Boobs and Boners

“Morning slugger.” Linda said as she passed her son in the hallway.

She looked like a 39 year old Katy Perry, but with a shapelier figure
and enormous breasts.

Linda had just come from the bathroom…a tiny white towel draped around
her voluptuous body.

Bobby’s eyes followed the sway of her meaty buttocks…barley covered as
she pranced into her bedroom.

Drawn like a magnet he moved to her doorway…just in time to see the
towel fall to the floor.

Spotting her son in the doorway Linda put her hands on her hips…her
big bobbling pear-shaped breasts ballooning outward. She fed him a look
that was stern but not angry.

“Bobby!” She whispered in a cute little mommy-tone, glancing towards the
master bath where her husband could be heard preparing for work.

Giving her son a silent scold, yet with a hint of a smile Linda closed
the bedroom door.

Oh the poor baby…he must be crazy horny…sneaking up on me like that.
Damn though, if his father had come out of the bathroom and caught him
gazing at my nudity we would have both had some explaining to do. It’s not
that I have a problem with Bobby seeing me naked…it’s just that…well, I
don’t think my husband would quite understand. Linda thought.

Bobby retreated to his room. Like most 18 year olds, he was fascinated
with the bodies of middle-aged women. It didn’t help that his mom was
being so free with her figure around him lately. Since he had turned 18 it
seemed like every time he turned around she was half-naked. He rubbed the
newly formed bulge under his short.

Holy shit, Mom has the biggest tits I’ve ever seen. Just like the girls
in those Juggs magazines. This is the second time now I’ve seen her like
this and once again she didn’t really seem all that mad at me.

A little while later he heard his parents coming out of the master
suite. His dad continued downstairs but Linda stepped into Bobby’s bedroom.

“This room is a disaster, mister. I certainly hope you plan on cleaning
today.” She said.

Bobby took a second to answer as his eyes traveled up and down his mom’s
body. Her long shapely legs were crowned by a short polyester mini-skirt
and her big breasts were packed inside a thin cashmere sweater.

“Yeah, uh…I’ll clean it tonight.” Bobby muttered.

“Oh and I’m washing my delicates today. I’m gonna need all my panties
back in my hamper before you leave okay, sweetie.” She said.

“Panties?” Bobby asked.

Linda stepped over to his bed and pulled a pair of her black sheer
bikini panties out from under his pillow.

“Yes, panties.” She said with a little smile.

A stream of fresh cock-cream began to run from the panties down her

“Bobby.” She said, again not angrily and with a hint of amusement.

“Sorry mom.” Bobby giggled.

“No you’re not.” She said teasingly.

Bobby watched as she tried her best to wipe her arm.

Oh my God this semen is still warm…and there’s so much of it. Surely
this can’t be from one orgasm, can it? She thought.

“Some girls would just lick it up and swallow it.” He joked.

“Yeah, well I’m not “some girl,” I’m your mother and I certainly don’t
need the taste of your sperm on my tongue when I kiss your father goodbye
this morning.” She said.

“You look really nice today by the way.” Bobby said.

Linda gazed down at the enormous erection forming a tent in her son’s

“Yeah, I can tell… Thank you.” She smiled, her gleaming white teeth
peeking through her pouty pink lips.

“You’re welcome.” He said.

Holy wow, mom’s really staring at it. How cool is this? He thought.

“Does that thing ever go down?” She teased, like a flustered teen.

“Not when you’re around. Wanna see something cool?” He asked.

“Ooookaaay.” She said, giving him an odd look.

Bobby flexed his boner, making it rise even higher under his shorts.
His brick hard erection strained against the fabric, pushing it way out.

Linda’s eyes widened. She felt the lips of her clam tighten and her
large areola begin to harden. She tore her eyes from the bulge and found
her son watching her reaction.

“Show off.” She teased.

So this is why all the moms I know are trying to get an eighteen year
old between their legs. I can’t believe how my pussy just reacted to that.
It’s like a jolt of electricity just shot through it. Linda thought.

“Will you sit on my lap…like you did the other morning?” Bobby asked.

“Oh sweetie, not this morning. I have to start on breakfast.” She said.

“Please…just a few minutes.” Bobby begged.

She glanced down at the throbbing protrusion, then down the hallway to
make sure her husband was downstairs.

“One minute and that’s it for this morning…okay?” She said.

“Fine.” Bobby said as he sat down on his desk chair.

Linda came over and sat down sideways on his lap. She felt his raging
hard-on slip to the side and the thick shaft sunk down in between her meaty

Bobby let out a little sigh and Linda giggled as she brushed his hair
back with her long nails.

“You are so damn cute.” She smiled, liking the way the lengthy dong felt
tucked down into her soft butt-cleavage.

I sit on my husbands lap all the time and yet it never feels anything
like this. Why? Is my son really that well endowed? Jesus, it feels like
I have a fat Italian sausage tucked inside the entire length of my
butt-crack. She thought.

“Can you do that thing that you did the other day?” Bobby asked

“That thing? Oh, you mean this?” She said, squeezing her cheeks of her
buttocks together and smothering his rod.

“Oh-h-h yeah.” His voice quivered.

As Linda turned slightly towards him with her arm on his shoulder Bobby
could stare straight into the swell of her enormous breasts. He could tell
through the sweater where the edges of her bra were and could see the
bulging breast meat oozing out the top. She quickly flexed her chest
muscles, making her tits ripple beneath her sweater.

“You’re not the only show-off in this house.” She smiled.

She pulled him forward and lay his head on her soft breasts. With her
arms now around him she gently rocked and once again squeezed her pillowy
cheeks hard around his girthy erection. She felt it push back…flexing up
against her warm crevice.

I can’t believe my husband is downstairs waiting for his breakfast and
here I am giving our son’s big boner teasing little butt- hugs. To make
matters worse I keep feeling these little rushes of wicked excitement surge
though me….from the pit of my stomach all the way down to my cute little
bare feet. What does it mean? She wondered.

“Oh and that reminds me…I don’t mind you coming in for a visit when
I’m getting dressed. Just make sure your father’s downstairs
first…okay.” Linda said.

“Okay.” Bobby smiled.

The big busted mom smiled lovingly as she felt Bobby’s body let out an
excited quiver.

“There.” She said, jumping off him.

“Feel better?” She smiled.

“Yeah, I could do that all day.” He said.

“Somehow I don’t doubt that.” Linda said, glancing down at the teenaged

“You might wanna change your shorts before you come downstairs.” She
said, with a little smile.

Bobby looked down and noticed a big wet pre-cum stain which had soaked
through his shorts.

“Guess I got a little excited.” He said.

“Ya think?” Linda giggled.

She turned for the door…finding another pair of her panties hanging
from the inside door handle.

“Bobby.” She said, almost playfully, as she grabbed them.

“Sorry, mom…I’ll put the rest of them in your hamper.” He said.

“Thank you…and after you change make sure you get that monster under
control before you come downstairs.” She said, giving his cock another
half-smiling glance.

My son popped a boner for me. That’s so cute! My little panty
thief…hehe. I could be upset, but why? He’s a teenage boy doing normal
teenaged things. Don’t all boys use their mother’s panties? He must have
some sort of ritual after he digs them out of my hamper. He probably
smells them…savoring the strong pungent aroma of my clean shaven
mommy-muffin. He may even turn them inside out and suck on the crotch. I
can picture his cute little eyes rolling back as he tastes the bitter
sweetness…a result of my daily trickle of pussy butter. How good that
silk must feel against the glands of his penis. No wonder he fills them
with such heavy loads. She thought.

Before dropping them in her hamper Linda held the pair of soaked panties
with two fingers. Long strings of semen dropped towards the basket and she
caught one with her fingers. Curiously, she brought the gob of cock-juice
up to her nose and smelt. Then, without hesitation, she scraped it onto
her tongue.

Thick and sweet…just what I’d expect from a boy his age. Wow Linda,
you do realize you just tasted the milk from your own son’s balls…that
squirted out the tip of his penis probably no more than an hour ago.
There’s those wicked butterflies again. Well, he tasted me…fair’s fair.
Shit, where’s the mouthwash? She thought.

At the breakfast table Bobby could hardly focus. His eyes couldn’t help
but follow his mom around the kitchen.

First there were those long bronze legs, which looked so strong…yet
baby soft. Her sexy bare feet had squatty little toes with nails that were
painted a delicate pale-pink.

Every few minutes as Linda reached up into a cupboard she would rest her
weight on the toes of one foot, arching her heel and flexing her legs. The
blood rushed back into Bobby’s penis.

What must it be like to have legs like that wrapped around you? What
must it be like to see them thrown back into a huge spread eagle…with
those beautiful bare feet flexed as they point in opposite directions? He

Then…there were her tits. Soft squishy mountainous delights that
always seemed to be shifting or bobbling as she moved about. They were a
feast for the young boys eyes.

With her husband sitting next to her Linda gave her son a cute little
wink as if knowing exactly what was wandering through his dirty little

My poor sweetie. All hot for his mommy. She grinned.

Bobby could hardly concentrate at school that day. He kept reliving the
mornings events in his mind…his mom turning towards him, placing her
hands on her soft hips…her dangling breasts, still glistening from the
shower, doing a gentle teeter back and forth.

“Bobby.” Her cute little voice whispered.

Again, the scene unfolded…mom turning…breasts rocking…placing her
hands on her wide birthing hips.

“Bobby.” Came the whisper.

Bobby froze the image in his mind…taking it all in. Her pretty
face…hair still wet and slicked back from the shower. Dangling boobs
with cute little stretch marks from their weight being pulled towards her
tummy. Huge thick rubbery areola…dotted with milk glands and nipples
that were made for sucking. Then there was her mons pubis… the crowned
jewel of all motherhood… covered only by a tiny well groomed patch of
thin pubic fuzz. The little nub underneath…marking the entrance to her
inner sanctum.

Bobby’s cock felt like it was going to slice through his shorts. He
could feel his mom’s butt cheeks closing in around it…smothering it’s

“Show off.” He heard her say.

Mom looked so sexy standing near my door…staring down at my big dick.
Her eyes widening…her mouth peeking open. It was a look I had never seen
before. I was impressing her. My own sexy mom! Bobby thought.

“Show off.” She said teasingly….like a nervous young girl who wanted
so badly to get her hands on it.

Often times Bobby’s mind would drift up into a cloud where his young
naked body was laying on top of his beautiful big busted mother. Her arms
encircled him…her long painted nails clawing at his back. Slowly, her
strong silky smooth legs slithered up around him until her heels rested
against his ass…holding him against her. Then they would began to
rise…like a female spider carrying it’s clutched prey towards her web in
the clouds….ready to fucking devour him. Linda would grasp his rod and
feed the engorged knob into the mouth of her gaping twat.

And as they disappearing into the cloud Bobby’s shaft would sink down
inside his mother’s soft secret hole…all the way to the balls. Just
before they disappeared completely his clutching mom would begin to gentle
swing them. Back and forth they rocked…a suspended heap of writhing

Suddenly Bobby was jarred back to reality by the sound of the bell. The
teacher, Mrs. Jacobs, was at the front of the class, feeding him a dirty
stare as the other kids scattered.

“Having difficulties concentrating today are we?” She asked.

“Sorry.” Bobby answered, walking awkwardly out of the classroom.

“Hello.” Linda said into her cell as she stood in the laundry room
folding clothes.

“Hi mom.” Bobby said.

“Hey slugger, what are you up to?” She asked.

“Oh…not much. Just on break between classes.” He said.

“Everything ok?” She asked.

“Yeah, um…I Just…wanted to call and say hi.” He said.

“How sweet…I miss you.” She smiled, folding one of her sexy lacy bras.

“I miss you too. Um, could I ask a favor mom? Could you send me a
picture?” He asked.

“A picture of me?” She smiled..

“Yeah…um, I just thought it would be cool to have a picture of you on
my phone to look at…and to show my friends” He explained.

“Aww, what a sweetheart.” She said.

“So you will?” He asked.

Send him something sexy Linda. The poor boy is suffering with
horniness. But how? I can’t have him showing his friends a picture like
that. Wait, I know what I’ll do…

“Tell you what…how bout I send you two pictures. One for you to show
your friends…and one just for you.” She said.

“Okay.” Bobby smiled.

“Give me a few minutes.” She said.

“Thanks mom.” He said.

“Bye sweetie.” She said.

Okay, where should I take these? My bedroom would probably be the best
place. But no wait…what about his bedroom? Perfect! She thought.

Linda walked upstairs to her son’s bedroom. It was still messy and

That boy! Okay, one for his friends first. Something a little sexy,
but not too sexy. Don’t need any nasty phone calls from any of the
neighborhood moms.

Bobby waited anxiously in the bathroom stall. The bell went off and he
realized he was late for class, but he didn’t care.

Seconds later he got a picture text on his phone and opened it. It was
a full body shot of his mom, standing in his bedroom. Still in her skirt
and sweater Linda was leaning slightly against his dresser in a cute little
pose, with one long tan leg forward, slightly bent at the knee…her toes
squatting against the floor and her heel arched up. There was a cute
innocent little mommy-smile on her face.

Below the picture was written: “FOR YOUR FRIENDS”

WOW! Those legs…and the way she has her foot kicked up like that.
Holy shit! Her tits…oh my God look at the way she’s pushing them out.
Oh shit my cock is throbbing! Bobby thought.

Linda looked around the room as she thought about her next picture.

Okay, now one for my baby. Should I be naked? Oh Linda this is sooo
wicked. Damn there’s those butterflies again. I know, I’ll lay on his bed
naked, but not completely exposed. I have to leave something to his
imagination. She thought.

A few minutes later a second picture arrived. Bobby’s heart was
pounding in his chest with excitement as he pulled at his cock through his
shorts with his free hand. The picture opened and Linda was laying on
Bobby’s bed on her tummy…completely naked. Propped up on her elbow with
her chin resting against her palm, she smiled lovingly at the camera, her
big naked breasts bulging out as they lay squashed like soft dough between
her and the mattress. In the background Bobby could see the swell of her
meaty buttocks. Her legs were kicked up playfully and her sexy tan feet
were flexed, toes pointing upward.

Below this picture was written: “FOR YOU ONLY.”

OH MY GOD-DAMN!!! He goaned.

Bobby groaned a second time…his hands shaking as he about blew his

Holy shit, mom’s totally naked and laying on my bed! I wanna stay and
stoke off but I’m already gonna be in deep shit for being late to class.
He thought.

Bobby could hardly stop gawking at the picture the entire day. Even at
home in his room he had a difficult time focusing on his homework as he
found himself rubbing his cock through his shorts as he gazed at the sexy
picture on his phone. He didn’t hear his mom as she entered his doorway.

“Aren’t you suppose to be working on that math homework young man.” She
asked almost playfully.

“Yeah, it’s just about done mom.” He said, blushing as he threw his
phone aside.

“Wanna take a break for a bit?” She asked.

“Why?” He asked.

“Well…I wanna get my bath before your father gets home. Thought maybe
you might wanna come in a keep me company.” She said.

“Really?” Bobby asked, his heart pounding.

“Unless you’d rather stay focused on your math.” She said teasingly.

“Hell no.” Bobby smiled.

“Come on.” Linda giggled.

This is a dream! This has to be a dream. There’s no way mom would let
me watch her bathe. I’m gonna wake up any second…I just know it. He

Like an excited puppy-dog Bobby followed his mom into her room. Linda
strode over and closed the bedroom shades as Bobby stood there awkwardly
waiting, the click of her high-heeled sandals and the hypnotic sway of his
mother’s buttocks captured his attention.

Oh my God I can’t believe I’m about to let my son watch me take a bath.
Are you sure Linda? Are you sure you wanna do this? Nudity is perfectly
natural. This has nothing to do with his big penis…absolutely nothing.
Just act normal…as if he’s watching you bake cookies. Yeah, that’s
it…this is no big deal.

“You’re father and I are going out tonight. Want me to order you some
pizza or something sweetie?” She asked.

“Sure, that sounds good.” He said.

As his mom went into the master bathroom Bobby followed her inside.
After turning on the water in the tub Linda went back over, closed the
bathroom door behind them and locked it.

“How’s Brian doing? I heard he’s been really sick.” Linda asked.

Bobby’s heart was racing so fast he could hardly answer.

“Uh…getting better I guess.” He muttered as he sat on the bathroom
floor and leaned back against the wall.

“How long’s he been out of school now?” She asked as she slipped her
little feet from the sandals and began to unbutton her sweater.

“Two weeks so far.” Bobby said, watching the bra-clad breasts emerge
from the parting top.

I should be waking up by now. Jesus, her bra is barely holding them.
Look at all that fucking breast-meat just oozing out the top. That bra is
sooo sexy. All that delicate white lace…mom is sooo feminine.

“Poor thing.” Linda said, peeling the sweater off.

“Who?” Bobby asked.

“Your friend Brian.” She said.

“Oh yeah…it must suck being that sick.” He answered.

Bobby’s cock to begin to tent in his shorts.

Linda unzipped her skirt and it fell to the floor. She heard Bobby let
out a soft gasp as he saw that she was wearing a skimpy pair of low-cut
bikini-panties. She reached back and unclasped her bra.

“I don’t want you going over there until he’s completely better…in
case whatever he has is contagious.” She said, slipping the bra-straps off
her shoulders.

“Okay.” Bobby said, watching her slide the cups from her breasts.

As her pendulous tits sprung free they just sort of flopped down against
her tummy and bobbled slightly back and forth. Bobby gazed at the large
pink caps, which were dotted with milk glands.


After setting her bra down near the sink Linda slid her thumbs under the
hem of her panties and began to slide them down her long tan legs.

For the second time that day Bobby stared straight at his own mother’s
cute little mons pubis. It was covered only by a very thin triangle of
dark pubic fuzz and below it he could clearly see her cleft of venus.

Stepping out of her panties, Linda leaned over and picked them up off
the floor, her big drooping mommy-boobs wobbling with her every move.
Cocking one leg out in front of her, bent slightly at the knee, with her
sexy foot arched, her cute little toes squatting against the floor, Linda
fed her son a naughty smile.

Oh lord, look at his eyes. Look at him stare at me…taking it all in.
I can’t believe I’m being such a cock tease…and for my very own son.
Linda thought.

Using the elastic hem of her panties she shot them towards Bobby like a
rubber band, making them land on his bulging lap.

“You might as well have those…you’ll be fishing them out of my laundry
hamper anyway.” She grinned.

“Thanks.” Bobby smiled.

As soon as Linda turned towards the bath Bobby lifted the panties to his
nose. The pungent aroma was so strong his head spun.

They’re STILL warm and damp! HOLY FUCK! He thought, his head spinning.

He breathed them in deep…the overpowering tang filing his lungs. He
couldn’t help but let out an audible moan.

“They smell that good huh?” Linda giggled, without turning around.

She poured some bubble bath in the tub as her son marveled at the cheeks
of her full heart-shaped buttocks. He could see the baby-smooth meat of
her genitals…the spongy double doors extending out from her pubis. The
gates of heaven.

This is too much. I’m gonna cum in my fucking shorts before mom even
gets in the tub. Bobby thought.

Linda stepped into the water, her butt cheeks rippling. She looked back
at her son..

“Come sit by the tub.” She said.

Bobby stood up and his big dick stuck out like a divining rod under his
short. He made no attempt to hide it as he walked over to the side of the

Linda was now on her knees in the water, sitting on her heels facing her
son. She got a quirky little grin as she saw his pecker pointing at her,
only a few feet away.

“Uh-oh…it’s that long necked monster again.” She said.

Oh my God…just how long must that neck be? It’s like some of the dick
I fucked back in college. Oh I was so bad back then. She thought.

Bobby just stood there for a minute. He liked the way she was looking
at it.

“Well I can’t help it…you ARE naked mom.” Bobby said.

“Look at how far your shorts are tenting out. Are you sure you don’t
have a baseball bat under there?” She said, staring at the impressive

“Nope, it’s all me.” He smiled proudly.

“I know I like to call you slugger, but if you keep popping boners like
that I may have to start calling you my Louisville slugger.” She giggled.

Bobby stood there and watched as his mom took the shower sprayer and
began to soak her big tits. She arched her neck back spraying her face and
wetting her hair. The way she thrust her breasts made Bobby’s dick jump.

“I saw that. Showing off again huh?” She teased.

“No…that was a reaction. If I was showing off I’d do this.” He said,
flexing his pecker and making it spring upward, rising well about his belly

Linda felt her inner and outer lips quiver excitedly as they swelled
with blood. Her cervix seemed to shift downward as she gazed at the dreamy
erection…her eyes nice and wide.

Oh my God I’ve never reacted to something that way. It’s like his
bulbous head just split my twat and my pussy was reacting as if in
preparation to accommodate all that long thick meat. Stop it Linda…just
stop it. This is ridiculous! She thought.

“Wow, that’s amazing. You have one of the strongest erections I think
I’ve ever seen.” She exclaimed.

“It’s your fault. Looking at you makes it this way.” He smiled.

“Well, nice to know that my thirty-nine year old body can get that sort
of reaction from a handsome eighteen year old…especially considering he’s
my son. Guess that makes me a MILF huh?” She smiled.

“Well, you’re definitely a mom I’d like to…” Bobby started, then
stopped himself, realizing what he was about to say.

“A mom you’d like to what…FFFFUUUCK?” She asked with a quirky little

Oh my God-damn Linda I can’t believe you just said that! She thought.

Bobby heart skipped a beat as he heard the magic word spout from her
mouth. He couldn’t help but blush a little.

No, this can’t be real…but why haven’t I woken up yet. Mom just said
fuck…I’ve never heard her say fuck before. How the hell do I respond to
something like that. What the hell…honestly I guess. He thought.

“I wouldn’t mind.” He said.

She looked back at his big pecker as it bobbed up and down under his

“Clearly.” She smiled.

Bobby knelt down and watched as his mom lather herself with body-wash.
After washing her hair she drained the water from the tub and stood up to
dry herself. Bobby remained on the floor looking up in sick fascination at
his own mom’s voluptuous nudity.

“Sweetie will you hand me my shea-butter.” She said, wrapping the towel
around her wet hair.

Linda stepped from the tub as Bobby fetched her lotion. His big
flagpole bobbed up and down as he brought it to her.

“Thank you slugger.” She said.

Linda stepped over and sat down on the toilet. Bobby followed and sat
on the floor directly across from her.

She squirted a big gob of lotion into her hands and set the bottle

“Normally I would spend some time shaving my legs and my peach…but
they’re still pretty smooth.” She said, rubbing the lotion in her hands.

“Your peach?” Bobby asked.

“Oh I’m sorry…guess I should speak in teenaged boy language. My
pussy. That better?” She giggled.

“Yeah, now I get it.” He smiled.

And a beautiful pussy at that. With her sitting it looks so cute and
delicate…with that thin tiny patch of pubic fur. Hard to believe I split
that twat wide open eighteen years ago. He thought.

Linda extended her long tan leg straight out and began to rub the
shea-butter up and down it’s length. Her sexy foot was flexed…toes
pointed at Bobby as she worked the lotion into her skin.

As her son’s eyes were glued to her legs Linda looked down at his bulge.

Oh my god he’s rubbing it though his shorts. My poor baby must have a
throbbing erection. Imagine what he’d do if I spread my legs apart. Jesus
Linda you can’t do that…that’s just downright lewd. He’d cream for sure.
Okay, okay…I won’t go crazy…I’ll just spread them a little. I can’t
lotion the backs of my thighs unless I at least open them a little bit.
She thought.

Leaning back against the toilet Linda curled her leg up and back.
Without thinking the other leg followed, bending at the knees as it rose
backwards she continued to apply the lotion.

As her legs spread Linda’s flower was now on open display and Bobby
discovered that it wasn’t the cute virgin-like pussy it appeared to be.
Between the swell of her outer lips the crimson inner lips were large and
thick, slowly peeling apart before his very eyes. He could see her budding
clitoris, peeking out from under its hood like a small erect penis.

OH SHIT…TO MUCH…TO FUCKING MUCH! He thought as he rubbed on is

He’s gonna cum. His body’s shaking…he’s gonna cum. I’m making my son
cum. I don’t believe this! She thought.

“Bobby, grab my panties!” She shouted.

As the cum began to pulse from his peter Bobby grabbed her panties from
the floor and brought them to his nose. The musky fragrance made him
squirt even stronger.

“GGGGNNNNHHH!!!!” He groaned.

Overwhelmed by the site of her son in such intense arousal Linda felt
her own orgasm hit her out of nowhere.

OH NO! OH SHIT…I’M CUMMING! She thought.

“OH BOOOOBBBYYY!!!” She shouted as she started rubbing her clit

Bobby watched her legs shake as she threw her head back. Her huge tits
jumped off the sides of her chest as she thrust her twat out against her
frantically working fingers. It was the most amazing site he’d ever seen.

“OOOOOHHHH!!!!” She screamed.


Bobby’s body quivered with wicked excitement as his penis fired huge
thick ropes into his shorts. The two of them groaned as their orgasms
seemed to go and on.

Finally, Linda’s Body jerked forward, her thighs slapping together but
her calves still scissored apart. Her feet rested on their heels…her
toes spread apart as her knees still trembled with post orgasmic
contractions. Her tits were trapped between her arms and ballooned
outward. Her nipples poked out…huge and engorged like big demon eyes.
She stared downward…eyes glazed over…letting out little shivering-like

Fuck me…I haven’t cum that hard since. Oh shit…I just came like a
slut in front of my son. Oh God damn Linda what were you thinking. She

“Well…that was a little weird.” She said, breaking the silence.

“Yeah…a good sorta weird though.” He sighed.

She looked down at his shorts and the messy aftermath.

“Oh slugger, your shorts are soaked. Get into the shower and rinse off.
I’m gonna go out and get dressed.” She said.

“Okay.” He said.

Later that night Linda sat in her bed as her husband showered. She
found her mind reeling over the events of the day with her son.

Oh Linda, what you did today was sooo wrong! No, it wasn’t! There’s
nothing wrong with my son seeing me naked. Nudity is perfectly
natural…and masturbation…well, that’s natural too. It’s healthy for
him to see that his mother masturbates just like he does. Linda thought.

The bathroom door opened and her husband walked out holding Bobby’s
shorts in his hand.

“Linda, are these Bobby’s shorts?” He asked.

Oh my God…he didn’t! She thought.

“Well I um…I think so.” She muttered.

“What are they doing in our laundry hamper?” Ron asked.

“Oh um…Bobby took a shower in there. I was uh…cleaning his shower
earlier so I told him he could use ours.” She lied.

“You’re not gonna believe this but I think he came in these.” Ron said,
look at them disgustedly.

Oh I believe it honey-bun….he blew his nuts for his mommy…blew that
cum straight out the head of that big young dick while he watched me rub
one out! Stop it Linda! She thought.

“Well, um…he is a teenaged boy and teenaged boys just do those things,
sweetie.” She smiled.

“In their parents bathroom?” Ron asked.

“You’re right…probably not the most appropriate place to relieve
himself. I’ll walk down to his room and have a chat with him.” Linda said.

“Maybe I should talk with him.” Ron muttered.

“Ronald…sweetie…give me the shorts and get into bed. I’ll take care
of it.” She said, slipping onto her feet and throwing a robe over her
transparent nightie.

Ron handed his wife the soiled shorts and fed her an odd smile.

“Sure you feel comfortable talking to him about this?” He asked.

“Don’t you dare doubt my motherly abilities.” She said with a confident

“You’re the sexiest thing alive…you know that?” He said, his eyes
traveling across the swell of her big drooping tits.

Damn right I am motherfucker! Our son thinks so too! She thought.

Linda gazed down at the bulge in her husband’s boxers.

“Crawl into bed and get him hard for me. When I get back we’ll let him
fuck some pussy.” She said seductively.

“Damn I love it when you talk dirty.” He smiled, rubbing his bulge.

Linda left their bedroom and closed the door behind her. She stopped
mid-hallway and lifted the shorts to her nose. Her body shivered with
wicked excitement as the strong pungent aroma of teenaged spunk filled her


With the shorts against her face her long pink tongue slithered out and
drug up a section of slimy material. She felt her eyes roll back as
thousands of sweet potent sperm danced across her taste buds.

Linda stop this…this is ridiculous! She thought.

Bobby gazed at the picture of his mom on his phone as stroked his cock
furiously….her panties at his nose.

“Oh-h-h fuck mom.” He muttered.

He suddenly froze as he heard a gentle tap at his door. He tried to
hide his tent before his mom peeked in.

“You still awake, slugger?” She asked.

“Yeah, I was just…um…” He muttered.

“I know, I’m sorry.” She said, glancing at the lump in the sheets as she
sat on the edge of his bed.

Oh Linda he’s jerking off. Your baby’s in here pulling on that long
thick barrel of love. He’s probably thinking about warm pussy…maybe even
mommy-pussy. Oh yes…my pussy. My hot horny hole! Jesus, get a hold of
yourself girl. She thought.

She set the shorts down on his chest and gave him a stern yet quirky

“Remember what I said about being more careful when your dad’s around.
You left these in my hamper.” She said.

“He didn’t see them did he?” Brian asked.

“Yep…he did.” She said.

“What did you tell him?” Bobby asked.

“I told him I let you watch me get completely naked and take a
bath…and that we masturbated together.” She said straight-faced.

“What!” Bobby said with surprise.

“I’m joking.” Linda giggled, making her tits wobble.

“Jesus, mom…you scared me.” He sighed.

“Don’t leave anything behind next time…okay?” She asked.

“I promise.” He said.

Linda picked up his cell phone and looked at the picture of herself that
Bobby had been beating off to.

“Still drooling over this picture? I think it’s time for some new
eye-candy…don’t you?” She asked.

“You’ll take some new ones…some naked ones?” He asked.

“Well…no…I had something else in mind actually.” She said, erasing
the picture.

“Something else?” Bobby asked.

“Yeah…wanna see mom in action?” She asked.

“In action? You mean having sex…you and dad?” Bobby asked, his heart
beat a mile a minutes.

“Well…with your father it’s never the most exciting sex…but you my
find it stimulating. That is if you don’t think it’ll weird you out.” She

“No…hell no!” Bobby said excitedly.

“Well then I guess mom gets to play filmmaker tonight doesn’t she? I’ll
get as much of it as I can and don’t worry…I’ll try to send you the play
by play.” She said.

“Sweet. I love you mom.” Bobby grinned, his cock flexing in

“I love YOU.” She smiled down at him.

Linda stood up and took a second to gaze down that the massive tent in
the sheet.

Well…I certainly don’t have that in the next room waiting for me. She

She shot a look back at Bobby who was laying there with a big proud
smile as he watched her admire it.

“Go ahead, showoff.” She smiled.

Linda looked back down at it just as Bobby made it jump under the
sheets…stretching the fabric upwards even further.

Unfuckingbelievable!!! She thought, as she felt the pussy-butter drip
from her meat-curtains.

“Oh yeah?” Linda said defiantly as she turned towards the door and
lifted the bottom of her robe and nightie above her naked ass.

Before Bobby even had a chance to realize what she’d just done Linda was
flexing the muscles in her buttocks, making the meaty cheeks rise and
fall…rippling over and over.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT! He thought, his hand instinctively moving to his

“Take that Mr. Bigshot.” She said with a smile as she gazed back at

“Wow…how do you do that?” Bobby sighed.

“You might be surprised what your mom can do. She’s learned all sorts
of tricks over the years.” She said.

“Maybe I’ll show you a few during tonight’s show. Better keep that
phone handy.” She smiled.

After Linda left Bobby waiting for what seemed like a lifetime.

This is gonna be fucking awesome. I can’t wait to see mom
screwing…even if it is just with dad. Wonder how the hell she’s gonna
get away with this. Bobby thought.

As Ron and Linda kissed passionately he rolled her onto her back and
prepared to get down to business.

“Wait.” Linda said, stopping him, her tits rolling off the sides of her

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“I have a kinky idea. Why don’t we make a video of us making love.” She

“A video?” He asked.

“Yeah…that way I can send you little clips while your at work…remind
you of what you have at home waiting for you.” She said.

“Honey, I don’t know if…” He started.

“Pleeaassee…I’ll talk dirty to you. I know how much you like that.”
She said seductively, batting her lashes.

“Okay…you win.” He said.

Bobby lightly stroked his erection..working the slippery pre-cum around
his cock-head. Finally, his phone chimed with a video message.

It took about thirty seconds to download. His heart was racing. The
anticipation was killing him.

Finally the video clip opened and he saw his mom’s face looking into the
camera. Her head sort of wobbled up and down as it lay on the pillow and
he could see the back of his father’s head next to hers. She smiled up at
the camera over her husband’s shoulder.

“Hi” She silently mouthed, giving her son a little wink.


Linda lifted her cell phone up away from her and her husband’s bodies,
giving her son a birds-eye view of their copulation. She tilted the cam so
that her boy could see her long strong tan legs wrapped up around Ron’s
back as he thrust into her.

Holy God damn look at mom’s legs…and those hips…fuckin-a!!! He
thought, staring at the sexy crease between her hips and thighs.

“That’s my baby…come on…work me good.” He heard his mom say in a
sweet sexy tone.

As his mom reached further down with the camera Bobby saw his dad’s ass
as it thrust forward at a steady pace. The heels of Linda’s sexy bare feet
pushed at his buttocks, pulling him deeper inside her.

“Oh yeah right there…nice deep strokes. Work that dick…get that
pussy baby.” His mom moaned.

Bobby stroked his cock hard as he listened to his mom talk dirty and his
father grunt, bucking in and out of his beautiful wife.

Man dad’s cock must feel amazing right now with all that soft pussy
surrounding it. He thought.

As soon as the first video clip finished the second was being
transferred. Bobby wasted no time opening it.

His parents had changed positions and his mom was now on top straddling
her husband. She had set her phone on the bed behind them between her
husbands legs so that Bobby could see her entire upper half.

Bobby’s eyes were immediately drawn to her big meaty buttocks as it
swayed up and back, grinding on his father’s dong. Only the bulge of Ron’s
nuts could be seen under Linda’s big smothering cheeks as she stirred her
steamy pit with her husband’s pipe.

“Oh my God!!!” Bobby thought, his eyes glued to the screen as his fist
tugged furiously at his iron-hard peter.

Linda peeked over her shoulder and smiled, giving the camera a little
wink as she continued to grind on her hubby’s lucky penis.

Bobby could see the back slopping contours of Linda’s drooping breasts
as they bobbled and shook with the rhythm of her shifting hips.

“Oh-h-h-h yeah!” Bobby’s father moaned.

“Ohhh that’s my baby. You like that hot sucking hole…don’t you
sweetie.” Linda asked.

“Oh God yeah.” Ron said.

“You like the way I flex it and squeeze it around you like that?” She

“Ohhh baby…you’re amazing!” Bobby’s dad answered.

Linda’s hips suddenly thrust into overdrive, rolling up and back at a
frantic pace. Bobby could hear the bed frame whining repetitively as she
rocked on his dad’s dick.

“OHH GOD LINDA!!!” Ron groaned.

“OHHH GOD MOM!!!” Bobby grunted…his own dick unable to hold back any

Hot sperm erupted from Bobby’s piss-hole, sending long ropes arching
into the air. The bath and mutual masturbation was out of this world, but
watching his mom fuck was the most exciting thing he’d ever seen.

The next day in class Bobby’s mind was in sex-crazed fog.

God I wanna fuck mom. I wanna fuck her hard and hear my balls beating
against her ass. She would soooo love it. With my big dick I could make
her cum over and over. She’d scream and shake so hard while I just laid
into her…pounding that sweet pussy like a jackhammer. God, all that soft
meaty pink squeezing around my dick. Holy fuck! He thought.

Bobby didn’t even see Mrs. Jacobs as she strolled up behind him. The
sound of her throat clearing got his attention.

She reached down and picked up a sketch, that until now he didn’t even
realize he’d been working on. It was a detailed drawing of a large set of
naked breasts. Mrs. Jacobs looked away from the sketch and glared down at
her horny student, one eyebrow cocked.

Oh shit! He thought.

Linda walked up the school hallway, kids around her scrambling as the
end of the day arrived. Her high-heeled mules clicked against the floor as
she searched for her son’s classroom.

“Mrs. Fletcher, I appreciate you coming in to meet with me. I’m very
concerned about Bobby’s performance lately and felt you should be too.”
Mrs. Jacob’s said as they sat near her desk.

“Well thank you for calling me I…wasn’t aware there was a problem.”
Linda said.

“Along with his frequent tardiness Bobby seems very distracted during
class. I’m afraid he’s developing a very unhealthy obsession.” She said

“What kind of obsession?” Linda asked, with a hint of concern

“This afternoon I caught him drawing this.” The teacher said, setting
the boob sketch in front of Linda.

Tits…my sluggers drawing tits at school. Big tits too. Oh my God…I
wonder if they’re mine? Linda thought.

“Well…boys will be boys Mrs. Jacobs.” Linda giggled.

“So you’re not concerned that your son was drawing female breasts during
my math class?” The teacher asked.

“Yes, that part does concern me, but if you’re also asking if I consider
drawing pictures of naked women an unhealthy obsession the answer’s no.”
Linda said defensively.

“Mrs. Fletcher, his grades are slipping rapidly.” Mrs. Jacob’s said
with concern.

“Well then that will be addressed I can assure you. But as far as this
“obsession” is concerned. Not only will he not be spoken to about it…I
WILL continue to encourage it. Anything else Mrs. Jacobs?” Linda asked,
with a pompous little smirk.

Bobby walked towards the car with his mom, his head hung low. Few words
had been spoken since they met in the hallway.

“You okay, kiddo?” She asked.

“Yeah, sorry I slacked off in class.” He said.

“Well, you’ve had a lot on your mind…and suppose that’s partly my
fault. Things have gotten a little different between you and I here
lately.” She said.

“Yeah but…in a good way. At least I think so.” Bobby said.

“And so do I sweetie, but I would hate myself if I knew that I had
distracted you to the point that you didn’t graduate with your friends this
year.” She said.

“I will graduate…I promise.” He pleaded.

“That means you have to stay focused on your studies, even if you’re
around me while I’m naked once in awhile.” She said.

“Okay.” He answered.

“Believe me, I like the fact that you enjoy me sitting on your
lap…giving you those little butt-hugs, but from now on…no pass, no
ass…got it?” She smiled.

“Got it.” He answered.

In the car Linda reached in her purse and pulled out the sketch her son
had drawn. She handed it over to him.

“Here…I thought you might wanna keep it.” She said.

“Thanks.” He giggled, taking the picture.

“You’re getting good. Those are very realistic.” She said.

“Thanks.” He said, still kind of embarrassed.

“Are they mine?” Linda asked, catching her son off guard.

Ok, just be honest with her…mom’s cool with this. He thought.

“Uh…yeah… Yeah they are.” He said.

“Not bad.” She said, glancing over at the picture.

“The nipples are wrong though. My areolas are much bigger…otherwise
you have it about right.” She said.

“Really, I thought maybe I had drawn them too big. Are you sure?” He

“Sweetie, my areola are thirteen-inches in diameter…of course I’m
sure. The ones on the sketch are way too small.” She said.

Holy shit…thirteen inches in diameter. We just studied diameters in
math class. That’s as big around as a grapefruit. He thought.

“Darn, I thought I had them right.” He said.

“Do I have to pull this car over, whip out a boob and prove you wrong,
mister?” She said playfully.

“Ok.” Bobby said with a big smile, making his mom bust out in a giggle.

“Yeah, I can see the headline now: Mother gets caught in vehicle showing
a breast to her son.” Linda said.

“We could drive out to forest park…no one’s ever out there.” Bobby

“Forest Park! If we’re gonna go that far we might as well go to Orgy
Shores.” Linda said.

“Orgy Shores? Where’s that?” Bobby asked.

“You’ve never heard of Orgy Shores?” She answered.

“No.” He said shaking his head.

“It’s a grassy hillside out by Loon Lake. It’s VERY private. Up for a
ride?” She asked.

Linda, what are you doing? You can’t take your son to Orgy Shores. The
only thing people do at Orgy Shores is fuck. Have you lost your mind? I’m
just going out there with him to show him how big my areola are. That’s
it. She thought.

“Will there be a boob involved?” Bobby smiled.

“Yes, there will be a boob involved. If you behave yourself…maybe
even two.” Linda smiled.

“Sweet.” Bobby grinned, his cock already stiffening in his pants.

A few miles outside of town Linda turned onto a narrow dirt road and
followed it for what seemed like miles. She finally stopped the car at the
top of a hill overlooking a secluded lake.

Don’t you dare look at that grassy hillside. Stay in the car, unclasp
your bra, show him your areola, then leave. God I love it here…it was
always such a magical place…free of teachers…free of parents…free of
husbands. FREE OF HUSBANDS?! Oh my God Linda…leave this place now!!!
She thought.

“Grab the blanket from the trunk.” She said, getting out.

Bobby snatched the blanket and joined his mom at the edge of the grass.
Linda stepped out of her mules, picked them up and took her son’s hand.

“Come on.” She said softly, then started running down the hillside.

Bobby nearly stumbled several times as he looked over at Linda tits,
jumping under her sweater as she ran. The middle-aged beauty screamed and
giggled playfully as they moved quickly into taller grass.

“Over here.” She said, leading him to a certain spot.

D�j� vu…I’m feeling like that naughty high-school cheerleader
again. Walking hand in hand with the big dicked football stud…leading
him to my special spot. She thought.

“Perfect.” She said, looking out at the serene waters.

Bobby spread the blanket out and sat down. Linda sat next to him, then
fell back onto her back. Her tan legs were slightly spread apart and bent
at the knees

Wow, they look so soft and her smooth tan just glows in the sun. How
incredible they would feel wrapped around me. He thought.

He felt his mom tugging at his shirt.

“Lay next to me.” She said softly.

Bobby fell back and Linda rolled onto her side facing him, propping her
head up with her elbow. This made her breasts distend outward as one lay
on top of the other.

“How’s this for private?” She smiled.

“Very.” He said. “You’ve been here before…when you were younger I
take it?”

Oh boy…here we go. I should be honest…but you know, this could play
in my favor. There’s some things he could be honest with me about. I
wanna find out what’s going on in that horny little head of his. She

“Question for a question?” She asked playfully.

“Sure.” He smiled.

“And you’ll be completely honest…if I promise to be?”She asked.

“Of course.” He answered.

“This was the hot spot when I was younger. I spent a lot of time on my
back here.” She said.

“Getting laid?” He asked.

“Yes…getting laid.” She smiled.

“Were you in any orgies? Is that why they call it Orgy Shores?” He

“No…the reason they called it Orgy Shores was because on any given
night this grassy hillside would be dotted with young couples. Imagine the
orgasmic screams of twenty or thirty young girls echoing across this lake.”
Linda explained.

Wow, mom must have been way hot when she was my age. So this was the
place where all the magic happened. He thought.

“Wow, that’s cool.” Bobby said with envy.

“My turn now?” She asked.

“Okay.” Bobby answered.

“Mrs. Jacobs said that you’re doing a lot of daydreaming in class. Be
honest…in these daydreams…are you and I making love?” She asked softly,
her big brown eyes gleaming down at her baby boy.

“Yeah…we are.” Bobby muttered.

Ohh, just like I thought…he’s dreaming of making love to me. My
son…my baby…making love to his mommy. Ohhh those damn
butterflies. She thought.

“Where are we when we make love in your dreams?” She asked.

“It’s weird. We start out in a mist and you wrap your arms and legs
around me like a spider…then we start to rise into the air…like on a
web. Before we disappear into the clouds you start to rock us back and
forth.” He said.

“When we enter the clouds…do you imagine us making love forever?” She
asked, staring straight into his eyes.

“Yeah.” He answered.

Linda brushed his cheek lovingly with her hand.

OH MY GOD I’M IN LOVE! Stop it Linda, just stop it! He’s your son for
fuck sake! Yes he’s handsome! Yes he’s young and full of sexual energy!
Yes he has a big thick dick between his legs that’s always hard when he’s
around you…but he’s your son. Your beautiful big-dicked baby boy! She

“Thank you for being honest with me.” She said.

Linda suddenly slipped to her knees and began to unbutton her sweater.
Bobby eagerly rose up, resting on his elbows as he watched a lacy white bra
and a monstrous cleavage emerge from the parting top.

Shedding her blouse Linda immediately reached back and unclasped her
bra. Her heavy tits shifted as the bra sprang loose. She pulled the straps
over her shoulders, the cups slipped free and her boobies did a little
bobbly-wobble across her chest.

Bobby sighed, his body shivering as he took in the amazing sight.

“See…way bigger.” She smiled, brushing her hand across a nipple.

“Right.” Bobby muttered. “They’re beautiful.”

“I can tell.” Linda giggled, watching the tent rise in her son’s shorts.

Wearing no underwear and only a pair of polyester sports shorts there
was little resistance for bobby’s big dick as it sprang to life, making the
thin fabric stretch outward.

With his mom still eyeballing the impressive bulge Bobby flexed it,
causing his shaft to surge with blood and rise even higher. Linda’s eyes
widened and her mouth opened a little, as if letting out a tiny gasp.
Bobby smiled with pride as he savored her reaction.

Linda, take your son and leave this place right now! It’s…it’s soo
big. I could take him…I could take all of him…I know it. Right down
to my cervix. She thought.

“Balls deep.” She whispered under her breath.

“What?” Bobby asked.

“Oh…I said…there you go…showing off again.” She smiled.

“Will you take off your skirt?” Bobby asked.

“My skirt? I don’t remember that being part of the deal, buster.” She
said, with her hands on her hips.

“Please.” Bobby begged.

“Oh don’t start with the begging. Tell you what…you lose the shirt
and I’ll lose the skirt. How’s that?” She said.

“Deal.” Bobby said, pulling his t-shirt off and throwing it to the side.

This is dangerous Linda. You’re married! Oh my God…his chest and
arms…what a hunk of a son I have. He so beautiful…so precious. How
could I deny him my body. He needs his mommy naked right now. Yes,
butt-naked! She thought.

Linda stood up and Bobby watched her dangling tits wobble as she undid
her skirt and let it fall to the ground. His heart raced as he saw that
she was wearing a pair of white sheer bikini panties. Before he could take
it all in Linda slid her thumbs under the hem and began to slide her
panties off.

“Not much covered down there…so I might as take these off too.” She

From on the ground Bobby had a birds eye view of her cute little snatch.
From her mons pubis, with it’s light patch of pubic fuzz to her thick
labial meat. Linda was now completely naked and seemed perfectly
comfortable that way in front of him.

“Yeeeesssss, you can smell them.” She giggled, dropping the panties onto
his chest.

Bobby grabbed them and brought them to his nose. The pungent aroma made
his head spin and Linda giggle as she watched him sniff.

Oh God he’s smelling me. He’s smelling my sex. My own baby is addicted
to the smell of his mother’s pussy. My pussy. The same plump mommy-pussy
that squeezed him out eighteen years ago. She thought.

“So how the heck did this happen?” She smiled.

“What?” Bobby asked.

“It was suppose to be as simple as pulling over and showing you a boob
and now here we are at Orgy Shores and I’m completely naked.” She joked.

“I don’t mind.” Bobby smiled, sniffing at the crotch of Linda panties.

“Oh, Im sure you don’t, slugger.” She smiled.

Linda got down on her hands and knees and crawl towards Bobby. He
watched her boobs wobble back and forth as she crawled over the top of him,
stopping when her face was above his and staring down at him lovingly.

“Mama’s little panty-sniffer.” She giggled, combing her nails through
his hair.

“Will you sit on me again?” Bobby sighed.

“Might be kinda tough without a chair.” She said.

Mount him…now Linda! No, that’s too much! Fuck too much…bring that
twat down against that dick girl. This is Orgy Shores…you’re naked and
there’s an enormous erection underneath you. FUCK’N MOUNT HIM!!

Linda sat up and straddled her son, rested her mummy-muffin against the
girthy meat of his shaft.

“There…how’s that?” She ask teasingly.

“Wow!” Bobby moaned, making Linda giggle.

Holy fucking shit. Mom’s pussy is right against my dick…she’s resting
it against my hard-on. He thought.

He could feel the searing heat of her genitals through the thin fabric
of his shorts. Linda’s pussy throbbed as she felt the strong erection
tucked between her quim. She rested against the underside what had to be
five inches of cock-meat and could still see another four-inches sticking
out in front of her.

Her little heart went pitter-patter.

So long! So thick! I can feel it pulsing! Oh my God I’m in love! She

Bobby flexed his dick again, making it push up against her cunt meat,
crushing Linda’s clit and making her eyes flutter back.

“You are rotten.” She sighed.

Grind on it Linda! I’m married but soo fucking what. This is a big
dick and my husband will never find out. He’ll never know…it’ll be Bobby
and I’s naughty secret. Grind on it. The thick slab of teenaged cock-meat
plowing against your clit. Grind it now! Oh my God I’m sooo fucking
horny! She thought.

Leaning forward a little she placed her hands on Bobby’s chest, bracing
herself and he watched as she slowly closed her eyes and started to grind
against him.

Holy shit…mom’s gonna dry hump me. She’s gonna dry hump my dick! He

It was an amazing site. A middle-aged mother, straddling her son, hips
gently gliding up and back as her big dangling boobs rocked back and forth
above his chest.

Gradually Linda sped up and intensified the pressure against Bobby’s
smothered dong. Her eyes still closed, Bobby watched her expression slowly
change to one of intense desperation…her breathing become heavy.

Ohhhh this feels so good. God help me I am loving this…absolutely
fucking loving this. Grind faster Linda! Fuck against it faster! Let
yourself go. It’s just you and your baby. Orgy Shores…no one else for
miles. Fuckin go girl!!! She thought.

He looked down and saw her pubis grinding up and back against the length
of his rod, tucked between her large outer lips. There was now a wet spot
on his shorts where pre-cum was being forced from his pisshole.

“HHHHHUHHH-H-H-H!” Linda voice quivered.

Her hips were rocking widly now as she humped frantically against the
teenagers erection.

“OH BOBBY!” She cried, her chest jerking forward.

Holy damn, look at mom go! She’s gonna cum! Mom’s gonna cum on my
fucking cock!!! He thought.

Bobby couldn’t believe his eyes as his mom began to convulse. She
suddenly threw her head back.

“GGGNNNUUHHH!!!!” She screamed, sending her voice echoing across the

As she rode through her orgasm, Bobby saw her glance at him, with a look
he’d never seen before. Her face was wild and flushed…her eyes glazed
over as if in an orgasmic haze.

with pleasure.

For a full minute Linda rocked against him, her body still shaking from
post orgasmic contractions.

She suddenly fell onto her son, her tits flattening against his chest as
she rested her head against his shoulder.

“Ohhh, sweet baby!” Linda sighed, catching her breath.

Once again the pressure on Bobby’s cock intensified as her hips
continued to rock. Bobby’s mom wasn’t done.

“Your turn.” She whispered, coiling her arms around his neck.

Holy shit! He thought.

Bobby sighed as he felt the swell of her genitals drag up and down the
length of his boner. The feeling of her soft spongy tits against him was
already causing his balls to tingle.

He was still holding the panties to his nose and Linda lifted her head
so she could look down into his eyes.

“That’s it…smell mommy sweetheart…smell the pussy.” She whispered.

Her words made the sperm in Bobby’s balls go from a simmer to a boil.
His mom was literally stroking his cock with her cunt and feeling was

“Oh-h-h mom…I’m gonna cum.” He muttered.

“Me too.” She cried.

“GGGNNNUHHH!!!” He grunted, as the first rope squirted from his penis.

“AAAANNNGGHHAA!!!!” Linda screamed, her body jerking as she buried her
whimpers in the soft of his neck.

“UUUUNNNNGGAA-UHHHH!!!” Bobby groaned as blasts number two and three
soaked his shorts.

Bobby and Linda’s genitals humped and lurched together drawing out each
others orgasms. They rocked and groaned for what seemed like forever
before the pleasure subsided.

“My God…what are you doing to me?” She said with a little smile.

“Sorry.” Bobby smiled.

“No you’re not.” She giggled.

“Okay…I’m not. Are you?” He asked.

“Sorry?” She asked, sitting back up into straddle.

“Yeah…sorry we did this?” Bobby asked.

“No…no I’m not.” She said, gazing down at him with a naughty little

Suddenly her cell phone went off in her skirt pocket.

“That would be your father, wondering where the hell we are.” She said,
reaching for her phone.

Okay, think of a lie. It has to be good. Um…parent teacher
conference…that’s it. She thought.

“Are you gonna tell him?” Bobby joked.

“Yeah, feel like dying today? He would murder us both.” She said.

“Hello?” Linda sang into her phone.

“Hi honey…no, Bobby had parent teacher conferences today…I forgot to
tell you…I’m sorry.” Linda said.

She laid back down against Bobby, resting her head on his shoulder as
she talked to her husband.

“Actually Bobby’s doing really well…he’s focusing on exactly what he
needs to during class.” Linda said.

Yes, exactly what he needs to…getting between mom’s legs. She

While she spoke Bobby ran his hands down the smooth of her back and
brazenly onto the swell of her ass. He let his fingers sink into the meat
of her matronly buttocks. This got no reaction from Linda as she continued

How awesome is this. Mom’s talking with dad while she here at Orgy
shores with me. Her soft tits are crushed against my chest and I’m sinking
my finger into that plump matronly ass. He thought.

“I agree…we should both be very proud of him.” She said.

Bobby got super-ballsy and slipped his fingers into the crack of Linda’s
ass and across her butt-hole. With his middle finger he circled her pouty
anal ring.

“That sounds good sweetie. If you wanna start up the grill Bobby and I
should get home before they arrive and we’ll throw the burgers on.” Linda
said, showing little concern by her son’s wanderings.

Bobby decided to push it one step further as the tip of his finger
easily slipped inside her asshole.

Man, if only that were the head of my cock. I would be in absolute
heaven tapping that ass. He thought.

“I love you too honey. See you in a bit.” She said.

As she hung up Bobby slipped his finger back out. Linda lifted her head
and gave him a quirky look.

“What do you think you’re doing young man? Was that a finger you just
placed inside your mother’s butt-hole?” She asked.

“I don’t know what your talking about.” Bobby said innocently.

“Uh-huh.” She said, then gave him a little tickle, making him squirm
beneath her.

I haven’t had anal sex in soo long. I can’t imagine what a large dick
like Bobby’s would feel like pounding my ass. Linda, stop it…he’s your
son. No you stop it bitch! Get the fuck out of my head! She thought.

“Does dad ever stick his penis in there?” Bobby asked.

“Not as much as he used to. You’re dad is at the age where he’s sliding
downhill sexually I’m afraid.” Linda said.

“If I were him I’d make love to you once a day.” Bobby said.

“Only once huh?” Linda asked.

“Okay…twice a day.” He smiled.

“How bout three times?” Linda grinned.

“As much as you’d want it.” He said.

“Wow, I’d never get anything done.” She giggled, slipping her bra back

Wow, mom must love to fuck. Does she realize how much I could fuck her.
She needs my dick…a dick that never gets tired. Dad doesn’t hold a
candle next to me. He thought.

As she climbed off her son she notice the mess both his cock and her
bare pussy had made on his shorts.

“Oh Bobby, your shorts are soaking. You can’t go home like that.” She

“What should I do.” He said, standing to his feet.

“Here…take them off and throw the blanket around you for now.” Linda
said, still on her knees and grabbing the hem of his shorts.

She pulled them down his legs and his boner sprang free, nearly slapping
her on the face. She looked forward, staring down the thick barrel of his
9 inch peter as it still bobbed up and down slightly.

God in heaven…give me strength. It’s the biggest cock I’ve ever
seen…and it’s absolutely beautiful! She thought.

“You’re still as hard as a rock.” Linda said, feeling her pussy pucker.

“Yeah, well…you know…” Bobby muttered proudly.

“The vigor of young men.” She said, dreamily staring at the long vien
encrusted barrel of love with it’s large bell-shape helmet.

Surely a cock like that could reach all the way to my heart. She

“Oh Bobby, there’s sperm all over you.” She said, picking up her panties
and whipping his tummy. As she cleaned him off Bobby’s dick bumped her
chest and gradually bent down until a few inches disappeared into her

“Gottcha.” Linda said, pressing her tits together and capturing her
son’s dick between her large bra busters.

“Where does he think he’s going?” She said playfully.

“Has a mind of his own I guess.” Bobby smiled.

“Well isn’t this quite the site.” She said as they both looked down at
the shaft, which was half-swallowed between her bulging tits.

Oh the hours of fucking it would take for a dick like that to finally go
down. The orgasms…oh Linda! Look at this. A young man’s big boner
tucked right down between his mom’s big soft boobs. She thought.

“I think I’ve figured out the appropriate nicknames for us.” Linda said

“What?” Bobby asked.

“Boobs n Boners.” She smiled.

“I like it.” Bobby giggled.

“So do I.” She said.

As Bobby slipped his dick from between her boobs a long string of cum
began to slowly drop towards the floor.

“Bobby, you’re dripping.” She said, catching it with her finger, then
swiping it off the tip of his dick. She stood up and Bobby and her both
looked at the small pool of semen on her finger.

“Please.” He smiled.

Linda slipped the finger in her mouth and licked it clean.

“Happy?” She asked with a smile.

“Very.” He said.

When they arrived at home Linda pulled the car into the garage and shut
the engine off.

“Stay put. I’ll sneak you out some shorts in a few minutes.” She said.

“Thanks mom…for today.” Bobby said.

“I let you cross some serious boundaries with me today, slugger. I’m
assuming you want things like that to continue?” She asked.

“Hell yeah.” He said.

“Then here are the rules…Number one: what we do is between you and I
only…got it?” She said sternly.

“Yep.” He answered.

“Number two: we only play when and where I decide…period.” She said.

“Okay.” Bobby nodded.

“And number three…I meant what I said about your school-work. I stuck
up for you today because I truly believe that the priority of a boy your
age is his penis. If yours wants the kind of attention it got today…then
you’re gonna need to keep your grades up.” She said.

“I will. I promise.” Bobby said.

Linda gazed straight into his eyes.

“One more thing. I’m not gonna kid you Bobby…if things keep going
like this sooner or later you and I are gonna be making love.” She said.

Bobby’s heart was pounding in his chest. Was he dreaming?

Oh my God…I’m gonna fuck mom. I’M GONNA FUCK MOM!!! He thought.

“Once we do I might get a little clingy…but that’s what we women do.
Just be patient with me…okay boners?” She said with a little smile.

“Okay boobs.” He grinned.

Normally Bobby would shy away from family gatherings by after the wild
events of the day he wanted to be as close to his mom as possible.

While the family hung out and chatted Bobby sort of lingered in the
background, taking every opportunity to watch his beautiful mother.

Linda had showered and was now wearing a short pale-pink polyester skirt
and thin white cotton tee. Bobby could hear the click of her dainty
high-heeled sandals as she moved about the house.

Every once in a while Linda would stare over at him, her eyes looking
him up and down like a hot chick at a night club checking out the hunk
across the room.

Oh God my baby is so handsome. I just wanna rip off all his clothes and
get him inside me where he belongs. She thought, the voice of reason no
longer there.

Bobby felt a rush of wicked excitement every time his mom’s eyes met his
and she gave him that cute little wink.

Their flirty exchanges hadn’t gone unnoticed by someone else at the
gathering. Linda’s mother Beth was keenly aware of the sexual tension
growing between her daughter and grandson. A smiled wickedly crossed her
face as she watched them tease one another.

There’s something naughty going on between those two. I just wonder…
Beth thought.

After dinner Bobby retreated to the back deck to keep from getting roped
into playing guitar hero with his dad and the other men of the family.

It wasn’t long before he heard the familiar clicking of his mom’s heels
approaching from behind him.

“I wondered where you disappeared to.” She said, strolling up behind

“Didn’t feel much like playing.” He said.

“You must have something else on you mind.” She said teasingly, hugging
him from behind.

“Yeah.” Bobby smiled, sighing as he felt his mom’s soft tits press
against his back and her chin rest on his shoulder.

“So do I.” She said, sneaking her hand under the hem of bobby’s shorts
and combing her nails through his pubes.

Bobby felt two of her fingers part as the thick root of his shaft
slipped between them.

Sooo thick. Oh Linda, you’re stretching your fingers around the base of
your son’s cock and you can see your husband right inside the window. Oh
how wicked exciting! She thought.

“Wanna go for a walk?” She asked softly.

“Where?” Bobby asked.

“How bout the playground? It’s dark and quiet this time of
night…perfect for two people who just wanna be alone and…play.” She
said, giving him a light sensual peck on his neck.

“Get a room you two.” Came a female voice behind them.

“Jesus mother, you startled the shit out of me.” Linda sighed.

Beth smiled as she walked over and stood beside them.

“Having a mother and son bonding moment are we?” Beth asked.

“As a matter of fact we were. Bobby, why don’t you go inside and tell
your dad we’re going for a walk while I talk to Grandma.” Linda said.

“Okay.” Bobby said, leaving the two women alone.

Oh my God my mother knows. I can see it in her face. Linda thought.

“Were we being that obvious?” Linda asked with a little smile.

“Only to a mother who’s raised three boys.” She said, sharing a knowing
smile with her daughter.

They watched Bobby though the window as he stopped to chat with a few of
his cousins.

“I can understand what you must being going though, sweetheart. He’s
beautiful.” Beth said, taking her daughter’s hand.

“I absolutely adore him.” Linda said, chewing on her bottom lip as she
gazed at her son dreamily.

“And for a mother to adore her son in every way is perfectly natural.”
Beth said, giving her hand a squeeze.

“So I’m doing the right thing then?” Linda said, turing to face her

“Are you following your heart?” Beth asked.

“YES.” Linda answered.

“Then how could it ever be wrong? The love a mother has for her son is
like no other…and when it turns to lust there is no force on this earth
that can keep you from him…not even the bonds of marriage.” Beth said.

Linda glanced through the window at her husband who was playing the game
with his brothers as she nodded in agreement.

I love Ron dearly…he makes a good living for Bobby and I and if he
ever found out I know it would break his heart. But mom’s
right…nothing’s going to keep me from making love to my son. Nothing.
Linda thought.

“Just be careful. What husbands don’t know…won’t hurt them.” Beth

“I will.” Linda smiled.

Hand in hand Linda and Bobby strolled up the sidewalk, the 4-inch heels
of her sandals clicking against the concrete.

“So Grandma knows then?” He asked.

“Yes…Grandma knows and don’t worry…it’s okay.” Linda said.

“She doesn’t care?” Bobby asked.

“Whatever it is I want, that’s what your grandma wants for me. That’s
the way mother’s are.” Linda said.

“What is it you want?” Bobby asked.

“That’s a silly question… Isn’t it obvious…I want you.” She said

Bobby’s heart was doing somersaults in his chest.

“But first…you’re gonna have to catch me.” She said, slipping out of
her heels and running down a grassy hill into the park.

Bobby followed after her as she made for the playground, giggling like a
little girl. Even on the warm summer night the park was very dark and
private, surrounded on three sides by a thick wooded area.

Before Bobby could arrive Linda climbed up the metal latter of a huge
children’s fort.

Bobby walked underneath it, trying to locate where she was on the wooded
deck above.

“Booonnneerrrr.” He heard her cute little call.

He went to a pole slide that rose up into a circled opening and saw his
mom right above him holding the pole as she squatted over the hole. Her
long legs spread, resting on the squatted toes of her sexy bare feet. He
could see the swell of her thick labial meat through her thin white

“See something you like?” She asked teasingly, smiling down at him.

She reached down with one hand, holding the bar with the other and
rubbed her pussy up and down through the thin fabric. She gave it five
quick slaps with the tips of her fingers.

“Come and get it.” She said.

Holy fuck!!! Bobby thought.

He wasted no time jumping onto the pole and pulling himself up towards
her. Linda stood, giggled and darted away.

Bobby climbed up through the hole and onto the deck.

“Boooobby.” His mom’s sweet voice called teasingly.

He saw her on the other side of the deck bridge. She was leaning
against a wall with her back to him and her skirt pulled up around her

She slowly peeled her panties over her shapely ass, stopping just below
the cheeks. She stared back at him teasingly as she squeezed the meaty
buttocks with her long nails.

Bobby heart was racing, his erection now tenting out obscenely in his
shorts. The site of her long tan legs crowned by such a beautiful ass was
enough to take his breath away. He intinctively grabbed the rod through
his shorts and gave it a few slow stokes.

“How’s that long-necked monster? Does he need some butt-hugs?” Linda
asked teasingly as she flexed her buttocks, making the soft cheeks ripple.

Like a playful little girl Linda pulled her panties up and hurried into
the play-fort tower.

Bobby followed…moving across the bridge deck and into the tower. The
little space was dark and his mom suddenly lunged against him…backing him
to the wall.

With her tits crushed against his chest Linda dove for his lips giving
him a few wet smacks before slipping her tongue inside his mouth. Her long
pink snake found his and they began to dance. Twisting and flailing her
strong experienced tongue attacked as she brought one of her legs up and
curled it around him.

She ran her hands up his shirt..clawing at his hairless chest and thrust
her pubis against his upturned rod, trying desperately to get a good
position on him.

I want him! Oh my God I want him! So strong! So handsome! Such a big
dick! Oh Go help me! Her mind twisted.

She was out of control…like a bitch in heat and Bobby was loving it.

“B-b-bobby.” She whined desperately between kisses.

“Ohhhh Bobby!!!” She cried, humping against his erection.

One of Linda’s legs was coiled way up around his waist and she use her
cute little bare foot to push at his ass, grinding their genitals together.

Holy shit, this is completely surreal. I’ve never seen mom like this. I
never dreamed she could be this horny. Oh man I’m lovin this…but what
the hell…why not give her a taste of the teasing. He thought.

“If you want me…you gonna have to catch me now.” He said, scurrying

“Get back here young man!” Linda playfully ordered,

Bobby rushed for the slide but before he could go down his mom was
grabbing at him. Linda sat behind him throwing her legs around him and
pulling him back against her chest.

Now laying upside down on top of her, Bobby felt his mom’s tongue
flailing against his neck. Linda grabbed the iron-hard dong through his
shorts and started stroking.

“Thinking you could get away from me.” She said playfully.

Bobby thrust his hips, humping at his mom’s fist as she jerked. He
gazed down at her tiny hand…wrapped tightly around his cloth covered
erection. Her wedding ring sparkled in the moonlight as she pulled up and
down on a few inches of meat.

Oh yeah…this is fuckin good. Holy shit!!! Bobby thought.

Suddenly the two of them slid unexpectedly down the slide. Linda
screamed playfully as they arrived at the bottom, still clinging to her

“I wanna swing.” She softly giggled.

She stood up, took his hand and pulled him towards the swing set. Linda
quickly hopped into a swing and Bobby stood there a few feet in front of
her, his big excited pecker tenting straight out under his shorts.

Like a drooling child he watched his mom extend her long tan legs,
flexing them together as she began to swing up and back. She swung towards
him, stretching her little toes out. Before she could swing back she drug
them down the head of his erection, making it bob up and down.

She did it again and her and Bobby giggled as her toes slipped across
the tip and his big awkward pole just sort of nodded up and down.

“So big and hard.” She bragged.

“You make it that way.” He said.

“Makes me feel good to know I give my handsome son such strong
erections.” She said with a naughty smile.

I’m gonna bury it. I’m gonna bury it inside my own hot MILF of a
mother. Bobby thought.

“Grab my feet.” Linda whispered.

As she swung towards him Bobby grabbed her little feet, holding her in

“Now move forward a little.” She smiled.

Bobby walked forward until his pointing peter slid between his mom’s
feet. He held her by the heels as Linda began to massage his blood
engorged phallus. She slid his meat back and forth between the arches of
her feet and bumped his scrotum with her toes making his sack wobble
between his legs.

That shaft feels so long and sooo thick against my little feet. My toes
are bumping his scrotum and it’s so soft…so heavy with those big sperm
filled balls inside. She thought.

“Momma’s little feet feel good, don’t they sweetheart.” Linda said

“Y-yeah…this is the best.” Bobby muttered.

“Doubt that…there’s probably a few other things that would feel a lot
better around that big monster.” She said with a wink.

Linda spread her feet and her legs began to part.

“Run your hands up my legs.” She said

Bobby worked his hands up her calves and as he did Linda pulled him
forward with her feet. Gradually her legs parted and Bobby gazed down at
her sweet clam through her sheer white panties.

There it is…the gates of paradise. Jesus look at the crotch of her
panties…they’re fucking soaked. He thought.

His hands slid up the silky-soft backs of her thighs and as her legs
curled around him he felt her heels push at his ass, beckoning him further

Bobby stepped forward until his dick turned upward, pressing against her
mommy-muffin. They both smiled at the way his shaft seemed to be jutting
up from her pubis.

“Wow, you’re packing an aweful lot of meat between those legs, kiddo.”
Linda smiled.

“Is that good?” Bobby asked.

“It certainly is. It’s been a long time since I’ve had someone touch
bottom. I don’t think you’ll have any problems.” She said.

Touching bottom! God damn, mom’s talking about her pussy. She’s
talking about me bottoming out inside her pussy! He thought.

Linda leaned back making the swell of her tits balloon and as her shirt
rode up Bobby looked down at the sexy contour of her belly with it’s cute
little belly button.

“Look Bobby…my legs are wrapped around you…just like in your dream.”
She smiled.

“Well…almost.” He blushed.

“Ohhh, that’s right. I guess if we wanted it to be like your
dream…we’d have to take that long-necked monster out of his cave and let
him slide down inside my sweet tunnel of love.” Linda said lovingly.

Bobby couldn’t say anything his heart was racing so fast.

“It that something you think you’re ready for?” Linda asked.

“N-now?” Bobby muttered.

She looked at him with batted eyelashes, biting on her bottom lip as she

H-here?” Bobby asked.

This is it Linda. Your about to be balled by your own son and the dick
of your dreams. Oh what I’d give for my big soft bed right now. Desperate
times call for desperate measures…just like at Orgy Shores. She thought.

Linda sat up and wrapped her arms around her son’s neck. The swing
dropped from under her so that she was now clinging only to Bobby, with her
soft shapely legs still wrapped around him.

“Over there…in the grass.” She said, motioning towards a dark grassy
area near the woods.

Bobby carried her over to the spot his mom had in mind and softly laid
her down. Her dreamy brown eyes stared hungrily into his as she reached
down and slipped her panties down her legs.

“Take off your shorts.” She whispered.

Bobby peeled his shorts off and his big throbbing baby-maker stuck out
straight as an arrow.

Linda lay back on the grass, throwing her legs up into the birthing
position. Bobby gazed down at her flower. It was in full bloom…her
outer and inner labia splayed wide open and glistening with vaginal
lubricant. Peeking out from under it’s hood, her clit protruded out like a
tiny engorged penis. She wasted no time reaching out for her baby.

“Come here.” She softly whispered in a cute little mommy tone.

Bobby took a big nervous gulp and crawled down between her strong
matronly legs. As his weight rested against her Linda curled her arms
around his neck and pulled him down to her waiting lips.

He we go… He excitedly thought.

They kissed hungrily and their tongues began to dance.

Bobby’s shaft was crushed against his mom’s clit, her little patch of
pubic fuzz tickling his crown and the sensitive underside. He thrust his
hips a few times, sawing across her engorged nub.

Linda tilted her pelvis, trying to help him into position. The long
awkward dong drug past her clit and licked its way down past her gash,
pushing against her butt-hole. The drooling helmet prodded and probed,
aching for an entrance.

Bobby felt a little hand clutch it by the root, helping it along. After
dragging it between the soft moist folds of her vulva Linda fed the bloated
bell-shaped head down into her creamy socket.

Oh sweetie, let Mommy help you take it to paradise. All that meat. All
that thick throbbing cock-meat! Oh God, Linda this is gonna feel sooo
fucking good! She thought.

“O-O-OHHH!” Bobby voice quivered as he felt the heat of his mother’s

She released his peter and he knew it was go-time. Easing forward Bobby
felt her warm walls of pink pussy expand around his girth.

“Holy shit.” The teen muttered, his body quivering excitedly as his mom
landed squishy wet kisses on his face.

He backed out an inch, then drove forward again, slowly plunging his
vien-encrusted pipe deep inside the soft wet warmth of cupid’d glove.

“OHHHMYGOD…SO BIG!!” Linda muttered, as she felt his cock-meat stretch
her birth canal.

Again Bobby backed out a few, then drove even deeper…his smothered
cock-head searching for bottom. Finally, as his soft hairless scrotum
hugged Linda’s butt-hole he felt the tip of his pecker nudge the squishy
head of her cervix.

“OH BOB-B-Y!” Linda’s voice quivered.

His head spun as he felt his cock completely surrounded by the clutching
sponge-furnace. It was just like in his dream…only better as Linda
wrapped her long tan mommy-legs up around the teenagers waist.

“Make love to me.” She whispered.

Slowly, Bobby’s hips set in motion…not with long hard strokes…but
with the kind of thrusts that were ideal for a first-timer…slow and easy.

Linda’s slippery vaginal walls hugged the girthy erection as it just
sort of wormed repeatedly up and back a few inches. Pre-cum drooled from
Bobby’s knob as it licked the soft creamy head of Linda’s cervix over and

Oh my God…I’m a motherfucker! I’m finally a motherfucker and it feels
so fucking good! Bobby thought.

“Kiss me.” Linda sighed.

This was it…just like in Bobby’s dream only so much better. As their
tongues rolled and flailed together wildly he began to instinctively pick
up the pace, with long cunt-pounding stokes. On every down stroke Bobby
felt Linda’s pink pussy constrict around the meat of his peter, smothering
it with the warm velvety softness of mommy-pussy.

Back at the house Linda’s husband Ron sat next to his mother on the
couch…sipping down the last of his beer.

“Linda and Bobby have been gone for awhile. Hope everything’s okay.” He

Beth rubbed his shoulder as she looked into his eyes with a smile.

Oh my poor boy. I’m sure you still have a sweet dick…but you just
can’t compete with a horny big-dicked teenager. My Linda will still call
you husband…but sexually sweetheart…you’ve lost her. Beth thought.

“Oh sweetie, don’t you worry about a thing. I’m sure they’re fine.
She’s with that strong handsome son of yours. I’m sure he’ll take good
care of her.” Beth said.

Back at the park Bobby’s huge powerful cock was jack- hammering Ron’s
wife’s hungry twat. His thick bulging rod was almost a blur as it plunged
in and out of it’s clutching host. A thick buttery froth of both mom and
son sex-cream coated his phallus and dripped from his balls as they beat
against the puckered ring of Linda’s butt-hole.

“O-h-h-h-h, mom…I’m gonna cum!” Bobby muttered.

“CUM!” Linda said.


“MEEE TOO!” Her cute voice sang.

“UUUGGHH!!! UUUGGHHH!!! UUUGGHHH! UUUUUGGHHH!” Bobby squirted a long
thick rope with each primitive grunt.

Linda buried her face in his neck and whimpered as her cunt began
explode, squeezing and rippling against the meat of Bobby’s hammering,
squirting erection.

For what seemed like forever their bodies bucked, shook and thrashed
together…Linda’s strong tan legs keeping his body locked to hers. These
were orgasms at their most intense.

Fifteen minutes later mom and son were dressed and again strolling up
the sidewalk, hand in hand. This time towards home. Linda squeezed his

“You okay?” She asked.

“Oh yeah. I just wish I could have lasted longer.” He said.

“Oh…sweetie, you did wonderful.” She smiled, stopping to turn towards

“Thanks.” He sighed.

“If you’re interested in extending the experience…I’m sure old mom has
a few tricks she can teach you.” Linda said.

“Cool… Instead of two minutes we can go for two hours.” Bobby smiled.

“Or four hours.” She said, resting her hands on his shoulder.

“That would be sweet.” Bobby said.

“Or maybe…just maybe…I could keep you going all night.” She said
with a wicked little grin.

“That’ll be pretty tough with dad around.” Bobby said.

“Well I guess I’ll just have to get creative won’t I? Get you inside me
whenever and wherever I can.” She said.

“I like the sound of that.” Bobby said.

“Me too sweet baby. Me too.” Linda said, as they continued up the walk
hand in hand.