Bella Thorne – School’s Out

“What a waste of a beautiful day,” Bella Thorne said to herself. She was sitting alone in her trailer, fresh from a break on the set of her newest movie. She had fooled around a bit on the basketball court. Nothing serious, just a bit of fun. She loved acting, but at the same time, she wanted to have some fun just like everyone else did.

As soon as the cast and crew broke for lunch, Bella had run to the basketball court just to goof off. And all too soon, that was over. Bella, however, was not going back to set. Instead, she was going to her onset tutor.

Bella wasn’t against school. However, on a day like today, being teased with just forty-five minutes of goofing off in the fresh air was just too much for her. Her mind wandered to the glory of sitting around and doing nothing. Then her mind wandered to an option she hadn’t ever seriously considered.

She still remembered when she was taken aside by Selena Gomez at some Disney function. The older, more experienced Disney starlet had given Bella some advice that Selena swore up and down would help her out from the mundane to the life-or-death situation…well for Hollywood at least.

“Don’t be afraid to use what you’ve got,” Selena had told her. “Don’t go too far to get something small. Gauge everything. And don’t overuse yourself. Know your limits, set them…but also don’t be afraid to push them. Just don’t waste your ass for a small soda.”

And Bella hadn’t. She really hadn’t been in any position to. She’d certainly heard stories, second hand and from the source, about what the previous group of Disney stars before her had done. Everything from a few quick handjobs to get out of an odd appearance to the still legendary blowbang Selena and Demi had done to get a full two month, paid vacation for both their families to the Bahamas. Bella had even caught Debby Ryan being DP’ed. She didn’t know the reason why it was happening, she didn’t ask and Debby didn’t know she was being watched. It must have been something big though. The rule was unspoken and unbroken. Whatever you do, it has to be equal to what you’d get in return.

For some reason, Bella thought today had to be the day. And she wasn’t going to blow everything off. She just wanted the rest of the afternoon off before she had to get back to filming. She had a line to draw. She certainly wasn’t going to fuck anyone. But up until that point? She decided to have some wiggle room.

After giving herself a quick once over in the mirror and applying a bit of lip gloss, Bella walked out of her trailer to the tutor’s, ready to make some kind of move.

“Ah, Ms. Thorne,” Mr. Moore, Bella’s tutor said. “Welcome to class.”

“Thanks Mr. Moore.” replied Bella. “And please, call me Bella.” She began to head to her desk, walking in a way that made her short, plaid bounce just enough to show an extra bit of her already exposed legs. She was ready to make her move, and was ready to make a bargain. She had already noticed how Mr. Moore had looked at her. She’d seen it before in the eyes of other men, some much older than her teacher. Unlike Mr. Moore, they had all acted on their looks. But not him. In Bella’s mind, that was an advantage.

Mr. Moore’s eyes were on Bella, watching her move past her desk and stop directly in front of him. Her eyes were locked to his, her stance confident and seductive.

“Mr. Moore, may I speak with you?”

“Of course. What’s wrong?”

“Oh, nothing’s wrong. Not really.” Her eyes scanned his, looking for a tell. Never too early to look, she thought to herself. “It’s just, well, it’s a beautiful day out, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Yes, I suppose so.”

“Well, I’ve been working all day. Then you know lunch comes along and then it’s right to the class…”

“And?” Moore asked. He had an inkling of where Bella was going with this, but refused to show her hand before she showed hers…or anything else.

“And, well, it’s kind of a tease, you know?” Bella moved to the side of the teacher’s desk, leaning on the edge, the action hiking her skirt up just a bit more. “Who likes teases, right?”

“I can definitely see your predicament. But why bring this to me? I’m sure you could discuss something with a producer or something along those lines.” Moore played oblivious a bit more. The less he gave, the more Bella would give of herself.

Bella on the other hand, was trying to hide her frustration. Pretty well, too. Still, Mr. Moore continuing to be stoned-face was waring on her patience. Was it this difficult for Selena and Debby back in their time? Bella knew if she had turned on the charm for the director she could probably get a small raise just for letting him look at her pussy. Not that she’d done this kind of thing before, but she expected it to be a lot easier, especially for a guy who she had caught checking her out in the past.

Bella turned it up at the first opening Moore gave her. When he spun his chair around to directly face him, she moved closer to him, standing between his legs. A bit obvious, but at this point, sending a clear signal was her only concern.

“Sir, I was hoping if I asked, you could give me the rest of the day off from class. Just let me have a bit of free time before I have to go back to work…”

“I see,” Mr. Moore said, trying to not let on he knew exactly where she was going with this. “And I’m sure you have a good incentive in mind for me if I allow you a break?”

Bella nodded, a smile coming to her face, the joy of success betrayed her. Not that Moore minded; Bella was gorgeous. and her smile was part of that package.

The beautiful sixteen-year-old sunk to her knees, her hands caressing Mr. Moore’s thighs through his black slacks. Up and down she rubbed, feeling him get hard as she moved up to his belt and zipper. She looked up at him, biting her lower lip.

“What do you want me to do, sir?” asked Bella, laying the act on thick. Again, not that Mr. Moore minded. He loved an eager woman.

“Why don’t you undo that belt and we’ll work from there, Bella.”

Bella did so with a genuine smile. She had him. She may have done a bit too much too soon, but didn’t get in over her head.

Bella even went a bit further, taking a bit more initiative. Once the belt was undone, she went for the zipper. Once that was down, she grasped at his pants and pulled them all the way down to his ankle, revealing his hardening prick to her. Nice and thick. She hadn’t had a lot of men in her time, but she knew how she liked her cock and Mr. Moore fit that to a t.

Mr. Moore was enjoying what he saw so far. Bella was so into her little role play designed to wear him down she didn’t notice that she was being swept up in it as well. More fun for the both of them.

Bella wasted no time. Before Mr. Moore could really take it all in, her hand was on his cock, stroking him while her mouth was on his balls, licking and sucking the orbs.

“Good fucking girl,” Mr. Moore growled.

“Mmmmhmmm,” hummed Bella. To a bit of her own shock, Bella was finding herself turned on. Not enough to give him more than head, but enough to know she liked what she was doing. She loved controlling a man through such simple means, just her mouth and hands. Maybe later on she’d have to give up more, but for right now, this was a good exchange. Fun and easy.

As much fun as Bella was having, Mr. Moore was obviously enjoying himself even more. His biggest problem was deciding on throwing his head back and enjoying the feeling or looking down at Bella at work on his cock.

“Bella?” he groaned.

“Yes sir?”

“I hope you know we can’t do this too often.”

“Oh, of course not sir,” said Bella. She gave a quick lick to his cock, teasing him, letting him know that at anytime, she would engulf his throbbing hardness.

“We have…ohhhh fuck…we have to keep this for very…very important situations…”

“Uh-huh,” Bella moaned, sneaking her hand under her skirt to play with herself as she happily worked over her teacher’s cock.

“And not…not…oh…not everything can be bartered for with a blowjob….like today…”

“I understand Mr. Moore,” Bella said with a wink. “But sir, why don’t we concentrate on the now?”

“Good girl.” replied Mr. Moore. With that final word, Bella went full force into her blowjob. He knew the rules, no need to explain them. Now it was time to something much more fun with her mouth.

Mr. Moore let out a loud growl when Bella enclosed her mouth around his cockhead. She swirled her tongue around the crown. Her hands massaged his sack while his went to her hair, running his fingers through it, guiding her head as she began to venture down further on his thick rod.

Moore was very happy with Bella’s skills at sucking cock. While she wasn’t the best ever, the girl clearly knew what she was doing. A few more years and she would be able to the best he’s had to shame. He didn’t partake in this kind of thing often, but Bella was correct in her assumption on him, he had noticed her quite a lot. He wouldn’t have pressed the issue, but right now, with his cock getting a king’s treatment from Bella Thorne’s mouth, he sure as Hell wasn’t going to stop this new arrangement.

Bella removed her mouth from his cock, catching her breath, but doing it close enough for her hot breath to hit his wet cock, making him twitch from the cool feeling. She extended her tongue and licked the rod from base to tip, placing a gentle kiss on the tip.

Bella wrapped her lips around the head, sucking hard and flicking his piss hole with her tongue. She began to bob her head, teasing the crown with her teeth and jacking whatever flesh not in her mouth with her hand, the cock slick with her hot saliva.

“That’s it…suck it all down…gonna make me cum…”

“Am I?” Bella asked, a tone of innocent seduction in her voice. “Can I have some of it? Can I taste it? I bet it tastes soooo good Mr. Moore!”

“Little bit more sweetheart…almost there…almost…” Mr. Moore grabbed the arms of his chair and gripped hard, white knuckled as he felt his cum begin to rush through his cock.

Mr. Moore released a loud growl as he began to shoot his hot load of cum into Bella’s mouth, the sexy young red head moaning in pleasure as she swallowed the warm fluid. Each gulp getting a little bit more out of the older man’s spasming cock.

When he was done, Bella pulled back, her mouth coming off his cock with a pop. She displayed her open mouth to him, showing one last shot of his cum in her mouth. With a wink and smile, Bella swallowed the last bit of his load.

“Mmmm, yummy,” Bella mischievously said. “Did do good?”

“Very good,” Mr. Moore responded, catching his breath while Bella finished out her role of the doting school girl and pulled his pants back up, redoing the zipper and belt.

“Great. I’ll see you later Mr. Moore.” She leaned over and kissed hm on the cheek, then turned around to walk out the door, Mr. Moore slapping her ass as she left the classroom.