Manipulating Mars – Kristen Bell

“Excuse me…. You’re Veronica Mars right?” I said approaching her. “Who’s asking?” she replied suspiciously. “You can call me Mr. Smith.” I replied. “No points for originality.” she quipped. “How many points do I get for evidence of Lilly Kane’s murder?” I replied. THAT got her attention. “What do you know?” she asked. “Not here…. meet me at The Neptune Grand at 5 pm tomorrow…. Room 1037.” and I walked away. “Hey…. can’t you just tell me now? Why wait until tomorrow?…. HEY!” she called after me but I was gone. The bait was set.

Before meeting with Veronica, I entered the show and the Kane residence when they weren’t around and recovered the actual video tape that is discovered by Veronica and Duncan at the end of season 1. I had what I needed to manipulate Veronica into pretty much whatever I wanted. I KNEW that she would do just about ANYTHING to get that evidence.

The following day Veronica showed up exactly as expected and I had her sit down. “Veronica…. you don’t know me and so what I’m going to tell you will sound unbelievable but I have the evidence to PROVE who killed Lilly Kane….. I also have intimate knowledge of YOU. I know who raped you at Shelly Palmeroy’s party.” I offered. “WHAT?!…… WHO…. TELL ME!” she demanded…. “Wait…. was it Duncan?” “No….. You and Duncan had consensual sex….. AND… here’s another little important piece of information to make your life a little better….. Jake Kane is NOT your father….. and that means Duncan isn’t your brother. That was just some good clean fun.” Veronica sat back in her chair dumbfounded….. “How could you possibly know all this.” she asked. “It’s complicated…. but believe me…. I’m telling you the truth. Veronica…. I will GIVE you the evidence you need to convict the killer but I want something from you in exchange.” I looked at her body and then into her eyes. “What could I possibly have that you…… Oh….. Not happening.” she replied somewhat disgusted. “You’re not a virgin Veronica…. and I can help you solve two important crimes… but I’m not doing it for free.” I said matter of factly. “Good luck with that.” she said as she started to leave. “Okay but you’re going to miss the show.” I said and pressed play on the tape player. Veronica turned around and saw video of Lily riding somebody….. She immediately started to walk back towards the screen. I stopped the video before the killer is revealed. “Remember how Lily said she had a secret? THIS was the secret….. THIS was the video that got Lilly Kane murdered. In a couple seconds she’ll roll over and the killer will be on top. Veronica, I’ll give you this video and you can use it to arrest and convict the killer….. but I want you in exchange.” Veronica stood there for a second considering what I was asking. “It’s just sex…. and it’s not like I’ve never seen you naked.” I said casually as I handed her pictures of her taking off her dress at the beach when she went skinny dipping in the ocean. “How did you?….. Have you been following me?” she asked incredulously. “Veronica…. CLEARLY I know a lot more about you than you realize….. What I’m offering you is easily worth what I’m asking for from you.” She looked at me and subtly nodded. “So you want to do this right now?” she asked…. wondering if I expected to fuck her on the spot. “No…. You need to go and see a doctor first….. You have chlamydia.” I said. “WHAT?!!” she cried. “Relax…. It’s treatable. The kid who raped you had the disease…. he passed it on to you.” I said. “HOW DO YOU KNOW ALL THIS???!!!” she shouted. “Like I said….. it’s complicated. I’m not going to explain it all. Make an appointment…. get treatment…. and birth control. I don’t want to take any chances. I’ll contact you in two weeks.” I told her.

A couple weeks later I returned to the show and called Veronica. “Hi… It’s me. So… Did you see the doctor?” I asked. “Yes….. you were right. Thank you.” she replied softly. “You’re welcome…. You believe that I’ve been telling you the truth right?” I asked. “Yes” she replied….. “And what I’m asking for might seem like a big deal but in reality…. it’s not….. not compared to catching Lilly’s killer AND as an added bonus….. I’ll tell you who raped you at the party….. right?” “Yes” she replied. “SO do we have a deal?” I asked. “Yes…. okay.” she replied. “Good…. Okay meet me at 1241 Ocean Front at 5pm.” I said. “Got it.” she replied. “Veronica…. I will treat you like a Goddess…. so please wear something sexy for me.” There was silence for a moment and then she said…. “Okay.”

Veronica rang the bell and I answered. She was dressed in a nice dress with her hair and make up done very tastefully. “May I hug you hello?” I asked. She nodded an approval so I hugged her. She is very small so I leaned down and my arms surrounded her…. I caressed her a little and she smelled me…. “You smell nice.” she said. “Thank you Veronica.” I replied. I escorted her into the house and I approached the bar… “Would you like a drink? It might help you relax….” I asked. She thought it over….. “I might as well…. ” she replied…. suggesting that this whole situation left her with little choice. “Veronica… I’m not trying to get you drunk or drug you….. I just thought you might enjoy a mixed drink.” I said flatly. “You’re right…. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that.” she replied. I made her a drink and poured myself something and we sipped them. I walked up behind her and rubbed her shoulders and stroked her neck and brushed her cheek. “I realized that this is definitely NOT how you thought about spending your evening…. but I think I can show you a really good time. I gently turned her around and kissed her. Her lips were very soft and I parted my lips and touched hers with my tongue. Her lips parted slightly and she let our tongues touch. I caressed her soft skin…. I felt her pull me closer and our kiss deepened. Finally, I pulled back and she looked at me and smiled. “You’re an amazing woman Veronica Mars.” I said.

I took her hand and led her to the Master Suite…. I had candles all around the room and it smelled AMAZING. “It’s beautiful.” she said. Then she took a big drink I could tell she was beginning to relax. Veronica turned around and I took off my shirt. Veronica looked at my tan chest, shifted her weight for a moment and then slipped off her shoes….. She reached back and unzipped her dress. She took a breath and let it slip off her shoulders. Veronica stood there in her bra and panties… She went to reach back and unhook her bra….. “Wait….. May I?” I asked. She let her arms drop and I approached her….. With my body next to hers I reached around behind her and unhooked her bra….. I slipped it off her shoulders and it fell to the floor. I reached out and gently stroked her breasts…. letting my fingertips graze her nipples…. I felt them stiffen and I pinched them lightly and she sighed. I lifted her chin and brushed my lips against hers. Then I kissed her lightly….. And again letting the tip of my tongue flick against her lips and she relented and opened her mouth. I kissed her gently and pulled her closer…. then our kiss deepened as she relaxed into my arms. I caressed her ass and stroked her body letting my hands caress her torso and tits….. finally I slid my hands into her panties….. I stroked her pussy letting my finger slip between her lips….. She moaned and I eased it across her clit…. it wasn’t fully swollen yet but she liked it and moaned into my mouth and we kissed harder. I knelt down and kissed down her tummy and tugged off her panties. Veronica just watched as I slipped my tongue between her folds and lapped up her juices. “MMMmmmmmm” she moaned. I looked up at her blue eyes staring at me adoringly. I gave her juicy slit long licks inside her and up and over her clit as she ran her fingers through my hair. I stared into her eyes and I could see her expression as she got closer and closer to cumming. I gripped her firm ass and sucked her clit into my mouth. “UUUGHHH” she groaned and clutched at me. I sucked and flicked her swollen bud and she trembled and sagged onto me as she came. I held her up and as I stood up I pulled her chin up to me and Veronica kissed me deeply and passionately. I had her full attention.

“Your turn Veronica.” I said. She smiled and took the hint. Veronica knelt down and unbuckled my belt and released my slacks which I stepped out of…. Then she hooked my briefs and pulled them down…. my hard cock bobbed out in her face. She looked at it as I stepped out of my shorts. Then I watched as her small hand grab my shaft and she put the head in her mouth. Honestly she was very inexperienced…. it showed…. but it was still heavenly watching this sweet angel slide my cock in and out of her mouth. And she was trying hard to take as much as she could. I pumped my hips lightly as we got a rhythm…. It was good…. good for a High School girl….. Veronica Mars was NO SLUT let me tell you. No chance she was going to make me cum so after a while I stopped her and pulled her up for a kiss. “How was that?” she asked like a student wanted to know what grade she got….. It was kind of adorable. “Very good….. you’re beautiful.” I replied.

I was more than ready to ring her Bell (pun intended). I laid Veronica down on the bed and crawled between her slender thighs. I began to lick and suck on her honeypot. “Oh Sir” she purred….. I slid my fingers inside her tight young pussy and Veronica arched up in response. “UUUGHHH GOD.” she cooed. I flicked my tongue over her clit and began to rub her G-Spot. “OHHHHHHHHH”, she moaned….. fully captivated by what I was doing to her. “OH SIR…… OH GOD…… OH….” Veronica’s hips began to thrust up uncontrollably…. She was MINE! “MMMAAAHHH AHHH AHHH UHHH….. HHHHUUUUHHH….. OHH OHHH…..OHHHHH SIIIIIRRRRRRRRR!” She came shuddering and twitching. I opened her legs wide and buried my tongue insider her….. “MMMMMMMMMmmmmmm”, she purred. Then I began again….. licking and sucking…. building her up higher and higher…. then when she was close I started rubbing her G-Spot again. Her hips locked up…. Her thighs gripped me and her hands went to my head. “UGHHH…. UHHHH….. OHHHH….. HUUUUHHHH….. OOHHHHH MMMYYYY GGOOOOOOD!” Veronica’s eyes were laser focused on me as I sucked and fingered her until she EXPLODED. She flopped back onto her back panting and trembling. That pussy was mine for the taking.

I was hard as a rock as a crawled up to her. Veronica felt me move over her and looked up at me dreamily as she felt the tip of my cock touch her pussy. I pressed into her tight cunt…. “UGH”….. she grunted as I pushed forward….. SHE WAS SO TIGHT! “Oh Veronica…. you’re so hot baby” I groaned…… driving it deeper…. “UUUUHHHHHHHH” she sighed as I bottomed out in her velvet vice. I could feel her pussy squeezing me. I kissed her as I ground my pelvis against hers. “MMMMMMMMAAAAHHHHHH” she moaned and threw her head back. I pulled out and her eyes met mine as I drove it deep into her juicy pussy. “UUUUHHHHHHUUUUUUHHHHHHHH”….. she cried. And I began to fuck her. She held on and moaned and groaned as I pumped her hot teen cunt. I gripped her shoulders and thrust into her again and again…… “OH GOD….. YES…. YES…. SIIRRR…. OHHH….. OOOHHHH….. YES…. UHH….. UHHHH….. AAAHHHH….. and she wrapped her legs around my back and bucked up against me….. “OH…. YES….. HARDER…. SIR…. SOOOO GOOD…. OHHH… YES…. YES…. YEAAAAAAASSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHUUUUHHHHHHH….as she bucked and came.

I pulled out and turned her over. Veronica was my willing fuck doll as she happily complied. She groaned as I drove it right back into her love oven. “MMMMMMmmmmm” she sighed and then buried her face in the pillow. I took the hint and pounded her hard and fast. Oh she LOVED IT like this. Her pussy kept clutching at me over and over again as she shrieked into the pillow. I was kinda glad because I didn’t want anyone to think I was killing her. Veronica came and came…. until I couldn’t take anymore and I pulled out….. I pulled her hip down and she rolled onto her back as I crawled up to her. Veronica looked at me not knowing what to expect and I stuck my rocket right into her mouth. I didn’t give her a chance to refuse and I fucked her mouth. She closed her eyes and sucked as I thrust again and again until I erupted, shooting gobs of cum into her mouth. “MMMHHHMMMPPPHHH” she squeaked as she got her first taste of hot cum.

“I’ve never swallowed before” she confessed. “I had a feeling but I really wanted you to try it….. Are you okay?” I asked. “Yeah…. Yes…. I’m fine…. I mean it was salty…. but …. ummm….. good. It’s okay.” she replied. “I thought you might cum on my face like a porno.” she added. “Well….. the thought crossed my mind but I promised to treat you like a Goddess and that doesn’t really fit…. Next time…. We’ll see how you do with dirty talk and I’ll fuck you like a hot, dirty slut and cum all over you.” I stated. Veronica’s eyes widened as I spoke and I could almost see a twinkle of pleasant anticipation. “For now we rest…. have another drink. I have some strawberries to nibble on…. Maybe I eat some whipped cream off you.” “When are you going to tell me?” she pressed. “Relax…. I promise I’ll give you all the evidence in the morning…. I don’t want to ruin the night with murder, rape and more.” I advised.

We got up and ate the strawberries and drank more…. Veronica was much more at easy with me and wandered around the house naked. She was so small and yet it was impossible not to stare at her. Finally I was ready for another round. I grabbed my video camera and turned it on….. Veronica looked at me surprised but I guess she realized that I was in control and she had no choice.

We started to kiss and she was much more passionate about kissing me….. She was very turned on and looking forward to what I was going to do to her. She looked at the camera occasionally until I was ready to defile her body.

“Alright you slutty whore. On your knees… It’s time for your practice!” Veronica smirked at me wide eyed and got down on her knees. I stuck my cock in her mouth and she started to suck. “That’s right you dirty little cocksucker….. take it DEEP in your mouth….” I picked up the camera and focused it right on her face. Veronica now made a much more deliberate effort to take my entire cock. Seeing her enthusiasm, I grabbed her head and fucked her mouth. “MMM….MMM…MMMM…MMMM….MMMAHHH” she moaned as I stretched her tiny mouth. “Yeah…. suck my cock you filthy slut.” I could see in her eyes…. excitement and desire. She was trying to deep throat me…. forcing as much as she could and trying not to gag. “Tell me you love it.” I hissed. “Oh Sir…. Your cock is so hard. I want it in my mouth….. Please fuck my mouth Sir.” , she purred wantonly. I continued to drive my rod deep into her mouth as she looked into the camera with those piercing blue eyes. I didn’t want to cum yet so when I sensed she was getting tired I snatched her up and threw her on the bed. I moved the camera to focus on her….

“Now spread your pussy and beg me…. beg me to eat that teen cunt.” I ordered. Veronica opened her legs and opened her cunt and begged. “Please Sir…. I’m so wet…. I need it…. please lick my pussy….. I’m so hot for you…. I’ll do whatever you want.”

I moved between her outstretched thighs and began to lick and suck her delicious cunt. Veronica was whipped. Her body on display for the camera, she was so wound up every touch sent shockwaves through her. She bucked and moaned wildly as I licked her…. I slipped my fingers inside her juicy pussy and she gushed with pleasure…. “YEEEESSSSSUUUGH…. OH GOD….. SIR…… PLEASE….. YES…… RUB MY DIRTY PUSSY! It’s YOURS SIR…… I’m your slut….. I’ll do anything you want.” Veronica bucked and thrust her hips vigorously until she froze with her hips thrust upwards and came…. shivering and trembling. “AAAHHHHH…. AHHHHH….. OHHHHH….. SSSSSIIIRRRR….. OHHH GOD! OOOOHHH GGGOOOOD!!! OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

“Yeah you like it when I finger your hot teen cunt don’t you slut.” I taunted…… “Oh Yes Sir”…… Please….. please fuck me….. I need your cock. I’m so juicy…. please fuck me.” she begged.

I opened up her thighs to the camera and she looked lovingly at me and the camera as I pressed my cock into her tight channel. “UUUUUGGGHHHHH…… GOD SIR…… SO HARD….. It’s SO HARD…… ” she cooed. I kept her legs open so the camera could see everything as I pressed until our bodies touched. “MMMAAAHHHHHH….. YESSSUUUHHH….. OH GOD….. PLEASE….. PLEASE FUCK ME.” she cried. I wasted no time and began to bang away at her tender young pussy. Veronica tried to act but honestly she was mostly reacting as I slammed her tight cunt. “UH UH UH UH OH…. OHH…. OHHH….. FU… UHH… CK…. ” I twisted her body towards the camera and fucked her sideways. “You like that slut?…… Huh?” “YE SSS YE SSS YEEESSSSSS….. GOD…..” and Veronica was really loving this. Her cunt was even tighter than the first time…. she was really super turned on and her pussy was on fire. I could feel it fluttering as she came, clawing at the bed and moaning towards the camera.

I pulled her on top of me into a reverse cowgirl with her body facing the camera. “You want my cock in that tight teen pussy…… so ride it! Slide my big cock in that dirty cunt and make yourself cum….. you cum slut.” I ordered. This was a new position for Veronica but she quickly figured out how to move and soon she was bouncing herself on my fuck stick and slamming it into her pussy. The camera could see everything as her cunt was impaled and on display….. Finally I grabbed her torso and began to piston my cock up into her. “AHHH AHHH AHHH AHHHH UHHH UUUHH HHHHHUUUHHH…… OOOOHHHHH OOOHHHH YEESSS OOH GOD….. OH GOD, OH GOD, OH OHHH OHHHHH FUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK….. ” Her cunt clamped down on me but I thrust even harder as she came. Veronica trembling, slumped back towards me and I turned her back to doggie style.

This time I didn’t let her bury her face….. I pulled her hair and fucked her hard, slamming into her teen twat unmercifully. “UH UH UH UH UH UH UH UH UH UH …. HOOO….. GOD… UM…. UM…. UM…. UM…. UM…. ” and I pulled her up to me….. reached down and fingered her clit just as she was about to cum. “UUUUGGGHHHHHHH……GGGAWWWWDDDD” Her pussy spasmed HARD AND LONG. “That’s right you dirty little whore. Just cum all over my hard cock.”

Veronica was nearly spent but I wanted to finish her off good. I flipped her onto her back and put her ankles on my shoulders. I thrust into her dirty furnace. “AAHHHHHH SIR! SO DEEEEEP!” I began to fuck my little slut hard and fast. “MAH….. MMMMM AAAA….. AHHH…. AHHH…. OH….. GOD….. SSSS…….SSS….. SIRRRR….. OH…. PLE……ASEEE….. FUCK…… FUCK…… UUUUHHH….. UHHHH …..” You like getting fucked hard in your tiny teen pussy slut?” I teased as I pounded away at her. “YEEESSS….. OH…… SIR….. SIR….. RICHARD….. DON’T STOP……. OH GOD…… RICHARD…… I CAN’T……. I’M GONNA….. PASS OUT……. OH….. OH…. GOD…… OH….” and her hands clawed at me…. Her eyes were wide and wild….. her cunt was so tight on me and I felt her legs tremble and saw her toes curl as she started to cum. “RIIICHHHARD!!!!” Veronica shook for what felt like a full minute when it was probably only 10 seconds but it was something to see on video.

I pulled out of my fuck toy and dragged her off the bed and on her knees. I focused the camera on her face and stuck my cock back in her mouth. Veronica sucked as hard as she could as I fucked her face. I was ready. The camera was in perfect position as I jerked my rod towards her….. Veronica watched as I fisted it and squealed in delight when the first rail hit her face. Four good blasts covered her mouth and cheeks….. her nose and some in her hair and forehead. It was the sluttiest thing she had ever done….. and yet I could see this twinkle of bliss as she rubbed my cum all over her lips and tongue and played to the camera with my cock in her mouth.

“Thank you Sir….. I Love You….. and I’ll do anything you want. You can do anything you want to me….. anything. I’m your slut.”

And true to my word I gave Veronica all the information I promised….. and of course she continued to be my willing fuck doll even helping me hook up with Kristen Ritter, Tina Majorino (aka Mac) and Alona Tal (aka Meg) among other celebrities on the show.