Lucy Liu seduced

It just made perfect sense that things could be just as
chaotic on the set of “Ally McBeal” as they were on

From the debate over Calista Flockhart’s weight to recent
cast departures, things on set had been tense. Anytime
you had such a collection of different actors, egos were
bound to clash and the success of the show just added to

It was ironic that a woman who had played a great part in
that success was the center of all the trouble now. Lucy
Liu had invigorated the show when she was introduced in
the second season as the outspoken, flippant and wicked
Ling. With her sexual heat pouring out of the screen,
with wild outfits, outspoken talk on sex and a kiss with
Calista, she was one of the main reasons the show had
become a hit.

Now, she was one of the reasons, things on the set were
so tight. While they talked like everyone were friends on
set, the truth was that pretty much the entire cast
couldn’t stand Lucy anymore. The diva mentality of Ling
wasn’t wholly an act, as Lucy often demanded to redo
lines, get more camera shots and basically be catered to
while on set.

It had just gotten worse since “Charlie’s Angels.” Now
that she was a big screen hit, Lucy was even more
arrogant than ever, even David E. Kelly couldn’t stand
her. Lucy had put David down as simply another writer,
evidentially ignoring the tiny detail that if it weren’t
for him, she wouldn’t have a big career in the first

So, it was more than a little relief felt when it was
announced that Lucy’s role on the show would be cut back
in the new season and she would be gone by the end of it.
Plans were already underway for a private party to
celebrate and more than a few cast and crewmembers were
slipping David little notes encouraging him to kill off
Lucy as payback.

Still, another season awaited them, which meant more of
Lucy’s prima-donna attitude and clashes on the set. One
person in particular was watching the entire thing with
great interest. He was new on the crew and hadn’t really
known Lucy long but he had heard all the horror stories.
However, unlike everyone else, he had an idea to put Lucy
in her place and get himself a little satisfaction too.
So, he started to plan….

Lucy groaned as she walked off the set. God, what a day.
Shooting was bad enough but balancing it with her new
movie put tension on her and all the shit she took on the
job didn’t help. God, so she was big, why shouldn’t she
enjoy, huh? Why did all these guys give her such shit?
Calista was easy, she knew Lucy was hotter than she could
ever be and had the better career.

Well, at least she’d be out of this soon, able to work
totally on films and make herself even bigger. Another
“Charlie’s Angels” and she’d be set for life. That
thought carried her as she walked down the street,
wearing a loose dark dress around her lithe body, her
long black hair framing a face of perfected beauty.

She was rounding a corner when she ran right into another
person. He backed away to show himself to be a handsome
young man with dark hair and a nice smile, Asian in
appearance. Well, if he thought being of the same
ethnicity as Lucy was going to get him off, he should
have through again. “Watch it, asshole!”

“I was, actually,” the man said in a lightly accented
voice. “I’m Yin.”


“Lucy Liu, I know,” Yin smiled. “I work on the set.”

“Goody for you,” Lucy said. “Get out of my way or you’re

“Sorry, sorry,” Yin said, backing away. He let Lucy walk
a few more feet, then followed her. “Can I just ask you

“No autograph,” she bit out.

“I know,” he said. “But I wanted to ask. Why do you have
to be such a bitch all the time?”

Lucy whirled on him. “Hey, I don’t need some flunky
telling me how to act! Those assholes can’t deal with me
being the best thing on the show, fine! I don’t want you
adding your two cents.”

“I just think you could be a little nicer,” Yin said.

“Don’t tell me what to do,” Lucy said, convincing herself
to get this asshole fired as soon as possible.

“On the contrary, Lucy,” Yin said, his tone shifting to a
darker one. “I’m going to be telling you what to do quite
a lot now.”

Lucy turned to glare at him but her yell was cut off when
she looked up at Yin’s face. His eyes were glowing,
literally, a bright green that cut into her thoughts and
froze her in place. The ancient disciplines Yin had
learned at the temple near his home were coming to the
fore now. He hadn’t used them too much but now and then
he made an exception and Lucy was one of them.

Lucy’s face went blank as Yin’s eyes bore into hers,
robbing her of her will. In moments, the almost-magical
energies enveloped her mind completely and Lucy stood in
place, utterly mindless.

“Come with me, Lucy,” Yin intoned, taking her by the arm.
Lucy obliviously let herself be taken away.

It took a few minutes for them to enter Yin’s nice
apartment. He led Lucy to his bedroom, where several
cameras had been set up around the bed, some pointing to
it, others to where Lucy stood. Yin undressed, revealing
his nice athletic body as he moved onto the bed and gazed
at the oblivious Lucy. “Can you hear me?”

“Yes,” Lucy said blankly, her eyes staring outward.

“You will call me master from now on, Lucy.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Lucy, I want you to do a strip tease, a nice hot strip
tease, reveal your body to me and please me while doing

“Yes, Master,” Lucy intoned as he body began to sway. She
moved herself around, dancing to a beat that existed only
in her mind, reaching up to slowly pull away her dress.
She wore only a black bra and panties with hose. She spun
around, undoing her bra and pulling it away to reveal her
pert breasts, the nipples erect. She slid her panties
down, kicking them away, then let her hose slide off, one
leg at a time.

“Come here and suck my cock,” Yin intoned. Instantly,
Lucy stopped her dancing and moved up to the bed,
crawling onto it. She moved in and put her lips around
Yin’s erect rod, moving up and down his shaft with her
tongue sliding around his member. Her fingers moved to
pinch his balls as she went at him. “Yessss….” Yin
muttered as he felt her go at him. “Suck me all down,
bitch, suck it down!” Lucy didn’t reply verbally, just
kept bobbing her head up and down Yin’s generous rod,
working at him furiously.

“Stop,” Yin commanded and Lucy did. “Get off and on your
back, legs spread.” He moved away as Lucy obeyed, her
shaved clit on full display as she lay before him. Yin
moved down and pushed his cock into her, working it up
and down inside her pussy. “Ooooh….” Lucy moaned as she
felt Yin work his way in.

“Say you want this,” Yin hissed as he pushed his cock
away at her. “Say you want this, bitch!”

“I want it…. I need it…. Please, Master, I need it!”

“Ugh!” Lucy’s thighs hooked around and clenched around
Yin’s waist, the slender stems holding him tight as he
worked away at her, meat slamming in and out of her
shaven clit, loving the mix of pain and ecstasy on her
face as he fucked her. “Yes!” Yin grunted. “Yes!”

“YES, MASTER!” Lucy screamed. “YES, YES, YES, YESSSSSSS!”

“AAAHH!” Yin let out as he shot his wad down, rocking
Lucy with orgasm as he came inside her. Yin slid himself
out. “On all fours, Lucy.”

“Yes, Master,” she intoned, getting on her hands and
knees, ass sticking out at him. He moved in and slid his
cock into her ass and started going at her. As he did, he
grinned at the cameras recording it all. He’d have to
alter it so he didn’t show up but he knew Lucy’s co-stars
would greatly enjoy seeing her at his beck and call, even
if Lucy wouldn’t remember any of it.

Time to see just how dirty this Angel was…

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