DNC Fox Fuck with Megyn Kelly

So there I was at Invesco Field waiting along side with 80,000 people for the fourth day of the DNC Convention to begin. The sun was hot that day, beating down on everyone waiting for “history” to begin. I was there for another reason. It’s a well known fact that when a woman gets angry, she wants to be fucked, and fucked hard right away. Of course romance has its place, but when a woman wants it, she wants to be taken like an animal and ravished.

Working as a reporter for the RNC, I was at the convention trying to pick up any dirt I could find when lo-and-behold I bumped into Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. In my opinion Megyn was the most beautiful woman on Fox, with her long blonde hair, model face, and her open V-neck blouses which always displayed more than enough cleavage, Megyn Kelly was one hot piece of ass. Watching her read and prepare for her live cross from the convention, I used a corny opening line to start things off.

“Hot enough for you?”

“Yes it is. Who are you?” she asked.

Opening my wallet to show my ID, “I’m here from the RNC to pick up some dirt. What’s your story?”

“Oh, finally a friendly face.” She beamed her beautiful smile.

“Fox has me working here to get the other perspective of the convention. They know full well this place gives me the creeps, but I guess I plucked the short end of the straw. I am so pissed off right now.”

“Yeah, I don’t feel very welcome here either. Why don’t we go somewhere to cool off?”

“OK,” she said with a smile, “I’ve got 20 minutes to kill before my next live cross. Maybe I can interview you?”

“Sure, why not. Follow me.”

We walked to a door right under the main stage which opened to a hallway. Just inside was a men’s and ladies bathroom, and opposite a narrow door which opened into a large closet I had earlier scouted out.

“What’s in here?” Megyn said, just as I shut the door behind her and abruptly kissed her full on the lips.

Startled, Megyn gasped and immediately pulled away.

“What are you…. mmmpphh!!” she barely mumbled as I kissed her hard on the lips once again.

The sexy blonde anchor resisted slightly but let a moan escape her lips as I greedily groped her breasts through her silk blouse. Shoving my tongue into her mouth she finally seemed to surrender and pushed her smoking hot bod against mine. Pressing her body and breasts against me her hands clutched the back of my head and through my hair as our tongued wrestled.

“I want you right now!” I said.

“Wh—What?” she panted between kisses.

“I want to fuck you right here right now! Turn around!”

Megyn was visibly stunned and bewildered but before she could refuse I held her by her arms and turned her around so she faced a raised table that came to her waist.

“Hike up your skirt!” I ordered.

Megyn moved her hands slowly to her hips, still debating if she should comply. Frustrated, I pushed her trembling hands away and aggressively flipped her skirt up myself.

“Look at that hot little butt. Damn you’re sexy. I want to watch you get fucked!”

Snatching the side of her thong, I yanked her panties down to her knees and groped her delicious ass with both hands, feeling its soft firmness. Sliding my hand down and between her long legs I rubbed her bare pussy with my fingers and she yelped and thrashed violently to my touch.

“You’re wet aren’t you, you love this.”

Peeling her moist panties further down to her ankles I then unzipped my pants and directed her small hand behind her body and onto my cock. Despite her reluctance Megyn gripped my manhood with her hand and stroked me firmly as I kissed and licked her neck and shoulders. Groping her breasts, I then unbuttoned her blouse to reveal a sexy lace bra and scoping them from their cups I fondled her tits. Bending her over the table I then rubbed my cock flesh against her cunt and heard her moan.

“Tell me you want it. Tell me what you need.”

Panting softly Megyn responded, “Y—You know what I want.”


“Just fuck me. Fuck me right now!”

“You really want that?”

“Yes. Just do it. Please hurry!”

With the sound of the huge crowd cheering above us, I firmly grabbed her by her small hips and thrust my organ into her pussy ramming all eight inches into her. Megyn grunted and groaned gleefully as I drove my hips back and forth, back and forth at a steady rhythm. She soon began pushing herself back into me, wanting more of my cock in her sweet pussy with every thrust. Moaning softly she kept telling me to fuck her faster and harder every time I pumped my steel rod into her mound from behind.

“Fuck me. Harder!” Megyn gasped, “Hurry and fuck me. Faster!”

Stroking my cock into her cunt I began smacking her butt. Hearing her respond with a grunt I yanked on Megyn’s hair and cocked her head back as I hungrily licked her neck and kissed her on the mouth.

“Do you like being fucked hard under the main stage?”

“Yes. Yes. Don’t stop. Just hurry, fuck me!”

I kept spanking her ass until her cheek started to turn a light pink and then a shade darker.

“Yes. Yes.” She cried.

Megyn began to climax as the stadium erupted to the introduction of another Democratic speaker. Rocking her head back and forth I kept fucking Megyn for a good 15 minutes before I started to feel my balls ready to burst. I finally slowed the rhythm slightly to keep it going longer. I wanted to fuck her for as long as I possibly could. A few moments later I was almost spent and I yanked Megyn’s hair one final time and looked at her straight in the eyes.

“I’m want to cum on your face. Get on your knees!”

I took a step back as Megyn turned around and eagerly fell to her knees, her pink tongue licking the underside of my cock. I began pumping Megyn’s mouth for several moments, as she grasped my ass and pulled me into her mouth. Sucking my prick eagerly, I finally pulled out and unleashed a long, thick, hot rope of cum on her forehead, before another stream of semen shot out and struck her squarely across her pretty nose and lips. To Megyn’s dismay a third and final load then erupted out of the head of my dick and splashed across her open mouth and chin. Putting my hand on the adjacent wall I leaned in and grunted loudly as I stabbed my cock into her mouth once again and watched as she cleaned my dick thoroughly. Placing my penis back in my pants I looked at my watch and noticed that Megyn had mere seconds to prepare for her live cross.

“Thanks for the fuck, you were great. You’re one hot piece of GOP ass.”

Megyn, still on her knees looked up at me in a daze as she wiped her semen coated face with her fingers. Her skirt was still hiked up to her waist and her breasts dangled out of her blouse erotically. Megyn’s hair was a mess as was her makeup. Pleased with myself I stepped out of the closet and into the hallway to make my way back out to the stage door. Opening it I was greeted by a frantic Fox cameraman ask spoke out of breath.

“Have you seen Megyn Kelly anywhere? We’re on in two minutes!”

“Yeah, she’s in the storage closet getting ready. She’s waiting for you.”