Wonder Woman’s Forbidden Love

Deep within the center of the bermuda triangle is the
legendary paradise island, home to an immortal race of
women warriors known to all in myth and legend as…
the Amazons.

For over three-thousand years, it has been their home.
Cloaked by magic this sacred island is protected by the
Olympian gods, and is unknown to the rest of the world.
To ensure the protection of their race.

As the sun reaches it’s highest point in the mid-day
sky, a young Amazon maidenwalks along a lush green
hillside on this beautiful summer’s day.

Like her Amazon sisters she is tall, some would say
statuesque. Many of her Amazon sisters regard her as
the most beautiful Amazon on paradise island.

Her name is Diana, and like her roman namesake she too
is a princess. An Amazon Princess born of royal blood
and blessed by the gods.

Both her lavender colored toga and long wavy hair flow
in the wind as she continues on her nature walk.

Her ebony black hair, sky blue eyes, high cheekbones,
slender nose, full red lips and stunning figure are all
clear signs that she is the daughter of the legendary
warrior woman: Queen Hippolyta.

Another sign of her identity as both the daughter of
the Amazon queen, and an Amazon sister was of course
the Amazonian Bracelets she wore upon her wrists as a
reminder of their former slavery.

As the teenaged Amazon looked up into the mid-day sky,
she noticed the position of the sun.

Realizing that the hour was getting late, and that the
sun would set in less than a few hours, the young
Amazon princess made a fateful decision.

Knowing that her mother will want her to be home in
time for supper, the princess decides to head down into
the valley below, and take a shortcut thru the southern
plains that led to the enchanted forest.

“Once thru the woods, I’ll make it back to the royal
palace within the hour.” Diana thought to herself.

With the speed of Hermes the young Amazon races to her
intended destination, where she enters into the
enchanted forest that leads to the sacred grove.

As she walks thru the enchanted forest Diana senses the
divine power of this most sacred place.

Surrounded by lush green hilltops and trees, that
assure privacy. Many different kinds of flowers also
grace the beauty of this enchanted place, with
fragrances sweeter and more seductive than any perfume.

Adding to the beauty of this sacred place is a majestic
waterfall that spills out into a large body of water,
known to all on paradise island, as the lagoon of love.

Throughout the ages all who have come to this spot, to
pledge themselves to each other have been blessed by
the gods with the greatest of joy and happiness, the
likes of which few mortals will ever know.

Compelled by a power she could not name, the young
Amazon princess continued onward as she walked ever
deeper into the enchanted forest.

Guided by the sound of a soft feminine voice, she
slowly began to realize that what she was hearing, was
not one voice but two.

Curious as to what was going on, Diana followed the
sound of the voices.

It was here that she came upon a large number of trees
and shrubs that were so big, no one could be seen.
Hidden from sight, the Amazon princess kneeled down on
her knees, to peek thru the thick shrubs to see just
what was going on.

What she saw was a surprise that she would never
forget. There in the clearing was her mother queen
hippolyta, making love to her chambermaid Myra.

Princess Diana watched in surprise and awe, as her
mother passionately kissed her lover upon the lips, as
she lay atop her Amazon lover’s naked body. The two
lover’s trading kisses.

Seconds later, the Amazon queen began to trail a series
of kisses over every inch of her lover’s body. Until
the queen stopped at the juncture between her lover’s
thighs. To partake of it’s sweet nectar.

Queen Hippolyta said not a word as she smiled at her
lover, before lowering her head to her lover’s dark
raven-haired pussy as she began to taste her love’s
most intimate treasure.

The intense climax welling up in Myra’s body caused her
to cry out in passion.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” Myra yelled as her first orgasm ran
it’s course. Queen Hippolyta worked her way back up to
her lover’s body, where she took her queenly bosom and
placed the large gland to Myra’s lips and instructed
her to drink.

“Drink my love,” hippolyta told her lover Myra.

“Let me feel your lips upon my bosom, so that our pact
will be forever sealed,” she told her lover.

“Yes, my queen,” the raven-haired beauty said to her
queen as she allowed hippolyta to gently grab hold of
her head and pulled her to her queenly bosom.

“Mmmm,” Myra moaned as the queen inserted her nipple
into Myra’s mouth, as she began to suckle at her
lover’s breast, as the two amazons lay upon the forest
clearing entwined in each others arms.

As Princess Diana secretly watched the two women making
love, she could not help but fall in love with her
mother’s beauty. How she prayed that someday she would
find someone to love, as much as her mother loved Myra.

Just then, the young princess realized that Myra was
looking over in her direction, but the Amazon staring
back at her was not Myra, but herself!

Stunned beyond words, the young Amazon princess watched
in silence as her older counterpart pulled her mother
closer to her to suckle upon her mother’s royal bosom.

The look upon the older Princess Diana’s face was a mix
of both Shame and ecstasy.


As Princess Diana secretly watched the two women making
love, she could not help but fall in love with her
mother’s beauty.

How she prayed that someday she would find someone to
love, as much as her mother loved Myra.

Just then, the young Amazon princess realized that Myra
was looking over in her direction, but the Amazon
staring back at her was not Myra, but herself !

Stunned beyond words, the young Amazon princess watched
in silence as her older counterpart pulled her mother
closer to her, to suckle upon her royal bosom, the look
upon her face was a mix of both Shame and ecstasy.

Without warning, the sudden sound of a clock ringing in
her ear jarred Diana back to the world of the living.
Causing the Amazon princess, to wake up.

Diana Prince rolled over in her bed, as she reached
across her bed to the night table alongside it. As she
used her right hand to turn off the clock, that had
awoken her from her restful sleep.

The Beautiful Brunette, looked at the time on her
digital clock, noticing that it was now six o’clock in
the morning.

She removed the covers from her body, as she got out of
bed to prepare for the day ahead.

“What, a strange dream,” Diana thought to herself as
she left her bedroom, and headed straight to the
bathroom to take her morning shower.

“I haven’t thought about that day in years,” she
thought with a smile, as memories of her erotic dream
filled her mind.

“That was the day I fell in love, with my mother.”

“It was also, the beginning of my sexual exploration.”

thought Diana, as she recalled her early years as a
young teenage girl on paradise island.

“To this day I still remember all the night’s that I
pretended to be asleep as I laid in my bed, listening
to the erotic sounds that came from my mother’s royal
bed chamber, and drifted into mine,” recalled Diana.

“What no one knew was that I was in my bed listening to
mother and Myra, as they made love to one another all
through the night,” she thought with fondness. “Mother
and Myra would always try to be quiet while making
love, so that they wouldn’t wake me up,” the Amazon
princess remembered with a smile. “But with women as
passionate as them, being quiet was just not possible.”
thought the Amazon.

“I will never forget what happened after I had seen
mother and Myra making love in the sacred grove,” she

“Later that night as I slept in my royal bed chamber, I
had my first erotic dream of my mother and Myra making
love to me, when I awoke from the dream, I heard sounds
coming from my mother’s royal bedchamber.”

“The sounds of them making love filled my mind and
body, as I lay in my bed, my hands beneath the silk bed
sheets as I played with my womanhood as I experienced
the sweet ecstasy of masturbation.” the Amazon princess
remembered with joy.

“As a matter of fact,” the Amazon princess thought to

“My current Erotic Dream seems almost identical to my
memories of my mother and Myra, all except for one
thing.” thought Diana.

“Myra had Blonde hair, just like her twin sister Mala.”

She thought to herself.

“So who was the other Mystery-Woman in my mother’s
arms, and how is it connected to me?” wondered Diana.

Once, in the bathroom Diana lowered the straps of her
white nightgown, as she allowed it to fall to the

She then stepped out of the loose fitting garment, as
she stood before the bathroom mirror, completely nude
in all her womanly glory.

Diana looked at her reflection in the mirror, as she
prepared to take her morning shower.

But first before doing anything else, the beauty took a
long piece of silk material that had been placed upon
the sink the night before.

The Silk fabric was of course lavender in color.

It had been made for her long ago by her Amazon sister
Mala, who had designed and given the fabric to The
Princess as a gift of love.

Mala was Diana’s first love, and the silk lavender
fabric was one of the few items that Diana had taken
with her when she left her homeland, to protect man’s
world as Wonder Woman.

These days, Diana had taken to wearing it as a bow, to
keep her hair up as she took her morning showers.

Once again, she took the silk fabric in her hands as
she held her hair in place high atop her head, and loop
the lavender colored hair bow in place.

A second later, the Amazon walked over to the shower to
open the sliding glass door, as she proceeded to turn
on the hot water. She then stepped inside and closed
the sliding glass door.