Nancy Kerrigan’s Revenge

Contrary to popular opinion, Tonya Harding did not
reside in a battered trailer. Her house, while not
opulent, but it was nice. It might have been nicer if
she could afford to redo the decorating, something
that wasn’t a viable option. Tonya sat on her couch,
surrounded by a mountain of bills. After the
suspension and her court proceedings, she’d found
herself on the brink of bankruptcy. She had a small
account left but it wasn’t going to last long. She
needed to do something soon to change all that.
Unfortunately, she didn’t see many job openings for
someone of her unique status.

She dragged a hand through her scraggly blond hair as
she examined the bills. Although she had kept to
herself through much of the last four years, she was
still in good shape, with her body holding only a few
more pounds of fat than when she had when skating. The
last thing she wanted was to give those tabloids a
story by ballooning up to three hundred pounds or

She sighed as she heard the doorbell ring and reluc-
tantly got up. She was wearing a faded yellow sweat-
shirt and jeans. She wondered who it could be. Not many
reporters stopped by anymore and she’d been shunned by
much of the neighborhood. That left the local kids
heckling her. If that was the case, they were in
trouble because she was in the mood to kick some ass.

Opening the door, she saw the person standing on the
other side. Tonya blinked, positive she was seeing
things. Maybe all this worrying over her budget had
given her a complex or something. Her visitor was a
woman who was tall for skaters, a little higher than
Tonya. She had an attractive face, highlighted by a
dazzling smile and framed by long curly black hair.
She wore a white windbreaker over a white T-shirt and
a pair of jeans. A bag hung over one shoulder. “Can I
come in?” she asked.

Of all the people in the world that Tonya expected to
see on her doorstep, Nancy Kerrigan ranked just below
Queen Elizabeth.

“Uh, sure,” she stammered out as she stood aside,
letting Nancy in. “Um, sorry about the mess, I wasn’t
expecting company.”

She swiftly began pushing bills off the couch so she
and Nancy could sit down. Nancy placed her bag down
before sitting.

“Tonya, I came here because I wanted to talk. We need
to get things straightened out. It’s been four years,
for God’s sake. Now, I don’t know how you’ve been but
the media still won’t let it go. It’s the first thing
I’m asked all the time. So, we need to talk. No
reporters, no lawyers, no cops, just you and me getting
this all out.”

“Okay,” Tonya said, hesitatingly. She was still a
little wary, but what the hell? If nothing else, she
could sell the story to the tabs for some extra bucks.

Nancy took a deep breath. “Now, in a way, what happened
helped me, I have to admit it. Lots of exposure,
endorsement deals, public appearances, it all worked
out pretty well for me.”

“If the point of this is to make me feel bad, you’re
succeeding admirably,” Tonya said.

“Sorry, look, we’re getting off to a bad start here.
I brought a gesture of good will. All right?” She
unzipped the bag and pulled out a silver disc attached
to a ribbon.

“Your medal?” Tonya said, her eyes widening.

“You got it,” Nancy said as she held the medal up.
She held it slightly above Tonya’s line of vision,
not majorly but enough so she’d have to look up to
see it. “This could have been yours. I have to admit,
it’s nice. I never imagined the way it shines. The
way the light catches it and it bounces into your
eyes. It makes it more appealing, more intriguing to
look at. All you do is stare at it and it really seems
to glow when the light catches it right.”

Nancy slowly tugged at the ribbon, letting the medal
slowly spin. The light glanced off it into Tonya’s
eyes. She stared at the medal, enraptured. Smiling,
Nancy continued to talk, shifting into a soft yet
commanding tone.

“Just keep watching the medal swing in place, Tonya.
Just keep watching it and watch the light glinting off
it. The light flashes off the medal and into your eyes.
One flash after another after another. You just keep
watching them flashing and you notice something. The
more you watch, the more relaxed you feel. The more the
medal flashes, the more you feel relaxed and calm. You
just keep watching the medal and listening to my voice
and you feel so very relaxed. The flashes just keep
coming and with each flash you feel more and more
relaxed. Flash, flash, flash.”

“You feel so relaxed now, so calm, that you can barely
keep your eyes open. The lights keep flashing and you
just feel so very relaxed and calm and peaceful. The
flashes keep coming and now you feel so relaxed that
you just want to close your eyes, just close them and
relax completely and totally. Just close your eyes and

Tonya’s eyes gently shut as she slumped slightly in
the couch. Smiling, Nancy placed the medal down. “Even
with your eyes closed, you can see the flashes, Tonya.
The flashes just keep coming and you keep feeling more
relaxed as they do. Just keep watching the flashes,
Tonya. Watch them and let me know when you’ve relaxed
completely. When the flashes end, you will be in a deep
state of relaxation, Tonya. Tell me when they end,
Tonya. Tell me when you’re completely relaxed.”

It was a long, agonizing minute before Tonya whispered.
“I am..completely..relaxed.”

It had worked. Those lessons she’d taken had paid off
completely. She had going for her Tonya’s lust over
the medal itself, which made sure she would fix her
attention to it. Now, with Tonya hypnotized, Nancy
could finally get some straight answers and a little

“Tonya, I want you to tell me the truth. Now, did you
plan the attack on me?”

“Yes..” Tonya replied.

Surprisingly, Nancy didn’t feel any anger over the
admission. She had gotten over most of it. However,
she did have a couple of things in mind to “reward”
Tonya for the publicity she had given her.

“Tonya, I want you to listen to me very carefully. I
want you to open your eyes but remain fast asleep. I
want you to then lead me into your bedroom. All right?”

Tonya opened her eyes and stood up. With a blank
expression on her face, she led Nancy to the bedroom.
Like much of the house, it needed a little work, but
the bed was inviting enough.

Nancy looked over the bed and nodded. She turned back
to the entranced Tonya. She took Tonya’s face in her
hands and gently kissed her.

Tonya was hesitant at first. Her mind was entranced,
the tiny insignificant part that retained its free
will unbelieving of what was happening.

Nancy’s hands moved over Tonya’s body, massaging her
breasts as she kissed. “Don’t fight me, Tonya,” she
said, breaking off. “Just relax completely and let me
touch you.”

She pushed Tonya onto the bed and slowly began
undressing her. The jeans went first, then the sweater.
The dark bra was next, exposing the pert breasts and
finally came the panties, showing off the blond tuft
between her legs. Tonya had an attractive body, but it
wasn’t sex Nancy was there for today. Well, partly it
was, but it was also something even more primal;

Nancy pulled off her jeans and then slipped her panties
down her smooth tanned legs. She left her shirt and
windbreaker on, though. She reached into her bag and
began pulling out a set of scarves and a couple of
tubes. Each scarf was colored: red, green, blue and
yellow. The red and green scarves went around Tonya’s
ankles. The blue and yellow went around her wrists.

Spread-eagled, Tonya lay helpless before America’s
sweetheart, who was thinking some definitely unsweet

Nancy opened the caps of the tubes and began emptying
their contents onto Tonya. Red and green paint soon
merged onto her stomach. Putting on a pair of gloves,
Nancy began moving the paint around Tonya’s body. She
felt a rush as she felt the paint slide over Tonya’s
white skin. She spread it out over her ex-rival,
around her breasts and stomach. She massaged it along
the small mounds, lightly tweaking the nipples as she

Soon, Tonya’s firm body was a mass of color, made all
the more remarkable by the lack of it on her legs, arms
and head. Nancy took care to spread the paint every-
where but Tonya’s clit, leaving it open and exposed.

Nancy quickly undressed and moved onto the prone Tonya,
sitting down right over her face, her pussy inches from
Tonya’s tongue. “Lick me, Tonya,” she commanded. “Go
ahead and lick me now.”

Tonya had been in ecstasy throughout the paint massage
and was only too eager to obey. She placed her mouth
over Nancy’s pussy and began licking.

Nancy gently rocked herself onto Tonya, setting up a
slow rhythm that she knew was building her towards
ecstasy. She moaned as she felt Tonya’s hands on her
thighs, the fingers running down the sensitive legs
as she continued to lick away. Nancy straightened as
she came, her cum spilling onto Tonya’s face.

“So sweet,” she said. “So sweet.”

Nancy sat on Tonya’s face for a few moments longer
until she had caught her breath. Then quickly dressing
she hurried out to the living room and on to the front

“Okay guys come on in.” Nancy held the door open as
the Seattle chapter of the “hells Angels” trooped in
one by one. “She’s all ready for you in the back bed-
room.” Nancy said, her eyes sparkling.

* * * * *

Tonya slowly opened her eyes. She wasn’t sure where
she was. The last thing she remembered was talking to
Nancy and then–

She let her right hand drag over her face as she tried
to get her bearings. She tried to move the left hand,
but something was stopping it. Confused, she looked to
see her left hand tied to a scarf tied to a bedpost.

Several things became clear to Tonya at once: She was
naked, she was covered in paint, the sheets right
underneath her pussy were stained and a sweet-tasting
liquid covered her face. She tried to understand what
had happened, how she’d gotten here.

Her gaze fell on a piece of paper lying next to her.
Picking it up, she opened it with her free hand.

“Dear Tonya, payback’s a bitch and so am I. Don’t
bother asking yourself how I did it, I did it. Now
you know how it is to feel pain and embarrassment.
But I do have a heart, Tonya. Really. If I did all
this with no compensation to you, it’d be no better
than you. And I have to admit, I do feel some sympathy
for your troubles. So, you’ll find a check on your
side table, for a sum that I believe will be acceptable
to you. I doubt you’d want to tell anyone about this.
No one would really believe you anyway. Let’s just
consider ourselves even. Hope to see you back on the
ice soon. Nancy.”

Tonya crumpled the note in her hand and cursed under
her breath. “Next time, I’m going to just have her

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