Fantasies with Mandy Rose (wwe)

Mandy Rose has been feeling like the queen of the world. She has just topped the mighty Asuka and made her squeak like a bitch in heat. She made Asuka beg for her cock, but that was not all. She had then kicked out Asuka and had talked her tough ass girlfriend Sonya into bottoming for her again. It was so sweet to see the once might top bend over for the first time. Her moans and scream were just like music to Mandy’s ears and she still loved Sonya but last night made one thing sure, she was now going to be a top and not a bottom anymore. She had decided to first try her skills on another female before letting Sonya let of her decision. She knew it had to be someone strong but not someone like Charlotte who has never been beaten. She decided to target a former alpha female of WWE, someone who has lost once but still commands a lot of respect in WWE.

It was then she decided that she was going to go after the woman who has for the last 2 decades ruled over WWE with an iron first. She was going to butt fuck Stephanie McMahon. She knew Stephanie would be staying in her hotel room as she was in town for raw to announce about Evolution PPV. She decided to catch her by surprise.

Stephanie was relaxing in her room; she was going to back on WWE TV after a year. She loved WWE and was proud of the fact that she grew up in this business. She was an active member of the women’s locker room and had once also been a alpha female. She had butt fucked countless woman including the likes of Trish Stratus, Lita, Victoria and Natalya. The last time she was on TV she had double teamed Sasha and Bayley in the middle of locker room along with Charlotte. It was later that night that Charlotte had fucked her in their room when they were all alone. She was not able to sit still straight for a week. She was looking forward to going to Raw tomorrow and was excited for what this time would be like.

It was then there was a knock at her door, something that surprised Stephanie and when she opened the door, it was Mandy Rose, the one diva that Stephanie had not even considered her good enough to go after, someone who wasn’t even on TV recently as she had no talent and yet she stood at her door with a big grin on her face.

Mandy: Hi Steph, long time, no see

Stephanie: Excuse me? Who in the hell are in you?

Mandy: Come-on Steph, is that any way to talk your new mistress. Btw should I call you Steph or should I call you cookie?

Stephanie McMahon was stuck in her steps; it’s been ages since someone had called her by that name. It was the name that Trish gave her when she had blackmailed her into a gangbang in 2006. It was a name that had a hypnotic effect on her. It was the name that brought out her submissive side like never before. She just stood there like a dummy.

Mandy had counted on this; she knew what Trish did to Stephanie after Vince had made her bark on national television. She had taken out her wrath on the bosses’ daughter and made her a road side whore by the name of Cookie. She had contacted Trish who was found the idea exciting and had thrown Stephanie under the bus in a second.

Stephanie still remembered it till this date, when Trish was forced to strip and bark like a dog by Vince on live TV, she was pissed, she came back to the locker room and did what she possibly could, she took her anger out on Stephanie, what started of as hard spanking, soon turned into a butt fucking in the middle of locker room and then she took her to a cheap motel where she was butt fucked for 7 days straight. It was next Monday night that the WWE locker room witnessed, what can be truly called a once in a lifetime moment: a naked Stephanie kissing Trish Stratus’s foot in the middle of the locker room and begging her to keep fucking her in front of all these divas. It was then she was officially given the name of Cookie and what was followed was a year of butt fucking, every single diva had at that point dominated Stephanie at least once, including what was probably the most humiliating, Chyna fucking her in the butt and making her beg Chyna to fuck Triple H.

But that was all in the past, no one has called her that in a decade, of course the women’s locker room had heard stories about her time as Cookie but no one had the balls to call her that, not even Charlotte Flair and yet here was this literal nobody who Stephanie was pretty sure was a bottom, calling her Cookie and asking her to submit to her.

And the worst part was, a little part of Stephanie wanted to, it has been so long since she had been forced to be Cookie, the last time was 3 years ago, after the raw reunion episode, both Lita and Trish had used her for old times sake. She wanted to feel that rush once again. She wanted to be dominated yet she now had more to lose. She did not want someone to steal her power away from her.

Stephanie: You better watch you mouth, young lady. I’m the most dominant woman in all of WWE history. It would take me a text message to get you fired.

Mandy: Aww, you are so cute when you try to act all tough and you are probably right about all that but just imagine Steph, how good it will feel to get your hole stuffed while being treated like the slut you are. It can be our secret and let’s be honest no one in WWE will ever believe that a bottom like me could talk you into submission. There is something in it for both of us Cookie.

Stephanie was in dilemma; it was true that this was dangerous proposal but being called Cookie again and again had an erotic effect on her. She wanted to submit so bad and Mandy was right, no one would believe that Mandy could ever top someone like her. It was then, Mandy decided to shoot her shot.

Mandy walked up to her boss and kissed her passionately. She started to caress that beautiful ass and decided to dominate the most powerful woman in WWE. Mandy couldn’t believe her luck that she was going to butt fuck her boss but then again to be fair, this woman right now was not her boss, she was the submissive slut; Cookie.

Mandy broke away from the kiss and when towards the bedroom. She smiled when she saw Stephanie following her like a good little bitch. She sat on the bed and asked her bitch to be to give her a striptease. She was pleasantly surprised when Stephanie started without any complaint.

Stephanie was way too horny to process what she was doing, all she knew was that she was dancing in front of a woman half her age, who was enjoying the scene too much. From pinching her nipples, to smacking her behind, this girl was doing everything to push her buttons. She even motor boarded her massive jugs and had the audacity to laugh in her face. Stephanie had not felt like this in years, she was just a piece of ass to this woman.

Mandy: Bitch bend over my knees, it’s time someone give Daddy’s little princess a well-deserved spanking

Stephanie found herself over the knee of this newbie. She had been spanked before by multiple divas but this was the first-time t-hat a pure bottom was going to spank her ass red. Mandy was surprisingly powerful and in only 8-9 spanks made Stephanie cry and beg for mercy. Mandy spanked that ass until it was bright red and then decided to throw this slut on her bed. She then took off her clothes and decided to retrieve her 11-inch monster from her bag. Stephanie was petrified of that dildo; it was bigger than what Charlotte used on her last time. She felt her asshole would never recover from tonight. As she was staring at the dildo like a bimbo, Mandy slapped her right across the face.

Mandy: Bend Over Bitch!

Stephanie knew this was the last chance that she had, she could put a stop to all this right here, she could just slap this bitch and save herself from a brutal ass fucking, but the slut in her needed to get her asshole filled. Cookie was taking over and this time Stephanie did not see a way out of this situation. She just accepted her fate and bent over the bed in a way that her face was in the pillow while her ass was lifted up for her top to use anyways, she liked.

Mandy grinned at the scene before her, who could have predicted that a woman that everyone thought was a big bottom would make the most powerful woman in WWE bend over like a little bitch. She was surprised when Stephanie herself spread her cheeks, clearly, she had been well trained over the year and it was clearly a sign that she was now a top finally.

She placed the dildo at the tip of Stephanie’s asshole and decided to tease this big bottom bitch. Stephanie was in hell already but this was too much, she started to whimper like little bitch which made Mandy laugh out loud. Not wanting to delay things any longer she pushed the dildo hard inside Stephanie’s ass in one thrust. This drew screams from Stephanie’s mouth, she was crying already. She had been fucked by a dozen woman in past 20 years but no one had this effect on her and not this soon. Cookie was grateful for this and started moaning as the pain became bearable.

Mandy gave a hard slap to her butt and Stephanie just cried like a truly broken bitch. She then ordered Cookie to ride her in reverse cowgirl position and continued to spank that ass while her bitch was trying to get in position. Stephanie hated this but it was Cookie who was riding this beautiful goddess.

Cookie pleaded to her mistress, “Please fuck me, please fuck my big fat ass! Please fuck my slutty ass I want you to own it. Please give it to me! Oh please, mistress, that feels so good and I want more. Please fuck me in the ass like the bitch I am!

This caused Mandy to smile and she increased her pace which caused Stephanie to let out a loud scream but then she moaned like a good little anal bitch, who proved that at least in that moment that she was broken and loved that Mandy was stretching her ass around that strap-on. And she clearly loved every second of it, given that she was moaning with pure pleasure, right from the beginning. Because she just couldn’t help it. It felt so good. It felt like she found her purpose in life.

“Please, Mistress, make me cum.” Cookie begged, “I need it.

Mandy was finally on the verge of her orgasm and decided that she need to make this bitch cum first from taking it in her ass and decided to really pound that fat butt. She was practically breaking this woman so bad and yet she could not help but imagine what it would be to do this to other woman on roster especially the top woman in WWE like Charlotte and Becky. She promised to get every woman in WWE once at a similar position like Stephanie.

It was after a few minutes that Cookie came like a little bitch all over the bed. Mandy was surprised to see a squitter but then again, she had heard stories of Stephanie of being a pure bottom and getting fucked every night at raw. She could see this once scarry woman being bent over like this while Trish or Lita took her ass in the locker room.

Stephanie was exhausted and fell down on the bed like a lifeless body and then felt Mandy lie behind her. She then felt a hand on her sore ass and then she was again being spanked by Mandy, who was calling all sorts of insults to her boss.

Mandy then ordered a exhausted Cookie to clean her cock like a good submissive bitch and Stephanie just did as she was told. She sucked on the cock really good and was able to take that monster fully in her mouth. While she was busy doing this, she heard a knock at the door and in comes, Brandi Rhodes. The part owner of AEW and the woman that hated WWE with all her heart. The ebony beauty was dressed in leather pants and was smiling seeing a naked Stephanie suck cock like this. She walked behind Stephanie and delivered a hard spank to each of her cheek. This act was enough to tell Stephanie that she was in for a long humiliating night.