The Companion – Emily Bett Rickards

After me and Yvonne’s affair, she helped me build a website and set up phone and email for my new companion business. She even hooked me up with an agent to make sure I got only the best clients. Just two days after the website went up, I had my first bite; Emily Bett Rickards from DC’s “Arrow.”

I got the GPS location on the third morning.

When I got there, I thought it might have actually been a joke because it was a TV recording studio. Not long after pulled up, though, Ms. Rickards came out of the building wearing a grey sports coat with a black miniskirt and matching top that showed just the slightest hint of toned midriff. Her little elegant silver necklace finished off the ensemble with black strappy heels. If I had my way, she’d just be wearing the necklace plus my own added pearl necklace. Emily Bett Rickard is an underrated bombshell, so I was more than happy when my agent, Michael, told me she made a booking.

“Miss Rickards?” I asked as I got out of my car and approached her.

“Oh! You must be the Companion?” she asked in a hushed tone. Companion probably has the same connotation as escort, and she hired me anyway, so maybe I can shoot a pearl necklace on her….

“I am indeed,” I told her, unashamed of my new profession. “So what are my orders today?” I asked happily, ready for business and whatever Ms. Rickards might ask of me.

“Well, we’re not doing any shooting for ‘Arrow’ today, so I thought we could make use of one of the sets. How do you feel about role-play?” she asked nervously, biting her full bottom lip as if I’d say no to her request that I play around with her for $5,000.

“I’m down. You’re Felicity and I’m Oliver?” I asked, guessing that would be the obvious pairing.

“Actually, I thought it’d be fun if you were a villain,” she told me, unsure with an adorably geeky smile on her cute face.

“I think I can do that,” I nodded as we maneuvered the expansive building, Emily in the lead.

Once to the set, I started taking in my surroundings, drinking in my chance to see the set. Emily watched me with a genuinely happy smile on her face as I needed out.

“Cool, huh?” she asked, her hands on her curvaceous hips. “So, I even got you a costume,” she told me, clapping her hands together. “You get to be a badass villain, but you get to improv his character.”

“Sounds fun!” I said, taking the bag she gave me and heading off to the set’s dressing room. I came back ready to go in black military style cargo pants, a body armor suit similar to Batman’s but without the bat, and a half Slade mask that cut off half way down the nose. It was quite comfortable and a quality item.

When I came back, it was show time. Emily Bett Rickards sat at her desk in the hideout, tapping away at her keyboard and humming to herself, which was my cue that we were rolling.

I snuck up behind her as much as my black combat boots would allow. “Felicity Smoak,” I said calmly but in a deep, raspy voice kind of like Stephen Amell does for the Archer.

Emily spun around quick in her chair, a look of absolute horror on her face, every bit the real actress. “Who… who are you? How did you find this place?”

“I’m called Fade, and I know everything I need to know about Mr. Quinn. Except for where he is.” For just a brief second, she let her facial expression slip, letting me know she was honestly impressed by my ability to play along.

“No. I can’t tell you where he is,” she said, still in a panic as she scooted back in her office chair, pushing herself back against her desk.

“I think you will. If you don’t, things may become… unpleasant,” I drawled, my voice leaning closer to Tom Hardy’s. I couldn’t decide what I wanted, but I think Emily liked it.

“Please. Don’t hurt me! I don’t know where he is. I haven’t seen him in days. I think he’s looking for you.” She’s good. I almost believe she’s really scared.

“Precisely. He’s out looking for me. But I need to find him first. I think you can help with that,” I said leaning in closely, taking some of her hair in my hand and bringing it to my face. I breathed in deeply, loud enough for her to hear. I could smell her strawberry-kiwi shampoo. It even fit the character.

Emily shivered and whispered, “Please Fade, I really, REALLY don’t know where Oliver is.”

I sighed and backed away. “Fine, Ms. Smoak. Have it your way. I’ll play bad cop,” I said in mock disappointment. I went back to her, taking a full handful of hair and lifting it just enough that she knew I was supposed to be pulling her up by it.

Emily bought and cue and stood up, her hand trying to make me let go. “Ow! Ow!” she cried as I walked her over to Oliver’s training area. There were resistance bands that I was able to bind her hands with, leaving her arms outstretched but not painfully so.

“What are you going to do with me?” she asked helplessly with her sweet blue eyes pleading with me as she pulled on her restraints. She’s such a good actress, I almost felt bad for her in our game.

“That depends on how soon you talk, Ms. Smoak,” I said, staying in character. “The real question is what am I going to do first.”

“Pause,” Emily said, taking me aback for a second. “You’re doing great so far, but those black arm bands, the spikey things are actually pretty sharp. Resume!” she said with a smile and went right back to character.

“It’s your last chance before I begin, Ms. Snoak,” I warned, running my fingers over one of the surprisingly sharp fins on my arm guard.

“I swear I don’t know anything! Oliver doesn’t tell me where he goes!” Emily pleaded, and I actually wanted to believe her.

“Very well,” I said with mock upset again before cutting away her sports coat with my gauntlets, her sleeveless black top still in place. I looked at her expectantly, her eyes begging me to let her go.

“Please, Fade. Let me go! I can’t help you!” she screamed, close to tears.

I cupped her sweet face in my hands. “Then I’m going to make this trip worth my time,” I growled and I felt her tremble. I cut her black top down the middle slowly. I watched her as she forlornly looked into the fluorescent lights above us and began to gently sob, expressing a helplessness but trying to still appear strong. Looking into the light allowed her to tear up, really selling the damsel in distress gimmick.

Finally, I cut through the bottom of the shirt and I pulled the two halves apart, appreciating her milky white skin and muscle tone. Her abs tightened as she cried, further highlighting how hard Emily works for her body.


I admired her sizable but not over the top breasts that were held back by a lady black bra that was sheer enough for me to make out her pebbled nipples. “You’re excited,” I chuckled. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you, Felicity. You’re just a dirty slut who’s a glutton for punishment,” I remarked as I stepped forward again and roughly grabbed her tits.

“No, I’m not!” Emily argued. “I just want to go home!” she said, trying not to frantically cry.

“Soon, soon,” I vtold her as I tweaked her nipples through the lace and dragged my fingernails down her body, leaving little white lines trailing down to her waist line. I cut through her miniskirt much quicker than I had cut through her shirt. I let it fall to the floor and looked back up to see panties matching her bra. “I can smell you from here,” I said in a husky tone. “Has Oliver sampled his employee?” I asked, roughly cupping her sex and pressing my palm into the soaked, thin fabric.

“No… no he hasn’t,” she quivered as I applied pressure and moved my hand up and down. I pressed my body to hers and roughly sucked on the column of her neck but moved frequently enough from side to side, up and down so as not to leave hickies. Her skin was flawless and felt phenomenal under my tongue as I licked her from clavicle to earlobe. She shivered and shook and cried, but she never used the safe word we established on the way to the set. As soon as she mentioned a safe word, I knew she wanted the full deal.

I cupped her face in my hand and kissed her roughly, pursing her lips enough that I slid my tongue in her mouth and explored every bit of her warm, wet mouth. She tried to fight it, pushing my tongue back, but it just made it even more sensual, our tongues fighting for dominance. I won by cheating when I put my hands down her panties and pressing her bean with my thumb. She gasped into my mouth and I plunged my tongue down her throat and sucked on her teeth until I came up for air.

She coughed and sputtered as I released her mouth, but I kept her head pulled back by the hair. “Care to talk yet?” I gave her the chance to end the game.

I let go of her hair and she dropped her head forward, her chin falling to her chest. She made no sound except heavy breathing. I unstrapped her bra and cut one of the straps, allowing me to pull it over to her left wrist where it dangled. Emily watched as I cupped her bare breasts in both hands and kneaded then fervently, rolling her puffy nipples with my fingers. She gasped and tried to pull her body away from me, but the resistance bands stopped her from going anywhere.

“Please stop. How many times do I need to tell you I don’t know anything?” the Canadian babe tried to get my new alter ego to see.

“I don’t care anymore. If you tell me, all the better. But you must be taught a lesson for getting yourself involved in matters above you,” I said as I lowered my head to her perky tits and sucked a nipple into my mouth and sucked on it with force, tweaking and plucking at the other with my hand while I rubbed her puffy pussy lips with my other hand, two fingers just ever so slightly dipping between her labia.

Emily gritted her teeth and tried to pull away from me, trying to stop the pleasure I was dolling out on her. “Please stop! Please! I don’t want this!” Emily cried out, rocking her tight body back and forth but I refused to release her delicious breasts. Her wreathing allowed my fingers to actually penetrate her hot, soft but muscled core.

Since I was inside, began pistoning my arm and curling my fingers up in her spongy center. Her knees buckled and she cried out in ecstasy at my ministrations of her snatch and full tits.

She came hard on my fingers, her juices coating my hand and running down my wrist. I pulled my fingers from her nether region and stuffed them in her mouth.

“Suck them,” I ordered, twisting her nipple until she did. She gave in and wrapped her tongue around my fingers, vigorously sucking them until I let her nipple go. I kissed her hard, shoving my tongue into her mouth again and tasted her sweet and tanginess.

Once I was satisfied, I got on my knees in front of her and tore her panties right off of her and put her legs over my shoulder so she wasn’t touching the ground. I dug my face into her tight snatch and plunged my tongue into her as deeply as I could, sucking up all of her warm, viscous fluids that I could while she squeezed my head with her powerful thighs.

“Please Fade! Let me go! Let me go!” she continued to beg as she squirmed around my face and humped my mouth with hips that were beyond control. “Why are you doing this? Fuck!” she cried out as she broke for a second time, her pussy gushing hot delicious fluids into my mouth and running down my chin. “I can’t… I can’t take any more! Gawd! Please!” she begged as I hate her out through her drenching orgasm.

I finally stopped when her legs were slack. I untangled them from around me and stood up, making a show of wiping my mouth dry of her girl cum, her watching me from tired, hooded eyes.

I walked behind her and put a hand on her back, bending her forward. “No! What… what are you doing?” she asked anxiously, jittery.

I spanked her bubbly ass and watched it jiggle and pounced. I loved the way she helped, so I did it again, but just a little harder. I got another sexy yelp. “Oh God, please stop!” she begged, obviously uncomfortable about her sweet, fleshy behind. I think Emily was fine because she never broke character and never used the safe word. I smacked her ass a third time and I watched her whole body jerk. “Please! Please Slade! Just let me go! NO!” she sobbed as I spread her globes apart and dropped to my knees.

I inserted two fingers into her slackening pussy and pressed the flat of my tongue to her winking rosebud with solid pressure. “No! Stop! Stop! Oh! Oh fuck! Stop!” she kept begging as I used my free hand to pull her asshole apart just enough for me to snake my tongue into her chocolate gate. “Oh please! Stop! I don’t like it! Stop!” I kept finger blasting her and wagging my tongue up and down, eating her ass and getting her scorching center ready for the finale.

She came a third time and her body went slack, her protests ceasing to break from her lips even as my tongue continued to assault her little pink hole until her pussy spasming stopped.

I stood up and massaged her ass cheeks with one hand as I freed my hard veined, raging cock from my pants. I nuzzled her soaking lips, getting my entire length wet before I pumped it all in at once.

“Oh fuck!” Emily shouted and shot up at the sudden extrusion, her back pressing into my chest. I reached around and grabbed both of her pillow tits, kneading them again as I pummeled into her. She was too tired, too sensitive to fight back as I took her hot, moist clam from behind. She could only stand there and be held up by me as I ravaged her hard.

I let one bouncing tit be and reached down between her legs and flicked at her sensitive nub, bringing her back to life. She dropped her head back on my shoulder and whimpered like a wounded puppy as I plowed her until I felt my orgasm take the form of a hot ball in the basement of my stomach.

With a few more hard thrusts that slapped her ass against my bare thighs until I was about to bust. I pulled out just in time, pushed her forward again and came all over her back in hot white strands while she moaned and whimpered. I tucked myself back in and walked around to face her.

I sunk to my knees, took off my Slade half-mask and lifted her chin with my finger. “Hey, you okay?” I asked gently. “I know that got rough, but you never used the safe word,” I told her apologetically.

“I know I didn’t,” she said weakly with a chuckle and a heart warming smile. “But wow did you earn that five grand. That was the hottest fuck of my life. I can’t wait to give you a five-star review.”