The Big Bust Theory

Now that I had the money, I was able to afford to buy a
new sofa and bed, refrigerator and stove were included.
It was a two bedroom apartment, I might decide to take
in a roommate later.

The lease was reasonable priced and it was a short drive
to the University I worked out. I had a chance to chat
with the previous tenant over coffee. He told me the
elevator had been broken forever, the building had very
good security and the neighbors were nice. Especially
Penny across the hall.

He told me Penny was a sweet girl who worked as a
waitress and was a struggling actress. Sweet, beautiful,
and a little ditzy he said. I was looking forward to
meeting Penny.

It was a new experience living on my own. My friends
thought it was cool that I had my own pad now, the first
out of all of us. They thought I was cool in general. I
guess I am, kind of. At least people think I am. It
helps that they think I’m some stud who’s bagged lots of

The truth is, I’m still a virgin. The only action I’ve
had is my hand.

I’d put a chair under my bedroom door when I jerked off
or my mother would’ve walked in on me. Which she’d had a
habit of doing.

I’d been masturbating since I was eleven years old, I
figured early I loved big-breasted women. If I ever
figure out why I’ll call it “The Big Bust Theory”.

It never fails, when I’m surfing the web and come across
a huge-titted women, without thinking my hand pulls out
my cock and starts stroking it off.

I masturbate a lot too, seven to ten times a day. Which
might explain why I nearly have a porn star-sized cock,
over 10″ long, and very thick.

Now I can jerk off in complete privacy without anyone
catching me. Unless I get an obnoxious roommate.

I finally settled in, had all my books back in their
bookcases, my entertainment system set back up with my
video game systems, my stereo system, my high def TV [I
love my CBS sitcoms and crime dramas!], the works.

I was just starting to think about having a housewarming
party, invite all of my friends over when there was a
knock on my door.

I figured it was my neighbor Penny popping over to
welcome me.

I was excited – as well as nervous, I always got nervous
around a beautiful woman – and leisurely headed over to
my front door.

I opened the door and my brain went into overload.

Penny wasn’t just beautiful, she was downright sexy! She
wore a grey tank top and underneath were some MASSIVE
titties! They sagged some, but that was to be expected
considering their size. She was braless under the tank
top. Her nipples poking through the thin material.

“Hi, I’m your neighbor, Penny!” She said perkily.

“Wow…” was all I was able to say, as I stared at her
tits dumbly.

Fortunately, Penny didn’t seem upset. “I get that a
lot,” She chuckled.

For some reason, my brain thought I was sitting behind
my computer viewing big tit porn in the privacy of my
bedroom. Without meaning to, I pushed down my sweatpants
and lifted out my huge cock.

Penny gasped. “I never get that…”

Somehow I found the boldness – and my voice – to ask,
“Want to come in?”

“You better come back to my apartment,” Penny countered.
“I don’t think I’ll be able to get up after you’re done
using that…”

Penny took my hand and I grabbed the door knob to close
the door behind me as she led me to her own apartment.

I had just enough time to see her living room was
smaller than mine before she dragged into the one
bedroom in her apartment.

Slamming the door behind us, Penny whipped off her tank
top, making her massive brown-areolaed tits jiggle. She
undid her pants and pushed them down with her panties,
revealing her dark bush.

“Do I have to undress you too?” She said.

“No!” I replied as I whipped off my shirt [I was well-
muscled from working out regularly in the University
gym] then shoving down my sweatpants.

“Very nice,” Penny nodded, ogling my body.

She knelt before me. Licking her palm several times, she
proceeded to rub her saliva between her massive tits.

Spitting on her hand, Penny grabbed my cock and began to
stroke it, coating it with her saliva. She kept that up
until my cock was absolutely stiff, visibly throbbing.

Satisfied, Penny let go of my cock and grabbed her tits,
wrapping them around my large cock. She began to tit-
fuck me.

Grinning up at me, Penny said “I don’t get to do this.
All the guys I’ve slept with aren’t as long and fat-
cocked as you, ummm, by the way, what’s your name?!?”

“Oh! It’s Lenny!” I blurted.

“Lenny,” She repeated. “They don’t have the cock that
you do, Lenny.”

Focusing on tit-fucking me now, Penny pumped her
amazingly large titties around my aching shaft, harder
and faster. I groaned with a shudder.

I noticed the pleased look on Penny’s face. As she
fucked my cock faster, my large testicles smacked
against the undersides of her tits with each down-thrust
of her tits.

Penny bit her lip, moaning. Her face contorted and she
closed her eyes.

“Oh, wow, I’m cumming!” She gasped, letting out a cry.
Her body quickly calmed and she sighed.

“That was a small one,” Penny giggled. “I didn’t think
I’d cum just from titty-fucking you!”

She pumped her tits around my cock faster, breathing
heavy now. I realized I was breathing heavy as well.

Penny groaned and had another small orgasm.

I could tell I was close myself to jizzing. I barely
made it ten minutes when I felt my testicles tighten up.
“I’m going to cum!” I groaned.

Penny let go of her massive tits and grabbed my cock,
pumping it hard. It swelled up and the first stream of
jizz caught in the right eye and cheek.

She kept jerking me hard, blast after blast caught her
nose, chin, neck, and the last few the tops of her tits.

“Mmmm,” Penny moaned as she slid her tongue out and
snagged the jizz off of her chin then her nose. “Tasty!”

Letting go of my cock, she cupped her titties and licked
my jizz off of them greedily. My cock throbbed at the
sight. Then she scooped the white goo off of her cheek
and neck and ate that up too.

“Oh, good, you’re still hard!” Penny said as she rose,
smacking her lips.

“I’m so horny!” She gushed, rubbing her unshaven pussy a
few times.

Penny threw herself onto her bed and spread her legs.
“Fuck me, Lenny!”

Not wanting to look like a goofball virgin [which. I
nearly was] I grabbed my cock and strode towards the bed
and climbed between her legs.

Mounting Penny, I aimed my cock at her pussy, sliding
the head along it until it found her opening and slid

“Oh!” Penny gasped. “That’s good! I’ve never felt so
stuffed, I’ve never had one as thick as yours!”

I pushed forward, jamming my cock in her.

“Oh, yeah! Shove that big cock in me!” She groaned.
“Make me cum!”

I rammed my cock into her deep. Then positioning my
hands on either side of her head, I began to fuck her
fast and hard, careful though not to let my cock pop out
of her.

“Awww, yeah, that’s it, Lenny baby!” Penny cried out.
“Give it to momma!”

A vision of my own mother strangely popped into my head
at that moment. She was the kind of woman I could
picture talking like that during sex.

“Oh, yeah, I’m fucking cumming!! OH YEAHH!!” Penny
shrieked as her pussy spasmed around my cock and her
body thrashed wildly.

That was easy. Making her orgasm had me feeling more
confident. I rammed into her harder. Penny clung to me.
“Oh, shit, I’m cumming again!!!!”

I grinned as she screamed louder.

Penny was very orgasmic it seemed with my cock. She kept
cumming often and even multi-orgasming. I lasted a long
time and was worried she’d complain but she just begged
for more and more.

I lasted fifty minutes. I felt my testicles tighten up.
“I’m about to cum!” I groaned.

“Leave it in me!” Penny gasped. “I’m on the pill!”

Satisfied with that, I kept pumping into her as my cock
swelled and my jizz began to spew into her deeply.

Penny’s eyes flew wide open and she screamed as my rush
of jizz triggered another orgasm for her.

I pumped into her eight or nine blasts of jizz before
petering out. I slipped my cock from her hairy pussy,
with some of my jizz oozing out of her.

Rolling onto my back, Penny sighed and cuddled against
me, one of her breasts pressed against my chest.

“You know, I’m done with all this sleeping around with
every Tom, Rick and Harry,” She said.

“If it’s only ‘sleeping’ you’re doing what’s the big
deal?” I grinned. Penny shoved me playfully. “And I
thought the saying was ‘every Tom, DICK and Harry’.”

“Oh, I still want dick,” Penny winked, wrapping her hand
around my half hard cock. “But I’m ready to settle on
one. Are you in the market for a girlfriend?”

I grinned, turning to her.

“I thought you’d never ask…” I said as I leaned
forward to kiss Penny for the first time…