My affair with Megyn Kelly 2.

I felt the bright light of morning hit me on the face as I laid in bed. I turned away from the light and saw Megyn Kelly lying next to me, naked and glowing. I smiled as I remembered it wasn’t a dream, and decided for a few seconds longer enjoy the image. Because I know as soon as she wakes up, she will claim this was a horrible mistake and storm out, or say it was a mistake but thank me for being a gentlemen up to the love making session of the night. Yet I decided to make the best of it, so I got out of bed, closed the shades, dressed and grabbing my room key and wallet left to get some coffee. Downstairs in the lobby, I noticed a coffee bar near the restaurant/bar, so making my way over there, I ordered a couple of coffees. Not knowing what she drinks, I ordered her a vanilla latte, with half foam, and got myself a regular coffee. I arrived back into the bedroom portion of my suite and noticed the bed was empty. Megyn had gotten up and left. I knew that something like that may happen but I hoped I would at least get a chance to say good bye. I moved towards the living room with the coffee.

“I thought I smelled vanilla latte.” Megyn Kelly said from the couch, reading the paper. I looked her over. She was wearing a bathrobe, with her clothes nowhere near her. She noticed my shocked look. “Well are you going to let the coffee go cold?”
I shook out of my disbelief long enough to walk over and hand her the coffee. “I saw the empty bed…”

“Aaron, I am not like that, and plus I know what you are thinking.” Megyn said. She took a sip of her coffee, and let it settle in. She looked at me again. “I know I broke my marriage vow just as you, but I wasn’t drunk and I knew what I was doing. I regret cheating on my husband, but not last night with you.”

“Me neither.” I was finally able to say. Looking at my coffee, I was I had something stronger, but I took a sip anyway. I then joined her on the couch. “What now?”

“Well if you don’t mind, I am going to use your shower, and then get dressed.” Megyn replied with a smile on her face. She then saw the look on my face. She thought about it for a minute. “We’ll figure that out.”
Before I could say something, I heard a phone ring from the bar area, and since I know my ringtone, I could tell it wasn’t my phone. Megyn got up, walked over to her purse, listened on her phone for a couple minutes, said something, and set the phone back down before coming back over to me.

“The shower is going to have to wait. I forgot I had a delivery coming my house today.” Megyn said after sitting back down on the couch and looking at me. “Care to come over? “

“Sure.” I replied hearing my heart dropped. This was probably her way to let me down small.

“Okay let me get dress.” She said getting up from the couch and went to the bedroom. She came out a minute later with her jeans with a curious look on her face. “Have you seen my bra and sweater?”
I looked over the arm of the sofa and smiled. “Yeah right here.” I picked them up and handed to her. I smiled as she put them on. “You ready.”

“Yeah let me grab my coat and purse.” She said, then retrieved her jacket and purse. I put on my jacket and grabbed my room key, wallet, phone, and held open the door for her. She hooked her arm through mine as we may our way to the elevator and through the lobby. Once outside, before I could ask, she had a taxi waiting for us. “43rd and Madison please.”

“How long usually does this take you?” I asked looking at the scenery past by at the typical New York rate.

“Taxi depends on traffic, subway about 15 minutes give or take.” Megyn replied noticing me staring out the window. She took my hand. “Relax, it’s just my place.”

“I know, but you don’t know who will be there.” I said nervously. She looked over at me and reached out and grabbed my hand. “I’m just nervous that’s all.”

“I can tell, but no one is going to be there, so we can talk.” She replied as the cab pulled up into the front of her building. The doorman on duty opened the door and held it opened as I got out followed by Megyn. She whispered in his ear for a few seconds and then she took my arm and led me inside.

“What did you say to him?” I asked as we reached the elevator. I pushed the button and we walked inside a second after we press the button.

“Told him I had a delivery and you were a friend from college that was helping me today.” Megyn replied still holding on to my. We got off at the top floor and I whistled in excitement. “Yeah we build this after I got my raise. The floor consisted of three two bedroom apartments, we made an offer to the tenants.”

“So you converted the apartments into a penthouse.” I stated getting a nod from Megyn. She took me by the arm and walked me around their penthouse.

“We ripped out all the kitchens and gave more open space, and two offices.” Megyn said. She obviously led me to her husband and her office. “One for me and one for Douglas. Plus we opened the area for a large kitchen and dining area.”
She led me to where the kitchen and dining area was located in the center of the penthouse. That is where I saw an empty spot in the kitchen. A high range stove was being delivered today and I figured Megyn wanted me to see the place before being letting me down gently.

“I wanted to bring you here, because this is my life, and I am happy for it.” Megyn said coming back to stand next to me. She put her arm through mine again. “Yet I was happy last night and now, and I don’t regret last night.”

“I don’t either.” I replied feeling her head leaning against my shoulder. Her breast resting against my arm as well. “Megyn if you don’t want to…….”

Before I could finish my statement, the phone rang and she went to answer it. She said something low and hung up. “Look, while the delivery guys install the stove we can talk.”
I nodded as the doorbell rang, and Megyn walked away to answer it. Several seconds later, she walked in, with two guy with a big box on a dolly. “It’s going right there. How long will it take?”

“About twenty minutes.” The delivery man answered as the two began to cut the box open.

Megyn and I walked to the living area where we could view the install and still talk without being overheard. I took off my jacket and hung it over the arm of the couch. “Look Megyn, I understand about last night, and I agree, but if you don’t want to risk it, I understand completely and if you don’t want to talk to me anymore I understand too.” I told her sitting down.

“Aaron, what happen just occurred, and I don’t regret it all. The only thing I blame is me cheating on my husband.” Megyn said taking her hands into mine. “But I enjoyed the night with you, and it was fun, kind of like when I was single. So yes I still want to see you and talk to you I enjoy it, even if from here on out its platonic.”

“Ok I agree with you, but I have to admit. Last night was fun.” I replied giving her a sly look with her replying with a sly smile. “So now what?”

Before Megyn could answer, her phone rang. She pulled it out and looked at it. “Its Jenna, I have to take this. The tip money is on the counter in an envelope. Will you give it to them please? I have to shower after this.”

“No problem.” I answered and I got up as she moved off toward her bedroom to take the phone call in private. I walked over to a window and stared out the window. The view was amazing, and I must have stood there admiring it longer than I thought.

“All set sir.” The delivery man said handing over paperwork. I signed it in a signature that I figured Megyn’s would figure it was the doorman. I found the envelope on the counter and handed it to him. “Thank you sir, good day.”

“You too.” I said following the pair to the door and locking it behind them. I then decided to go tell Megyn the stove was installed and working. So I made my way to the room, and I noticed the door was open and I heard the shower running. Being the gentlemen I knocked on the bedroom door. “Megyn?”

“Yeah Aaron, come on in to the bedroom so you don’t have to shout.” Megyn said loudly. I took her meaning. The shower was loud so I figured that is why she said that.
I moved into the bedroom and close to the bathroom door. The door was cracked open a bit to let the steam out. “They are finished, so I signed like I was the doorman and gave them the tip.” I saw her reflection in the mirror and her body glisten with the water on it.

“Thank you Aaron. I appreciate that.” She answered not even turning around to speak. She bent over a bit to pick up something and my groin stirred to life. “I just got in here because the call lasted longer than I thought. You can shower too if you want.”

I should have declined, but the image of her with her glistening body was too much. I took off my clothes and silently slipped into the bathroom and into the shower with her. I wrapped my arms around her and started to kiss her neck.
Startled a little bit, Megyn’s hands went up and to the back of my head. “MMMM. So much for platonic.”

My hands began to fondle her exposed breast as my kisses slowly made their way down to the point of her shoulder and neck. She moaned in pleasure as my lips found a spot, and I decided to go further. My right hand moved from her breast down to her pussy and found her clit and to which I began to play with it. Megyn moaned loudly as my fingers began to build her up and one of her hands went to the shower head and adjusted it to hit the spot. She then grabbed my cock in her other hand and began to stroke it as my hand continued to play with her clit. Megyn moaned again loudly as I build her up and had to place her hand on the wall to balance herself.

“Oh god baby, that feels good.” She said. She turned her head slightly and we kissed ferociously as tongues explored each other. She began to stroke me harder as my hand continuously played with her clit. She shuttered as I could tell as she came, then moving my hands I spun her around placing her under the stream of water.

I then got on my knees, spreading her legs opened, and began to lick her pussy. Megyn groaned in pleasure as her hands went to run through my hair as my hands grabbed her ass bringing her womanhood closer to my face. Carefully she lifted one leg over my shoulder, using one of her hands to balance herself as I continued to lap at her wet pussy, the water from the shower adding to the experience.

“Oh fuck baby that feels good.” She groaned in pleasure as my tongue continued to work at her womanhood. My hands traced over her tight body and began to fondle her breast, her hands rubbing over my head. One of my hands came down and began to work her clit as my tongue continue to lap her warmth. I heard her suck in a quick breath. “Oh baby, fuck.”

Her hands slightly pushed me away and started to pick me up a bit, sensing what she wanted to do, I stood and she spun me around and placed me against the wall. Taking my erect manhood in her hand she began to stroke it as she kissed down my chest slowly getting on her knees. Her tongue slowly worked its way around my manhood as she slowly took it into her mouth. She began to suck on it slowly, working her way around it. My hands dropped to her head and began to help her by pushing on the back of her head, as her hands scraped along my chest. She began to suck more quickly as she heard me groan. I looked down and saw her beautiful eyes looking at me as she masterfully sucked on my manhood. Reaching down, I backed her off, stood her up and picked her up.

“Where to baby?” I asked leaving the shower. She kissed me deeply our juices on each other mixing together.

“Take me in my bed.” She replied. I carried her to the bed setting her down and sliding in. Going slowly at first teasing her with small shallow strokes. “Fuck baby, do me good and hard.”

Her legs wrapped around me, her nails digging into my back I began to stroke deeper into her. Her moans of pleasure filling my ears, my lips kissing her neck and my hands tracing over her, and fondling her breasts. My eyes catching her enjoying the moment, her head throwing back in a sign of ecstasy, and within a quick move, she rolled over to be on top.

“Ride it baby.” I told her as she began to ride me good and hard. My hands squeezing and fondling her beautiful breasts as her hands pushed down and dug into my chest. My hands then moving to her hips to help her ride me harder. “You are a great fuck.”

“Oh baby, cum inside me.” Megyn answered going harder. We both felt ourselves climaxing. With one move, I picked her up and planted her against the wall. She rode me harder, as I plunged deeper into her. “Fuck me baby, I want it.”

I exploded my load into her pussy as she also came over my manhood. Staggering backwards we kissed deeply as we wound down. Slowly after a minute, she rolled off me, but like the previous night threw one leg over me, her head on my chest. My hands stroking her body, as she stroked my chest.

“Now what Aaron?” She asked as her nails slowly scrapped across my chest. She looked up at me and stared deeply.

“How about you spend the rest of my time here in New York with me?” I asked moving one hand to her hair and slowly started to play with it. We looked at each other for what seemed like an eternity. “What do you say?”
She lifted her head and kissed me deeply before answering. “Let me pack a bag.”