Jill Hennessy’s facial

I had always done well in school. I mean I never made
the Honor Roll, but I did get mostly B minuses.

I wouldn’t say I’d had a favorite class. I liked
Reading, Language, Mathematics, Science and Social
Studies equally I guess. I would never have said any
class was easy or hard. Nor would I have said any
subject was boring. I was never falling asleep in class.

But that all changed come High School. I just started
and it’s a whole other ball game.

Here’s something that never was an issue in Elementary
school. As a Freshman everyone else is bigger. I’m
serious! From K-8th Grade, everyone had seemed about the
same size to me. Sure, in 8th Grade I was experiencing
puberty, and I changed in some ways. But I’m still
growing, there are Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors all
towering over me!

A lot of those guys are bullies too. I’ve been seeing a
lot of Freshman getting beat on. I’ve been lucky, for
two reasons. I have an older brother who just graduated.
He’s an athlete like me. He played on the basketball
teams and football teams. He was well-respected and he
talked to the other team members who were Sophomores and
Juniors when he was still and Senior. He told them to
watch out for his little brother when he starts this
year, so I already have a lot of friends.

Being an athlete helps too. I’m not tall but I’m very
muscular, strong and fast. And in P.E. class my fellow
classmates have seen me in action and word has spread
around. A lot of people are afraid of me.

I already made the football team and the wrestling team.
And coach hasn’t been keeping me on the bench, he’s been
letting play and I’ve been kicking ass!

But things aren’t so great all around. I said there were
other things different about High School from Elementary
school. The classes.

I still have Reading and Language [now combined into one
class, English], Mathematics, Science and Social
Studies. Mathematics is now Algebra. Science is Biology.
And Social Studies is World History.

It’s like they were just playing with us in Elementary
school! This stuff is DEEP! I actually have to work hard
to maintain that B- average so I can play sports. I do
hours of studying and I still don’t fully understand the
material they’re assigning us. But someone I’m doing
decently enough in English, Algebra and World History.
I’m finding Biology to be the hardest.

Especially all the lab experiments. I suck at them! No
wants to be partnered with me anymore so I end up by

But a new student just joined the school and is assigned
to my Biology class. The teacher asked her to work with
me as my lab partner.

“Hi,” She said. She had a beautiful voice. Hell,
everything was beautiful about her! She looked like one
of those models in my dad’s nudie magazines I jack off

She was maybe an inch taller than me, she had very long
black hair, dark brown eyes, a gorgeous face and a great
smile. I couldn’t tell much about her body. She wore a
loose white button-down shirt under a black vest and
tight blue jeans. “I’m Jillian.”

“Hi. I’m Jim.”

“Nice to meet you,” She said, offering me her hand. I
shook it. “I guess where working together.”

“Right,” I laughed scoffingly. “Nobody wants to work
with me. I have no idea what I’m doing, at all.”

“I’m sure you’re not that bad,” She said. Jillian seemed
so easy going and relaxed. She wasn’t like other girls.

“Trust me. School was a breeze up until now. I’m
struggling in all my classes, but this is my hardest.”

“Listen,” Jillian said. “I promise no matter how bad you
are I’ll always be your lab partner.”

“Really?” I said, surprised.

“Yes, really. I’ll do well for both of us. I have a
knack for it.”

So we started the lab assignment. And Jillian started to
explain to me what we were doing and why. And I found I
was starting to understand.

Then Jillian explained to me how we were going to do it.
Damned if I didn’t completely understand!

So we did the lab assignment, and I did my equal share
of it. And it worked! We got an A on it.

“You have got to be the smartest person I know,
Jillian!” I said, hugging her without thinking. I
quickly pulled away. “Sorry about that…” I blushed.

Jillian didn’t look the least bit upset, and she waved
dismissively about me calling her smart.

“I’m not that smart,” She insisted. “I’ve just always
had a knack for school work. And you’re a good learner.
You did a great job on our assignment too!”

“Thanks!” I said bashfully.

I found I really liked Jillian, and we became best
friends. Not only that, she helped me with my Biology,
Algebra and World History. English was the least
toughest for me and I figured with Jillian helping me
with the other three subjects I could tackle English

We started studying together after school. It was
impossible to study at my house.

My uncle and aunt lived with us. And beside my younger
brothers and sisters, I had younger cousins as well
running amuck at home. I even had to share a room with a
younger brother and a cousin.

So we had to study at Jillian’s. The fun began

“Oh, you finally brought a boy home!” Her mother said. I
could tell she was teasing.

“Mom…” Jillian rolled her eyes at her. “He’s just a
friend from school. We’re going to study. Trust me. He
needs the help.”

“Still, a boy’s a boy,” Her mother said, grinning.

“Whatever, mom.”

“I’m Jim,” I said.

“Nice to meet you,” She said, offering me her hand.

“Nice to meet you too, ma’am,” I said, shaking her hand.

“My Jilly is only thirteen and already had a boyfriend!
With manners to boot!” She laughed.

“You’re only thirteen?” I asked Jillian.

“Her birthday’s the end of November,” Her mother
answered. “When it’s on Thanksgiving I make her a
birthday cake made out of turkey!” She laughed.

Jillian pretended to choke herself.

“We have to study, mom,” She said drolly.

“All right, all right, go study,” Her mother waved us
off before turning walking away, chuckling.

I followed Jillian upstairs.

“I take it you don’t get your sense of humor from your
mother,” I teased.

“Tell me about it,” She sighed.

“The way you react to how she talks I’m surprised you’re
so laid back and relaxed.”

“I am?” She said. “I hadn’t realized it.”

“Trust me. If you were you’d never have wanted me for
your lab partner,” I laughed.

“Hmmm, maybe you’re right…” Jillian said. Then she
laughed. “Just kidding!”

She led me to her bedroom and shut the door.

“Your mom won’t mind us being alone up her with the door
closed?” I asked.

Jillian shrugged.

“Nah. My parents are pretty laid back,” She said. “I
guess that’s where I get it from.”

As the days passed, I also noticed that her mother never
disturbed us by checking up on us, even though we spent
hours up her alone. Her father neither.

“My parents never give me a moment’s peace,” I said.
“Hell, mom always walks in without knocking!”

“Really?!?” Jillian laughed.


“She ever walk in on you naked?” She asked with a goofy
look on her face. It was a weird thing to ask but I
couldn’t help laughing and answering honestly.

“Yeah! Lots of times,” I said, rolling my eyes. “I’ve
even caught her ogling my family jewels.”

Jillian laughed again.

“I’m surprised your parents aren’t worried we’re not
doing something we shouldn’t be up here,” I said.

Jillian waved dismissively.

“They wouldn’t care. I could be screaming bloody murder
up here and they wouldn’t get up from watching
television!” She laughed. I laughed too.

“Speaking of things we shouldn’t be doing, I’ve been
curious to see your…’family jewels’ as you called

“Well that came out of nowhere,” I teased. But at the
same time I was getting turned on.

Jillian shrugged.

“I’m pretty sure I know everything there is to know
about the male anatomy and sex but I’ve never seen a
guy’s crank before.”

I wasn’t sure how to reply to that.

“So are you going to let me see it?” Jillian blurted

Without thinking I retorted “Only if you show me what
you’ve got!”

“Okay,” She said nonchalantly.

Jillian unbuttoned her jeans then unzipped them, pushing
them down and off with her white cotton panties.

I’d seen pussy before, but only young pussy, my little
sisters or my cousins. Jillian had a woman’s pussy, all
covered with black hair.

“Your turn,” She said.

Without taking my eyes off of Jillian’s pussy, I
unbuckled my belt. Then I unbuttoned and unzipped my
jeans. I pushed them down and off before tugging off my
white briefs.

“Wow,” I heard Jillian said. “No wonder your mom likes
to check out your crank. You’re hung like a horse,” She

I looked down at my cock. I wasn’t hard yet but it had
already lengthened and thickened, and my cock is already
pretty big flaccid.

“How would you know?” I retorted.

“I told you, I’ve studied everything about male
anatomy,” Jillian reminded me. “And yours is well above

I didn’t know what to say. I just grinned like a fool.

“If you don’t become a football star or a professional
wrestler you should be an adult film star,” Jillian

I blushed.

“Mom would say the same thing. She watches those all the

“Now I know why you’re the way you are,” I teased.
Jillian threw a pillow at me. I threw it back at her.

“Want to know something?” She said softly.

I nodded.

“I’ve never… touched myself… in a sexual way
before… But part of me wants to now…”

Instead of replying, I started to masturbate. I watched
her face and it was interesting to see the look on it as
my cock slowly hardened.

Jillian bit her lower lip and spread her coltish thighs
wide. Her hand came down to her unshaven apex and
started to rub herself as she watched me do the same.

She started to moan softly.

“I’m getting wet…” Jillian whispered.

I was so fucking turned on. I masturbated faster. Pre-
cum started to ooze from the head of my cock.

Jillian cooed when she noticed, rubbing her pussy

“I know all about female anatomy too,” She said
seductively. “This is my clitoris,” Jillian said,
pointing it out.

I’d heard of it, but everyone calls it a clit.

“If I touch it, it’s supposed to drive me crazy… But
if I start to strum it…”

As she rubbed her pussy, her other hand slid behind it
to rub her clit. Jillian closed her eyes as she moaned

“Watch mom walk in now,” I teased.

“Shut up,” Jillian grinned, not slowing down.

Her head lolled back and her mouth dropped open. Her
moans got even louder.

Jillian started strumming her clit. She was grinding her
hips, sometimes lifting them off the bed.

The sight was so fucking hot I jerked off faster.

Jillian was groaning now, biting her lower lip. She kept
strumming her clit and rubbing her pussy, grinding
herself against her hands.

Suddenly Jillian eyes flew open, all bugged out as she
stifled a scream, her hips shooting straight up in the
air as she continued to masturbate herself.

As her orgasm passed Jillian dropped back down on her

Her hands dropped to her sides in exhaustion.

“That was unbelievable…” She sighed.

I listened to her breath heavy for a while as I jacked
off rapidly, staring at her wet pussy, her legs still
wide open. Jillian had her eyes closed, not paying any
attention to me at first.

After masturbating for nearly ten minutes, I felt myself
getting close to cumming. That was when Jillian opened
her eyes and saw me again.

As my nuts tightened up I started to rise. My cock
swelled up as I got closer to her. I could tell by the
look on Jillian’s face she was wondering what I was
going to do.

She soon found out.

With a grunt I began to spew out my first bolt of jizz,
plastering her hairy pussy. Jillian squealed in surprise
and by the look on her face delight.

I kept jacking out bolt after bolt of the thick white
seed onto her pussy and inner thighs as Jillian watched

I spurted six or seven times before my cock began to

“Wow,” Jillian said, a look of amazement on her face.

“And I had thought MY orgasm was unbelievable!” She

The next day was Saturday. Jillian called me.

“I think you should come over and we should study,” She
said, emphasizing the word “study”. I had the feeling
she had something in mind so I agreed to come over.

When I arrived, Jillian answered the door.

“I was expecting your mom to answer the door,” I said.

“My parents are gone for the day,” Jillian replied with
a mischievous grin.

“Oh, really?”

She nodded.

“After what happened yesterday, I had the feeling if you
were to stick it in me I’d get a lot louder, so I wanted
to do it when I had the place to myself,” She grinned.

“You mean…”

Jillian nodded again, grinning wider.

“Let’s go!” I said, grabbing her hand and leading her
upstairs as she laughed.

Once in her bedroom, Jillian and I kicked off our
sneakers and tore off our jeans and underwear. I was
already hard and eager to lose my cherry to her.

We started kissing awkwardly, as she played with my cock
and I rubbed her pussy.

Jillian’s pussy was very wet when she said, “Come on!”
and pulled me to her bed.

She lay back, pulling me on top of her. “Rub it against
me and coat it with my juices before you stick it in!”
Jillian urged.

Her legs were spread and I mounted her. I said moving my
cock along her slit, making her moan. Slowly her juices
began to cover my cock liberally.

“Stick it in now!” Jillian begged.

Grabbing my cock, I pressed the head along her slit
until it found her opening and popped in.

“Now do it hard!” Jillian hissed. “Break my cherry

I rammed my cock as deep into her pussy I could and she
screamed when I felt something tear inside of her.

“Don’t stop!!!” Jillian screamed. “Keep doing it!

I kept fucking her, faster and faster, as hard as I
could. Her screams of pain slowly become howls of
pleasure. Jillian clung to me as pounded into her tight
pussy as fast as I could.

Her body writhed and shook under me as she moaned and
groaned louder.

Jillian’s convulsions grew more powerful, until she her
pussy spasmed as she threw back her head and came. Her
pussy seemed to suck on my cock hard as she orgasmed
longer than she had yesterday.

Even as her body relaxed I never slowed my pace. If
anything I only fucked her harder and faster. And I made
her cum and cum over and over.

Ten minutes passed and I was surprised I had cum yet.
I’d jerked off and came a while before Jillian had
called, I wondered if that had anything to do with it.

Jillian didn’t complain, though, as ten minutes became
twenty, and twenty minutes became thirty. She did gasp
and whimper more, seeming to sag under me in exhaustion.

I lasted thirty-five minutes before I cried out and
began to spew deep inside her pussy seven or eight

When I stopped spurting, my cock only softened some. I
leaned down and kissed her.

“Well,” Jillian smiled. “THAT was a lot better than just
playing with ourselves!”

We held each other as we kissed for a while.

Suddenly her bedroom door burst open behind us. Shit! We
were busted.

But Jillian didn’t look upset. In fact she was smiling.
I just stared at her as if she were insane.

“Jim, I wanted you to meet my sister,” she said. “My
TWIN sister, Jacqueline.”

Without thinking I turned around, pulling out of Jillian
and exposing my cock to the newcomer.

I stared in amazement at the girl at the door, who was
smiling as she stared at me cock.

She WAS Jillian’s twin! Jacqueline was the same height,
but looked about ten pounds skinnier. Unlike Jillian she
had red hair and green eyes, but equally hot.

“Nice to meet you,” Jacqueline smiled. I felt my cock
hardened again. “VERY nice to meet you.”