Kira Kosarin attends her first super-hero convention

When Kira received her invite to appear as Thundergirl at a small superhero convention being held in a small upstate New York college town she was reluctant to attend but then she decided that this might be the perfect small venue to dip her proverbial toe into for a first time. She sent back her acceptance and gathered her things to pack them for the trip. She would be gone for the weekend getting there next Friday night and returning Monday morning and they had specified her evil Thundergirl outfit. She took the plane to upstate New York Thursday morning and rented a car to drive to the college town up by the Canadian border. Arriving at the motel in the small college town she slept until Friday mid morning and went to the college. Meeting with the main nerdy organizer she was directed to a place she could change into her costume and then go to the student center to meet with her fans.

Kira changed into her evil Thundergirl outfit secretly she preferred this one to her hero version , she stripped naked and leaving her bra and panties with her civilian clothes she pulled on the black skin tight leather like one piece suit , then her knee high black leather like boots , zipping up the front of her costumes top she pulled the short burgundy red silk Cape over her shoulders and attached it to her outfit. She finally finished by pulling on her black leather like gloves , looking at herself in a full length mirror she thought she looked mighty fine. Kira left the ladies room and followed the signs along the hallway that took her into the student center. This was a large open indoor courtyard that was currently filled with convention goers who cheered and clapped as she entered. Going to a table along one side of the room she sat and picked up a pen to autograph the stack of photographs sitting on the table for her. Kira looked up at the line of fans seeing more nerds like the head organizer.

Sighing she set herself for a long period of signing pictures when the first nerd stepped up and presented his picture. After three hours of sitting there signing pictures she started yawning , Jim the head nerd appeared at her side with a large cup of coffee setting it down next to her , he asked her , black? Yes thank you she said and picked up the cup taking a large gulp she started feeling better when the caffeine hit her system. It only took her ten minutes to empty the cup and ten minutes later she was sitting with a glazed look on her face. Jim stepped up next to her and said to her , Ms. Kosarin if you would come this way you can change out of your costume. Okay she said and stood up following him to the center of the room and crowd of fans. Okay Kira you can change here so she started removing her costume , the cameras around the room catching every second and streaming it to the internet. Kira started with her gloves pulling them off her hands and handing them to someone in the crowd ,then she unzipped the front of her suit and slid it off of her shoulders exposing her now naked torso to the crowd and the world.

Kira lifted first one foot then the other slipping her boots off showing her naked foot then peeling the rest of her suit down her legs and off. Standing nude in front of a crowd of horny teenaged nerds , they grew excited as they looked at her magnificent naked body. What they saw was a nicely tanned , soft , smooth skinned young woman about five foot eight inches in height. A fit well built body with nice manicured feet , long muscular legs , a smooth shaved pussy , a flat six pack abs , a rounded pair of c-cup breasts with quarter size aureoles topped by puffy nipples , silky , wavy shoulder length black hair , an oval face with rounded chin , luscious full red lips , small nose , thin eyebrows. Standing naked in front of all these nerds the head nerd led her to a table had her lay spread eagle on the table and invited the nerds to come up and explore Kira’s body. Everything being caught on video the world watched as the men rushed forward and explored her body with their hands. Kira gasped as one young well endowed nerd took charge.

He yelled for everyone to step back then pointed at another young nerd , you Jake take her asshole so Jake stripped readied his cock and lay down. Two boys stepped up and picking Kira up lowered her asshole onto his prick. He was so large that they needed to push her down with some force , Kira screamed as she felt her asshole stretched to its limit and his cock bottom out in her ass his balls touched her ass. Laying her down on top of him he wrapped his arms around her body massaging her breasts. Then he pointed at a gorgeous young redheaded girl nerd , Sam you take her mouth , so Sam stripped down and climbed up straddling Kira’s face forcing Kira to start licking Sam’s pussy.

Then finally the nerd that had taken charge stepped up between Kira’s legs readied his massive python of a penis and slammed it balls deep into Kira’s defenseless cunt tearing her pussy apart. Screaming at the pain as her cunt was ripped apart Kira passed out as the nerd Clint continued to fuck her. When Kira woke up she was fully dressed in her evil Thundergirl costume seated at the table with her head down on the stack of photos and drool pooling on them. She looked up as the head nerd stepped up and said you ready to leave the convention is over. What Kira said , no we still have another day. Kira its Sunday evening you are scheduled to leave tonight looking around in a daze she said oh okay stood up and went to her motel room gathered her luggage and drove to the airport flying home. The nerds spent many nights watching the x-rated porn movies of Kira being fucked by many people and animals for two days straight. So one nerd said how much did it cost to have that doctor repair Kira’s cunt after you ripped it apart. Actually he took fucking Kira in all of her holes as full payment , then they settled back remembering their time with the beautiful Kira Kosarin as their heroic fuck toy.