Actress Goes Anal – with AnnaSophia Robb

It was a nice, normal night out in Long Island – a nice night to walk down the streets with a friend. A friend who was filming a television show here several months out of the year. A friend who was starring in this TV show – even if it was on the CW and was a prequel series.

A friend who happened to be AnnaSophia Robb, of several Disney and young adult films, but currently of “The Carrie Diaries.” Only about over a million people knew about her and her show, according to the Nielsens. I wouldn’t have heard of it if they didn’t film in town, and if she didn’t come to my coffee shop every day, and if we hadn’t become actual friends for the last three months.

But even if regular people didn’t know her or her show, a lot of Internet people did. If only because they made gifs starring her most famous body part. Not her big, beautiful blue eyes, blonde hair, gigantic smile or slender legs – but something big between the smile and legs.

Something that some jackass behind us just got away with pinching.

“Hey!” AnnaSophia squealed, turning to slap the creep who pinched her…rather ample backside. Which was sticking out even more than usual in her blue jeans. Still, it wasn’t an open invitation.

The fact she acted faster than me to slap him was kind of troubling. And so was what he actually did, of course. Regardless of…

“Easy, easy, I’m gone,” the creep assured, looking far too satisfied already. That satisfaction, my ego, my need to defend a friend – and some jealousy I did NOT want to think about – made me spring to action when his back was turned.

If he was going to grab AnnaSophia’s ass, I was going to kick his. I mean, literally kick him in the ass with my right foot.

Maybe it wasn’t so tough that I took AnnaSophia’s wrist and ran away with her before he punched me back. But hell, if he wanted to be a coward, I could be too.

The coward ass grabber cursed and chased us for about a block, but we were too fast for him. Nevertheless, we kept running for another block until we actually reached my apartment building. With the ‘danger’ gone and the ability to breathe coming back, me and AnnaSophia even managed to start laughing.

We kept laughing off and on until we reached my actual apartment. Yet by the time we settled down for a drink on my couch, AnnaSophia wasn’t in a laughing mood.

“That’s how it’s going to be, isn’t it? I’m surprised that was the first time,” she commented.

“First time you saw a literal ass kicking?” I tried to guess, though I knew I was probably wrong.

“It’s not his ass I was talking about,” AnnaSophia stated. “Mine came out of nowhere, you know! It’s not going away anytime soon, though. Neither are jackasses like him. They’ll just keep pinching and groping and jacking off to it. If I had sex more often, they’d probably wear it out by now! Or they’d want to!”

AnnaSophia got up, her back turned to me – a most ironic position, considering the topic of conversation. I took one quick look at her hypnotically obscene rear, before she could realize I was part of the problem she talked about. Albeit the nicest example of the problem.

“I just started having sex, you know,” she didn’t make it any easier at all. “There’s a lot to do, but…all anyone’s gonna want is my ass, I know it. Most of the time, they probably won’t be good at it. It’d be nice if I could…at least get it right off the bat. Maybe that’d set the tone for years of ass play.”

I had no answer to that, and few would probably make me look good. Especially with all the images in my head right now. They weren’t exactly new images – or ones that went away for more than a few days around her – yet I knew how to control myself. At least when she wasn’t testing it this much.

“Wait…that’s it!” AnnaSophia yelled. “I need a great first time! Even if it doesn’t get better from there!”

“I thought you already started having sex,” I played dumb, for one reason or another.

“Not that kind of sex!” AnnaSophia still unintentionally played coy. “If guys are gonna just go after my ass…I should find one that’ll be good to it first! I can at least lose my anal virginity the right way.”

“Jesus…” I groaned in frustration and other emotions. “You do know finding the right guy’s a crapshoot? When it comes to any virginity?”

“Yeah. You can’t always stumble onto guys who would kick someone’s ass for you. Literally,” she got right to the point. And that point practically made my throat close.

“You’re not serious,” I told her before it all spun out of control – the situation, our friendship and my self-restraint.

“Who better than a friend who respects me? Or at least lusts after me to a respectful point?” she asked, making me wonder how discreet I’d been at certain moments – and poses – of our friendship. “You want to stay friends with me, right? Ass or not?”

“Um….sure, of course,” was a weak answer, albeit an accurate one – and the best I could muster.

“Then you sure wouldn’t want to fuck my ass the wrong way. You’d take extra good care of it for it’s first time. Even if…not every guy after that doesn’t think that way,” AnnaSophia figured.

“And you…really don’t want to wait for one of the good ones?” I checked again.

“There’s probably not much time to waste. Why take the risk?” she answered.

“So I’m not a risk? I’m just the good, safe nice guy good for a b…” I barely kept myself from saying booty call. That stupid joke, and the stupid way I was objecting, wasn’t helping me out. Then again, there were some unflattering things I could take from this.

“No one who kicks ass like that is all good. I know I can trust you to be the good kind of bad,” AnnaSophia made it sound better. “If you were that creative against that guy, who’s a total ass….I’ll bet you could be the right kind of creative for mine.”

Yep, it was way too stupid to keep objecting now. The only problem left was her setting the bar too high.

This was AnnaSophia Robb’s ass we were talking about. This was an ass that belonged to a friend. I could ravage it then and there, and had frequently thought about it – but that wasn’t all she was asking for. It wasn’t all I wanted to do with it either.

But if she riled me up and got me hot like this, I wouldn’t think ahead enough to deliver. This was a task one needed to be fully prepared for.

“You know…I’m extra creative after I’ve had dinner. Too bad it’s too late for one now,” I reflected. “How about we take care of that early tomorrow night? Then we can take care of the rest.” That was good. Less than 24 hours to get ready should be enough – or be enough to make her come to her senses.

Yet when AnnaSophia thought about it, gave me her brightest smile and agreed, I was stuck with this calculated risk.

Somehow, I let her head back home after a few more minutes, and after choosing a place to meet up for dinner tomorrow. Somehow, I got myself to sleep before 1 a.m. afterwards. Somehow, I kept my hand off my cock for more than a few minutes before getting out of bed that morning.

By the time work ended and it was almost dinner time, I let myself have a…practice run. If AnnaSophia hadn’t changed her mind and would be….coming back here after dinner, I wasn’t going to let this be…a quick dessert. I had to know I could….stand tall as long as possible, in spite of the mighty task ahead.

It wasn’t like this was the first time I jacked off to her ass. It wasn’t as if I didn’t cum earlier than I wanted to in those times. But the thought of actually being hours away from seeing it, touching it, fucking it, devouring it…

It all made me break my record time by about a full minute. Which wasn’t exactly encouraging.

As such, when I got to the restaurant we agreed to, part of me almost wished she wouldn’t show up. It would spare me the embarrassment, and probably mean she was okay and thinking straight too.

But I sure wasn’t when she actually came in. Not when she was wearing that pink dress that looked…pretty easy to lift up. If she saw me checking to make sure, she didn’t comment, as she just pecked my cheek and went to check on our table.

When we were seated, I finally saw her looking uneasy too. Maybe now that she was carrying this crazy plan out, she was seeing how crazy it was. I should have offered her an out, but her entrance made it nearly impossible now. Instead, I tried to keep it light.

“Should we go over ground rules while we wait?” I attempted to poke fun.

“Oh. Um…you know I don’t want it that rough. Everything else should be fine,” AnnaSophia assured me. After a pause, she asked, “How about you? What do you want?”

“Uh…you’re being generous enough, I think,” I conveyed.

“Am I? I did steamroll you into this. I know you could have said no, but…I know no one in your position would,” AnnaSophia admitted. “But what do you want after that? Do you want it more than once? Do you want to stay friends, or is it gonna be impossible? For one reason or another?”

“Hadn’t really thought that far,” I admitted.

“Me either. I just thought about this being a good…first time. But we could still taint it later. For any number of reasons,” AnnaSophia proposed. “If you really don’t want to risk that, it won’t make you less of a man. I should have let you know that before I forced you into this.”

“Funny choice of words,” I blurted out, though maybe this wasn’t the time to be light anymore. Nevertheless, AnnaSophia chuckled anyway, which gave me a bit more courage for the serious stuff.

“You’re right. No one in my position, so to speak, would turn this down. Few of them would think of the consequences, though. I wish I didn’t have to,” I confessed. “But hell…you wanted this to be with someone who wasn’t an asshole. The fact I care about that other stuff should prove you made the right choice. And that…we can figure it out and stay good afterwards. No matter what we figure out.”

“I guess that takes a few loads off,” AnnaSophia said, making us both groan. In a comedic way, not the other way – it still helped, though. “I just didn’t want us to feel too weird first. Or obligated.”

“You’re about 24 hours too late on the first part,” I pointed out. “The second one…it’s really more of a favor than an obligation. One I’m not gonna take lightly.”

“Don’t make me take it too lightly either,” AnnaSophia couldn’t resist saying. “Sorry, sorry…at least we’re getting that out of the way now too.”

“In a restaurant where anyone could hear us talking about anal sex. Good we got that covered,” I couldn’t help but joke too. Really, what else could we do? Better we had reason to laugh now than later anyway.

The laughter faded a bit by the time we finished dinner. There was only one other stop for the evening now. As such, neither of us could help but feel awkward and hesitant again as we headed to my place.

We didn’t say a word once we got to my door. I opened it up and gestured for AnnaSophia to lead us in, since this was her idea. As she moved in, my hand unconsciously went onto her lower back to move her along – about two inches above her ass.

It was the first time I touched her so close to…that area. The first of many tonight, if I didn’t screw up. Although I hadn’t actually touched it, touching her like that at all made it really hit home.

And made it feel like it wasn’t enough.

I closed the door behind us, with AnnaSophia standing in front of me. She looked as on edge as I felt, just from that brief touch with the promise of more. Then again, it was up to me to actually get more.

My right hand went over to her lower back, touching her right above her ass again. At that point, there was really nothing else to say but, “Fuck it.”

I briefly heard AnnaSophia hum her agreement, before our lips came together.

I kept my head and lips still, adjusting to the sensations of kissing her. Right before I broke off to catch my breath, she pushed her lips harder against mine. Her right hand went to the back of my neck before our lips finally broke, but we put them back together and opened our mouths right then.

Mine opened even wider, for different reasons, once my hand went two inches lower.

“Holy fuck…” I breathed out, as I got my first good feel of AnnaSophia Robb’s unreal backside.

It felt like I was barely holding half of her cheek. As much as she was packing into her ass, it felt so firm and soft instead of hard. And she still had a dress over it…imagine what the bare skin felt like.

I knew I was done imagining. To show her, my hands started pulling up her dress and bunching the bottom of it together. AnnaSophia went back to kissing me, so I assumed she approved.

I certainly approved of getting her dress up enough to expose her ass. That was still nothing compared to feeling it – and nothing else at all.

“You don’t have any…” I broke off to mutter, though I couldn’t finish the sentence with “panties.” Of which she had none on – and probably didn’t even at dinner.

“Seemed really, really pointless, don’t you think?” AnnaSophia asked. I really couldn’t argue with that – and I had better things to do.

Like putting AnnaSophia against the wall, so she could lean back while I kissed her. And while both my hands were under her dress and on her ample ass. Since there was so much down there, it took me a while to feel all of it, which helped me take my time.

Our mouths were actually moving faster than my hands, in truth. Eventually, we gave it a rest and broke off, though AnnaSophia went back to nibble and suckle on my upper lip. She just smiled a smile that might look adorable in most cases – but it didn’t just look adorable here.

I would have gladly done nothing but fondle her ass, while watching her big bright eyes darken and her sweet smile turn even sexier. However, I wanted to give her a little more effort. Therefore, I reluctantly broke away from her eyes and kissed down to her neck, as the front of my groin started rubbing against hers.

Now that she had an idea of what I had, she started to push against me as well. To help her along, I grabbed as much of her booty as possible and pushed it forward, full on grinding my trapped erection against her while suckling her neck.

“Fuck me, fuck me…” AnnaSophia groaned, or possibly commanded. “I need to lie down…”

It took everything I had, as well as one more squeeze, to obey her orders and back away. AnnaSophia caught her breath and straightened her dress out, then stepped out of her high heels. But if she wasn’t going to lie down like she said, then I didn’t want to stand back much longer.

It helped – sort of – when she lowered the straps from her dress, though.

Once she pulled the front of her dress down to show her bare, round B-cups, she arched them up while trying to reach the back of her dress. “You mind?” AnnaSophia asked, breaking my concentration from her chest.

She turned around, letting me see the zipper on her dress – and giving me silent permission to lower it. I got halfway down before she said, “Thanks, I got it,” and shooed me away to do the rest.

The rest included wiggling as she slid her dress down, bending down as she put it on the floor, and then stepping out completely nude. Stepping out with her back turned to me.

And there it was. This generation’s answer to Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian – bare, impossibly heart shaped, thick, curvy, mouthwatering, and all mine for the next…well, hopefully I’d last more than a minute.

I was less confident when AnnaSophia walked towards my bedroom door, her ass swaying and swinging like she was trying to give me a heart attack. It’d be a good way to get out of it, really.

“Wait!” I made her stop, if only so I could breathe again and give her something to drool over. There’s no way it would make us even – my ego and other things weren’t big enough for me to believe that. But I had to give her something.

In a flash, I unzipped and unbuckled my pants, finally letting my cock get some air. After getting my pants down and kicking them away, AnnaSophia finally saw what she would be fitting in. If she still approved, of course.

She got it as hard and as throbbing as it could get, so I had nothing else to impress her. Still, she didn’t look like she hated it. Either way, she then made her way into my bedroom, so I took that as a win.

I ran in just in time to see AnnaSophia getting onto my bed, lying on her stomach. I almost grabbed myself right then and there, until she rolled onto her side. By then, there seemed to be no reason to keep her waiting.

Although my suit was still on, I laid right down next to the naked AnnaSophia, who promptly rolled me onto my back. Her next prompt action was to sit up and straddle me, giving her room to unbutton my suit and pull it open herself.

I ultimately sat up and helped finish the job, then laid back down once I was totally naked. “So do I just…go for it?” I left it up to AnnaSophia.

“You can ease me in first,” she answered as she laid herself down on me. I figured I could let my hands squeeze her again for starters.

“Like that?” I asked as I kneaded her peachy rear – then dared to brush a finger between her cheeks.

“Something like that,” AnnaSophia approved, pushing her hips down against my groin.

“Is this closer?” I asked before dipping my left finger down into her pussy.

“A little colder…but not bad,” she admitted as I fingered her. Of course, as soon as she got wet enough, I intended to get warmer. In the meantime, she relaxed against me while I watched myself finger her and jiggle her apple-shaped behind.

That would have been enough for me, if I didn’t have even bigger plans. Starting with taking my wet left finger and moving it up to her other hole. It probed her rear and teased it’s entrance/exit, causing AnnaSophia to moan and grind herself harder on me.

“Wait, wait, wait,” she made me stop, sitting herself up again. I kept my finger against her asshole as she lifted her hips up, putting her pussy right onto my cock head. Soon, she slowly lowered herself down and took me in – so I took the hint and started filling her in the back too.

AnnaSophia clenched around my finger and cock, letting me savor both tight, hot spaces. Before long, she started to outright ride my cock as my finger settled into her ass. Instead of pushing that in further, I wiggled the tip around, which got her to moan louder and take the rest of my cock in.

Now that she was sitting right on me and being filled in both holes, I put my right hand to work and started rubbing the front one. My hips also began pumping her while my finger went to work thrusting as well. Within moments, AnnaSophia was riding me and thrusting her hips back and forth, taking in more of me all around.

There was still one more way I could work her over, however. To do that, I took my right hand off her pussy and used it to help me sit up. Anna Sophia rolled with me and wrapped her legs around me, right as I put my mouth on her chest and my hand back on her pussy.

As my lips and tongue wrapped around her left nipple, I felt her wrap her arms around my head. In return, my right fingers rubbed and teased her pussy, all as my left finger rubbed and teased the inside of her ass. Attacking her in four ways really made AnnaSophia moan and bounce on me.

“Yeah, so fucking good…fuck me twice as hard…” AnnaSophia ordered, and I tried to obey. Biting down on her nipple, I tongued it mercilessly until AnnaSophia pushed my head backwards. “Fuck me in all my holes,” she briefly confused me.

She gave me a better clue by kissing me – more by thrusting her tongue in and out of my mouth, really. Getting the idea, I started fucking her mouth with my tongue, right as I went faster in her asshole and pussy. When I pulled my tongue back, AnnaSophia groaned long and loud, her face and eyes now burning with desire.

After kissing her mouth again, I kissed down her face until I rested my head on her shoulder. This gave me the perfect view of my finger trapped inside her bouncing, bubbly behind. “Fucking hell…” I muttered as I watched the show.

“That’s just the beginning,” I heard AnnaSophia confirm.

Oh right. The agreement was for me to fuck her ass with my cock. We didn’t actually agree to put it in her pussy first – it just turned out that way. Now that it was almost too late… “I gotta get in there now, don’t I?” I asked.

“Let me cum first. Think you can do that?” AnnaSophia wondered. That I could do – stopping myself from doing other stuff was still a question mark.

Yet when she backed her ass up to take more of my finger in, I figured first things first.

My hips thrust harder into her pussy as my right fingers kept rubbing it. AnnaSophia just kept her arms and legs around me and held on, letting me watch my left finger fill her ass even deeper. She just let out more breathless moans near my ear, making it sound like she was almost done.

“You wanna go?” I asked a slightly stupid question.

“Yeah…all over your cock,” AnnaSophia gave me a very smart answer. Once my finger and cock went all the way into her and fucked her with one more burst, I gave her something better in return.

I had to make every part of me stay still as AnnaSophia released herself. My finger and cock gradually slowed down, as my right hand came off her pussy and rested on her lower back. I breathed heavily on her shoulder, then started kissing it when she could cool down. Somehow, this all stopped me from cumming too.

We stayed in the same position for several moments, resting up and getting our wits back. “Well, that takes care of one of us,” I breathed out. “I can still…change positions.”

AnnaSophia didn’t answer, although she eventually lifted herself off my shrinking cock. Taking the hint, my finger came out of her ass too. “I think I need one more test,” she ultimately replied, sliding off my lap.

She got off the bed and stood in front of it, compelling me to get to the edge as well. Yet she stopped me from getting up too – as she got down instead. On her knees so that her head was in my lap.

AnnaSophia licked my cock up to the tip before I did anything, then promptly took my head in her mouth. By instinct, I shot my hips up and put a few more inches in. I briefly thought that was too far, until she corrected me.

“Fuck my mouth just like you’d fuck my ass. Fill it up the same way too,” she told me. When she took half my shaft into her mouth and gave me full on doe eyes, I was in no position to refuse.

Once again, I pumped my hips up into a hot, wet, waiting hole. Only this one could slide a tongue up and down my shaft and head too. And hum further vibrations on me. And it came attached with hungry blue eyes and even fuller lips too.

And unlike the last hole, I wouldn’t stop myself from cumming in this one. A few more thrusts and teases from AnnaSophia’s tongue made sure of that.

I threw my head back as I unleashed into her mouth, which stayed right in place to drink it all down. My hips eventually came back down as AnnaSophia slowly came off me, swallowing the rest of what I left her. Once her mouth was completely free, I could let mine breathe again.

“That bodes well,” AnnaSophia praised, making me amazed that this wasn’t even the main event. Not that it was gonna start anytime soon now.

“I guess we gotta clean up a few things first,” I addressed, looking at my unhygienic finger.

“You wash up, I’ll get a glass of water,” AnnaSophia offered, getting on her feet and walking away – leaving me incapable of making her stop. Even after I was drained, seeing her walk away naked was doing wonders for me.

Snapping out of it, I walked my far less seductive naked body over to my bathroom. Getting my soap, I thoroughly washed my hands and fingers, getting them as squeaky clean as possible. By the time I was done, AnnaSophia was making her way in with one of my glasses of water.

“After you,” I offered, stepping aside. AnnaSophia smiled and nodded, going to the sink to fill the glass. She would drink from it and rinse my cum out of my mouth – bending over as she did so.

There was that gigantic, wonderful bare ass near my face again – and I’d barely scratched the surface of it so far. My cock was a long way from going in there itself, of course. But there were other ways to play with it while we waited.

Before AnnaSophia was done at the sink, I took one of my towels and folded it up. Laying it on the floor, I settled my knees onto it – leaving my face right in front of her ass. First, I put my hands on it to alert AnnaSophia, and give her time to say anything.

She said nothing with words. So my actions took over from then on.

I started carefully by going down to lick her pussy, figuring I should actually taste that first. With her leftover juices on my tongue, I put it on the right globe of her ass, licking lightly until my mouth went on it. With that first taste, I needed a bigger bite – although there was too much mass to really bite into.

Still, I gave it a good enough shot, then tried again and again on the rest of her cheek. Naturally, it took quite a long time. It didn’t take me as long to lick, kiss and run my mouth down her right hip, although the incredible curve of it was hard to turn away from.

Fortunately, AnnaSophia’s left hip was just as curvy and perfect. After indulging in it, I let my mouth run through as much of her left cheek as possible, while my hand felt up her right cheek. AnnaSophia even arched back to push more of herself onto my face.

The more she backed her ass up on me, and the more noise she made, the more I needed to bury myself into her. There was only one place to really do that.

Putting my face right between her globes, I shook my head like I was motor boating them. I also grabbed them with both hands, pushing and pulling and jiggling them against my own cheeks. Soon enough, even that wasn’t enough anymore.

Feeling myself lose more and more control, my tongue slid up and down her crack in rapid, hungry fashion. I barely brushed her hole during those trips, but eventually, my tongue burrowed itself right in, without any warning or buildup. Nevertheless, AnnaSophia didn’t sound like she minded.

Still holding on tight to her ass, I kept making her hole wetter and wetter. I figured it’d help the both of us if I went back down to her pussy, tasted it for a while and then licked back up her asshole. Since her juices were building up again down there, I collected enough on my tongue to help her up there too.

“Oh God, oh shit,” AnnaSophia groaned, although perhaps that wasn’t the best curse word at a time like this. Yet when I shook my head on her ass, licked her deeper and jiggled her harder, she got back to saying “fuck” instead.

However, her actions spoke louder afterwards, as she pushed her ass back and practically gyrated it on my face. In return, my licking, groping and nibbling got even more heated and uncontrollable. Pretty soon, AnnaSophia felt the same way.

“Fuck yes, fuck…I need it in me now. Is it ready?” AnnaSophia panted. Reluctantly, I took my face off her ass to look down at my own genitals – which were starting to liven up again.

“A little while longer,” I confirmed.

“Not fast enough,” AnnaSophia insisted. “And it’s not like I’ll want a last taste afterwards, so…”

With that, AnnaSophia turned around, taking the view of her ass away from me. Yet when she got down on her knees in front of me, I conceded and stood on my own two feet again – putting my cock back in her face.

She used her tongue and mouth as rapidly as I had, only she had something more solid to suck on. It was certainly getting more and more solid by the second. I already fucked her mouth and needed to preserve my strength to fuck her ass, so I just stayed still and let her drive this along.

AnnaSophia pulled back and saw I was just about set. I only needed one more thing, though – and once she thoroughly lubed me up with her tongue and lips, that seemed to do it.

She got back on her feet and kissed me, in spite of where both our tongues had been. Regardless, it almost canceled out. It did distract me when her hand stroked my wet cock, and when my hands went up and down her waist. Even without her ass, she had such a soft, warm, curvy, fit body all over.

But I had my chance to savor the rest of it. I couldn’t put off what I’d actually been hired to do any longer. I sure as hell didn’t want to. And if AnnaSophia stroked me any longer, her saliva might dry off before I got in there. Then again, if that meant she had to give me more…

No. Enough stalling.

There was certainly no going back after I spun AnnaSophia around, bent her over and positioned myself right against her upper hole. Before I went in, I saw her eager reflection in the mirror – where she could see everything too – and informed her, “You wanted this. Then you watch.”

We both watched in a way as my head slowly made its way inside her. I heard AnnaSophia hiss, and I heard myself hiss as well. Yet my focus stayed right on my cock, making sure it entered her ass and took her virginity down there just right.

Of course, once my head slipped completely into her ass, I had other concerns. Like how not to cum from the feel of it, let along the sight of being inside this wondrous place. At that point, it felt safer to look at AnnaSophia.

Her head had turned back to see what was happening – and it sure felt like the sight was making her clench harder. My teeth clenched tighter as a result, but she noticed and tried to lighten up. Still, there wasn’t really much she could to make this easier.

Deciding to power through it, I pushed in another two inches, then pulled back. With slow, careful thrusts, I started to ease my way into this, as AnnaSophia eased her way into taking it in. Her head faced the mirror and watched my reflection, taking in my growing enjoyment – all while I did the same with her reflection.

It takes a deal of effort to watch each other in a doggy style position. But thanks to this location and that mirror, none of us had to move our heads to see how hot we were getting. Naturally, I did look down to see her ass taking me in, but that was a given.

The more I got in there, the more AnnaSophia pushed back, right until our hips finally collided. The ripple effect on her ass was almost too much right there. Yet I powered through again, grabbing her hourglass hips and picking up the pace full on.

I wanted to ask and tease her if this was what she wanted. However, the reflection on the mirror told me it really was. Or maybe my brain, not to mention the feeling of her mountainous ass riding my cock, was playing tricks on me.

Without thinking, I slapped my hand onto AnnaSophia’s hip. Perhaps I thought the noise would snap me out of it. Yet AnnaSophia’s moan got even more of my attention.

Taking a chance, I had my hand smack her right cheek, then her left. She merely thrust her ass harder against me, which put even more…ideas in my head.

I vaguely remembered that AnnaSophia wanted her ass treated nicely, not manhandled like most men would do in the future. Yet she was getting into it when I slapped my hands on both her cheeks, then pushed them, pulled them apart and rubbed them together.

Maybe the ass fucking made her more daring, or maybe she just trusted me – or at least my hands and cock. Regardless, it was all rubbing off on me.

I used my daring to grab her hips, bend down and put my mouth right on AnnaSophia’s left ear. Giving it a little nibble, I could see both our faces in the mirror – as comical and aroused as they were. With my hands hanging onto her ample hips for dear life, and her hands hanging onto the sink the same way, I could keep fucking away while practically lying on top of her.

“Now do you get it?” I whispered in her ear. “You get what your ass makes men wanna do?”

“But you’re doing it,” AnnaSophia gasped. “Doing it so hard and good…”

“It’ll take a while for someone else to top this, huh?” I asked without thinking it through.

“If I ever let them try,” AnnaSophia groaned, bucking herself back faster – and eliminating any deeper thought about those words.

Taking my hands off her ass and hips, I put my hands onto her breasts, figuring that giving them extra attention would help. After palming and rubbing her nipples, I indeed felt her gyrating furiously on my crotch – she was probably going even faster than me.

“Fuck, you’re killing me,” I admitted, though I’d created a monster that didn’t exactly look sorry. Figuring I owed my creation something, I vowed, “But I’m still cumming in that big fucking ass before I go…”

Standing up straight again, I followed up my vow by pinching her right nipple and getting back to work on her pussy. Before long, I had two right fingers in her while my left tweaked and teased her tit, all while her ass was still getting worked over.

“Oh, that’s so fucking perfect!” AnnaSophia yelled. “Look at me…look at me and cum for me…”

My eyes went back to the mirror, watching AnnaSophia stare at my reflection. Her youthful, 20-year-old face had turned wiser and sexier than her years, if that was possible. I wanted to see it lose control as we both came, and I concluded she wanted to see me do the same.

Still, I needed some final looks at her ass taking me all in. That would help me along more than anything.

When I looked down, I made a sudden decision to pull almost all the way out, then slam back in. The vibrations on her ass made it all worth it, so I did it again. After doing it again and again, I pulled out and AnnaSophia slammed herself back on me that time.

Once we pulled back and slammed back together harder, I could look back up at AnnaSophia again. Those perfect, burning eyes drove me to pull out and drive back in harder and noisier, when she wasn’t bucking harder against me. The only other thing I could do is grasp her nipple and pussy harder and hold on.

“Ooh, do it, do it! Give my ass its first taste of cum!” AnnaSophia ordered. I would, after doing one more thing.

I actually started to slow myself down in her ass, while going faster in her pussy. My right fingers went harder and deeper, wiggling and rubbing anything they could inside her. This seemed to distract AnnaSophia from milking my cock, which prolonged this a little longer for me.

However, I couldn’t give her the same courtesy.

My fingers worked furiously to deny her that courtesy, while my left arm went back around her chest. One more nipple pinch and the tip of one more finger made AnnaSophia groan, “Oh, fucking…cum…” and then she did.

Yet all the progress I made in calming my cock down vanished, the second her ass clenched on me when she came. The sensation unconsciously made me start pumping again, and there was almost no stopping me now.

All I could do was try not to cum before she finished cumming, so she could really savor my release. It would be a close call though. But eventually, her pussy finished unloading on my right hand and gave it room to leave.

When I lifted my wet hand up, I got one last idea while I still had brain power. I only took a brief lick of her juices, then rubbed them together on both hands – so that I could put some of her juices on each ass cheek.

I rubbed them in and kept both hands firmly on AnnaSophia’s ass. The perfect final image before I unloaded into it.

I hissed out my relief, hearing AnnaSophia groan out hers as well. Somehow, I kept my eyes open to see her ass clench on me and take me all in. I watched it tighten up, then finally relax as I began to feel relaxed as well.

Of course, this meant I’d have to leave her ass before too long. I prolonged it as long as possible, but I got too soft to keep it up. Sighing, I gave it a final squeeze and jiggle before my hips pulled away at last.

AnnaSophia stayed bent over on the sink, her hands gripping the sides. She breathed more quietly now, finally uttering, “So that’s what all the fuss was.” All I could do was nod, still looking for a more definitive bit of closure.

“Can you…” I started, stopping short of asking if she could walk – or walk right. She did stand up straight, though, moving her legs around gingerly. Taking some initiative, I took her hand and led her back to the bedroom.

AnnaSophia did walk slowly, almost chuckling at one point. Yet I got her to the bed, where she carefully laid on her side. Once she settled down, I figured that was my cue to go.

“You coming?” she asked before I could look for my pants.

After I got into bed and spooned her instead, I dared to think I might have a much different answer to that question in the morning. If not a few other mornings.