Christina Milian & Jennifer Love Hewitt

Christina Milian signed the bill and handed it back to the receptionist. A few years ago she would never have been able to afford to stay in a hotel as extravagant as this right in the centre of London but now that she was a very successful solo artist and song writer she could stay wherever she wanted thought she never felt quite comfortable in these exceedingly lavish surroundings. She was just finishing her week long stay in London doing the usual tour of television shows and magazine interviews to promote her new single and she was dying to get home, to a place she could relax and unwind. She felt tense, even the muscles in her neck felt stiff. She looked down at her watch (a rather expensive gift) and saw she had a few hours to kill. Why do hotels always make you check out so early?

She decided to go to the coffee shop off the foyer for something to drink. She sat down at a table and ordered a coffee and picked up a discarded newspaper from the empty table next to her. After about half an hour she’d finished her coffee and was still leafing through the paper when a voice interrupted her.

‘Excuse me, Christina?’ She looked up expecting to see another fan asking for an autograph like the noes that had been cropping up all week even at the most unlikely of times. Who wants to sign an autograph while clothes shopping in Harrods, honestly. But to her surprise it was a familiar face that greeted her.

‘Jennifer! Hi, sit down please.’ ‘

‘Thanks, I thought it was you,’ she replied. Jennifer Lopez sat down in the seat opposite Christina. Jennifer and Christina knew each other, it was partly thanks to Jennifer that Christina had a singing career at all. Christina wrote a hit song ‘Play’ for Jennifer a year or two ago and in thanks Jennifer had put her in touch with a few people to help Christina launch her own career. She felt she had a strange sort of bond with her. She certainly owed her a lot.

‘What’re you doing here?’ Jennifer asked. Christina put down the paper, glad of an opportunity to genuinely talk to someone not solely about business.

‘Oh you know, just the usual promotion stuff for the new song.’ She replied.

‘Oh of course. I heard it on the radio, well done. Its great.’

‘Thanks,’ Christina replied feeling like she must be going slightly red in her cheeks. ‘What about you? What’re you doing here?’

Jennifer’s expression changed to a much more serious one. ‘I just fancied a break. You know what with my marriage breaking down ‘n all I just wanted to get away, maybe do some shopping. I dunno. I just want to try something new, you know? Try something different, not the usual routine. Something bold.’ Christina had heard about Jennifer’s marriage breaking down, who hadn’t? But she hadn’t spoken to her since it happened.

‘How’re you holding up?’ She asked.

‘Ok I guess, just hard to get used to being single again,’ Jennifer replied. ‘Its just not the same bein-‘ she stopped mid sentence as two excited looking twentyish girls approached them.

‘Is that? Oh my god it is!’ The shorter one said cutting Jennifer off. ‘Oh my god I cant believe this. We’re big fans. Can we’ve your autograph Ms. Lopez oh, and yours too Christina. Jennifer rolled her eyes and fumbled in her bag for a pen. They both signed the cover of a magazine the girls had who then left looked extremely pleased with themselves.

‘How about we go somewhere else to talk? Somewhere where there aren’t fans lurking around every corner like possessed bounty hunters?’ Jennifer asked. Christina laughed and looked at her watch.

‘Sure I’ve got nowhere to be.’

‘Great. How about you come up to my room for a coffee, or something stronger if you like.’

‘That’d be great,’ replied Christina. She paid her bill and followed Jennifer up to her suite. If she thought her own room was nice it was nothing compared to the accommodation Jennifer Lopez got. Expensive didn’t quite cover it. One day…she thought to herself.

She sat on Jennifer’s huge bed and took the coffee Jennifer handed to her. They started talking, catching up after not seeing each other for month. Jennifer was curious how Christina’s career was going and what it felt like to be a star all of a sudden. Christina felt comfortable with Jennifer, she hadn’t felt this at ease it well over a week. Much longer in fact. Not since her last boyfriend. She felt a familiar feeling when she looked at Jennifer, not just as a friend but as something more. Maybe it was just a stupid fleeting thought but Christina got an idea and she decided to act on it before doubt clouded her judgement.

‘Can you hand me a tissue?’ Christina asked pointing to the box on the bedside table on the other side of the bed.

‘Yeah sure,’ replied Jennifer. She turned around and reached across the bed for the tissues. Then, before she knew what was happening she had her face pressed down against the bed and felt Christina sitting on her back pinning her to the bed. ‘Christina. What the hell?’

‘Sssh,’ said Christina. She had one hand on the back of Jennifer’s neck holding her down to the bed.

‘What are you doing? Get the hell of me,’ protested Jennifer quite serious now. What did Christina think she was doing? It was starting to hurt having Christina sitting on her immobilising her like this.

‘I said ssssh.’ Christina admired Jennifer’s form held motionless underneath her. She savoured the feeling of power and control. Jennifer was quiet now, she’d even stopped struggling. Christina trailed her right index finger along Jennifer’s right cheek and behind her ear. She had a surprising light touch considering the force with which she’d pinned Jennifer. Christina leaned in lower so her mouth was near Jennifer’s right ear.

‘You know Jennifer I’ve dreamed of you like this, did you know that? You’re here, what you can do is up to me.’ She was speaking softly now into Jennifer’s ear. Her warm breath gliding over Jennifer’s skin. Despite the situation it was extremely sensual.
‘Well now you’re got me. What is it you want?’ Jennifer asked, her voice quiet and unsteady.

Christina grinned to herself. ‘Why, I want you to lie here Jennifer. you’ll see what else I want.’ Christina kissed Jennifer’s ear lightly. Jennifer winced at the unexpected kiss. Christina kissed her ear again and this time her tongue joined in. She slowly licked along the outside of Jennifer’s ear. Her warm breath and siliva setting her nerves on fire. Christina kept her firm hold on Jennifer’s neck pinning her to the bed as she slowly trailed kisses down Jennifer neck.

‘Christina…. Don’t do this.’ Christina just smiled to herself.

‘You said it yourself Jennifer. You said you wanted to try new things. Don’t resist me. Don’t resist,’ she kissed Jennifer’s neck again. Her other hand glided down Jennifer’s back. Her light touch was just what Jennifer loved though she wasn’t about to admit it to the woman now sitting on her back holding her immobile. Christina seemed encouraged by the fact that Jennifer had stopped protesting. She seemed to be reduced to involuntary noises.

Christina tried to ignore the burning desire filling her. She suppressed the urge, at least for now, to flip Jennifer over and lock her mouth onto hers. To feel Jennifer’s breasts under her fingers. All in good time she thought.

She shifted down Jennifer’s body now so she had access to more of her. This probably wasn’t that wise as Jennifer could now probably topple her if she tried hard enough but something told her that wasn’t going to happen. Christina’s hand went under Jennifer’s skirt to her thighs. She lightly traced her finger along the inside of Jennifer’s thighs. The involuntary noises from Jennifer seemed to increase.

Her hand moved up further to Jennifer’s butt. She ran her finger along the crack of her butt in the direction of her pussy. Jennifer’s breathing was getting faster now. Her face seemed to be noticeable redder also.

Crunch time. She inched her finger closer to Jennifer’s pussy then just before she touched it she stopped dead.

‘Wh…what are you…?’ Said Jennifer. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be in a dazed state. Christina leaned down again to Jennifer’s right ear. She licked it slowly and gave it a final lick. ‘So, shall I stop?’

‘Let me up and I’ll tell you,’ Jennifer replied. Christina pondered this for a moment. Should she let her up? She might get up and leave. The risk was worth it she decided.

‘Ok but be a good girl,’ she said as she got up off Jennifer to sit beside her. Jennifer rolled over onto her back and looked Christina in the face. She was still breathing quite deeply and Christina could see her nipples were already hard and poking into the fabric of her tight shirt.

Jennifer followed Christina’s gaze down to her breasts, certainly one of her finest features. She put her right hand up to touch her breasts as Christina watched seemingly transfixed. Her gorgeous youthful face full with desire. With her other hand she reached out and took hold of Christina’s wrist. She guided the palm of Christina’s hand to rest firmly over her left breast.

Christina felt a jolt of excitement run through her, she stroked Jennifer’s soft breast imagining what it would be like to feel her own breasts pushed up against her soft skin. She leaned down closer to Jennifer’s beautiful face. Their lips met in a passionate kiss. Christina admired the softness yet force of the kiss, Jennifer’s lips against her own. She opened her mouth wider to let in Jennifer’s eager tongue.

Their kiss became more heated, their tongues meeting, each exploring the others mouths. Jennifer had never kissed another woman before, not properly anyway but she was quickly leaving any hesitation behind her. Their lips still locked together Christina straddled Jennifer’s waist. Jennifer’s hands found their way to Christina’s butt. She squeezed Christina’s ass through the form fitting leather trousers. Her butt was so firm and perfect.

Soon Jennifer felt her shirt being pulled up over her head revealing her full breasts held by a sexy black bra. ‘Mmm, now that’s something I’ve always wanted to see first hand.’ Said Christina in between kisses. Jennifer’s hands left Christina’s butt to grasp her top, it soon joined her own discarded on the floor. Christina’s breasts looked equally brilliant in a red bra that pushed them together giving her great cleavage. ‘I could say the same,’ replied Jennifer. Christina could only smile in response.

She started to trail kisses over Jennifer’s neck. Down further over her soft tanned skin to her cleavage. Her mouth found Jennifer’s left nipple which she slowly licked with an outstretched tongue. Jennifer gasped at the feel of the warm wet tongue sliding over her nipple through the lacy bra. Christina’s tongue teasingly tempting her. She arched her back yearning to feel that mouth wrapped around it.

Christina’s hands found the clasp of Jennifer’s bra, she unfastened it and threw the bra behind her exposing Jennifer’s full supple soft breasts in all their glory. She took Jennifer’s left nipple in her mouth, her teeth grazing the hard tip. She sucked gently on it, trapped it between her teeth. Her tongue raked over the sensitive flesh. Jennifer was in heaven, Christina seemed to know just how to make her burn with desire. Christina released it and gave it a final kiss before moving to the other nipple. She only gave it a teasingly slightly unfulfilling lick and nip of her teeth.

Her hands unfastened Jennifer’s skirt and pulled it down off her hips. Jennifer shook them off her as Christina kissed her way down Jennifer’s belly. Jennifer’s breathing increased with ever inch closer Christina came to her almost aching pussy.

Christina smiled as she licked her way down until her head was hovering just above Jennifer’s pussy. Jennifer could have raised her hips to force it at Christina’s mouth, god knows she wanted to do it but she felt she had to wait until Christina decided she was ready. She’d never have believed that she would be this desperate to have another woman lick her pussy never mind a colleague. Christina inhaled deeply the scent of Jennifer’s arousal, she breathed warmly onto it making Jennifer shiver with delight. Christina had to use all her willpower to try and ignore the urge she herself was feeling between her own legs and focused on savouring the delight of having the one and only J Lo so helpless under her touch.

She bent down until her lips touched Jennifer’s pussy. She slowly pushed out her tongue until it grazed Jennifer’s slick folds. She licked it from bottom to top then found Jennifer’s clit. Her tongue flicking the hard nub as her lips pursed around it sucking on it. She picked up the pace making Jennifer writhe with pleasure. Christina’s index finger stroked Jennifer’s pussy as she did this. She worked her way into Jennifer’s pussy starting to thrust in and out soon joined by another finger. She kept this up, Jennifer could do nothing but moan and whisper Christina’s name under her breath.

Jennifer’s eyes opened suddenly when she felt Christina sticking a wet finger between her butt cheeks. Christina curled the finger and began working it in and out of Jennifer’s ass. She quickly grew used to the feeling. She felt her orgasm building inside of her, gathering like a distant storm threatening to wipe away everything in its path. The tongue lashing her clit was getting combined with the thrusting of Christina’s fingers in both her pussy and ass were too much for her. She cried out loud as her orgasm engulfed her, Christina quickly lapping up her juices. Jennifer’s back arched, her eyes closed with pleasure as the orgasm took hold of her before subsiding leaving her almost tingling with joy. She half consciously uttered an ‘oh god Christina’ though she could hardly form words. Christina replied with planting a soft kiss on Jennifer’s lips.

She could taste herself off Christina and by god she liked it. Christina’s tongue probed deep into Jennifer’s mouth, she willing accepted it taking joy in the taste of herself on Christina’s tongue.

‘How does it feel to try new things?’ Christina asked with a smile.

‘Great. You know I haven’t cum that hard in ages.’ Jennifer replied. It certainly was true. One of the reasons that her marriage had broken up was that she was perpetually unsatisfied with him but Christina, she seemed to know just what buttons to press. ‘In fact, I think I want to try a few more new things,’ she said as she reached up and quickly unfastened Christina’s bra.

Christina smiled when she saw Jennifer lick her lips at the sight of her exposed breasts. She hadn’t felt entirely confident with her breasts compared to Jennifer’s famously perfect ones but the way Jennifer was looking at her with lust and hunger in her eyes quickly washed away any worries or doubts that she had. Jennifer’s hands squeezed Christina’s ass again. ‘God you look beautiful. But, someone seems to be a tad overdressed don’t you think?’

‘I see what you mean. Lets try and fix that shall we?’ She kissed Jennifer again and then got up off the bed. Jennifer sat up and watched as Christina started to remove her tight black leather trousers. She turned around to give Jennifer a good view of her butt that made Jennifer lick her lips again before she removed them fully. Her lacy red panties soon followed leaving a fully naked Christina Milian standing before her.

Christina quickly got back on the bed but this time it was Jennifer who straddled Christina. ‘My turn,’ she said with a smile. She leant down to kiss Christina, her long hair falling down to one side to flow over Christina’s skin. She looked hungrily at Christina’s breasts. So soft, her gorgeous skin making her look like a goddess from some ancient Greek myth. Jennifer took a breast in either hand and pushed them together. She then lowered her head and licked them both at once, her tongue sliding from nipple to nipple. She loved the feel of Christina’s perfect skin under her tongue and by the look on her face Christina was enjoying it too.

Christina put a hand between Jennifer’s legs and began to stroke her wetness as means of thanks, both women were thoroughly enjoying themselves but Jennifer decided she wanted to see this little beauty cum under her. She wanted to repay her for the glorious orgasm she had had. She stopped licking and sucking at Christina’s breasts and reached for the bedside table. She opened the drawer and rummaged inside.

‘What are you looking for?’ Christina asked curiously.

‘Patience my pet,’ Jennifer replied with a smile. She found what she was looking for and took it out of the drawer. Christina’s eyes widened when she saw it held firm in Jennifer’s hand, a seven inch long strap on dildo . ‘Just what every unsatisfied wife needs,’ she said. Christina smiled broadly as Jennifer fastened it between her legs over her pussy. Jennifer got up on her knees to let Christina get a good view of what awaited her. Christina looked at it lustfully. The moment of anticipation, waiting for what was coming was often greater than the actual moment but this she sensed was going to be the exception to the rule. Jennifer eased the tip of the di to tempt Christina’s damp pussy. She was clearly extremely aroused. God how she must want to feel this in her, Jennifer thought.

Not wanting to disappoint she began to insert more and more of it. Christina’s eyes were closed, her face contorted with ecstasy as Jennifer began to thrust in and out of her soaking pussy. Soon she was plunging it deep into her, Christina eagerly accepting all its length. She began to buck her hips to meet Jennifer’s thrusts. ‘Oh God Jennifer! Fuck me! Uhh. Harder!’ The words were coming without her even thinking, her body craved it. They built up to a furious pace both sweating from the exertion. Jennifer wished she could have taken a snapshot of the scene, the sight of Christina practically begging for the dildo, her body on fire with pleasure was almost too much to bare.

‘Oh god!’ Cried Christina as she came hard. Jennifer kept thrusting into Christina’s limp body as she half shook with orgasm. Strangely she thought it was at that moment that she looked most beautiful. Blissfully happy, unaware of the world around her for those few seconds; only knowing the pure ecstasy pulsating through her veins. She kept on thrusting until her orgasm subsided leaving Christina sweating and breathless. She took the dildo out of Christina’s pussy but didn’t unfasten it.

Christina opened her eyes feeling like a bus had just hit her she was so overpowered. Jennifer was still straddling her thighs and looking gorgeous. ‘Welcome back,’ said Jennifer with a smile. Christina then watched as Jennifer touched the tip of the dildo with her finger and then put the finger to her mouth which she slowly licked tasting Christina’s pussy. ‘Beautiful,’ she said.

A thought suddenly crossing her mind she smiled broadly. She then repositioned herself so that her hips still with the dildo attached were sitting directly above Christina’s face, a leg either side of her head. ‘Suck it,’ she said wickedly as she lowered her hips so the tip met Christina’s full ravishing lips. She eased it in between them, Christina smiling as she accepted more and more of it. She could taste herself still fresh off it, it turned her on even more. Further and further in it went until she was taking most of it in her mouth. She sucked eagerly on it as Jennifer eased it in and out of her mouth slowly. ‘Good girl. You’ve no idea how hot you look,’ said Jennifer.

Christina smiled then with her hands reached up to Jennifer’s ass above her face and undid the straps. The dildo fell away from Jennifer’s hips and Christina removed it from her mouth.

‘As you’re here…’ Christina said before sticking her tongue out to lick Jennifer’s pussy. Jennifer uttered a low moan from deep in her throat as Christina started to lick her out again. She then lowered her own head to between Christina’s thighs and did the same. They stayed locked in a 69 position moaning and licking away eagerly at each others dripping pussies. Christina was the first to cum but was quickly followed by Jennifer who almost collapsed on top of Christina with the force of her orgasm. When she’d finished she lay down beside Christina, both of their bodies glistening with sweat, their chests heaving as they regained their breath.

‘Thank you,’ said Jennifer eventually breaking the calm peacefulness of the moment.

‘Thank you for what?’ Christina asked, she sat on her side to look at Jennifer’s face. She could see a distinguishable change in her. The stress was certainly gone from that face but so too were many other worries she thought.

‘For…everything. I don’t think many people would have done what you did. Just taking me like that. Taking the initiative even though I didn’t say I was willing. At least at first.’ Jennifer kissed Christina again; an arm draped around Christina’s waist holding her close. They lay there, their naked bodies touching breast to breast, hip to hip in perfect scenery.

‘You looked like you needed it,’ Christina replied kissing her again. Her tongue gliding over Jennifer’s teeth. Just then a shrill ringing broke the peace.

‘Oh crap, sorry that’s my phone.’ Said Jennifer as she got out of bed and hurried to a table on the other side of the room to answer her mobile. She answered it and started to talk as Christina stretched out on the bed admiring Jennifer’s naked body as she talked. She was extremely happy with the way this day had turned out.

‘Sorry, that was my agent saying he scheduled a last minute meeting with some magazine in an hour.’ Said Jennifer as she lay back down beside Christina.

‘Oh, that’s Ok. Time to go back to the real world I guess.’ She replied.

‘Yeah. Just promise me one thing,’ said Jennifer.

‘Sure, anything.’ Replied Christina. Jennifer smiled and kissed her again.

‘Promise me this wont be the last time I see you like this,’ she said running a hand along Christina’s naked front.

‘Oh don’t worry, this wont be the last time.’ She replied. They started to get dressed in a hurry, Christina spent about a minute watching as Jennifer tried to put on her top by accident before she realised her mistake. They both left the hotel room kissing one last time before going back out into full view of the prying eyes of the world.