Harry and Hermione move to the next level

“Attention, students,” Madam Pomfrey’s voice sang out.
“Class is now in session.”

Harry turned to Ron and blushed. “I can’t believe that
second termers actually learn about reproduction.”

“It’s not reproduction, Harry, it’s sex. And you have
to learn it this year. All magicians do.”

“Why? Muggles would never dream of teaching kids our
age how to have sex. The school administration would be
fired and all the teachers run out of town.”

“It’s different for the magic-born,” Ron replied.
“Witches mature earlier than Muggle females, between
ten and twelve, and they don’t get menses until they
come of age, at seventeen. Also, they don’t have
hymens, so there is none of the pain Muggles associate
with the first sex act. Plus magic-born teenagers are
not looked down upon for having sex, in fact, they are
expected to. Wizards develop sexually just as Muggle
boys do, but again between ten and twelve, so during
the teen years magic-born kids are going to have sex,
generally lots of sex. And there are just some rites
that we have practiced for eons. Remember, in some
societies kids can marry at twelve.

“But it’s not just tradition, it has many practical
uses. When you start dating, you will already know how
to please your date and vice versa. My dad says Muggles
don’t let boys into girl’s dorms or bathrooms and the
same for girls. At Hogworts we don’t care. Of course,
we expect you to be mindful of the other student’s
privacy. That’s just good manners.

“But the main reason is so the witches can start their
covens. Since the covens reduce sexual tension to
practically nothing, they allow us to pay more
attention to our studies. You’ll see, Harry, magicians
are a lot smarter than Muggles when it comes to being

Harry shook his head. There was so much he had missed
by losing his parents and being brought up in a Muggle
household that ignored his obvious powers. He felt the
familiar stab of pain in his chest as he thought of his
deceased father and mother. What could they have told
him that he would now never know? Of course, witches
and wizards whose parents were Muggles, like Hermione,
wouldn’t know any more than he did about sex, or sex-
based traditions. He found it fascinating that Ron was
so garrulous about the subject. Obviously he was
repeating things his parents had told him.

“If you will open your texts to page 35, we will begin
with basic cunnilingus techniques. Demonstrating today,
we have former-professor Ravenscraft and his wife
Ismelda. Please pay close attention.”

Harry looked on, taking detailed notes as the teacher
pointed out particular moves and techniques. “Hope
Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia never find these. I’d be
dead meat,” he thought.

* * *

“Harry, would you sign my dance card?” asked Hermione
Granger. “I want you to be my first.”

“But,” Harry stammered, “but I thought you and Ron…”

“Of course, Ron is on it as well, him with his stupid
rat, but I want him for the second dance. Please,
Harry, I’ve decided, you are my first choice.”

Harry gulped. “Of course, Hermione, I would be

Hermione handed Harry her empty dance card and Harry
signed the first line with real pleasure. He had
already signed two other cards and got first place on
both, no sloppy seconds for him. Sometimes having a
reputation, whether good or bad, comes in quite handy!

* * *

“Young witches. Female students at Hogwort’s, this is
the first day of your third year and it is time to
expand your education in a new way. Tonight, as you all
know, you will participate in your first Sabbat and
begin your coven.

“This ceremony is customary for all thirteen-year-olds.
Hogworts has had this tradition for over one thousand
years. The Sabbat is sacrosanct and not to be rejected.
If you don’t feel well, see Madam Pomfrey and she will
arrange it so you can participate. Remember girls, you
are not having sex for generative purposes, or even for
fun, although we hope you will have plenty of that,”
Dumbledore winked and the young girls tittered, “but to
establish your first coven. As you have been taught,
your coven can consist only of people you have had sex
with. But because members of your coven have certain
powers over you, be careful whom you chose. Although
members of a coven may drop out or chose not to
participate in future Sabbats, that power over you

“Because tonight’s purpose is not romantic, there will
be no love philters or glamours allowed to distract
either you or your choices.

“Another consequence of tonight’s ritual is that you
will improve your magical abilities considerably, as a
result of the Sabbat ceremony. This applies both to you
and to the wizards you dance with. After tonight you
will all find your powers increased, your understanding
of magic improved, and your confidence raised, as will
they. In order for this to occur for a witch, however,
you must dance tonight with at least seven wizards.
Seven is the most powerful magical number; any less
will not assure improvement in your magical powers.
Because third year wizards are rarely capable of
dancing more than three or four times of an evening,
you are free to ask upper-class wizards to join your
coven also.

“In the future, you and your coven will celebrate your
own Sabbats. Usually you will do so eight times a year,
Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnassad and Samhain, and on the
winter and summer solstices and on the spring and fall
equinoxes. The number of times you dance at future
Sabbats is, of course, up to you. As the High
Priestess, you totally control the Sabbat ceremonies.
Also, remember, participation in your coven will
naturally be limited because your coven members will be
attending other Sabbats held by their other covens on
the same day. If you do not get enough sexual release
at your Sabbats, you can, by mutual agreement,
celebrate with a fellow coven member or add new members
to your coven at any time. In fact, such celebrations
are encouraged and Hogwarts has many secure rooms you
can use for the purpose. However, remember, Sabbats are
not orgies, but rather a chance to renew your
commitment to your coven.

“All witches have their dance card and it should be
full. Once a dance card is full, the witch is obligated
to dance with all who are on it. And she cannot dance
with any other wizard until she has cleared her card.

“The ceremony will take place tonight at midnight here
in the Great Hall. I recommend that each of you take a
long nap this afternoon. When you arrive this evening,
wear your house robes, but no other clothing. The hall
will be plenty warm!”

* * *

Shortly before midnight the students entered the Great
Hall. Four fires burned brightly, casting shadows on
the wall hangings and banners. Each house gathered
around the fire that burned where their table would
have been. The fires looked perfectly real, the smell
of smoke, the radiant heat, but they did not char the
floor. At the stroke of midnight, each student let his
or her robe fall to the ground. Standing naked around
the flames, the third years cast sidelong glances at
each other’s bodies. The older male students of the
house had been in this situation before, but they still
scanned the new crop of young witches, who blushed
shyly. Harry noticed that Hermione’s body was still
somewhat stocky. She was almost a year older and
somewhat taller than he was, but her squarish shoulders
and plum-sized tits promised more responsibility than

With a roll, the sound of drums filled the room. A
student sang out, a high ululating note, and the drums
began a throbbing beat. The members of each house
spontaneously joined hands, and the Sabbat began.
Circling the fire, the students stepped widdershins
around it. Someone would sing out, his or her voice
soaring, playing with pure, beautiful sound. When one
stopped another would jump in. Soon multiple voices
were raised in golden harmony.

After a while, the circles started to break up. Witches
went to find wizards to fulfill their dance
responsibilities and start their covens. Hermione was
standing between Harry and Ron. She tugged them both
away, and the circle closed behind them.

As she had been instructed, Hermione went to one of the
waist-high benches that grew out of the floor. The
benches seemed made of solid rock and looked more like
alters than anything else. The top was covered with
very realistic-looking soft grass and some small
wildflowers. Each bench was over six feet long, and
somewhat less than three feet wide. The hall floor was
covered with grass also. Hermione turned toward her two
friends and reclined on her back across the short
direction. Harry walked forward, stood between her
spread legs, and dropped to his knees. Ron walked
around the table to her head, and stood, waiting.

Hermione sat up, gripped Harry’s head and pulled it
between her thighs. Tentatively, Harry kissed her sex.
He extended his tongue, splitting her labia. Her fine
pubic hair tickled his nose, her aroma intoxicated him
and the taste of her young, fresh flesh filled his
mouth. His saliva flowed and he licked slowly up her
genitals, savoring her.

Meanwhile Hermione lay back on the table, reached up
and took Ron’s already half-hard member into her mouth.
Letting her head fall back over the edge, she lapped
the glans with her tongue, soaking it with her saliva,
as Harry was doing to her private parts. She nodded and
Ron nodded back and pushed forward, sliding his now
stiff cock up into her throat. She didn’t choke, and
Ron wondered if she had cast a spell to allow her to
breathe. Probably. Some spells were allowed at the
Sabbat, and often used to increase pleasure.

Hermione spread her legs wider, giving Harry the
opportunity to insert his tongue inside her. He ground
his nose against her clitoris, and she moaned with
pleasure. Harry was careful to go slowly, letting each
experience build on the last, and following Hermione’s
moves and physically implied directions. After a while
she pushed up against his face in little pulses, and he
returned to licking and sucking her clit. Her pulsing
increased in frequency. Harry pressed his face hard
against her as Hermione whimpered and came.

Meanwhile Ron was in heaven. His stiff pole was encased
in a marvelous warm and wet chamber, with a tongue that
licked it and lips that sucked it stiffer. He slowly
drew it back, out of Hermione’s throat, so she could
lick and suck the tip. Hermione kept her hands on the
couch. She trusted Ron completely. After a couple of
minutes, Ron pushed, returning his erection into her
throat. Hermione reached up and carefully squeezed
Ron’s balls, making him groan with pleasure and
incipient ejaculation. Then Hermione pushed him away,
out of her mouth.

Reluctantly, Ron withdrew. He moved his hands to her
slightly swelling breasts. Barely the size of plums
when she was standing; they were little more than a
layer of soft tissue on her stretched-out chest. He
sucked on a nipple and Hermione hugged his head. He
moved to the other teat, rubbing the first breast with
his hand to keep the nipple erect.

Ron was nuzzling her other breast when Hermione came.
She shook and shuddered beneath him. She was not a
screamer, as some of the other witches obviously were.
She huffed and moaned, and relaxed completely when she
was done. Ron stood and walked around to the other side
of the couch, where Harry was just getting to his feet.
Harry leaned over the supine young witch, putting his
hands on the bench on each side of her. Dreamily,
Hermione reached down to hold Harry’s stiff cock, then
guided it until it was lodged at her opening. Ron
watched as Harry’s member slowly disappeared into their
friend. His own cock twitched. Harry withdrew just as
slowly; his cock now shiny with Hermione’s juices, then
disappeared more quickly into her. Harry lowered his
body over hers, and his cock vanished from view.

Ron stood silently as Harry and Hermione hugged.
Hermione had a tiny smile play around her lips,
expressing nervousness, but some anticipation too.
Harry pressed his chest down onto hers, reaching
between them to fondle her breasts. His hips were now
rhythmically rocking back and forth. Hermione lifted
her legs, pressing a calf along each of Harry’s thighs.
She moved with him, showing him what she wanted and how
fast he should go. As they danced, Hermione moved
Harry’s hips faster and faster, finally grunting when
Harry started to pulse inside her. She shifted her
thighs up and swung her lower legs over his back,
hugging him close.

Harry stood up gingerly, as though his muscles hurt,
and pulled out of Hermione with a pop. Hermione let out
a little cunt fart, due to the air that had been pumped
into her by Harry’s pistionning prick, and the three
friends grinned. She reached out and Ron grasped her
hand. As Harry stepped aside, Ron took his place.

Ron had gone a trifle limp while waiting, but
Hermione’s opening was stretched and welcoming, and
accepted his heavy member easily. He moved in and out,
getting harder with each stroke. Soon he filled her
completely. He rocked her hard, shaking her body and
modest breasts. She obviously liked it hard, saying
“Yes!” every time Ron’s pubic bone beat on her clit.
Ron looked up to see Professor McGonagall looking on
and nodding. She waved her wand in a large circle; and
Ron’s erection became bigger around. Hermione cried out
in surprise and sighed with increased pleasure. Soon,
Hermione grabbed him and pulled him to her, hugging him
close as she came a second time and Ron exhausted
himself into her. They kissed and he stood up.

Ron looked around, still dazed from his ejaculation. He
had another dance scheduled soon. As he staggered off
he saw Neville Longbottom approaching Hermione’s couch,
closely followed by Dean Thomas, both of them erect and
glistening. Neville was more abundantly endowed than
his short pudgy body would indicate. As he leaned over
Hermione and inserted himself she let out another cry
of surprise. Dean seemed satisfied to wait and watch.
Shortly thereafter Seamus Finnigan joined the queue
behind Dean. “She always was a workaholic,” Ron thought
to himself.

He retrieved his robes from the floor and walked away
to the sideboard at the end of the hall to recover and
refresh himself. “Dancing is certainly exhausting,” he
mumbled. The food on the sideboard ranged from roasts
meats to cakes, with emphasis on the high-energy
sweets. It was going to be a long, hard night.

Harry, meanwhile, returned to the Gryffindor circle. He
had not yet sung, and when the feeling hit him, it was
as though he was filled with a cold white light. His
voice carried throughout the hall, his arpeggios
stunning, his tone perfect. He was inspired. Afterwards
he was elated and new energy surged through his frame.
His chest enlarged and his muscles thrummed.

“Hi, Ron.” Lavender Brown said shyly, turning her naked
body on her toes. She held her hands down in front of
her, her thumbs touching her pubic bone and her fingers
below in a “V” outlining her ready sex. Ron eyed her

“Hi, yourself Lavender,” he said as he dropped his robe
and hugged her, his blood racing as the warmth of her
body joined his. A veteran now, he walked with her over
to a nearby bench. She kissed him, then lowered his
head to her breasts. Lavender was much better endowed
than Hermione, with round, almost spherical breasts
hanging off her chest. She was proud of them, and
always wore fitted blouses that showed them off to
their best advantage. Ron suckled eagerly, drawing the
nipples out. Lavender leaned back onto the bench,
hugging Ron’s head, keeping his sucking lips tight on
her tit. As she lay back, Ron moved to kissing
Lavender’s ripe body, down her stomach to her sex.
Lavender raised her knees, and Ron peered between them.

She had obviously had at least one dance already. As
she drew in a breath, a small, foamy, white pillow of
semen appeared between her pussy lips and dripped down
her thigh. Ron kissed it anyway, lapping up her
emissions and those of the boy or boys she had already
danced with. He licked up and kissed and nipped her
clit as he had been taught, and soon she was breathing
heavily. Lavender lifted Ron’s head and he made a
return trip up her slim body, stopping at her lush
breasts to renew their excitement, and kissed her mouth
for the first time. “Oh, Lavender,” he sighed, lamely.

“Come now, to work,” she whispered, as she reached down
and grabbed his firm erection. She seemed surprised at
its girth, and grunted a little after she had
positioned it and Ron pushed foreword, but she moaned
gamely as Ron started pumping in and out. She was
extremely well lubricated and although Ron was clearly
stretching her, she showed no signs of pain. Soon they
were bumping together enthusiastically and, as Ron
started shooting, Lavender grasped him and replied with
her own pulsations. “Wow!” they said simultaneously.
Ron stood up as Lavender drifted off to sleep.

Meanwhile Cho Chong had left her house’s circle and
walked over to the Gryffindor fire. She paused a moment
to admire Harry’s tight ass and muscular legs before
she tapped him on the shoulder. He turned with an
absent air, having been caught up in the singing and
dance, but as he turned to her, she saw that he was
fully erect. Giggling, she grabbed his hand and led him
to a couch back in the Ravenclaw area. She sat him down
on the couch and climbed beside him on her hands and
knees. She lifted one of his hands to her hanging
breasts, and lowered her face to his crotch.

Harry almost blew when Cho engulfed him in her hot
mouth, but the feeling brought him entirely back to
earth. He petted her head with one hand, and tweaked
her breasts and rubbed down her ass with the other. As
she rocked, his fingers slipped between her legs. She
was still dry, but when his finger slipped into her,
her lubricating fluids flowed. He looked down at her
curvaceous body, perfect skin and luxuriant flanks. He
was sure she would spend the rest of the night getting
as many wizards for her coven as she wanted. “She is
certainly pretty enough,” he thought. “I wonder if
she’ll remember me when it’s all over?” Cho continued
to fellatiate Harry until he whispered to her that he
was near cumming.

With a growl, Cho quit sucking, licked his cock a
couple of times, and turned her rear end to him. He
crawled onto the couch and kneeling behind her, lined
up and pushed. She was slick and so opened by his
finger work that he bottomed out at once. Cho gasped
and whimpered. Professor Sprout came by and, intuiting
the problem, moved her wand in a small circle.
Immediately Cho tightened around Harry. It was as
though her insides were massaging him.

Harry was in heaven. He had already come once so he
felt in control of his ejaculations. He was also
looking forward to holding, hugging, rubbing and
kissing the most beautiful girl in the room. He leaned
forward and plumped Cho’s breasts. They were fairly
small, but because they were hanging down, they gave
Harry a nice two handfuls of tit flesh. His thighs were
banging away on Cho’s round buns. Cho reached between
her legs and pinched her clit. She gasped as she came,
and Harry could feel her insides clamping him strongly.
After she relaxed, she pulled off of him and rolled
onto her back. He returned himself into her and they
just lay quietly for a while, kissing, hugging and
playing with each other. Finally, a group of Ravenclaw
boys walked over to them. “Comon’ Harry. Give it to
her.” one of them said, “You’re holding things up.”

That was enough for Harry Potter. He rolled up on top
of Cho, stiffened, pushed as hard as he could and
ejaculated wildly, spraying all around her upper
vagina. Cho’s body stiffened and her arms and legs
stretched wide on the couch, coming a second time.
Harry, amazingly, stayed erect, still inside her, and
came and came and came.

“Hey, save some for me.” Harry looked up past the group
of Ravenclaws to see Parvati Patel, his third dance
partner, watching them. Parvati was a small, lithe
girl, with coal black hair and smallish breasts. He had
heard her singing earlier. She was as beautiful to
listen to as she was to look at. He eyed her sex. Her
dry thighs showed that she was still undanced with, but
her pouting pussy glistened with anticipation.

He reached out his hand and let her lead him back to
Gryffindor territory. She found an empty bench and laid
him down on his back. Grinning, she took his limp, wet
member in her mouth and started to lick and suck it.
Harry seized her thigh, pulled it toward his head, and
she climbed above him, but, as she was lowering her sex
to his face, her twin sister Padme climbed onto the
couch, grabbed Parvati’s bottom, and lifted it up.
Padme sat on Harry’s face and started working on her
sister! Harry spread the globes of Padme’s ass, stuck
his finger in her asshole, and went to work. Parvati
speeded up her mouth work on her sister and Harry slid
his tongue into Padme’s slit, then up inside her,
sucking lightly. Immediately he was rewarded with a
download of flavorful, dew-like emissions. As he
continued to consume Padme, Parvati started humming.
Harry’s member soon returned to its former engorged

Parvati was breathing heavily now. She could only lick
and suck the upper half of Harry’s cock, it was so big
and her mouth so small. Harry noticed that Padme’s
flows increased and her rump was moving excitedly
around, wetting his face. With a cry of near despair
Parvati levered herself up, quickly turned around,
raised her body up on her knees, guided Harry beneath
her, and lowered herself on Harry’s erection. She
sighed as it sunk out of sight then leaned forward with
her eyes closed and kissed Padme on her cunt-lathered
mouth. Harry stopped working on Padme. She was already
soaking wet. Parvati kissed her sister hard and started
moving up and down on Harry.

She moved quickly, almost franticly. Harry thought he
would fall out, she was moving so fast, but every time
it seemed he would leave, she rotated her hips, found
him, and returned him inside. Finally, she sat down
hard, engulfing him entirely and rotated her hips one
more time.

With a wild cry, Parvati came. Her insides caressed
Harry’s cock and immediately he started cumming
himself, with a similar cry and a feeling of enormous
relief. Harry reached up to pull Parvati to him, but
she escaped, standing up and stepping aside. His
pulsing cock stopped! It just stood there dripping.
With a wild howl, Padme spun and lowered herself onto
it, then hugged Harry’s sides as it started up again
and they pumped together, writhing and crying.

With a raspy breath, Padme rose off of Harry’s chest.
As she sat, with him still inside her and erratic
pulses from one or the other of them occurring from
time to time, she kissed her sister and stood up. “But,
what…” Harry began. Parvati put her fingers on his

“It’s happens sometimes,” she said, “although two high
priestesses rarely agree for long.”

“We’ll make it work,” her sister promised.

Harry stood up, gave them each a hug and went to find
his robes.

Ron watched Harry walking toward him. He followed Harry
over to the refreshments. “So, how was it?” he asked

“Brilliant,” Harry replied, “but I’m all fagged out.”

“Me, too,” Ron said. “Don’t know how the girls do it.”

“Just built better, I guess.” Harry said chewing on a
carrot stick. After some food Harry grabbed a
butterbeer, and they went to find Hermione. She was
still on her couch, with what looked like a fifth year
on top of her, pumping away.

“Hi, Harry. Hi, Ron,” she said looking up at them. This
is Daniel.” Daniel raised himself up on one arm and
nodded to them.

“Want a butterbeer?” Harry asked, holding out the

“Thanks.” Hermione grasped the bottle, put it to her
lips, took some into her mouth, held it for a second,
and swallowed it with notable relish. “As soon as
Daniel is done, I’ll take a bathroom break and then we
can talk.”

“How many have you done, Hermione?” Ron asked. Harry

“Daniel is my eighth. I have 15 on my card, but it’s
getting late. I may not get to them all.”

“Fifteen is a lot. You’ll be sore tomorrow.”

“I expect I will, but I can’t wait to feel my new
powers, or to start my coven.” With a moan, Daniel
stopped moving, pressed close and performed. Hermione’s
eyes went wide. Her mouth formed an “o” and her faced
flushed and she started breathing heavily. She lifted
the boy’s chin so she could look him in the eye. “Why,
thank you, Daniel,” she murmured.

“You bet, Hermione. Thank you.” He pulled out and
staggered away.

“Be right back!” Hermione smiled and turned away from
them. She stepped gingerly over to her robes, put them
on and left the room.

“I thought covens were limited to thirteen.”

“No, thirteen is the optimal number, but they can be
larger or smaller. Hermione will be able to choose just
twelve members from her fifteen candidates if she

“How many females?”

“Just the high priestess, initially. If a witch wants
to join another witch’s coven, she has to dance with
all the wizards. Most won’t do that until they come of
age. In the meantime they can establish their own
coven’s rituals and teachings, at their own speed and
under their own control.”

“So we are now in Hermione’s coven?”

“Yeah, and I’m in Lavender’s too.”

“And I’m in Cho’s and in Parvati’s and Padme’s.”

“Yeah, but they’re in total charge. They’ll call on you
if they want you. They are the high priestesses. They
make all the rules.”

“I heard that Dumbledore said they gave up some powers
by dancing with us.”

“Yeah. The first is that they must dance with us any
time we ask them.”

“Oh,” Harry said, picturing himself back in Cho’s or
Parvati’s, or Padme’s arms, and in their other parts.
“That’s not too bad.”

“The second is common to all members. They must help
each other in any way they can, including fighting to
the death to protect the High Priestess.”

“But what if two members of the coven don’t like each
other? I don’t even know this Daniel guy.”

“Me neither, but he was Hermione’s choice. If we can’t
live with it, we’ll have to leave the coven. You have a
year and a day to decide if you want to stay. After
that you can only leave if the high priestess lets

They looked up as Hermione returned. She had brushed
her hair and the smell of sex was gone. “What time is

Harry looked at the water clock on the wall. “Nearly
three AM.”

She squinted at her dance card. “Good, that gives me a
little over half an hour. Some of my dances didn’t last
as long as I thought.”

They walked back to the sideboard. Hermione heaped her
plate and began eating voraciously. “We’ll,” Ron
thought to himself, “her work so far has been
prodigious, and she isn’t done yet.”

Harry and Ron also helped themselves, then the three
friends walked about the room, watching the action.
They walked by Katy Bell who was lying with her legs in
the air and what looked like every member of every
Quiddich team at the school standing in line, except
Harry and Ron. “I think she is obsessed,” Hermione
said. With a shrug, they walked on.

They stopped when they heard a sob.

“But I don’t want them. I don’t like them.” Pansy
Parkinson was crouching on a bench, naked, her hands
rubbing her eyes. Draco Malfoy was standing beside her.

“You have to, Pansy, you danced with me, now you have
to dance with them.”

“Why?” the shaking girl complained. “I wanted you, but
I don’t want them. They’ll ruin everything.”

“No, they won’t. I’ll make sure they don’t. You do want
me in your coven, don’t you?”

“Of course, Draco, that’s why I danced with you.” Pansy
was drying her eyes.

“Then dance with them. I command you.”

“Oh, Draco,” the silly girl sobbed, but nodded, “all
right.” She handed him her dance card and he carried it
over to Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle, who signed
their names.

“Can’t we stop them?” Harry whispered as Crabb and
Goyle approached Pansy’s couch.

“We’re too late,” Hermione replied. “She said yes and
they signed her card.”

“Oh, oh, oh,” Pansy cried as the two large boys
approached. They lifted her into the air.

“This is rape!” Harry thought, but he looked on in

Pansy flopped around between the two male bodies. They
were both kneeling on the bench, holding her small
frame in the air. Every few minutes they moved it,
either flipping her over or turning her around. When
they did, her arms and head flailed around as though
she were unconscious. As the three friends watch in
horror, the young witch was forced to dance with the
two boys alternately, with no control over what was
happening. Back and forth, around and around, while
Malfoy watched. Crabbe would enter her, move in and out
a few times, then turn her over to Goyle. Back and
forth, in and out. Pansy looked around with wide eyes.
She acted as if she couldn’t understand what was

Goyle was the first to come, while Crabb held the back
of Pansy’s head against his chest, with his forearms
under her armpits and his pudgy hands squeezing her
small breasts. “Oh, oh, oh, Gregory, no” Pansy cried
again looking down in horror as Goyle emptied himself
into her.

“No, no, I can’t. I…,” she cried as she was flipped
around and Goyle grabbed her shoulders. Crabb threw her
legs up over his shoulders and Pansy started crying as
he entered her again. His large hands held her hips as
he pulled her to him, once, twice… several dozen
times after which he held her close and grunted out his
satisfaction. She cried the whole time. He pulled her
off and they left her curled on the couch, sobbing.

Malfoy, who had watched the whole event with obvious
glee, walked up to her, leaned down and said “It’s for
the best, Pansy. Believe me.”

Disgusted, Harry and his friends turned to go, Hermione
turning off to reclaim her bench.

“That was sick,” Harry said.

“Yeah,” Ron replied. “Why didn’t she just say ‘No’?
It’s her coven, after all.”

“And now she is stuck with them.”

“Well, no, she can tell them to leave. But with Malfoy
around, I doubt she has the nerve.”

“We should tell Snape.”

“Harry, it not a House problem. This is her personal
responsibility. She has to handle it herself.”

As they walked, Harry saw Hannah Abbott in conversation
with the Head of Hupplepuff, Professor Sprout. As Ron
and Harry approached the sideboard, Hanna turned and
looked Ron up and down. Ron reddened, but smiled back
at her. “Well, Ron Weasley, I heard…” She seemed to
change her mind. “Would you care to dance?” Ron nodded
sheepishly as he signed her card. As she led him away,
he turned back to Harry and shrugged. Harry waved him
off, then thought again, “Should I tell Professor
Sprout about Pansy?” He shook his head. The foolish
girl. It was too late now.

Harry finished another butterbeer. Feeling rejuvenated,
he headed back toward the Gryffindor fire. He dropped
his robes and rejoined the circle, returning to an
ecstatic state. After a couple more hours, when many
revelers had already left, someone tapped his shoulder.
“I did it,” she said. “All fifteen.”

“Congratulations, Hermione.”

“Thanks, but I was wondering,” she looked down shyly,
“Want to have another go?”

Harry nodded, his member swelled and rose. As they
walked back to her bench Harry looked down at her. “You
know, Hermione,” he said conversationally as she lay
down and he slid himself into her, “being a wizard has
its rewards.”

“So does being a witch, Harry,” she said, “So does
being a witch.”