Jessica Alba gets taught a lesson

Jessica Alba the young , beautiful Latina actress was on her phone arguing with her agent. I don’t care this will not help me in any way she yelled at her agent. Just do it you are scheduled to speak to the ninth grade class at that high school about careers in Hollywood. Fine she yelled as she hung up the phone and got out of her car. She made her way into the school and stopped at the office where they had a student escort her to the assembly hall where she was to speak. Entering the large hall she saw at least one hundred students most of who were males waiting for her. She walked to the front of the hall but before she could say anything some of the student wolf whistled and yelled for her to dance like in her movie. Blushing she waited for them to quiet down.

She was thinking maybe she should have dressed more conservatively. Thinking over her current attire from her black heeled strap shoes , her dark silky thigh high nylon stockings , her short silky skirt with the side split to the waistband and the narrow silver belt , topped by the sheer silk white sleeveless collarless blouse. She knew she looked good in this outfit. The students finally quieted down and she began her presentation. I know it is a bit u usual but we will start with questions , do any of you have a question about working in Hollywood. A young woman towards the front raised her hand and when Jessica indicated her she asked Alba if the stories about the casting couches were true. Blushing Jessica told them that some were but not all.

The next person a male asked if she had ever used her body to get a part. Blushing again she explained that most actresses used their sexuality to gain parts. A nerdy young man said Ms. Alba are you aroused right now speaking like this to a group of young men. What no of course not why do you think that. He snickered and told her that if her nipples were any harder they would cut their way out of her clothes. Blushing even harder she suddenly felt dizzy and as she began to fall two young buff jocks moved to either side of her and helped her to a chair. A young woman moved to her and asked if she was okay. Jessica told her she felt hot and was sweating profusely. Smiling the girl had the two jocks unbutton and remove Jessica’s blouse leaving her naked from the waist up.

The students loved the vision of Jessica’s firm beautiful tanned c-cup breasts and flat muscular abs. Is that better the girl asked Jessica. Jessica told her a little but I’m still hot. The girl had the two jocks lift Jessica up onto the table at the front of the hall right under an air vent. As the cold air hit her Jessica’s nipples got harder and swelled under the cold air. Then the two jocks removed her shoes and skirt leaving her nude and on full display to the audience. The audience saw Alba with her legs spread wide apart , her shaved pussy with the lips spread wide open. Her long silky tanned legs parted so all could view her body up on the table. As Jessica sat there she felt dizzy and out of it.

Unbeknownst to her she had been sprayed by two nerds as she entered the school the drug was a powerful aphrodisiac made to remove her inhibitions and make her rut like a dog in heat. While the students waited for the drug to become fully effective the audio-video club set up their equipment to film a new Jessica Alba porn video. Jessica leapt onto one of the male jocks ripping his clothes off of him and as soon as he was naked she slid down his body until his engorged cock entered her cunt and she wrapped her legs around his torso. She rode him until he ejaculated then she leapt off him and bore an attractive young woman to the floor where she mauled the girls breasts and began licking her pussy through her panties.

An older male teacher entered the hall through a door at the front and upon seeing him Jessica btought him down and stripped him. She took his old wrinkled cock down her throat until it was rock hard and then slid down onto it. The old teacher was seventy six and due to retire at the end of the semester. Jessica fucked him until he orgasmed and passed out then she knelt down on her hands and knees yelling for anyone to mount her. Many of the male students lined up behind her and obliged her request. Some could not wait so they lined up at her head to get blow jobs.

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