Brad Pitt Fucks Lindsay Smith

I yelled at Lindsay in anger across the table through
the noise at the popular L.A. night club. We had been
fighting since we left the hotel that evening. I felt
her outfit for the night was inappropriate. “You look
like a fucking slut!” I yelled over the music. Her
mouth dropped again.

“Fuck you, asshole! It’s no different from what I
always wear out, get the fuck over it!!” I looked away
from her.

Her outfit, in reality, really wasn’t all that bad, but
ever since we had left the room, she had been getting
all kinds of looks from men, and it was making me
jealous. I wanted to go back to the room so she could
change into something more reserved. She wore a black
strapless number that was cut low, designed to
highlight her large, soft, golden brown tits. Her skirt
was slightly more conservative, also black but clinging
tightly to her body, stopping only a couple inches
above her knees.

The fact of the matter was that my fianc� looked
fucking hot tonight. She knew it, I knew it, and every
man we passed between our hotel room door and the club
knew it.

“Just get over it!! You’re just jealous because men
want me which is obviously a whole more than you can
say tonight for the women around here!!” she yelled

At that moment, I felt the fire brewing in the pit of
my stomach. I wanted to leave her and walk right out
the door. “Fuck you! God damn! Why you gotta dress like
such a fucking whore?!” I stood up to leave, but as I
came to my feet, someone snapped their fingers over our
table. I looked at the man.

“What the fuck do you want asshole?” I yelled at him.
He looked vaguely familiar through his sunglasses and
slightly gruff face. He pulled his sunglasses down just
enough for us to see who he was. What the fuck did Brad
fucking Pitt want with me? He placed his finger on his
lips, effectively, “shushing” me. Putting a hand on my
chest to hold me back, as if referring our fight, he
motioned a beaming Lindsay to stand up and come to him.
As she stood, Mr. Pitt took her by the hand, turned to
me, still with his finger over his lip. I didn’t know
what the fuck was going on but I almost didn’t care.

I watched as he led her away through the crowd of
people. I squinted through the darkness and strobe
lights as I watched him take her past a slew of
bodyguards at the base of a stairwell. The sign on the
wall read, “VIP Only”. Before she disappeared up the
stairwell, she turned around to give me her best smug
look she could muster.

After standing there for a minute, not knowing what to
do, I decided to just get drunk. I ordered three shots
and headed to the dance floor.

I walked straight up to the hottest girl I could see on
the floor. She greeted me with a smile before I put my
hand around her waist, on the small of her back, and we
began grinding in time with the music.

Thirty minutes later, three shots later, I began
wondering what the fuck Lindsay was doing in the VIP
with Brad Pitt. “Fuck it.” I locked lips with the hotty
I was dancing with and we started cramming our tongues
down each others’ throats. Through the alcohol, I had
lost track of time, but it seemed another thirty
minutes later when I was squeezing her big tits and she
was rubbing my cock. I had completely forgotten about
Lindsay and Brad in the VIP until I felt a tap on my

I turned around. Her hand had already been reared all
the way back as I turned, so I barely had time to
register it was my fianc� before her hand smacked
across my face with such force that it sent me
teetering on one foot. I saw her come at me again with
another smack, I was keeled over, heading towards the
ground but one blow after another rained on my face
until I was on the ground holding my hand up to block
the blows.

The girl I had been dancing with was standing there
totally shocked, but didn’t stand a chance against
Lindsay’s wrath. Lindsay grabbed her by the throat with
both hands. Lindsay held the poor bitch’s hair with one
hand while she successfully landed four fully- loaded
bitch smacks on her face. I scrambled away to avoid
further injury while Lindsay beat the girl to the
ground and the bouncers moved in on her. Just as the
bouncers were about to grab Lindsay, Mr. Pitt stepped
in. “Hold on hold on I got her!” he ordered. The
bouncers checked themselves as Brad put his arms around
Lindsay and pulled her way, quickly pulling her away by
her hand towards the door.

Not knowing what to do, I chased them and met them just
outside the door. “Where the fuck are you going,
bitch?!” I yelled after them.

“Nowhere that concerns you, asshole!” she screamed back
at me, still holding Brad’s hand.

I was in a compromised position with not much leverage.
I didn’t want her to go � I wanted to try to patch
things up, so I yelled back the first thing I thought

“Well I’m going with you. You can’t just leave me

“The fuck I can’t, you’re a fucking asshole, it’s over!
And you’re not coming with me.” she yelled.

“Oh YEAH I AM!!”

To this point, Brad had stayed out of the argument,
which was a first for the evening. But he broke in,
“Baby it’s fine, let him come, maybe it’ll do him some

“Baby!?” I yelled. “Who the fuck are you to call my
fianc� ‘baby’?”

Mr. Pitt gave me a smug look back before turning to the
waiting stretch limo with the door already open. He
helped Lindsay into the car before lowering himself
into it. He looked at me.
“Well? Are you coming or not?” he asked me.

I didn’t have a choice. I begrudgingly got into the
limo. I didn’t know where we were going but I had
gotten my way, I was going with Lindsay wherever she
was going.

Lindsay and Brad took a seat on a large leather sofa-
like seat on one side of the limo. I took my seat on
the other sofa on the other side of the car, between
two 300-pound men I assumed to be bodyguards. They
didn’t look happy to be sitting next to me.

I decided it would be wise to say nothing as Brad and
Lindsay embraced and began making out on the ride home.
I watched as their tongues wrestled. He groped and
squeezed her tits as they kissed. I wanted to get where
we were going.

When we arrived at the Ritz-Carlton, Lindsay and Brad
got out before me and went inside.

The two black men grabbed me and pulled me out of the
limo. “Now we don’t wanna hear no trouble out of you.
You don’t want any trouble with us. So you be on your
best behavior tonight.” I didn’t know what that meant
but I chose to say nothing.

They shoved me ahead of them as I walked through the
door. We joined Lindsay and Brad at the elevator. We
all got on the elevator. One of the bodyguards slid a
card in a slot in the elevator and hit the top floor:
“Penthouse”. The ride up was silent.

Lindsay and Brad went first as we got off the elevator
into a lavishly decorated room. He led her through a
door. We were instantly in a bedroom with a huge king
size bed.

Brad broke the silence. “Just… I dunno… pull up a
chair for him, lock him up,” he said as he pulled two
pairs of handcuffs out of a drawer and tossed them at
one of the black men.

“What the fuck?” I said, beginning to see where this
was leading.

One of the men grabbed a chair, putting it at the foot
of the bed. As he began to sit me down, Lindsay said,
“Wait! Wait! Strip him down. Fucking asshole.”

“Oh fuck you slut!” I retorted.

Brad looked at her, kissing her on the cheek. He looked
at me. “You heard her. Strip down boy.”

I looked at the two black men standing over me, once
again feeling out of control. I slowly took my shirt
off as Lindsay and Brad began passionately kissing and
groping one another. By the time I had my pants and
underwear off, I was rock hard. Lindsay had quickly
unbuttoned Brad’s shirt and tossed it on the ground.
She was kissing down his chest.

One of the black men pushed me down on the chair. “Have
a seat.” My arms were pulled back behind the chair’s
back, where they my wrists were handcuffed together.
Things were heating up to my right as Lindsay pushed
Brad up against the wall my back faced and licked and
kissed his chest. One of the men pulled my calves
around the legs of the chair, cuffing my ankles
together beneath the chair. The two black men left the
room, shutting the bedroom door behind them.

I was fully erect watching Lindsay grope his cock
through his pants. Brad looked up and over at me. His
eyes dropped to my crotch. He grinned and gave a
chuckle. I was embarrassed. Lindsay, now on her knees,
kissing his stomach, turned her head to see what he was
laughing at. She saw my erection and smiled
condescendingly. Brad, still staring at me, unbuckled
his pants, unzipped them, and dropped them along with
his underwear to his ankles, stepping out of them. Not
surprisingly, Brad was also fully erect. His shaft
pointed skyward at Lindsay’s eye level.

I noticed there was much more meat to his dick than my
own. My view was directly from the side, and in
comparison with my 5.5” penis, he seemed to have a
good 3 inches on me in length, and he was nearly double
my girth. His balls, proportionate in size, hung
heavily between his legs. His whole cock looked heavy
and cumbersome, but I knew Lindsay was going to enjoy

Lindsay turned back to him, wrapping her small hand
around its base for control. She began kissing and
licking the precum that had formed at the tip of the
giant purple head. She ran her tongue down and back up
the entire length of his cock. She wasted no more time
as she took him into her mouth slowly, sealing her
full, lipstick-dressed lips around the shaft. She
started out slowly, bobbing her head up and down his
cock. He responded with gruff, manly moans as he closed
his eyes and placed his head back against the wall. As
she sped up, it was apparent he was going to cum
quickly. His body tightened up as he unloaded a huge
load of semen into Lindsay’s mouth for what seemed like
an eternity. “Mmmmm,” she groaned as wave after wave of
his juice squirted into her mouth. Lindsay gulped his
cum down and smiled at him.

Still on her knees, Brad began to undress her, standing
over her with his half erect cock still in her face. He
undressed her and gently pushed her back on the floor.
She lay there naked only a few feet from me as he ate
her dripping wet pussy out. I watched his cock get hard
again as his tongue flicked in and out of her soaking

She moaned loudly and seemed to push her crotch into
his face as if to beg him to go deeper. I watched the
clock on the nightstand. He sucked and licked her wet
cunt for twenty minutes until had screamed out in
pleasure like she never had before four times. Brad
could not get enough of my fianc�e’s sweet pussy. “Fuck
me,” I heard her whisper.

He picked her limp body up and put her on the bed. He
teased her tits for awhile, squeezing, licking and
sucking her nipples before, sweetly holding her hands
up over her head, he slowly eased his giant cock into
her wanting, soaking wet pussy. I had a perfect view
from my chair. The lips of her pussy gladly accepted
his dick, spreading wider and wider as the head of his
dick slowly disappeared into her.

She moaned loudly as he entered her. Little by little,
his cock slid deeper and deeper into her pussy until he
was ball deep in her. He held it for a moment before
slowly and passionately making sweet love to her until
she loudly orgasmed, her back arching and her toes
curling. I was jealous with the manner in which he went
about this.

He paused for a moment, allowing Lindsay’s orgasm to
pass before starting again. Slowly and sweetly, he
sexed my fianc�. She came, over and over again. She
moaned with each thrust of his giant cock deep into her
pussy. They made passionate love on the bed right in
front of me for an hour. I didn’t think they would ever
stop. I wished they would just fuck, and cut this slow
stuff out. It was bad enough they were having sex right
in front of me, but it was worse that they weren’t
fucking. It was passionate sex.

Just as I thought this, I heard Lindsay say, “Mmmm baby
fuck me. Show me what you can do with that massive

For the next hour, Lindsay and Brad fucked hard in all
kinds of positions. They fucked missionary. He bent her
over the bed and fucked her from behind. After she
orgasmed, she climbed on the bed, facing me and putting
her ass high in the air. I watched both their faces as
he took her hard and deep from behind again. He sat
back against the headboard and she climbed on him,
wrapping her arms around his neck and sitting in his
lap. With quick motions, she furiously grinded her
crotch into his.

I shut my eyes and listened to the sounds of sex. I
heard the headboard crashing against the wall. I heard
Lindsay’s pussy juices sloshing as Brad furiously
pumped his dick deeper and deeper into her. I had never
heard her so vocal. She moaned and groaned and yelped
at every thrust. Over and over she talked about how she
had never fucked like this before. She talked about his
“amazing dick”. I heard his balls slapping her ass, and
his manly grunts and groans that accompanied it.

Brad Pitt was fucking Lindsay hard, and she was
absolutely loving it.

I opened my eyes when it started to sound like Brad was
going to cum. Lindsay had mounted him backwards and was
riding him hard and fast like a cowgirl. “Oh fuck,
fuck! Fuck, fuck, oh god, oh fuck!” she yelled each
time she bucked. Brad was groaning louder and more
frequently now and I knew he was close to cumming.

Lindsay, nearly out of breath, stopped for a moment,
only long enough to turn around and remount him, facing
him. She slowed her pace now. Placing her hands on his
pecs for leverage, she slowly fucked him. Her slow,
soft, “Mmmmm’s made me so horny as I watched her in
action. She slowly fucked him for several minutes while
he neared orgasm.

“Mmmm, baby you’re so big. Your dick feels so good deep
in me.” I could tell she wanted him to cum deep in her.
It would be salt in the wound for me, the ultimate
payback for the way I had treated her.

She knew she was hot and she was taking as much
advantage of her power over me as possible. She moved
her arms back, placing them on her ass cheeks as she
rocked up and down on his 8.5 inch cock.

As Brad’s breath quickened and he began moaning louder
and louder, Lindsay quickened her pace, nearing yet
another orgasm herself. She was fucking him so hard
that I don’t think either of them noticed the bedroom
door open. There was only faint light in the room, but
I watched as an outline slowly made its way across the
room in the dark.

Faster and faster she fucked before they both yelled
out in the ultimate simultaneous orgasm. Lindsay
continued fucking him as he shot wave after wave of cum
deep into her pussy. Lindsay stopped grinding and let
out a huge sigh. I could tell she wanted more, but Brad
looked spent.

Just then, with Brad’s cock still deep inside of
Lindsay, the shadow I had watched move across the room
climbed slowly on the bed behind Lindsay, who was too
horny to notice.

I could tell the figure that had climbed on the bed was
a female. She was on her knees behind Lindsay. She put
her arms around Lindsay, grabbing her tits from behind.
She began kissing down Lindsay’s neck.

“Hey honey…” Brad said. Angelina had come home.