabbed the oil for Mandy there massage session. He then squirts it out of the bottle on the area just under the bottom of Sasha’s bra and begins rubbing it into her soft skin. Sasha lets out a soft moan as Mark rubs the oil into her back nice and gently. He then begins using his fingers to get the oils deep into her to loosen up her lower back muscles. The more he rubs the more he hears her moan he then moves up to the top half of her back. He repeats the process of oil then rubbing it in then using his fingers to get it down deep in her muscles.
“Mmmmmmm ok that does feel really good.” Says says with reluctance in her voice.
“See isn’t it better when you aren’t being mean.” Mark says with a laugh
“Just keep doing what you’re doing and don’t try and be a comedian.” Sasha says before moaning again. Mark does as she says and moves lower to her legs and begins with her feet. He squints the oil into his hands and begins rubbing her feet. She lets out a giggle followed by a louder moan as he massaged the oil into her feet. He then moves up to her calves and does what he did to her back as well as doing that to the back of her thighs. He does one more quick rub down of her body before wiping the excess oil off her body.
“Welp there it is all over i’ll grab the paper and we can get it signed and sent off to the higher ups.” Mark says not wanting anymore of Sasha and her attitude. Sasha just sits up and slides off the table and reaches down for her shirt and yoga pants and Mark sees her wince in pain and grab her back.
“Aha I knew you were lying to me I can’t sign this paper knowing your hurt that badly.” Mark says as he closes the folder with the paper.
“You know that’s total bs people wrestle a lot more hurt than me all the time!” Sasha shouts in anger as Mark heads to the door. Before he can get to the door Sasha tackles him to the ground and ends up laying on top of her face to face with him on the floor of his office. The two look each other in the eyes with great anger Mark angry at being tackled and Sasha angry that she hasn’t been cleared. But then the anger turned to lust as Sasha could feel Mark’s erection forming in his pants and Mark can feel the heat radiating from Sasha’s private parts. The two then embrace in a fiery kiss as they let the lust take over, finally Sasha breaks the kiss. She then stands up and locks the door before heading back down onto the ground and again pulls Mark in for a kiss.

They break it again then Sasha quickly removes her bra and Mark gets a look at her perky caramel breasts and immediately takes the left one in his mouth as he begins playing with the right one. Sasha moans loudly as he flicks her tongue over her nipples while he squeezes and twerks the nipple of her right breast.
“Mmmmmmmmmm shit keep playing with my tits!” Sasha moans out in great delight. Mark does and moves from her left breast to her right as he takes her left breasts into his hands soft from the massage oil. After furiously sucking on her right breast and squeezing and groping her left breast Mark knows it’s time to move a little bit south. He frees her breast from his tongue and hand and picks her up off the floor and places her down onto the massage table.
“You want to shove that tongue into my pussy don’t you doctor?” Sasha asks seductively as she inches to the edge of the table as Mark wildly nods yes.
“Mmmmm well it’s yours for the taking!” Sasha says as she slowly slides down her panties and spreads her legs wide letting Mark get a view of her pretty pussy. Her caramel body gave way to a beautiful pretty pink pussy as Mark wasted no time in swirling his tongue up and down and all around every inch of her pussy. Sasha moans very loudly as Mark continued his masterful maneuvering of his tongue in the bosses tasty pussy.
“Shit I hope this room is sound proof!” Sasha loudly moans out as she enjoys said masterful maneuvering. Mark doesn’t even respond as he continues eating her out before he slides his right index finger into her warm wet and tight pussy. She again loudly moans as her breathing begins getting faster and faster as Mark knows she is approaching an orgasm.
“Oh fuck doc you’re gonna make me fucking squirt!” Sasha loudly screams as she too knows what’s approaching. Mark then slides his middle finger into her pussy as her begins to furiously finger her pussy while his tongue continues its swirling as he hears her moans get louder and louder. After a few final finger thrusts and tongue twirls the boss erupts with a table shaking orgasm blasting Mark in the face with her womanly fluids. After this epic eruption Sasha falls back and lays on the table panting and trying to regain her breath.
“Shit doc no one has ever made me do that!” Sasha says in between regaining her composure. Mark smiles as he stands and adjusts his cock in his pants so it doesn’t result in his pants bursting as his cock is rock solid. Sasha witnesses this cock maneuvering and knows she has to see this for herself and stands from the table and walks to him.
“What was that you just did?” Sasha asks as she grabs around his pants until she finds his cock, her eyes get really wide as she begins to giggle.
“I’m I’m sorry but I didn’t expect you to have this big of a cock!” Sasha says as she begins undoing his belt. She then yanks down his pants and underwear and is almost smacked in the face by his cock bouncing back up.
“HOLY SHIT! IT IS HUGE!” Sasha says in awe of his thick and veiny 8 inch cock.
“This thing is gonna split my tight pussy in half!” Sasha again says before she begins to run her hand up and down the full length of his cock.
“Well then how about I put a big towel down and we take this to the floor.” Mark suggests as he heads for his towels. Before he can grab one Sasha is already on her knees on the floor awaiting his return.
“Forget the towel I need that cock now!” Sasha says as she hurries over to his cock before grabbing a stronghold on it before opening wide. Sasha then slides the cock into her mouth and begins sucking it she only takes half in but Mark knows she has serious skills. She continues her sucking of half his cock until Mark decides he needs to get her rowdy and mad once again.
“Jeez Sasha I thought you were the boss but I guess you too scared to take all of my dick I understand.” Mark says with a grin as he sees the fire light in Sasha’s eyes as she then scarfs down the remainder of his cock. He listens to her gag for a few seconds before she slides his slick and spit covered cock out of her mouth. She begins to furiously stroke his cock and begins sucking and slobbering on his nuts. Mark knows what she is doing playing with his balls to make him cum faster and though he hates to admit it is working. Sasha looks up and can tell that he’s on the ropes and she is ready to gloat.
“What’s the matter doc can’t handle a real women!” Sasha says as he jerks him faster and frees his balls from her mouth.
“No I just have to bust one load before I get to the real big load later.” Mark groans out.
“Now open wide and take this practice nut.” Mark groans out as he is near orgasm. Sasha rolls her eyes but opens wide as instructed. Mark gives his cock two mighty jerks and he begins firing ropes and ropes of hot and thick cum into Sasha’s awaiting mouth. After he blasts his final shot of cum into her mouth she shuts it and swallows down his load.
“Holy crap if that was a practice load I don’t wanna see the real thing!” Sasha says with a light giggle.
“Oh trust me you won’t be seeing much of the next one.” Mark says as he smacks her ass.
“Oh really and what makes you say that?” Sasha says as she stands in front of him hands on her hips.
“Well I mean I do have a raging hard on and I know you wanna ride it so i’m just gonna assume when i’m ready to blow load two you won’t want me pulling out.” Mark says very confidently.
“Ok big shot you’re real funny but there is no way i’m letting that thing near my pussy, knowing you you’ll probably last one thrust and then BOOM we got trouble.” Sasha says as she gives Mark’s cock a smack.
“Well then what do you suggest because I have this problem and by that look in your eyes you don’t wanna leave yet.” Mark says as he again smacks her ass.
“You just gave me an idea.” Sasha says seductively as she turns around and does a little wiggle.
“You’re telling me you’d rather have this thing in your pretty little asshole instead of that already wet and wild pussy.” Mark says as he walks up behind her and kisses her neck before giving her pussy a rub.
“Hmmmmmm well earlier you called me scared to take that cock all the way and I proved you wrong so you best believe I can handle you in my ass as long as you use that first.” She says as she points to massage oil on the counter.
“Deal.” Mark softly whispers into her ear before breaking their embrace and walking over to the oil in the bottle.

When he turns back around he sees Sasha bent over the massage table leye spread wide.
“Before you oil me up how about giving me a few more licks.” Sasha says before giggling. Mark wastes no time as he walks right over and gets on his knees and runs his tongue over her wet pussy. After a few licks he gets up and smacks both her caramel ass cheeks softly but still making a sound. He then begins squeezing the oil out of the container a cold chill runs over Sasha’s body as he covers both her cheeks with the oil. He begins rubbing the oil in as she begins to moan and when the oil is rubbed in her caramel cheeks glow in the light of the room.
“You mind oiling up my cock.” Mark asks as he runs his hand over her wet pussy a few times.
“Mmmmmmmmm whatever gets that cock in my ass pronto.” Sasha says as she turns around takes the bottle of oil. She gentle squeezes it causing the oil to flow from it going from the base and working all the way to the tip. She then works the oil in using her right hand making sure not an inch is left dry. She hand the bottle back and goes back to the way she was bent over legs spread asshole awaiting a pounding. Mark takes the bottle and gives it one last squeeze as he puts a little extra oil onto the tip of his cock. He grabs hold of it and guides it to her hole he swirls his tip around her hole transferring some of the oil. He then begins entering her hole she moans loudly as the tip enters her hole.
“Oh Shit!” Sasha shouts loudly as Mark tries to enter more. He gets two inches in before he feels Sasha tense up real bad.
“You alright?” Mark asks in concern
“YES YES I DIDN’T SAY STOP KEEP GOING!” Sasha says while she bites the cover on the massage table. Mark is reluctant but soldiers on as he gets another two inches in. He then feels Sasha get less tense as she is getting past the initial shock to her body. He then continues until all eight inches are deep inside The Boss’ booty he then asks if she’s ready for the real fun. She moans and nods finally removing her jaws from the cover on the table. Mark begins to slowly thrust in and out but not a few inches out then back in no he’s going all the way out to the tip then back in.
“Why weren’t you hired sooner, I could have used this cock when I was here at the PC!” Sasha moans out as Mark stretches her tight asshole.
“All that matters is that I’m right here right now.” Mark says as he gives her right asscheek a smack an begins rubbing her pussy again. He hears her moan loudly and her body begin to shake as he plays with her pussy. He then begins to thrust in and out faster and he begins working his fingers faster and faster. Sasha begins to moan loudly and rapidly showing Mark the enormous effect he is having on her. Instead of letting Mark do all the work like he was doing Sasha begins moving her hips swaying them side to side and up and down. Making Marks hand play with Sasha’s pussy a bit harder but he is up for the challenge as he begins thrusting faster and faster. He listens to her cheeks clap together as well he keeps up his fast thrusting before increasing the speed of his pussy playing until Sasha moans loudly and moves her hand on top of his.
“Oh shit you’re gonna make me explode again!” Sasha moans.
“Do it Sasha squirt for me!” Mark shouts as he rubs her clit faster and faster. Sasha can’t hold it back anymore and shouts loudly and pulls Mark’s hand away as Sasha begins climaxing. Fast serges of squirt blast out of her pulsating pussy getting all over Mark’s legs, the floor, and the front part of the massage table. After the serges subside Mark feels Sasha go a bit limp as he hears her out of breath trying to regain it.
“This may not be the best time to say this but I’m about to blow my load.” Mark says as he slows his thrusting and begins rubbing her ass cheeks.
“Tha… that’s… that’s fine… ple… please just do it Doc.” Sasha says in between breaths. Mark goes back to a fast pace and with 5 hard thrusts he begins blasting rope after rope of cum deep into Sasha’s anus. He slowly slides out after every couple of blasts until he reaches the point where only his tip is left in and blasts his final ropes in. He lets out a final groan and Sasha lets out a final moans as Mark pulls out and cum begins to stream out of her ass and leak down.
“You… weren’t… kidding… that was double the blasts as before.” Sasha says before standing up and pulling Mark in for a kiss.

“So Doc about that paper.” Sasha says as she breaks the kiss.
“How about you go get cleaned up, I’ll get dressed and clean up my floor and massage table and then I’ll get those papers signed and sent off.” Mark says as Sasha kisses him on the neck before skipping to the bathroom after picking up her clothes from the floor. When the floor is cleaned up and both are dressed Mark signs the paper giving Sasha a copy keeping a copy for himself and emailing a copy to the main roster doctor.
“Thanks again Doc.” Sasha says as she approaches the door.
“Pleasure was all mine maybe we can do this again sometime.” Mark says with a smile.
“Yah right Doc in your dreams.” Sasha says before planting a long kiss on Mark before opening the door and walking away. Mark watches her ass jiggle and bounce until she rounds the corner out of sight. Mark looks and see that he has no other appointments so he packs up and heads out for the day.
“See you later Doctor Mark.” The receptionist at the PC says as Mark heads to leave.
“Yep see you soon.” Mark says with a smile as he heads to his car to drive back home and try and guess what could happen next.