Geena Davis learns how to become a straight shooter

The whistle of air around a shaft echoed through the
yard just before an arrow slammed into the large
round target, at least five inches away from
bullseye. The woman who fired the arrow, lowered her
bow, sighing in exasperation as she looked at the
half dozen arrows stuck into the target, none of
which came near the center of the target.

The woman took off her cap and wiped at her forehead,
then put the cap back on her dark brown hair, pulled
back in a ponytail. She was quite tall, six feet and
thin but with a bubbly smile and nice beauty, not
exactly the sort of person you’d expect to see at an
archery course. For more reasons than one.

Geena Davis had become used to disappointment. There
had been the inability to get her Oscar to boost her
into a more successful film career although she’d had
a few hits. She had been unable to become an action
film star, which had caused the end of her marriage
to her action film director. And she had been unable
to make herself a hit TV show, “The Geena Davis Show”
having just gotten the long-awaited axe from ABC. So,
Geena figured she was about due for something to come
her way but it didn’t appear that things were going
to plan.

It burned Geena a bit that some people still thought
this whole archery thing was a lark but she really
was trying to get herself up to Olympic competition
level. True, she hadn’t made the cut the last
Olympics, but she had just been starting out and the
lack of years of training were getting to her. But
she was going to make a serious goal out of it. Well,
that was the plan anyway.

“You’re still leaning too far,” the firm female voice
came from behind her. Geena sighed and turned to face
her instructor. There weren’t that many women who
were able to look Geena in the eye but Lucy did it
well. The tall and leggy blond with an ample chest,
dressed in a loose shirt and slacks, was the regular
instructor here at the archery range, a good one from
what Geena had heard. Good but tough, the small and
remote part of the range, closed off to the public,
home to some yelling on Lucy’s part toward Geena as
she urged the actress to keep working on her aim,
teaching her that archery was a lot harder than it

“You have to adjust your stance,” Lucy said.

“I did,” Geena said.

“Not enough,” Lucy shot back, brushing at her short
blond hair. “You have to keep it a bit steady and
keep your eyes—–”

“On the target,” Geena sighed, having heard this
several times before from her instructor.

“I know, I know. I try to do just that, all right?”

“Trying isn’t what you should do. Just do it,” Lucy
said, taking a step towards Geena. “Stop trying and
you’ll do it, no problem.”

“Thanks, Yoda,” Geena muttered.

Sighing, Lucy, took Geena and gently turned her
towards the target. “Look, Geena, here’s a little
trick I was taught a long time ago. Just keep an eye
right on the target, Geena, just keep an eye fixed
right on the target, that’s all, Geena, just keep an
eye on the target, that’s all, keep your eyes fixed
right on the bullseye, Geena, just keep your eyes
fixed right on the bullseye.

Don’t look at anything else, just keep your eyes
focused entirely on the bullseye, just keep them
fixed right on that bullseye, Geena, just keep them
fixed right on the bullseye, right on the target,
Geena, just keep them fixed right on the target,
right at the center of the target.

Concentrate on that, Geena, just concentrate on that
target, focus all your concentration right on the
target, Geena, just focus all your concentration
right on the target, just focus yourself right on the
target, Geena, just focus your entire concentration
on the bullseye, right at that center, Geena, focus
right on that center.

“Forget everything else, Geena, push everything else
aside, just put all your concentration on that
center, Geena, all the concentration right on the
bullseye, Geena, just focus all your concentration
right on the bullseye, Geena, just focus everything
right on the bullseye, Geena, ignore everything but
that, keep looking right at that.

Geena, keep looking right at the bullseye, Geena,
just keep looking right at the bullseye, right at
that center target, Geena, just focus only at the
center, Geena, only on the target, focus only on the
bullseye, Geena, only on the bullseye, focus only on
the bullseye, Geena, only on the bullseye….”

This hadn’t been the first time Lucy had done such
“mental exercises” on Geena but she was hoping to
take them much further this time than before. The
actress’ eyes were focused on the center of the
target, taking on a glazed look as she stared
forward, Lucy’s hands lightly rubbing her shoulders,
bringing her down into a nice trance state.

“Just keep looking at the bullseye, Geena, just keep
concentrating right on the bullseye. You are so
focused, Geena, you are so focused on the bullseye,
Geena, so focused on the bullseye, you’re so focused
there, Geena, so focused on the bullseye that should
anything block your view, should anything block the
bullseye, you would have to keep the focus in your
mind, you would have to keep the focus of the
bullseye in your mind, Geena, you would have to keep
the focus in your mind. And to keep that focus in
your mind, you’d have to close your eyes and
concentrate even more, Geena. Should the target be
blocked, you’d have to close your eyes, Geena, you’d
have to close your eyes.”

Carefully, Lucy walked over and picked up Geena’s
bow, aiming it at the target Geena was staring
blankly at. Judging the wind and the degree of
flight, Lucy let the shaft fly, the arrow streaking
forward and lodging itself right in the middle of the
bullseye. Instantly, Geena’s eyes slammed shut, her
head slumping forward as she found a new focus from

Lowering the bow, Lucy walked forward to where Geena
stood, now deeply entranced. “Listen to my voice,
Geena,” she said. “Listen carefully to me, Geena,
listen to me very, very carefully. You must listen to
me, Geena, focus on my voice, Geena, focus now on my
voice, you want to focus, Geena, you want to focus
very, very badly, on my voice and on what I tell you,
focus on that, Geena, focus on that.”

“Yes…focused…” Geena said softly.

“You’ll do whatever I tell you to, Geena, whatever I
tell you and you’ll feel very, very focused, Geena,
more focused whenever you do what I tell you to.”


“Take off all your clothes, Geena. Take them all off
and feel the focus within you grow.” Lucy stepped
back and pulled off her own shirt, letting her large
breasts free. She slipped off pants and panties at
the same time, her blond tuft evident as she watched
Geena disrobe slowly. Geena’s pert breasts weren’t as
eye-catching as the rest of her but were okay, her
long legs the highlight of her tall body.

Moving forward carefully, Lucy continued to speak to
the other woman. “Just relax, Geena, relax and feel
what comes over you, feel it come over you and focus
on how pleasurable it is.” Lucy embraced Geena,
bringing her in for a kiss. At her height, she
usually had to bend a bit to kiss another woman but
Geena was just as tall and therefore able to stand on
an equal footing with Lucy.

She was still for several moments as Lucy’s tongue
slid into her mouth but was soon answering the kiss
back with passion as they joined together, Lucy’s
large breasts pressing on Geena’s smaller ones as
they kissed, Lucy’s hands snaking around to Geena’s
ass, squeezing the tight buttocks as the kiss

“Stay in place, Geena,” Lucy hissed through the kiss.
“Just stand right in place and do not move.” With
that, Lucy brought herself down Geena’s lanky body,
kissing each tight little breast before working her
way down, kissing the stomach and then coming to
Geena’s clit. She pressed her face into Geena’s
pussy, tongue snaking out and into the soft lips,
working around them carefully, causing Geena to moan
in pleasure at the other woman’s touch at her

Lucy snaked her hands around to grip Geena’s ass,
holding on tight as she worked away, licking at the
tight pussy as she kneaded Geena’s buttocks in her
hands. Geena moaned softly, Lucy’s tongue lashing
soon producing the desired effect, her juices falling
onto Lucy’s tongue slowly at first. One quick jab and
Geena came loose, blasting cum into Lucy’s mouth, the
blond continuing to lick away as she slid her fingers
around the actress’s ass and clit.

Breaking away, Lucy lay on the soft grass, her legs
parted to show her ready and waiting pussy. “Lick me,
Geena,” she commanded and the hypnotized actress fell
to her knees and crawled over, pushing her face into
Lucy’s pussy and licking away. Lucy moaned, clamping
her thighs around Geena’s face and holding her in
tight so she could lick her out all the way. Lucy
moaned, her arms moving about the ground around her,
hooking onto a loose arrow.

Before she knew it, Lucy was pressing the arrow in
between her breasts, loving the feeling as the shaft
moved between her large tits. She glanced down at
Geena, her brown ponytail swept to one side as she
lapped away at the blonde, tongue easily sliding in
and out of Lucy’s lips as the woman continued to rub
at her ample breasts with the arrow, moaning louder
as the Oscar winner kissed and licked a new gold.
Lucy pressed her breasts together around the arrow
and cried out loud as Geena hit pay dirt, her juices
spilling out onto Geena’s waiting face and hurriedly
licked away.

After the two tall women engaged in a 69, Lucy
swiftly had them cleaned and redressed. She had Geena
stand before the target, eyes staring blankly at the
bullseye, now cleared of the arrow.

“Listen carefully, Geena,” Lucy whispered. “When I
tell you to, you will shoot an arrow at the bullseye
and you will hit it. When you do, you’ll wake up and
you will not remember anything we have done here.
Now, from this point, whenever you look at the
bullseye, you will feel incredibly focused and at
ease and know you will be able to make the target.
Also, when I say the words ‘target focus,’ you will
fall back into this relaxed state and do what I say.
Now, fire.”

Slowly, Geena lifted the bow, sighting down the eye
as best she could. She let loose, the arrow striking
out and hitting the target perfectly. Immediately,
Geena’s eyes blinked and returned to clarity.

“Wow,” she said in a normal tone. “I made it.”

“I think you’ll be able to hit a lot more targets
now,” Lucy said. “Just keep on shooting.”

Of course, Lucy felt the term ‘straight shooter’
didn’t really apply here. Whether or not Geena made
the Olympic team, it was for sure that Lucy would be
nailing her right on target anytime she wanted.

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