Kathy Lee: Sweatshop bbc Revenge

Wearing a knee length pink business suit, white blouse
and matching jacket, Kathy Lee Gifford strode into
Nieman Marcus for a little early afternoon shopping.
This was by far her favorite time of the day and
shopping was by far her favorite way of relaxing. Even
though she knew she was now the big bread winner in the
family, she still took great joy in pulling out the
credit cards with Frank’s name and running up ungodly
sums on them, especially after his extra-martial
activities of the past few years.

Escaping the early fall New York chill, Kathy Lee
hustled inside the department store confidently on her 3
inch pink high heels. As she walked in, she shared
friendly smiles with many of the clerks who were use to
her routines and had made a lot of money off commissions
from selling clothes to her.

The day had gone quite well for Kathy Lee, a successful
show, a light lunch and a little early afternoon splurge
before heading uptown to pick up her kids at daycare.

The only special thing on this day’s docket was that in
an hour she had a meeting at one of the plants
responsible for making the clothes for her low end
clothing line. It would be a basic one hour photo-op
public relations press conference designed to take a
little heat off charges that child labor laws had been
violated in the production of the clothing line.

Honestly, Kathy Lee couldn’t have cared less about the
whole thing, but she loved how huge the royalty checks
were coming from the line, so she and her agent made a
point that she attend these special press briefings for
maximum effect.

Going through the motions of another of these briefings
was a piece of cake for Kathy Lee. Smile constantly,
shake a few hands, be seen with as many movers and
shakers as possible so that you’d be seen that night on
ET and get your face in People, then go back home a
return to your normal life.

This particular gathering was no different. It was now 2
pm as Kathy Lee mingled with the few assorted media
types left before heading out to pick up her kids.

As she pressed the last bits of flesh before departing
the rundown factory in the Bronx, she heard her name
being called out in a youthful tone of broken English.

“Ms. Gifford… Ms. Gifford… Stop, just for a second,”
the young girl begged nearly out of breath from trying
to catch Kathy Lee.

Kathy turned towards the back of the hall trying to see
who was so adamantly calling her name. As she saw the
young black girl with wide gleaming eyes run towards
her, Kathy Lee turned to see what the teenage girl with
the desperate plea wanted.

“Slow down… slow down… What can I help you with?”
Kathy Lee asked in a friendly PR tone to the girl
dressed meagerly in a tee-shirt and a pair of old jeans.

Finally the girl stood in front of the prissy talk show
host, trying to catch her breath. In her broken English
she asked, “Ms. Gifford, I just wanted to say that I’m a
big fan of yours, and that I just wanted to get an
autograph for my Mom!”

Knowing this would make for a great photo -op Kathy Lee
was much obliged. She however was a little disappointed
when most of the assembled media around her made their
way to the buffet room rather than sticking around to
catch this tender moment on videotape or film.

Reluctantly Kathy Lee took the pen and small piece of
paper from the young girl’s hand and sketched her name
to it before smiling happily as she gave it back to her.

“OHH Thank You… Thank You!! My Mom will absolutely
love this,” the girl gleamed with excitement before
quickly saying goodbye and running back down the hall.

What Kathy Lee hadn’t noticed was that while she was
engaging the young girl in front of her, the girl’s
younger brother had nudged himself directly behind her
and had pick pocketed her wallet clean from her purse.

As Kathy Lee turned and began her journey to her car,
then off uptown to pick up her son, she felt a distinct
lightness on her arm as she lifted her purse over her

Slowing down, Kathy Lee lifted the purse around so that
she could see inside and discovered then that she had
just been had. She retraced her steps, back to where she
had been standing but the linoleum floors were empty of
dropped wallets.

She breathed a sigh of relief realizing that she only
had $30 or so in the wallet and all 3 credit cards had
been pushed to the limits at Marcus’s earlier in the
afternoon, so it wasn’t the fear of losing much money
that bothered her, more the inconvenience of having to
replace everything and the distinct sense of violation
that something had been taken so close to her while she
was distracted trying to be nice to someone.

Now in a hurry to beat the afternoon traffic rush, Kathy
Lee gave up on looking for the wallet and headed to her
car, cussing to herself noticeably.

As she exited through the large front doors of the
complex, she walked briskly towards her waiting Lexus.
As she made her way to her car, an empty alleyway
between two of the factory’s buildings caught her eyes
momentarily. Her gaze fell on what looked like an opened
billfold, one from a distance that looked like the one
she had just lost. Convinced that it might be hers she
turned and made her way into the cool air of the
darkened alley to where the opened wallet sat.

Making her way through the alley with tall brick walls
to each side of her, the loud echo of her high heels as
she tentatively made her way to where the wallet lay
caused her stomach to begin to knot up.

As she got to about 10 feet from the wallet, she saw
that it was in fact hers. Quickly she rushed to pick it
up and to her everlasting surprise every dollar and
credit card that was in there when it was taken was
still safely in there.

Kathy Lee head was swimming in glee and disbelief as she
theorized that the thief must have panicked with so many
TV cameras and the like around and ditched the evidence
before they were caught with it.

Kathy Lee shoved the wallet tightly back into her purse
and tossed it pleasingly over her shoulder , before
turning to make her way back out off the alley.
Before she could take two steps, she looked up and was
startled to see the same girl whom she had given the
autograph to moments earlier standing between her and
the exit to the alley.

“Uhhhh.. you scared me, was there something you forgot?”
Kathy Lee asked trying to conceal her unease.

“No!” replied the girl,” But I think there is something
you did!”

Kathy Lee looked back at the black teenager with a
quizzed look on her face, “What do you mean?” she asked
the young girl slowly.

“The interview earlier, you said plainly that no child
labor laws were broken and that we worked under ideal
conditions at this factory,” she passionately told Ms.
Gifford, pointing expressly at the walls of the factory
that surrounded each of the women.

“THAT’S A LIE!” the young girl continued.

Kathy Lee now was beginning to feel some level of real
fear. She felt herself retreating slowly as the young
girl began to walk purposefully towards her. She
gathered that this young girl worked at the plant and
knew that her usual pat answers to the media would not
work on someone who actually knew what was going on
inside of those looming brick walls beside her. She
meagerly tried to stand her ground as the imposing young
girl’s expression turned briskly to rage.

“Me and my brother were brought to this country over 6
years ago, and we were quickly put to work making your
clothes. We barely had shoes on our feet and clothes on
our backs and here we are making you thousands of
dollars a day! That disgusts me!” The young girl said on
the verge of angry tears of her own as she balled up the
autograph that Kathy Lee had given her and threw it
hard, bouncing it directly off Kathy Lee’s still made up
face from the show earlier that morning.

“Then to see you up there today,” she continued,
“talking about how good YOUR life is and your beautiful
kids, about how much you love them. Would you let them
work here, WOULD YOU!” she barked, now almost face to
face with the withering middle aged white talk show

Kathy stood, frozen in fear as the girl’s screams
vibrated across her face.

“Here… here… take the money… take it all! I can
get you more… don’t worry I can get you anything you
want… but I… uhh… I’ve uhhh, I’ve got to get
going. My son is waiting at daycare cross town, please
let me go!” Kathy begged.

“Money .. huh! We could have taken your money when my
brother pick pocketed you earlier” the young girl
sarcastically spat back at Kathy Lee.” We want something
a little more.. shall we say personal than money. We
want you to sweat right here the same way me and all my
friends and family have had to sweat inside those walls
for little or nothing for the last few years, just so
you, YOU could get rich!”

“I’ve gotta..gotta go ..pick up my..” Kathy Lee

“He can wait until his mommy pays a few debts, can’t
he?” a male voice from behind her interrupted.

Kathy Lee was too scared to look behind her as she heard
the footsteps of the girl’s brother approach behind her.
The young lady was now face to face, nose to nose with
Kathy Lee and took great joy in the intense fear etched
across Kathy Lee Gifford’s face.

“I swear… I swear… I’ll scream if you don…” Kathy
tried to warn them, but once again she was cutoff, this
time by the tall imposing male figure behind her
grabbing her by the shoulder and placing a large hand
over her mouth, smearing her red lipstick across her
cheek in the process.

The girl smiled as her brother held Kathy Lee tightly,”
I wouldn’t do that if I was you, we don’t plan on anyone
getting hurt here, just getting a little sweat from you
to repay us for all the years we have suffered in here.

Kathy Lee thought about making a break for it
momentarily, but the tall looming figure behind her felt
like he was a brick wall himself and she was naturally
scared of what they might do to her if she put up any
kind of resistance.

Besides she knew she’d topple over if she tried going
anywhere in her pink high heels she had on. And also
that both of her captures were easily half her age and
most certainly could run her down before she was even
halfway out of the alley.

“W-What are you going to do to me?” Kathy begged
silently as she cringed from the warm breath of the
young man behind her cascaded down onto her bare neck.
Laughing, the girl replied, “Just give you something
besides a royalty check to remember this place by!”

Kathy Lee’s last ditch efforts at rationalization were
cut off as well as the young man behind her pushed her
chest against the walls of the alley.

“Please don’t hurt me, I’ll do anything you want,” Kathy
Lee again pleaded.

“Oh, don’t worry,” the young black man said in his heavy
Haitian accent. “We don’t intend to hurt you missy, that
is unless you’ve never had a 12 inch dick shoved
straight up your pussy before!”

Kathy Lee tried to dazedly process what she had just
heard, but as her cheek rested heavily against the rough
exterior of the brick wall, she closed her eyes and
prayed for help. None would come!

“Rip her dress down Vincent, hurry, we don’t have much
time,” the young black girl controlling the scene
commanded her younger brother.

Before Kathy Lee could prepare herself, she felt the
vicious rush of cool air swim up against her bare ass,
legs and pussy. “Oh No,” Kathy cooed against the wall,
lost in her own terror.

Vincent had grabbed a handful of Kathy Lee’s pink skirt
along with her pantyhose and panties and with one brutal
yank, dropped them to Kathy Lee’s ankles while she
teetered perilously on her high heels in front of him.

As she stood helpless, bent against the wall, her legs
spread wide, she looked disbelievingly down at her
clothes and undergarments from the waist down that were
now bunched obscenely around her lower shins. Her bare
pale skinny white legs and ass were also covered with
goosebumps from the surrounding coolness.

The young black girl paced side to side seemingly
enjoying the display.

“Pull your dick out Vincent and give this pathetic
little bitch a workout, see if she can handle it!” She
ordered her younger brother.

Immediately, the sound of a zipper being ripped down
filled the quiet alleyway and Kathy Lee held her breath
and strained her eyes closed listening the sounds of the
young girl and boy laughing as they went about their
devious little revenge plot.

Kathy Lee was ill prepared for the young man’s lustful
urgency as well as his unbelievable sexual equipment. As
he pressed his tube like cock between her trembling ass
cheeks, Kathy Lee could only liken the feeling of him
pushing his black dick between the tight folds of her
pussy to the feeling of having lightning strike in the
same place.

cried into the wall in front of her, biting down on her
wrist to take her attention slightly off the
excruciating feeling of being so completely filled from

Vincent pulled Kathy Lee’s ass cheeks far apart to gain
better access and a better view of his coal black foot
long cock as it sliced like a knife through Kathy Lee’s
tender white nether ass cheeks and bore deeply into her
unprepared pussy. He continued to seesaw in and out
building up an indescribable friction as Kathy Lee tried
to support herself against the wall in front of her.

As Kathy Lee held on for dear life, the young black girl
knelt down beside her and whispered into Kathy Lee’s
ear, “You know, this won’t take long, all you got to do
is move that ass of your some, sweat a little and make
my brother cum! Can you do that? All you got to do is
fuck him back with that sweet little tail of yours and,
make him cum and we can all go home, what do ya say.”

Kathy looked back into the dark chasm of the young
girl’s expressionless eyes with a look of dreadful
surrender on her own part. Even though she was married
and a worldwide celebrity who could basically have
anything in the world she wanted at anytime, she had no
other choice than to surrender her body as a payment for
the misdealing she had been a party to for so long,
stealing these children’s childhoods in the damp and
dangerous surroundings of the sweat shop surrounding
them in the alley. She had no option than to give
herself to them.
Feeling almost as if the spirit left her body.

Kathy began working her ass slowly back against the
insistent pounding from Vincent behind her. She
awkwardly and frenetically tried to meet his thrusts,
but her rhythm was sorely lacking. The pathetic site of
Kathy Lee Gifford, trying to slam her small white ass
back against Vincent’s chiseled teenage body while she
had her hands were widely splayed against the brick wall
in front of her brought a great amount of joy to the two
black siblings. Still, Kathy Lee soldiered on trying to
make the man child inside her pussy cum, so they would
let her go as they had promised.

Even though she had given birth to two children and her
pussy was somewhat accustomed to having a dick in it, it
still was no match for what Vincent had unfurled into
it, and the tightness of it combined with Kathy Lee’s
spastic movements brought electric jolts of pleasure to
Vincent’s cock and he knew he was getting close to

Kathy Lee as well, now that she had mentally detached
herself from the scene, in a deep part of her psyche
could savor the unimaginable pleasure this obscene and
forced act was bringing to her own body.

Kathy moaned from the deep reaches within her.

Moving her hips back against Vincent while he held her
waist firmly, he knew that he wanted to cum into her as
well. But he and his sister weren’t ready for Kathy Lee
to get more out of this than they had just yet… so he
pulled his cock free of Kathy Lee’s pussy, right before
she was about to let go.

“OH NO… DON’T!” Kathy Lee cried as her body deflated
from having her orgasm pulled out from underneath her
like a rug. “Please let me cum, please!” she begged
silently to her captors.

Out of her slitted eyes, Kathy Lee looked down as the
young girl eased underneath her and took her place
between the withering middle aged white lady’s trembling

Vincent grabbed a handful of Kathy Lee’s brown hair and
pulled her head back towards him and kissed her hard on
the neck, leaving a noticeable mark. Looking up on her
forehead he could see beads of sweat rolling down her
face and neck and into her cleavage causing her white
blouse to become soaked. “Looks like the bitch knows how
to sweat after all, sis. Get a good taste of her pussy
and I’ll stick my cock right up her tight little white

The young girl wasted no time in dipping her wet rough
tongue right into Kathy Lee Gifford sopping wet freshly
fucked pussy, savoring the tasty nectar frothing out of
it. Meanwhile her brother had more pressing plans,
sticking his 12 inch fat black cock right up Kathy Lee’s
cheery ass.

He stuck all four of his fingers on his right hand deep
into Kathy Lee’s pussy the coat them with her natural
liquid before pulling them back out and coating his
aching cock with it.

Vincent then aimed the head of his manhood directly at
the entrance of her ass and began pushing it in
brutally, holding her tighter as her body twitched and
lurched from the invasion.

The intense pain and trauma off having her ass so
ravaged was combined exquisitely with the most lurid,
tender and intoxicatingly great sexual feeling she had
ever enjoyed. The feeling of Vincent’s sister hungrily
eating her out was Kathy Lee’s first hint of a lesbian
experience and to her amazement, she held the face of
the girl lovingly in her hands, that had orchestrated
this whole cruel endeavor and now Kathy Lee was freely
letting the girl explore every inch of her pussy with
her snaking tongue and long black fingers.

Her tongue felt as long as the 12 inch black poker that
Vincent had half buried in her ass from behind, as he
held the other 6 inches in his hand that wouldn’t fit
and brutally shock it in his hand causing thrashing
ripples of pain and pleasure to slam against Kathy Lee’s
most inner places.

The young black girl now licked her wide insistent
tongue up and down Kathy Lee’s entire pubic region, over
both blood gorged lips of her pussy, over the visible
bud of her clitoris, before once again dipping it back
into her soupy wetness and fucking her with it like a
cock. She looked directly up at Kathy Lee wincing above
and made eye contact.

“Make him cum bitch,” she commanded. “Make him cum,
that’s right, shake those hips of yours and make him
cum, that’s the only way you going home bitch!”

Kathy Lee desperately wanted the safety and sanctuary of
her home, but she also wanted to see her pussy explode
on the young pretty girl’s face sucking her pussy for
all it was worth below her. Thus, she followed orders
and began rocking her hips once again in a carnal dance
of lust, slamming hard against Vincent behind her and
rocking forward hard into his sister’s face in front
until she could take it no longer.

As the first creamy reports of Vincent black flesh
pistol began ricocheting inside her anus, Kathy Lee
Gifford let go of a torrent of built up fear , lust and
guilt onto the pretty face of the young poor black girl
who was intent of sucking in every last drop of cum from
Kathy Lee’s pussy.

Sandwiched between the two siblings, Kathy held the wall
with one hand and the young girl below her with the
other as she continued to cum. Vincent held her firmly
by the hair like he was riding a horse as his cum began
oozing out of her ass and onto the part of his cock that
wouldn’t fit into Kathy Lee’s virgin ass until gravity
took over and it dripped down onto the ground below in a
large white pool. He then pulled his cock free with a
loud plop and admired his work, smiling at just how
gaping Kathy Lee’s ass looked right after he pulled out.

Vincent stepped away and buckled his pants back up as
his sister finished off the last dribbles of Kathy Lee’s
cum-soaked pussy. She stood up as well and they quietly
made their way out of the alley, their payment complete.

Kathy Lee meanwhile fell to the ground from fatigue, the
coolness of the autumn air once again chilling her bare
nakedness until she was able to pull her hose, panties
and dress back up into some semblance of looking like it
should. She lifted herself and carried herself out of
the alley as well, back to her life, her price fully

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