This Is a fantasy after the VMA’s between Britney Spears,Christina Aguilera,and Madonna

Christina sits In her dressing room. Her panties are on the floor.
Carmen Electra Is kneeling before her with her face Inbetween her
legs.Carmen has her tounge In Christina’s cunt,and Is licking away at
Christina’s pussy. Carmen licks Christina’s pussy out slow,and hard.
Christina loves the job Carmen Is do servicing her pussy. Christina loves
being with women.

“That’s good Carmen” Christina moans

Madonna walks In. Christina sees her.

“Get off me” she tells Carmen.

Carmen stands up. She wipes her face. Madonna realizes she was
blowing Christina.She smiles.

Carmen Is freaked out by Madonna’s arrival,and the possible exposure
of her Lesbian side. She runs out.

“I guess she Is worried” Madonna says.

Christina says nothing. She wonders why Madonna Is here,and what
she will say about seeing Carmen blowing her pussy.

Madonna walks over to Christina. She goes behind Christina. She puts
her hands on her shoulders,and begin to rub them. Christina likes
Madonna rubbing her shoulders.

“Your so tense” she tells Christina,and really works her shoulders.
Christina enjoys It. Madonna smiles. She knows Christina Is primed
for seduction.

Madonna goes In front of Christina,and kneels before her.

“What are you doing?” Christina asks.

Madonna answers by licking Christina’s cunt. Christina enjoys It.

“Oh Shit!” Christina moans In pleasure as Madonna licks her pussy

Christina loves the job Madonna does licking her pussy out.

Madonna stops,and stands up. Christina Is amazed by how good she
Is.She had never gotten eaten out like that before. Madonna
touches Christina’s face.

“I find you very attractive Christina. That Is why you were asked
here after that bitch Lopez quit the show. Your a great kisser,and
you are so sexy performing. I want to get so much better
acquanted with you sweetie.”

Christina Is surprised by this. Madonna wants her.

“Come to my hotel room. We will have fun” Madonna tells
Christina. “What about your Husband?” she asks.
“Don’t worry about him. He won’t disturb us tonight.This is our
night” Madonna tells her,and Kisses Christina.

Madonna withdraws.

“I will see you later. This Is one night you won’t forget
Christina”Madonna tells her.

Madonna leaves Christina’s dressing room.

Christina feels so horny. The thought she was going to fuck
Madonna Is making her so excitied.

In the bathroom Britney Spears came out of the toilet to see
Madonna. Britney has long carried a secret desire for her.
Britney didn’t consider herself a Lesbian but she had those
feelings for Madonna. Madonna smiles charmingly at Britney,and
goes up close to her.

“You are a great kisser Britney. Have you ever fucked another
woman?” she asks.

Britney Is afaird Madonna will know about her desire for her so she
says nothing. Madonna rubs her hand across Britney’s arm.

“I find you very attractice Britney.” Madonna tells her.

Britney Is stunned to find out Madonna Is attracted to her. She
has been so attracted to Madonna for so long. This Is why
she agreed to kiss Madonna as part of the performance.

“Would you like to fuck me tonight?” Madonna asks. “Your married”
Britney replies.

Madonna kisses Britney very passionately. Madonna knows Britney
wants her.

“Go to my limo. And you will never forget this night” Madonna tells

Madonna walkes out. Britney couldn’t believe Madonna wants to
fuck her.Well she wasn’t going to let this chance pass her by.

Britney came Into the Limo to see Madonna,and Christina kissing.
She Is stunned.

“I thought this was our night” Britney says.

Madonna withdraws.

“This Is a night for all three of us” Madonna tells her.

Britney doesn’t like this Idea. Having lesbian sex with Madonna Is
one thing.But,having a threesome with her,and Christina Is
something else.Madonna puts her hand on Christina’s knee,and
starts to rub it. Britney sits down. Madonna signals the driver to
drive off.

The Limo pulls off. Madonna put her other hand on Britney’s knee
as the Limo goes off.

The Limo stops.

“I want you two to kiss” Madonna says.

Britney does nothing. Christina leans over,and kisses Britney. She
withdraws.Madonna puts her hands through their hair.

“That wasn’t so bad. You two make me so horny” Madonna says.

Britney,and Christina smile. Madonna kisses Britney. She withdraws
from Britney,and kisses Christina.

“You two are such good bitches” Madonna says.

They get out of the Limo.They go Into the hotel.

Madonna walks In with Britney on one arm,and Christina on the
other one.

“Let’s go to the bedroom” Madonna says.

They go to the bedroom.

Madonna,Britney,and Christina all undress. Madonna lays on the bed.
Christina comes up to her. She spreads Madonna’s legs,puts her
face Into Madonna’s cunt,and begins to lick her out. Britney comes
up to Madonna. Madonna puts her hand on one of Britney’s tits,and
squeezes It. Britney enjoys It. She removes Madonna’s hand,and
puts a hand on one of Madonna’s tits,and caresses It.

“You get to have my pussy” Britney says. Britney gets on Madonna
just above Christina.

She spread her legs for Madonna. Madonna starts eating Britney’s
pussy out as Christina continues to ear her out.

Christina stands up,and Madonna throws Britney off. Christina gets on
Madonna,and spreads her legs for Madonna. Britney knelles before
Madonna. Madonna starts to lick Christina’s pussy. She could tell
Christina had more experience than Britney but her pussy was still
very good. Britney started to eat out Madonna as she was eating
Christina. She Is going to repay Madonna for the great blow she had
just given her. And she had long fantasized about being able to eat
Madonna out. Madonna enjoys both eating Christina’s pussy,and
having Britney suck her pussy. She thinks to herself I should have
taken them under my wing much sooner. They are great fucks. So
much better than Guy.

Madonna wakes up with Britney laying her head on one of her
breasts,and Christina laying her head on the other breast.

“Morning” Madonna says. Britney,and Christina smile at her.

“You two are the best fucks I have ever had” Madonna says.

“Really?” Britney asks. “Really” Madonna replies.

Both Britney,and Christina love the fact Madonna thought they were
the best at fucking her. Britney couldn’t deny her feelings. She had to
tell Madonna.

“I Love you,Madonna” Britney says.

Madonna Is surprised by Britney’s confession of her feelings.

“I am willing to be yours whenever you want me” Britney tells Madonna.

Christina rubs Madonna’s check.

“You are the only women who gets me from now on” Christina tells

Madonna made a decision. She wasn’t going to let them go.She felt
more with them than she ever had with Guy,or any man. She was going
to have them both from now on.

“I want us to spend a lot of time together. I want you to be my
bitches” Madonna tells them.Britney,and Christina like that.

Guy walks In. He Is stunned to see Madonna In bed with both
Britney,and Christina.

“You fucked both of them!” he says. “Get out!” she demanded. “I am
your husband” he says. “I don’t need you anymore. I have them.I am
calling my Lawyer,and filling for divorce.” she tells him.

He Is stunned by this.

“Britney,Christina,and I are going to be together.I never want to see you
again!” she tells him,and kisses Britney.

He leaves. She then kisses Christina.

“I want you two with me from now on. I have plans for us” Madonna tells
them. Britney,and Christina like this.

The tabloids were shocked by discovering that Madonna was caught by
Guy In bed with both Britney,and Christina. Madonna Immedietly filled for
divorce. She announced her retirement from solo performing. She then
bought out the contacts of both Britney,and Christina,and they joined her
label. Madonna announced she was now in Control of both Britney,and
Christina’s careers.

Britney’s new video premiered. In It she worked as a Domm at a S&M
club. Madonna appears as the owner of the club. Britney used whips on
Youngier guys while Madonna used them on older guys. Britney eyed
Madonna with Lust throughout the video. The video ended In a office
with Britney coming on to Madonna but Madonna pushing Britney to the
wall,and rubing her face. Britney kissed Madonna’s hand.

The video was banned by MTV but became the number one downloaded
video In the world.

Madonna enrolled her Daughter In boarding school. She told her while
she would provide for her finacilly she never wanted to see her again.
She Is a reminder of her old life. Her life now Is Britney,and Christina.
Britney’s family disowned her after learning of her Lesbian relationship
with Madonna. Britney didn’t care. She was with Madonna now.
That Is what mattered to her now.

At her divorce hearing Madonna signed papers giving up custody of her
son. She Is now free of her old life.

Madonna arrives at a event with Britney on one arm,and Christina on the
other arm. They turn heads. They steal all the attention.

Several months later Madonna,dressed In a black outfit, stood In a
church In Canada.

Britney,and Christina walked Into the church dressed In wedding
dresses. They walked up to Madonna.

“We can begin” the Preacher said. “Madonna,do you take Britney
Spears,and Chrstina Aguilera as your wives,to love for the rest of your
lives?” he asks.

“I do” Madonna replies.

“Britney Spears,do you take Madonna to be your mate,to
love,cherish,and obey as long as you live?” he asks.

“I do” Britney replies.

“Christina Aguilera,do you take Madonna to be your mate,to
love,honor,and obey for the rest of your life?” he asks.

“I do” Christina replies.

“Madonna,Britney,and Christina I pronounce you companions. You may
kiss now” he says.

Madonna kisses Christina. And then kisses Britney. They walk out.

Photographers took their pictures. Britney,and Christina throw bouquets.
They went Into a limo.

Madonna rubs both Britney’s,and Christina’s faces.

“You two are my wives. That means you are my bitches. We are going to
be so happy together” Madonna says.

Britney,and Christina smile happily at her.

“Drive” Madonna tells the driver.

The Limo pulls off so Madonna,Britney,and Christina can Begin their new
life together.

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