A Favor For Kaley Cuoco

My family has lived in this neighborhood for
generations. I’m over fifty myself and happily married,
I have children in their late twenties, early thirties
and grandchildren on both sides of ten years old.

Of course I’ve always been active and fit so I look a
lot younger. Some people have thought I’m the brother of
some of my adult children!

I used to be a police officer but I’m retired from that
now. Sometimes the department pays me to consult on
difficult cases so I’m doing well financially.

I’m lucky that my wife is the same as me, because I
still feel like a horny teen and so does she. We fuck
daily still and a few times a day. She still works –
it’s her other passion besides me – but is never too
tired for a hot fuck.

But, that leaves me with a lot of free time during the
day when I’m not consulting. Of course I’m at the gym
almost daily.

But I also like to go walking or visit the neighbors in
my neighborhood. It’s a close-knit community and I get
invited to a lot of picnics, BBQs, gatherings. I’m well
liked in the neighborhood even by the young ones.

But during the week most of my neighbors are at work
during the day, so I just enjoy my walk, rarely
interrupted by the rare surprise.

“OH, MR. G! MR. G!” I heard an excited voice calling

I looked around and finally saw the flash of pink. Young
Kaley Cuoco was waving to me from a window in her
family’s home. She was wearing a bright pink long-
sleeved top, when she waved all that pink was what
caught my attention.

Kaley was a cutie, not necessarily my type with that
dark blonde hair, but still a cutie. The darling had
just turned fourteen last November. How times flies.

I waved back. “Hello, Kaley!”

“Mr. G, can you come do me a favor please?” Kaley

I figured, why not? “Be right over.”

I made sure there was no traffic before I made my way
across the street and over to the Cuoco home.

Kaley opened the front door for me. On close inspection,
I saw the girl was braless under the gauzy pink
material. Her breasts were more than decent-sized, her
nipples hard and poking through, I could make out her
medium-sized areolae as well.

Below Kaley had on some cutoffs that showed off her
coltish thighs right up to her crotch. I had to admit,
she was appearing to be more and more my type.

“Oh, thank you, Mr. G! Come on inside,” Kaley said,
practically tugging me in.

She led [dragged] me to the room she had called out the
window to me from. It was empty except for an
overstuffed chair covered in a white, soft-looking
cover. Kaley had closed the window and the curtains.

“So what can I do for you?” I turned to the young nymph.

She handed me a digital camera. “I want you to take some
pictures of me for me,” She explained.

Seemed safe enough, I thought.

Kaley started to unbutton her cutoffs and push them
down, baring her lack of panties and her heavily brown-
haired mound.

What kind of pictures am I to be taking?” I asked

Kaley giggled. “Sexy pics!” She said mischievously. “I’m
on this web site where girls my own age have their own
sites with nude pics of themselves on it. I want people
to see me naked too!”

Kaley pulled her top up to just above her young tits.
Her areolaes were pinkish/light brown. She sat back in
the chair, lifting her legs high up in the air and
spreading them, holding them in place.

By now my cock was hard end throbbing.

“I like having people looking at my body,” Kaley
grinned. “I also love that big erection tenting your
pants! It looks bigger than the others!”

Others? I thought to myself. But right now I was more
interested in the fact that I could see Kaley’s pussy
lips open and wet, as well as the fact that she wasn’t
upset about my cock.

I unzipped and pulled it out of my pants.

“Oh, Mr. G, it’s huge!” She gushed wide-eyed. Her pussy
was getting wetter.

I put down the digital camera and approached her, cock
in hand.

Kneeling between her legs, I smacked my cock against her
open pussy.

“Oh!” Kaley gasped. “I like that!”

I kept smacking my cock against her pussy, pussy juices
flying out of her, splashing her thighs. I began to rub
my cock along her soaked slit, coating my cock as I
leaned forward and kissed the girl. Kaley moaned and
eagerly tongue-kissed me back.

Then grabbing my cock I drove it into her splayed pussy.
Kaley broke the kiss, her head rolling back.

“Oh! Oh, yeah!” She squealed and groaned. “I’ve never
been fucked by a grownup before! Only boys younger than
me I can bribe and blackmail! And they were all so

Kaley screamed and thrashed about as I pounded her
pussy, cumming spasmodically. I always last a long time
so I wasn’t worried about cumming too quick. Plus there
was something else I wanted to do…

When Kaley had lifted her legs high and wide her hot
pussy wasn’t the only thing I’d seen. Her brown eye was
fully on display as well, looking just as ready to fuck.

After I made her orgasm maybe two dozen times, I pulled
my cock out of Kaley’s pussy – with a look of
disappointment on her face – and jammed it up her

Kaley shrieked. “YESSS!! YESSS!! FUCK MY ASS!!” She

Grabbing my neck, she pulled my head down and kissed me
hard as I jack-hammered her anal chute. “Thank you,
thank you! If I hadn’t seen you out on the street I was
ready to ask that gay guy up the block to take the
pictures, and it wouldn’t have been THIS much fun!”
Kaley gushed.

I fucked her butt hard and rough as she kissed me just
as rough, her body writhing and spasming underneath me

I again pulled out much later to Kaley’s surprise. “What
are you doing?!?”

I shoved it back in her pussy. “I’m about to cum and I
want to jizz inside your pussy.”

Kaley’s lips twisted in a sadistic smile and I began to
fuck her pussy harder until I grunted and filled her
young hole with my massive load.

“OHHH, YEAH, I’M CUMMING AGAIN!!” Kaley shrieked. “OHHH,

I jetted out eight or nine heavy bolts of jizz up the
young girl’s tight pussy as she clung to me tightly.

Barely winded, I slipped out of her, my cock still half
hard, wiping it on her thigh before tucking it back in
and zipping up.

“Oh, wow, I’m so happy you came in my pussy! That made
this so much hotter!” She gasped between breathes, her
body all sweaty.

I chuckled.

“And it was kind of like marking your territory…”
Kaley bit her lower lips sexily.

“Was that an invitation?” I grinned.

“I’m all yours from now on, anytime you want me, Mr. G!”

That was one invitation I would NEVER pass up.