Fan fucks Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is at a fan signing at a local Starbucks. This is to promote her new album she is going to sell soon.

It is a hot day and Selena Gomez is getting tired and annoyed. She wants to go home and relax.

After she autograph one of her old albums the next person came up, a fair looking man who looks to be in his twenties. He is wearing a shirt with one of her model pics. The one with her wearing a bikini on a blue matress with two big hoop earrings.

“I’m a big fan” He tugged on his shirt to show her.

“I can see that.” She nodded. She was annoyed and slightly creeped out. Usually her fans are children and pre-teens but she noticed that the line are all adult men. Their probably more fan of her body than her music.

“I loved you since…” He trailed off momentarily as he got an eyeful of her tits. She had some cleavage revealed with her dress.

She waved her hand as if to get his mind back on track. “And…?”

His jaw hung slack briefly before he managed to reel his mind back. “Oh, um, sorry. I was just gonna ask if we could get a picture together.” He thrust his hand at her. “I’m Pierce by the way…”

She ignored his hand.

“Uh huh. You sure that’s all you wanted to ask? You weren’t wondering how big my tits are?” Selena said with a hint of annoyance. She continued sitting with her arms folded on the table, making no attempt to hide her small boobs.

He gulped. “Umm…well no, but…” His eyes betrayed him. “How big are they?” He was already a bit intimidated standing in her presence. He once again started to stare at her body.

A few minutes passed before Selena cleared her throat to get his attention again.

“So, are we going to take that picture, or are you going to keep staring?” She asked.

She watched him shake his head clear, glad to see the spell had been broken for the time being. As annoying as it was dealing with guys who clearly objectified her, it was kind of cute to see this nerd so flustered by how laidback she was about it.

“Yeah, sorry. I was just…thinking about something….” He pulled his phone from his pocket and set up the camera.

“Mm, I’m sure.” Selena smirked as she stood up from her chair.

The guy tried not to get overexcited as the celebrity stood beside him and wrapped her arm around his shoulder in a friendly manner. He raised his phone, getting the two of them in frame.

She teased. “You said your name is Pierce? You know for future reference, when you talk to girls they usually like it better when you talk to them and not their chest.”

He chuckled awkwardly as he lined up the shot. He nervously put his arm around her waist just above her skirt and snapped a picture.


“Thanks for that.” Pierce smiled.

“Yeah…” Selena looked at him awkwardly, still feeling his hands on her skin. “Any time you wanna feel me up, just ask…” She said sarcastically.

Pierce didn’t seem to catch on. “A-a-are you sure?”

She scoffed. Of course, he wouldn’t understand her dry sense of humor. The man thought she actually enjoyed feeling his hands on her. “Oh yeah. Gotta please the fans, right?”

He seemed confused for a moment. The look on her face told him, she was clearly annoyed and yet she made no attempt to remove his hand or move away.

Testing his luck, Pierce raised his hand up her waist, working his fingers up to the underside of her bra. Her breathing became heavier as his hand cupped her heavy breast and lifted it in his palm.

“This feels…nice.” He commented.

Selena’s eyes were elsewhere, but she responded with a snide. “Glad you’re enjoying them.”

She couldn’t believe this guy couldn’t take a hint. He set his phone to take another photo. This time with his hand blatantly groping her breast.


This time he pulled the cup away from her breast. Her pink nipples stiffened when introduced to the cold air. The straps of her bra dug into her skin uncomfortably as he took another photo.


“These are great! My friends are gonna love these.”

“Oh, great. I totally want some random dudes to see you groping me.”

Pierce chose to argue semantics. “Well, it’s pretty tame, really. You’re tits aren’t even out.”

“Oh, I’m sure that’s not a problem for you since you’re such a smooth talker…”

Her smart-ass comment went right over his head again. He tugged on the knot between her bra cups. He had trouble getting it undone, but the lace snapped, letting her cups fall forward and releasing her tits. He held up his hands.

“Whoa! They’re even better than I expected…”

“Dammit!” Selena grumbled. She seemed more distraught about her ruined clothing than the fact her boobs were out in the open. She put her hands on her hips. “Are we done, yet?”

Pierce was afraid his fun would end there but Selena still did nothing to stop him. Seeing her pale tits up close, he wasn’t ready to pass up the chance to touch them. “Wait- Just let me touch them real quick.” He sputtered.

“Why not? It’s not like you haven’t touched me way more than I wanted you to.”

He shoved his hands against her boobs. Her nipples stiffened against his palms as he fumbled with them. Seeing his digits disappear into her mounds was more arousing than he had expected. He could feel his cock tenting in his pants and knew he wasn’t about to stop groping her anytime soon.

“These…are perfect!” He moaned.

Selena tapped her fingers on her hips. “Thanks, I reeeally appreciate the compliment. I love being treated like a piece of meat.”

Pierce didn’t bother wondering if she was being serious or not. He just continued tugging and squeezing her tits.

Two guys behind Pierce stared in excitement at the scene before them. One said “Daaaayumn, son!”

As embarrassing as it was, Selena could feel her body responding. Along with being curvaceous, her boobs were sensitive. She bit her lip as pleasant tingles coursed through her body. Her panties were growing damp with every passing second and the knowledge that everyone passing by could see it happen, only made her feel dirtier.

Pierce was feeling it too. He could tell from her breathing and the slight tremors that his fondling was starting to get to her and that reinforced his confidence.

“You really like when I play with your tits, don’t you?” He asked.

She moaned unintentionally before answering. “I-it’s not like you’re giving me a choice. I don’t normally let fans play with my boobs.”

“So why let me?”

She couldn’t come up with a single response. “I don’t know, maybe I just wanted to treat a fan for once.”

He peeled his hands from her breasts. There were red imprints on her tender skin that matched her blushing cheeks. He hurriedly unzipped his pants and dropped them down to his ankles. Apparently being out in public wasn’t a deterrent for his boner.

Selena’s jaw dropped. His cock was a formidable size. She caught herself getting excited and turned away, folding her arms beneath her breasts. This was getting out of hand…

She pouted her bottom lip. “The things I do for fans…”

He stroked his cock and grabbed her tit.

“This is so awesome.”

Contradictory to his words, it wasn’t long before he grew bored of jacking off and pushed her down to her knees even as she pouted. She gave no resistance, though she could clearly tell where this was going.

Pierce gave his cock a few pumps and brought it to her lips. His breathing grew faster as he anticipated what was surely to be the greatest moment of his life. He had spent countless hours in his bedroom jacking off to the thought of fucking Selena Gomez. He couldn’t believe he’d finally get to blow a load over her face.

“I can’t believe this is really happening. Best. Day. Ever.” Pierce said.

“Yay. Lucky yo-ULP!”

Selena Gomez couldn’t even finish her sentence before the excited fan was forcing his cock into her mouth. Never experiencing a blowjob in his life, Pierce felt like he was in heaven.


She felt the schlong invading her throat, and was forced to gag. Despite the dickmeat blocking her airflow she didn’t try to back away, nor did she encourage it. She simply let him have his way with her face

He jerked his hips at a casual pace, savoring the way her tongue tickled his cock and the way her throat acted as a sheath for his length. He was oblivious to those around him.

Selena sat on her knees with her hands in her lap. Occasionally rolled her eyes in the direction of her table and realized this lewd display was attracting quite a few people. They couldn’t pass up the chance to photograph and record the passive blowjob.

She was too embarrassed to keep looking at them, so instead she looked up at Pierce with disinterested eyes. Both hoping for and dreading his cumload, she just wanted it to be over. He had certainly pushed the boundaries of what she was willing to do for a fan. It wasn’t completely out of the realm for her to give blowjobs in exchange for favors, she certainly blew John Oakhill for her Disney jobs, but there didn’t seem to be much benefit for her.

With Pierce’s easy pace, it wasn’t hard for Selena to keep up her breathing while he used her mouth like an intimate lover. Occasionally, she would choke on his precum or her own spit and would gack on his dick until spit was dribbling from her mouth. Still looking in his eyes, she raised her arm and tapped her wrist as if to ask: Can you hurry up?

Pierce took this as a challenge and placed his hands on the back of her head and the underside of her throat. His cock was throbbing with pleasure, but he just couldn’t cum. He hoped for better results holding her head in place. Her face once again showed her annoyance, but her eyes softened when he started pounding her throat.


“Give it to her! Put your back into it!” An interested heckler suggested.

There was nothing quite like seeing the beautiful singer’s throat distended by some fan’s dick, but it paled in comparison to being the one fucking her face. Pierce was panting now as his cock pumped in and out over her writhing tongue. Holding her head in place, he saw her eyes become panicked and desperate.

“GGURRRRK! GLRRRUKK!” Were her pleading words to make the fan slow down, but it only aroused him more.

He pounded her mouth with reckless abandon, his balls slapping her chin and adding to the sound of her loud gagging.

Selena Gomez’s mind was a wreck as her throat was fucked and destroyed. She clutched at her throat, hoping to soothe the burning sensation. Her own spit and phlegm was forced from her mouth and nose, pouring over Pierce’s crotch. It was a painful and humiliating event but Selena took comfort in the thought that most of her fans had more respect.

She could tell it wasn’t going to end any time soon, so exasperated, she dropped her hands back down to her lap. Stunningly she was getting wet while she was used like a sex object. Her panties were soaked and clinging to her skin. She reached under her skirt and pinched at her thong to keep it from giving her cunt a wedgie.

“Wow, she’s actually getting off on this?” A concerned fan in the line said. “I mean, if it gets her through it…”

Selena wanted to defend herself but obviously having a dick down her throat made the act of speaking impossible.

“Great.” She thought to herself. “Now, everyone’s going to think I’m getting off from having my face fucked.”

Pierce was enrapt with his own pleasure, and Selena found she enjoyed it more than she cared to admit. Her pussy was much wetter than expected, turning her panties into little more than a soaking rag. She felt guilty for being so turned on but knew it couldn’t be helped.

“It’s just a simple bodily response.” She justified internally. Her hands rested in her lap again, still soaked with her own juices with more dripping onto the floor.

Pierce was having the time of his life. The fan looked around at everyone watching. He gave a thumbs up to the audience and made more grandiose poses.

He started by shoving her face completely into his crotch so her face vanished in his pubic mound. For good measure, he took his cock out of her mouth and proceeded to drag his heavy nutsack over her face.

“Yeah give it to the bitch” A Starbucks customer laughed. His girlfriend wasn’t as entertained.

Pierce plunged his dick deep down Selena’s throat again, sending cockslop gushing down her chin and over her ample chest. Her skin glistened with spit and precum, shining bright beneath the Starbuck’s lights and the flash of cameras.

Selena had lost all sense of embarrassment and did her best not to resist. Surely, he would be ready to climax soon, judging by the swell and throbbing of his cock in her throat.

Unfortunately for her, she was right.

“Uggggghhhfuuucck!” Pierce’s eyes rolled back and his legs rattled like twigs.

“I’m not that wet am I?” Selena thought for a swift moment when she heard a wet gurgling sound. She quickly realized it wasn’t coming from her, it was coming from his swollen ballsack.

She had barely a second to think “Oh god-”

Suddenly her throat was assaulted by a deluge of cum that filled her stomach like a water balloon attached to a garden hose. She put her hands to her gut as she desperately tried to gulp it all down. For a moment, she couldn’t even taste it since the dripping cockhead was lodged so deeply down her throat.


Sure enough, the semen filled her stomach and forced its way out of her mouth and nostrils. She couldn’t help but hork it all up even as Pierce was still blowing his load. It painted her mouth before dripping into her lap, staining her already wet skirt.

He jerked back as if reeling from an electric shock and sat in Selena’s chair to catch his breath.

“Holy fuck…” He panted. “That…was amazing.”

Selena Gomez was only vaguely aware of the compliment since she found herself puking up pints of cum all over the floor. She stayed hunched over for more than a few minutes, her stomach rejecting Pierce’s pungent spunk. She could feel gelatinous globs clinging to her tongue as thicker strands poured from her throat and over her lips like overcooked spaghetti noodles.

When she was done purging her belly, she simply stayed there, her fists balled up in the growing puddle of cum. She found it difficult to speak with her throat being violated and stretched beyond its means and there was still jizz clogging her digestive system. She slowly came to and realized what a sight she must have been, kneeling in the disgusting mess.

Her bra was soaked with spit but had avoided most of the spunk blast, while her skirt had turned a darker shade of green from soaking up so much semen. Her thighs and legs were just as sticky. Cum globs trailed down her porcelain skin, joining the collection on the floor. Her face was abhorrent. Her lipstick was smudged so badly, it looked like she had applied it in the dark. All before dunking her head into a bowl of tapioca pudding.

She shuddered as more patrons gawked and photographed her, Pierce himself seemed completely spent, which was a relief to her. Unfortunately for her, she was still incredibly aroused and it didn’t look like she’d get the chance to cum now.

“Damn, look at all that splooge…” A woman commented. She held her own stomach empathetically

“Whoa, I’m surprised she managed to swallow any of that.” Someone else said

Pierce was regaining his own senses and when he heard this he couldn’t help but be disappointed. “Whew, that was great…I think…I think I’m ready to go again…”

His sexual stamina was as impressive as his cock length. Already his dick was stiffening and he was gathering energy for another round. He stood on shaky legs and approached Selena Gomez from behind.

She was too busy throwing up another gout of cum to notice him. As her body contorted she felt his clammy hands on her waist once again. He hooked his fingers on the hem of her skirt and anxiously tried to pull them off. Unfortunately, they were so tight he only succeeded in dragging her back a few inches, her knees leaving tracks in the murky cocksludge.

“Wha? Again?” Selena said, slightly dazed and more than a little cum drunk.

“I want the full fan experience.” He stated with greed and lust in his voice.

He decided to leave the skirt on and lifted it over her jiggly ass. She jerked forward, landing facefirst in the cum, so everyone could see her wet thong stretched over her perfect ass.

“Holy crap…she is done for.” A chubby fan observed.

“Ooof!” She lifted herself out of the gunk, feeling the cups of her bra weighted down by the seed that found its way inside.

“Take it easy on me.” She whimpered with a strand of semen hanging between her lips.

Her mumbled words ignored, Pierce pulled Selena Gomez up by her belly so she was forced into doggystyle. Her face still resting in the puddle since she was too weak to support herself anymore. Her elbows bore the brunt of her weight as she felt Pierce’s cock nudging up against her deprived cunt.

Either because of his lack of experience or his inflated ego, he slammed into her without hesitation.

Fortunately for her she was still wet so he slid in somewhat easily.

Unfortunately, the straps of her thong snapped and it was crammed into her cunt like a cloth condom. Once again, she found herself overwhelmed by his size. She could practically feel every throbbing vein of his schlong and it was forcing her pink lips further than she was sure was possible and much wider than she wanted them to go.

After the initial pain of his cock invading her pussy, she found herself enjoying it as much as him. She cooed and moaned with every thrust as he squatted behind her as he humped away. Selena kept her eyes on the coagulating cum pool and the pleasure in her loins. The sound of his balls swinging against her clit kept her distracted from the sounds of so many others who were getting off on her public humiliation.


Of course, it was hard to ignore the uproar from the crowd. Pierce had untied her bra and let her tits hang free. Her bouncing jugs flew back and forth making it harder to breath. Despite that and the ache in her pussy she felt her pleasure ratcheting higher.


“Unnnff! Fuck! You’re so fucking big!”

She grit her teeth together and kept her hands anchored to the floor while he churned her cunt with his huge fuckrod. She winced as she spotted her bra floating amongst the creamy chunks of cum.

“Aggh! Ahh! Ahhh!”

Even people in the neighboring stores could hear Selena’s cries as Pierce pummeled her cunt. A so-called fan, he was fucking her as if she had ruined his life. He grabbed for her hair and loosened her hairband by mistake. Taking advantage of the situation, he hooked the blue cloth around her neck and used it like a reign to pull her back on his cock.

“Mnngg! Fuck ya!” He groaned. He was impressing himself as much as everyone else at this point.

Mentally, Selena did everything she could to calm herself. She had to believe that sooner or later he’d be spent and then she could do her best to recover, but it wasn’t enough to keep her mind from wandering. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head while her tits bounced over the cumpool.

“UNNGGH!! UNGGH! Hurry! UP!!” She croaked.

Pierce smacked her ass, getting lost in the fuck

“UNF! UNNF! Fuck yeah, Selena! Fuck yeah! Your pussy feels sooo good! URRNNNGG!”

He was losing his mind to the feeling of her tight pussy embracing his cock. With every slap, every groan, every tug, he’d feel her cunt clench around his dick and bring him that much closer.

“Oooh gawwwd!” Selena moaned hoarsely. “I’m gonna- I’m gonna creeeam!”

Her pussy contracted uncontrollably as she came harder than she’d ever done before. Her juices were forced out around Pierce’s cock, painting his thighs with thick grool. This set him off as well and he fell forward, forcing her face into the musty cum, as he left a fresh load in her cunt.

She kicked her feet in the filthy cream as her body was overwhelmed with sensation. Cum bubbled up from around her buried face, but Pierce took no notice. His pulsating cock sent load after load of spunk, battering her womb until her cunt was filled in much the same way he flooded her guts. It poured from her hole, adding to the ridiculous puddle.

He pulled out, splattering her back and ass with cum. It clung to the strands of her hair and the back of her head. Her curvaceous body wasn’t spared either as thick nutbutter covered her features. The final drops of Pierce’s load spilled onto her ass.

“Unnggh! Unnghhh!” He pulled out after yet another immense orgasm, this time nearly passing out from the sheer amount of effort it took to fuck her in that position.

She quivered and shivered unable to process anything going on. The cum bubbles came faster as she gargled on it, before coughing on it.

“Selena Gomez” He uttered. “You’re the best.”

“Gggrrrlllrgg!” She gargled.

He collected his clothes and trotted off towards the nearest restroom. Paying no mind to the twitching cummy mess behind him.

Selena Gomez lay prone, her body completely covered by his sticky manseed. It would take multiple bottles of bodywash to get that spunk off when she got back to her hotel. It was far from her mind though. Her thighs clenched every few seconds, forcing her pussy to queef the semen still inside of her.

Her dress was destroyed, every article thoroughly sponging up cum as they drifted in the mess.

Most of her clothes were swimming in spunk and it appeared her thong had vanished completely, though in truth one of the damp straps dangled from her cunt awkwardly.

She tried to stand up. Her face completely glazed over, and even her hoop earrings were covered in the cum. But she slipped and fell into the puddle of nutterbutter once again. She laid there to exhausted and passed out in the puddle.

Everyone around her, and soon the rest of the world, looked at her not as a famous Disney channel celebrity but a dumb worthless cumdump.