Gloria Estefan’s oral story

I was surprised when I received a letter in the mail
from my sister inviting me to her wedding, Sylvia even
included Round Trip Air Fare.

You see, my sister – who is ten years older than my
sixteen years of age – was never close with our parents.
They always fought, tooth and nail. And why wouldn’t
they? We are Irish, and you know about our fiery

When Sylvia turned eighteen, she left for a College in
America she’d secretly applied to without our parents
knowing. Fortunately time and distance seemed to change
my parents’ views of my sister, and they actually missed
her. When she sent me the invitation she told me to just
tell my parents that she invited me for a visit, Sylvia
was sure they wouldn’t mind.

And she’d been right. And they weren’t even upset that
it would be in September.

My school was informed that I would be away for a few
weeks in September, my parents helped me get my passport
and I was on my way.

I’d never been away from Ireland before. Hell, I’d never
even been on a plane! But it wasn’t so bad and I slept
most of the flight. The plane arrived at Miami Airport
without a hitch.

Right away I noticed the difference. Miami was a lot
warmer and the weather was much nicer. Not to mention
the women wore a lot less…

I was surprised by the half naked bodies nearly
everywhere. Then again, I had never seen anyone in a
bathing suit back home. We live in the center of
Ireland, no ocean, everyone very pale. I was looking
forward to getting a tan!

But all the half naked women made me uncomfortable.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m no virgin. Well, I only did it
once but it was so unexpected and shocking. It kind of
messed me up.

My family is very religious. We go to church very often,
and have always trusted the clergy.

Well when I was twelve, a nun, well, raped me.

I didn’t even know about sex. My father explained things
to me a year later. But that nun gave me an education
that was burned into my brain. And I haven’t been able
to look at women the same way since.

Of course I never told anyone! And forget confession.
After what that nun did to me I was afraid the Pastor
wouldn’t believe me anyway. So I kept it to myself, and
have had to live with that secret weighing heavily upon
me ever since.

I tried not to let all the half naked women in Miami
bother me. Fortunately my sister and fianc� picked me up
soon after I arrived.

My sister [and my mother] were the only women that
didn’t make me uncomfortable, and I was so glad to see
Sylvia again after so long. I welcomed her hug.

She had changed a lot; The way she wore her hair, the
way she dressed, and her makeup. Her clothes were tight
and revealing, showing the tops of her breasts and her

I wasn’t bothered by that. What bothered me is my penis
was becoming erect by the sight of her!

But I did my best to play it off and act like nothing
was wrong. Sylvia was too busy asking me all kinds of
questions while her fianc� drove.

We arrived at her two bedroom apartment – she said the
landlord already found a new tenant who would be moving
in the first of October.

Sylvia had already moved most of her thing into the new
home she and her fianc� bought. She showed me the spare
room and helped my unpack. When she saw my clothes she
said she’d take me shopping for some shorts, swim trunks
and short-sleeved shirts which we did after I finished
unpacking. Sylvia said I’d have to go for my tuxedo
fitting in a few days too.

I realized I would need swim trunks if I was going to go
to the beach and work on my tan, mentioning that to her.
Sylvia said she’d drop me off at the beach in the
morning on her way to work.

In the morning she gave me a set of keys to her place
and some money. “I think you’ll look good in a tuxedo
with a tan,” Sylvia commented.

Looking down at my older sister in the driver’s seat of
her car, with her long, wavy red hair, light freckles
and showing the tops of her breasts again, I couldn’t
help getting an erection again. I held my beach towel in
front of my crotch so Sylvia wouldn’t see and think I
was some freak.

She finally drove off and I sighed, my erection starting
to go down. I headed towards the beach. I was in for a

I had thought the women walking around Miami were
showing a lot of skin, it was worse here. The girls –
and that’s all there were, girls around my age or
younger [I found out later school was off that day] –
were mostly topless.

For some reason the sight of girls my own age almost
naked didn’t bother me as much as seeing the grown women
this way. I still got another erection of course.

Dropping my towel and Sylvia’s tanning oil [I had the
keys and cash safely stashed in a resealable sandwich
bag in a inner pouch of the swim trunks, what genius!],
I headed out to the water for a quick dip.

I had learned how to swim when I was very young, but I
still didn’t go out too far.

I found the experience enjoyable, the water very warm
and relaxing. I could get used to this I thought.

After fifteen minutes I finally came out and laid out on
my towel, letting the sun dry me. Then I grabbed the
suntan oil and started to rub it all over my body. It
was slick and felt funny, but I knew it’d help me tan.

So I laid out there maybe twenty minutes, then rolled
over onto my stomach to tan my back. I was feeling very
relaxed and the time seemed to slip away.

The sound of a vehicle close by caught my attention.
Rolling over onto my back, I sat up and saw a style of
car I never saw in Ireland. I found out later most of
the residents of Miami are Hispanic, mainly Cuban, and
prefer to style of car.

But it wasn’t the car itself that caught my attention.
The guy in the passenger seat got out and opened the
trunk. It seemed there were two large speakers laying in
the trunk and he stood them up.

The guy who had been driving the car turned on the car
radio, which was attached to the large speakers. They
blasted out what I found out later was Latin style

It had a catchy beat. Many of the girls started to get
up and dance. But not the way I’d seen people dance back
in Ireland.

The style of dance the Hispanic girls were doing was
very arousing. I found my erection coming back.

I noticed the two guys seemed to be aroused as well,
each one picking a girl and taking them beyond the sand

But I was more interested in one girl. She was a much
better dancer than the others. And she was very vocal.
Often she’s sing in what I later found out was Cuban.
She had a very nice singing voice.

She wasn’t as tall as me. By your American measurements
I’m 6’4″, the girl who must have been about thirteen was
more than a foot shorter than me. She had very long
reddish-brown hair and was showing a lot of her body in
her small bikini. Her bikini bottom hardly covered her

I couldn’t stop lookin’ at her. She had a strong
hypnotic effect on me. Finally I found myself rising and
approaching her.

“Excuse me,” I said. But the music was too loud. “Excuse

She stopped dancing and turned to me, looking me up and

“Hi!” She said with a strong accent, smiling at me.

“Hi!” I replied.

“It’s kind of noisy, let’s talk over there,” She

The girl moved towards where I was laying out.

“Now, where were we?” She smiled again.

“Ummm, hi,” I repeated.

“You have an unusual accent,” She said. I could tell she
meant no offense.

“You do too,” I replied.

She laughed.

“You’re not from around her, are you?”

I shook my head. “I’m from Ireland. I’m here for my
sister’s wedding.”

“Welcome to America!” She said, light brown eyes
gleaming. “I’m Gloria.”

“Thank you! I’m Jim. I had wanted to tell you I love the
way you dance and sing. I never seen or heard anything
like that back home.”

“Thank you! They’re not the only things I do,” Gloria
smiled mysteriously.

Her gaze traveled down to my erect penis tenting my swim
trunks. My face grew hot.

“Huh?” was all I could say confused.

Gloria’s hand moved forward and grabbed my penis through
my swim trunks. Then she pulled my head down to hers and
kissed me.

I was shocked. But I found I enjoyed it.

Gloria started untying my swim trunks. Then she tugged
them down. I knew I should have stopped her, but I
didn’t seem to care.

Breaking the kiss Gloria pushed me down on my towel and
dropped between my legs.

“You have a big one,” She moaned, holding my penis.

Then she ducked down her head and took it in her mouth!

Again I was shocked but found the feel of her mouth
amazing. I looked around. No one seemed to be paying any
attention to us. All the girls were still dancing. I
returned my attention to Gloria.

Her head bobbed up and down my hard penis, taking more
and more each time. Soon she removed her hand from it
and took so much I felt it hit the back of her throat.
Then I felt it slide down her throat!

WOW! I thought.

I didn’t know women did that or were so talented at it!

Gloria wasn’t gagging on my penis or anything. She was
moaning loudly around my penis, sending shivers
throughout my body.

It felt too good. I wasn’t used to this. I had only
ejaculated once in my life, when I shot my semen into
that nun.

It wasn’t long before I groaned loudly and was
ejaculating in Gloria’s mouth! And she was swallowing it
all down!

I watched wide-eyed as she continued to bob her head up
and down as I shot fifteen bolts of semen down her
throat, and she took it all without choking. I was so

Gloria finally slid her mouth off of my penis.

“Mmmm,” She said. “your spew tastes good! And you’re
still hard!” The look on her face and tone of voice told
me she was impressed as well, but by the fact that I was
still hard.

Climbing to her feet, Gloria helped me up. Then she took
my place on the towel. Spreading her legs, Gloria,
pulled her bikini bottom to the side. Her vagina was
covered with reddish-brown curls heavily.

Just like the nun’s, except her curls were black. My
penis throbbed at the sight of Gloria’s vagina.

She pulled the triangles of her bikini top to the sides,
exposing her breasts to me. Her nipples were hard and
brown, with an oval shape around each one.

Gloria started to rub her vagina, opening the lips.

“Come on,” She moaned. “Fuck me!”

I never heard that word before, but I knew Gloria wanted
my penis inside of her vagina, just like the nun. But
this time I wanted to do it.

Mounting Gloria, I let her take hold of my penis and
slide it into her. She was so hot and wet like that
dirty old nun!

I started to move in and out of Gloria, remembering how
the nun had done it to me. I guess the one good thing
about being raped by that nun was I had an idea about
how to do this with Gloria.

As I grew more accustomed to moving in and out of her, I
found myself doing it faster and faster. Gloria was
moaning louder and louder.

Suddenly she whimpered “I’m climaxing, I’m climaxing!!!”
Throwing back her head she cried out.

I didn’t even look around to see if anyone was watching
us this time. I didn’t care anymore.

I just kept doing it to Gloria faster, and harder. She
writhed and thrashed under me wildly, climaxing often. I
was glad I could make Gloria climax. I remember the nun
had climaxed a lot too.

Gloria climaxed dozens and dozens of times before I
groaned and started to ejaculate into her. I didn’t even
think to pull out, no thought that I might get her
pregnant. I kept pumping and pumping into her, shooting
into Gloria maybe twenty times this time, more than I
did in her mouth.

My penis stopped having its climax and began to soften,
slipping from Gloria. I felt my semen ooze out too.

Gloria smiled.

“You were good,” She said sincerely. “I never came that

“Thank you!” I grinned, probably looking like a fool.
“I’m glad I made you climax so many times.

“I hope we get to do this lots of times while you’re
here,” Gloria said. “Let’s go down to the water and
clean ourselves up.”

I climbed up of Gloria as she pulled her bikini top back
over her breasts and covered up her vagina again.

I pulled up and tied my swim trunks then helped Gloria
up. We walked hand-in-hand down to the water.

I thought about what Gloria said to me and smiled. I too
hoped I’d see her again many times while I was here, and
I hoped we got to do it again and again.

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