A snobbish high school senior encounters a beautiful blonde babe who looks exactly like Amanda Paige

It was on the moonlit evening of the Third day of July on the parking lot of the Berea High School,which was where each and every student in the school’s senior class had gathered together and started dancing around a large bonfire and having such a terrific time on the night before the Fourth of July holiday.
Actually,one of those Berea High senior students was this one snobbish shit-head with dark-brown hair whose name was Harrison Roth,who was sitting all by himself with his back against the school’s outside wall and gazing his eyes upon the bare-ass naked photos of Amanda Paige,the Playmate of the Month in the October 2005 Issue of Playboy Magazine.

But after he had unzipped his pants and began stroking his stiff cock,someone has walked herself up to Harrison and started tapping her fingers on the magazine,only to have him take a deep breath and say,”Look,I don’t know which one of you assholes is doing that!But if you don’t stop it right now,someone is going to get the shit kicked out of him and it won’t be me!Now get lost!”

But as soon as he had gone back to eye-balling the North Carolina-born Playmate’s nude pictures in the magazine,the mysterious stranger has started tapping her fingers on the magazine again and kept on doing that until he had became so steamed that he had slammed the magazine down to the ground,looked at the stranger and yelled,”WHAT?!”

But after he had done that,Harrison’s own eyes had became as wide as saucers and his bottom jaw has nearly dropped itself down to the ground and it was because he has gazed his eyes upon a hot-looking babe who was a striking resemblance of the blonde Playmate herself.

And after she had allowed a small smile to appear on her lips and said,”If you were to ask me,I do believe that we should go someplace where you would be able to fuck the real thing.Don’t you agree?”,Harrison has nodded his head in response to that question,got himself up to his feet,zipped up his pants and followed the Amanda Paige-lookalike into the school building.

And then,after they had stepped into the school’s own library,a confused Harrison has looked around the entire room and asked,”Are you sure that you want me to fuck you in here?”,the blonde babe has stripped off all of her clothes,started pumping two of her fingers in and out of her hot,wet pussy and carressing her own tits with the other hand and answered,”Yes.I really do want you to fuck me…here and now.”

And after he had realized that as long as he was in the same room with a hot-looking blonde babe who was willing to have hot and steamy sex with him,Harrison has taken all of his clothes off and began stroking his stone hard dick right in front of her before he had moved himself closer to the sexy blonde,kissed her ever so passionately on the lips and started licking all over her nude body–all the way down to her hot,moist snatch and carressing her firm breasts.

And then,after she has placed her hands on Harrison’s bare shoulders and said,”Aaaahhhh,yeeeessss!That’s it!Do it,my hot stallion!Touch me!Touch me there!Suck my wet pussy dry!Aaaahhhh!”,the two newfound lovers had laid their nude bodies down on the floor just in time for Harrison to turn himself around and allowed the blonde babe to start sucking on his stiff cock.

But just as he was about to allow himself to come,the sexy blonde has caused their nude bodies to roll over,raised herself up,grasp his dick in a vice-like grip,raised up her other hand and growled,”IT’S NOW TIME TO FEED ME,YOU SNOBBISH PIECE-OF-SHIT!”,just before fangs had grown out of his mouth and claws had grown out of her fingertips.

And then,after she has slammed her claws right into that poor son-of-a-bitch,pulled out his heart and started chomping down on it,the female succumbus had ripped Harrison’s dick right off of the rest of his corpse and began eating that as well just before she had transformed herself back to her human form and started licking her blood-stained fingers.

And after she had gotten her clothes back on,the female demon in human form has turned her eyes toward the subject of her latest feast,let out a small smile and said,”I’m sorry,Harrison.It’s just that I had became so hungry and settled for you.But you should look at it this way.I really do enjoy fast food.”

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