Solo With Jennie Kim

The trouble with being in a successful k-pop band like BLΛƆKPIИK, is the demands it has on its members as it’s a very challenging job leaving little time to unwind, or much less indulge in a relationship.

Frankly speaking the girls in the group were just too busy to have private lives, and spent seven days a week perfecting their craft, spending all of their time in the recording studio and working on dance choreography. Everything they did was solely focused on making BLΛƆKPIИK a worldwide sensation.

That being said, I had been tasked with accompanying the girls on their first world tour, and in a short amount of time had become pretty intimate with them. In fact it was while spending some time in Australia that Jennie had booked her first consultation with me while the others were out sightseeing and doing press.

Up until that point things between us had been pleasant and professional, even if she vowed early on that she would never require my services. I guess she just thought she was above it all, and too proud to get a massage. I was happy to see her break that rule.

The pint-sized rapper greeted me at the door of her suite in nothing but a white robe, and clearly looked tired and dejected, wanting nothing more than a nice relaxing rub down. The room itself was already dark with the shades pulled down, and it was only illuminated by a handful of candles.

“We can do this out here or in the bedroom, I don’t care.” Jennie suggested. “We just have to hurry, cause I would prefer to do this before the others get back.”

I suggested we proceed right there in the living room, and while I set up the table, Jennie disappeared into the bathroom for a few minutes and emerged with her phone.

I immediately took the phone from her hand and switched it off, then invited her to lay face down on the table. I could tell from the look on her face that she wasn’t impressed, but only put up with it cause we were short on time.

“You can take that robe off, I have a towel for you.” I told her.

The singer reluctantly obliged, and peeled off the robe to reveal that she indeed was naked underneath, as she lay down while I quickly covered her bare ass with a towel.

I didn’t waste time and squeezed out a hefty amount of oil all over her flawless body and proceeded to massage her over-stressed shoulders and neck. I was happy to see that it immediately had the desired effect and caused her to relax and coo.

I massaged her feet and rolled the towel up to her bum and worked on her calves, then upwards to her thighs. My hands skimmed between her legs to the very crease of her butt, then trailed off to each side only just missing the edge of her mound, before making their way back to her knee.

“Are you comfortable?”

“uh-huh.” she mewed. “Please continue.”

“Good. Maybe you don’t need the towel anymore?”

Jennie agreed as I gently pulled the towel away from her body to leave her laying there completely naked, my hands immediately working on her hips and buttocks.

I could tell she was feeling vulnerable and tense, but I also sensed a little dampness from between her legs judging from the strong scent it gave off. The room suddenly reeked of sex.

“Let me know if anything makes you uncomfortable,” I told her, as I poured more oil along her spine and butt-crack.

I massaged the substance into her hips and ass with expert precision and then let them stray into the crack of her butt causing her to wriggle.

With her permission, I then massaged around her sphincter with a delicate finger and was surprised to see just how tight she was. In my line of work I had massaged all kinds of people, from singers to models, and to everything in between but I’d never seen anyone so tight and tiny in my life.

I have to admit, it turned me on.

Just looking at her I suspect one would barely manage to get a pinky into her ass, much less a cock. I made a point to stimulate as many sensitive nerve endings as possible and noticed the way she couldn’t help pushing her eager butt back against my agile fingers.

I took this as further permission and carefully dipped the very tip of a finger inside her backdoor, causing her to inhale sharply. Just as I had assumed, she was impossibly tight but moreover, she didn’t seem concerned about the fact that I was touching her inappropriately.

A bolt of adrenaline shot up my spine as I gently probed and played with her backdoor and lovingly caressed her mons, leaving her young cunt glistening wet with excitement.

She was clearly getting into it now, until I stopped and removed my hands and asked her to turn over. Jennie obeyed almost immediately, no longer concerned about the towel or that her excitement had becoming obvious. Her juices had already left a visible mark on the sheet of the massage table and her nipples stood at full attention, like two dark tic-tacs.

“I’m going to need you on your back,” I said as I prepared to cover her naked body in scented oils.

The petite singer raised an eyebrow and blushed.

“It’s a little embarrassing laying here like this,” she admitted. “I’m not used to it.”

“Would it make you more comfortable if we were both naked?” I suggested, and before she could answer I pulled the string of my pants and let them fall.

Judging from the look on her face I could tell that she was clearly impressed with my six pack, as I whipped off my sweats and shirt and now stood there as naked as she was.

I watched her nod in agreement while her tongue licked the side of her mouth. I returned my attention back to her legs and thighs before I inched my way up and worked my fingers over her mons without the slightest hesitation. Jennie let out a satisfied moan as her legs parted just a fraction more, offering me more access.

I could see her vulva was aroused and swollen, and when I moved to her side Jennie responded by reaching out and gliding her hand up the inside of my leg, to cup and massage my balls which caused my cock to jerk reactively.

I didn’t say a word, as she returned the favor and massaged me back. Our mutual touching became more and more erotic until my growing excitement was even more evident than hers, and I was rock hard.

My fingers passed over her outer lips – not a hair in sight – as I smeared her inner wetness all around, and let a single digit enter her for the first time.

Jennie let out a soft moan, and arched her back.

I sought out her g-spot, while my thumb played on her clit. To her credit, she never gave up her grip on my cock and now stroked me to full mast. Every time she ran her finger over the tip, it twitched in her hand and she seemed to get a kick out of it.

Meanwhile I had found her g-spot and was rapidly bringing her to the edge, so much so that she was starting to buck and squirm around on the table.

“I think you’re friends will be back soon.” I said as I glanced at the clock and swirled my fingers deep inside her.

“We still have time,” she panted erotically. “Please don’t stop.”

“How would you like me to finish you off… with my hands, my mouth, or other?” I offered, insinuating a quick fuck.

Kim responded by pulling me towards her face and without warning took my cock into her mouth, engulfing me in one smooth action.

I grabbed the side of her head and caressed her long hair as she polished my wood like a god damn professional, her head bobbing back and forth while her tongue swirled around my bell-end. She paused long enough to tell me what she wanted.

“I want you to eat me before the others get back!”

“Eat you?” I clarified.

“Eat my pussy,”

Just hearing those words leave her mouth made my cock twitch. However, as much as I wanted to please her with that request, I suddenly found it difficult to extricate myself from that sexy mouth, as she continued to suckle me.

When I looked down across her naked body I noticed that her right hand was now between her legs and she was openly playing with herself as she slurped on my cock.

Jennie took the slick fingers from her box and raised them up to my face, inviting me to taste her. I devoured those ambrosia-flavored fingers instantly and licked them clean, before she returned her attention back to her clit, while I now grabbed hold of my cock and proceeded to tap it lightly across her face, striking her chin and open mouth.

She groaned erotically to this and seemed to get off on it, even going as far to stick out her flat tongue to permit me to tap it against her. I then moved to the foot of the table, lowered my head and kissed the inside of her smooth thighs, while I scooped her knees up in my arms.

The look of sheer lust and anticipation on her face was priceless. She was ready to scream and I hadn’t even touched her yet.

The tip of my tongue landed directly on her clit, which I sucked into my mouth like a delicious noodle. She immediately moaned and arched her back, running her fingers through my hair.

I’m not even sure how long it took to make her cum but it didn’t take much effort, as I suckled her sex and licked her entire mound from top to bottom. She particularly enjoyed it when I would suck her cunt-lips into my mouth, which caused her legs to tremble wildly.

As she lay there panting and moaning uncontrollably, I knelt up onto the table between her legs and rubbed the head of my cock against her tiny slit, just touching the tip of her clit. When I pushed forward I almost lost my mind, and couldn’t believe how tight she was.

She felt like a god damn vice!

“ugh, please…” she moaned hotly. “Fuck me. Hurry!”

To her credit, Jennie kept constant eye contact with me as I pulled back and slowly wormed a few more inches inside of her snug cunt, her eyes imploring me to go slow.

I felt every inch of her magnificent pussy encase me until I finally filled her completely. I then stopped for a moment to lean forward and kissed her on the lips, before I pulled back and proceeded to saw my hips back and forth.

Jennie Kim might have been a good rapper, and a half decent dancer and singer for that matter, but my god she possessed one of the sweetest, tightest little pussies I’d ever had the good fortune of fucking.

I took my cues from her breathing and slowed down to an agonizing pace, watching her flail around on the table as her first orgasm surged through her body. Despite her climax though, I continued stroking in and out of her blazing core throughout.

Jennie couldn’t help herself and started to thrash about below me, her voice squealing louder and louder as I now proceeded to jack-hammer her into the table like a rubber fuck-doll.

The songstress sank her nails into my hips and forced me to penetrate her until my nuts now slapped loudly against that butt, causing her to squeal even louder.

“Please… yes, yes, yes… don’t stop!”

When I suddenly pulled out, she groaned in disappointment but then happily followed my instructions as I pulled her up by the arm and directed her to flip over and get on all fours, so I could take her doggy-style.

I grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her back – leaving her face down, ass up – while I reached over to pour even more oil all over her already sweat-glazed body, and began to pound her again.

This time however, I took no mercy and Jennie cried out at the top of her lungs to the nonstop pounding, to the point where I was worried she was going to alert our neighbors. When I reached over to put my hand over her mouth to quiet her, she instead sucked my finger into her mouth and begged for more.

“Yeah, don’t stop, please!” she urged. “Give it to me!”

I stopped briefly only to caution her about being loud, but as I leaned back Jennie took it upon herself to slam her booty back against me, and fucked herself over and over again.

The girl was absolutely wild!

I just stood there watching as the pint-sized starlet used my cock for her own amusement. In fact I dare say that if I didn’t intervene she could have cum right then and there.

When I finally slapped her butt for good measure, it only seemed to rile her up even more. Resigned to my fate, I grabbed hold of that perfect little peach-like ass and slammed her down onto my cock even harder and faster while I reached over to play with her tiny little bunghole.

I pummeled her so hard I was genuinely surprised to see her take it, as we soon came simultaneously, with me pulling out at the very last minute to fire thick ropes of spunk all over her butt and spine, and utterly defiled and coated her in semen.

“C’mon,” I said, tapping her bare ass. “Better get cleaned up before the others get back.”

However, just as Jennie was about to say something witty, the front door suddenly opened and her bandmates Lisa, Jisso, and Rose stood gobsmacked.

“…what the fuck!” Lisa hissed.

“Err, hi guys.” Jennie blushed. “You’re back already?”