A Bundle Of Roses For Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet had had a busy day with her publicists at their London office
but now the evening was all hers and she was really looking forward to it.
While she’d
been looking over travel plans and public appearance schedules all day,
there had been one other constant thought that had continually moved to
the front of her
mind — spending the evening with
Sonya. Kate and Sonya had met a few
weeks earlier when she had gone to Sonya’s apartment and they had become
lovers that
night. The two young women had spent an exciting, lust-filled evening
together in each others’ arms and they knew their relationship would
continue from that
night on. Kate and Sonya hadn’t even really known each other before that
night but by the end of their hours together they realized that they
shared something
between the two of them that neither of them shared with anyone else.

With her portfolio safely tucked under her arm, Sonya smiled inwardly as
the train quickly made its way thought the Tube toward the stop where she
would get off
and make the final walk to Kate’s Islington flat. She had finished the
final touches on her Kate Winslet calendar the night before according to
the ideas that she
and Kate had agreed upon and now she was heading to Kate’s to show her the
end results and spend the evening with the gorgeous young blonde actress.
had loved working on her idea for the calendar before she’d ever met Kate
but since their first personal meeting, there had been a whole new
motivation behind
Sonya’s work and behind every image and photo of Kate that she brought up
on her computer.

Sonya could feel the very beginning of sexual desire starting to gnaw in
the pit of her stomach and lower as she realized the subway train was
drawing close to the
stop nearest to Kate’s home.

It was almost like the first time Kate and Sonya met as she climbed the
few steps leading to the door of Kate’s flat and as she knocked gently on
the door, Sonya
felt a nervousness beginning to come over her but even more strongly was
her desire to find herself close in the arms of beautiful Kate again. Just
as she knocked,
the door opened slightly and Sonya saw Kate standing there behind it but
she wasn’t opening the door all the way. Sonya wondered what was going on,
until an
arm reached out and pulled her on into the apartment entryway and then
Sonya could see the reason for Kate’s acting so secretive. Kate was
standing there in
only a sheer black negligee and Sonya could instantly see that Kate was
wearing absolutely nothing underneath it.

Sonya laughed self-consciously and held out a paper-wrapped bouquet of
blood-red roses for Kate that she’d picked up on the way at the nearby
flower vendor’s.

“Oh my, Kate,” Sonya exclaimed without even thinking, as she dropped her
portfolio on the floor and stepped forward to take Kate in her arms. “I’ve
missed you
so much, my love,” she said as she felt Kate pull her close into her arms
and their lips met instantly in a hungry kiss.

“Sonya, I’m hungry for you,” Kate whispered as she took Sonya’s hand and
led her up the stairs immediately to her bedroom. Sonya drank in the
appearance of Kate’s naked white body through the sheer black material of
the nightgown as her buttocks moved up and down while they ascended the
Her bedroom door was just at the top of the stairs and when they had
entered the beautifully decorated room, Kate turned to embrace Sonya again
and their lips
began a long passionate kiss. Kate’s lips were so full and soft as she and
Sonya kissed and held each other close. It was as though both of them had
thought of
nothing else but being with each other again since the first evening they
had spent together. After a few minutes standing there in each others’
arms, Kate began
to remove Sonya’s clothes but Sonya decided to make it more arousing and
exciting for both of them.

Sonya was wearing a dark blue blouse that buttoned up the front and a
short skirt with matching black bra and panties underneath. She made Kate
sit on the edge
of her bed and Sonya slowly began to unbutton her blouse after she’d
reached down and pulled the blouse out from the waistband of her skirt.
She first did the
top two buttons rather quickly then began to slow down as she undid the
third and then the fourth one. As she undid it, the material of her lacy
black bra began to
be apparent and she could see the lusty light in Kate’s eyes as she
watched Sonya pull the dark blouse away from her full out-thrusting

Sonya’s hands didn’t need her eyes to help her undress herself and she was
feasting her own view on the full naked breasts of Kate’s which were so
pushing out against the material of her negligee. Sonya was reminded of
the gown that Kate had worn in “Titanic” when she’d had “Jack” do a
drawing of her as
she watched Kate barely able to control herself there on the bed from
getting up and grabbing her.

Sonya shrugged off the blouse and dropped it to the floor when it was
fully unbuttoned and undid her skirt and stepped out of it, leaving her
standing there in
front of Kate in only her bra and panties. Then she stepped forward and
reached up to cup one of Kate’s breasts through the material of her
negligee. “Ohhhh,
Sonya,” Kate gasped as she felt the hot touch of her hand upon the
nakedness of her breast. “I’ve been so anxious for you to be with me
again,” she said as she
stood and took Sonya in her arms and pulled her back onto the bed with

Sonya soon pulled the nightgown material aside and placed her mouth over
Kate’s left nipple, feeling the rigid little nub that had grown hard from
her desire to
make love with Sonya. Her tongue flicked out over the soft, firm nipple
and Kate let forth another gasp of pleasure from the sensation of her
nipple being kissed
and sucked.

Kate reached behind Sonya’s back and deftly unsnapped her bra, removing it
and she took Sonya’s full beautifully shaped breasts and in her hands and
the full roundedness and firmness of them as she kissed each of them and
caressed them with her fingers.

Sonya’s panties soon followed and Sonya took Kate’s negligee off so they
could both gain full access to each other’s bodies. Sonya could feel the
heat of her own
passion and desire for Kate so strongly that she could hardly resist just
asking Kate to make love with her right then. She didn’t have to because
the desire within
Kate for her was obviously as strong. As the two women kissed and caressed
each other’s breasts and soft curvy bodies, they simply enjoyed the
pleasure of being with each other and enjoying bringing erotic sexual
pleasure to each other.

As Kate was passionately kissed Sonya, Sonya suddenly felt a gentle touch
between her legs and she knew that Kate was reaching there to see how
aroused she
was. Kate’s finger gently touched Sonya’s clitoris and the feeling of
delight shot up through her groin through her entire body. Sonya knew she
was extremely
aroused as she felt Kate was too and then she felt Kate softly wetted her
finger and then begin to place it in between the lips of her pussy. There
was a tightness
but no resistance because she was so moist and Kate’s finger reached deep
inside Sonya’s sexually hungry vagina. Both women were moaning into each
mouth as they continued to kiss while Kate began to move first her single
finger in and out of Sonya’s pussy.

“Ohhhh, Kate, oooh, Kate,” Sonya moaned as she felt the thrusting in and
out of the penis-like finger, then Kate worked another finger in and began
to increase
the tempo of her movements in and out of Sonya’s vagina. Sonya couldn’t
resist herself and felt her hips moving up and down in unison with Kate’s
fingering of
her vagina. Sonya didn’t want to climax first before Kate but she suddenly
realized she couldn’t help herself and before she could do anything to
stop it, her first
orgasm began to rapidly explode and she was thrashing and moving
underneath Kate’s touch as a feeling of heat and pleasure spread
throughout her lower body
and up over her stomach and breasts.

Kate’s lips were back on Sonya’s as her breathing slowly began to return
to normal. And Sonya knew that now they could both make love more slowly
deliberately and she could experience the pleasure of helping Kate reach
sexual climax as well.

As Sonya lay there in Kate Winslet’s bed, her breathing slowly returning
to a more normal rate after their feverish lovemaking, she looked around
the bedroom and
saw that Kate had placed candles at each window and their flickering light
cast shimmering, constantly changing shadows all over the various areas of
the room
and even onto the bed where she and her new lover lay in each other’s
arms. Kate was lying on her side, admiring Sonya’s long dark hair that
reached down nearly
to her buttocks and she had pulled Sonya’s thick lustrous hair around to
the front of her body and playfully covered her full upthrusting breasts
with the masses
of thick, darkness. Kate seemed to be in bliss as she lazily ran her
fingers through Sonya’s hair and admired how beautiful it set off Sonya’s
pale skin and creamy

Kate leaned over in front of Sonya as she told her, “Sonya, I absolutely
love your beautiful hair. I don’t know why you should be so lucky to have
such a
beautiful, thick mane that crowns your head. Your hair is so sexy, girl,”
and she leaned over and placed a full, firm kiss against Sonya’s moist,
soft lips. Then Kate
moved down Sonya’s upper body and teasingly moved the hair covering her
left breast apart until Sonya’s dark aroused nipple was barely peeking
through, and
closed her lips over the tiny hard nub of sensitive flesh. “Ohhh, ohhh,
Kate, you’re too much,” Sonya moaned as she thrust the nipple and breast
up into Kate’s
lips, urging her to kiss it harder and most passionately. Sonya could feel
herself getting turned on again and was eager to make love with Kate and
make sure she
experienced a sexual climax this time too.

Kate had fixed cheesecake with cherry topping for them to snack on and the
two women climbed out of the bed and enjoyed each delicious bite of their
dessert along with a glass of wine each. During their eating of the
cheesecake, they occasionally would lick the tiny fragments of cheesecake
off the other’s lips or
when they had taken a sip of wine, exchange a kiss and taste the sweetness
of the wine on their lover’s lips as well.

When they were finished, Kate told Sonya, “I’ve got another surprise for
you, my sweetness. Come with me,” she said as she took Sonya by the hand
and led her
out of the bedroom and down to another door in the flat’s upstairs
hallway. When they entered the room, Sonya could see a large hot tub
standing in the corner
and the slightest hint of mist rising from the water’s surface. Kate
helped Sonya climb into the hot tub and the feel of the just right water
temperature was so
soothing and relaxing to their bodies all over. Sonya and Kate lay there
in the water next to each other, simply enjoying being together and
reveling in their
aloneness except for the two of them — alone — no one else to bother or
interrupt them. They exchanged their thoughts over the period of days they
had been
apart and how much they had missed each other and looked forward to being
together again.

Sonya could feel the warmth and soft feel of the water invigorating her
and she lay there in the water just admiring the beauty of Kate Winslet
there naked with her
as well. Kate’s pale white breasts were just barely poking above the water
and Sonya drank in the remarkable beauty of Kate’s natural blonde hair,
her pretty face,
her striking eyes and cheeks and lips and the wonderful shape of her upper
body as it moved down from her soft neck to her upper chest and then down
to her
full, mature breasts.

Sonya moved over closer to Kate and bent over to take the tip of Kate’s
right breast in her lips. A gasp of pleasure escaped from Kate’s lips
instantly when she felt
the warm touch of Sonya’s lips close over the sensitive nipple. “Oooh,
Sonya, you make me hot, girl, when you do that to me,” Kate said as she
reached up and
pulled Sonya’s head more firmly against her breast. Sonya felt Kate taking
her naked breasts in her hands and kneading them as well as she licked and
sucked on
Kate’s pointed mound.

Sonya reached below the warm, silky water and found her way quickly to the
vee between Kate’s legs. Her fingers grazed over the dark blonde thatch of
pubic fur
there and then she felt the slippery wet crevice of Kate’s pussy lips. She
could feel the wetness of the water but also the slipperiness of Kate’s
own arousal as her
finger easily slipped inside of Kate. She felt Kate’s fingers grow more
firm and insistent against her breasts and she probed deep inside of
Kate’s pussy. She
quickly had two fingers within Kate’s hot sheath and her thumb grazed
across Kate’s aroused clitoris, bringing forth repeated sighs of pleasure
and increasing
desire for Sonya.

Then Sonya decided to try something, and removing her fingers from within
Kate, she took Kate by the shoulders and they maneuvered their vaginas so
that they
were rubbing against each other. Kate’s vagina lips and clitoris were
rubbing against Sonya’s and they could each feel the rubbing and friction
heightening their
sexual passion and the sensation of increasing arousal and sexual
sensitivity. “Ohhh, Kate, Kate, my love, you feel so good; your body is so
sexy and you feel so
wonderful,” Sonya moaned as they both reached out and caressed and
playfully massaged each others’ breasts. Their pelvises began to move ever
faster against
each other as they kept their vaginas in nearly constant contact and the
rubbing began to bring both young women to the point of orgasm. Kate
slipped over the
edge of her lovemaking climax first and began to squeal and moan from the
intense feeling of the orgasm washing over her, and as she continued to
move against
Sonya while her orgasm grew stronger and stronger, Sonya suddenly began to
feel her own orgasm exploding within her.

“Owwwwwwwwwwww, Kate, I’m cumming,” Sonya screamed out without any
reservation. “ohhhhhhh, it’s so strong,” she cried as the two women
suddenly took
each other in their arms and collapsed there in the hot tub together,
laughing and crying together from the feeling of mutual love and
lovemaking that they had just
shared with each other.

After awhile, both of the women showered together and then they agreed
that they would both sleep like Sonya normally did — in the complete nude
in the bed.
Kate and Sonya toweled each other dry and Kate then brushed Sonya’s hair
until it was dry and combed free of any tangles or snarls.

And when they slipped under the cover of Kate’s bed, Sonya and Kate fell
asleep in each other’s arms.