Avengers enjoys sex

It was a quiet Friday night at Avengers mansion almost everyone was off doing their own thing. Bruce Banner was in his room reading quietly and Black Widow was in the training room exercising. The rooms AI suddenly set the exercise to maximum and Natasha started fighting for her life. She managed to make a good go of it for fifteen minute before she lay in a heap and the AI was about to deliver a killing blow. The Hulk suddenly burst through a wall ripping out machines and destroying the training room. Gently picking up the Widow’s supine body he carried her to his room and lay her on his bed. He grunted out computer scan Tasha’s body , how hurt is she , after a few minutes the computer responded. Black Widow will be fine most damage is superficial she is only unconscious from her body being totally exhausted from the fight.

The Hulk now not having to worry took the time to look over the Widows body. Most of Widows black leather like outfit had large tears and pieces ripped from it exposing large areas of Natasha’s body. The Hulk said computer remove the rest of Black Widows outfit. The mansion extended mechanical arms from the ceiling of the Hulk’s room and gently removed the remnants of Widows costume leaving her naked lying on Hulk’s bed. The Hulk took note of Natasha’s body from her feet to her head. Black widows body was petite , muscular, fit , and toned pale white as if it rarely received any sunlight. Her feet small and well shaped with manicured red polished nails. On up her long beautiful legs that were also toned and muscled that led up to her crotch that was smooth and clean shaven with her pussies nether lips spread open like the petals of a flower in full bloom and dew touched as moisture slowly leaked from it. Hulk’s eyes moved up across her flat , toned six pack abdomen on up to her rounded , filled out , firm , young c-cup breasts with blood darkened aureoles on each tit topped with eraser sized nipples already hardening with the brush of the cold air.

Reaching out Hulk brushed a nipple with his large index finger which elicited a moan from the unconscious Widow. The Hulk smiled as his regard continued up her body taking in her long toned arms that ended with small well manicured long thin fingered hands with red polished nails. Then up to her long aristocratic neck topped by an oval face that came to a blunted pointed chin. Luscious full red tinted lips slightly parted under a small nose with black eyes under long thin maintained eyebrows and long eyelashes. She has thick , full , silky , straight reddish brown hair that the Hulk loved the feel of as he stroked her hair. Bruce speaking to the Hulk within their shared mind said , Hulk if we are going to fuck her we are going to have to be very careful with the size of that monster between our legs it would tear her vagina apart and could even kill her. Hulk knows this and Hulk know how to mate with mall females now shut up Banner. The Hulk moved Tasha’s petite body to the edge of the bed spreading her legs as far apart as they would go without harming her but giving him easier access to her cunt. Placing his large fourteen inch long , three inch round dick at the entrance to Widows vagina he prepared himself to slowly part her nether lips and enter her.

Computer please administer a muscle relaxant to Widow’s vagina and the room extended a pseudo arm and injected a light muscle relaxant. Holding firmly to Tasha’s hips he slowly drew her onto his stiffened rod until he his entire fourteen inches were embedded inside her vagina. The Hulk slowly withdrew from her and then moved into her again doing this over and over again as he slowly sped up. The Hulk watched the outline of his huge member outlined on the skin of Widows stomach as it moved up and down her abdomen. Black Widow had started moaning as her body responded to her arousal becoming wet making it easier for the Hulk to fuck her. Natasha woke up with the Hulk driving his penis into her cunt and she felt a massive orgasm building within her groin. Her breasts ached with need and she said , Hulk why you didn’t need to rape me but Natasha you are not being raped if you were Hulk would not be so gentle. Would you like to experience rape by Hulk. No Tasha quickly responded as she screamed out her first of many massive orgasms. Hulk reached down and getting a dollop of his cum and hers onto his finger smeared it across her lips.

Widow licked her lips enjoying the taste of the results of their combined pleasure. Hulk finally stopped fucking her pussy and slid out of her exhausted and sore body only to have him flip her over and request more relaxant be administered to her anus. Black Widow started screaming hearing this but that did not stop the Hulk from shoving his well lubricated dick deeply into her rectum and start pounding it into her at a rapid pace until she passed out. Once more waking up she found Bruce Banner spooning her spent , exhausted , and extremely sore body she realized that she was very satisfied sexually and wrapping Banners arms more firmly around her placing one hand on a breast cupping it she smiled tiredly and started to return to slumber.

Within the mansions control room Tony Stark smiling returned his now spent cock into his pants and told the computer to transfer that security file to his personal data account under a high security lock out and put the security system back on automatic scanning. Recalling what had happened once Hulk had relaxed and changed to Banners body he started to harden again picturing Banner pulling Natasha’s body to him and spreading her legs apart shoved his hand I to her gaping cunt began fisting her to an orgasm then did the same to her anus as they both slowly returned to their normal shape. Banner than pushed his engorged penis into her and fucked her until they both came and repeated the action in her anus. He then lay down spooning Widows well used and abused young body. Thank you Natasha that was exactly what our two friends needed although I’m not sure I could have enjoyed Hulk’s sloppy seconds especially seeing your gaping holes when he finished with you , shut up Tony Widow responded smiling and quietly responding over the private comm channel and satisfied she went to sleep.