First Dates with Kelli Berglund

How I’d managed to luck out and find myself as Paris Berelc’s plus one to the Kids Choice Awards I had no idea but upon arrival I was soon overwhelmed by the noise, flashing cameras and influx of attractive young starlets.

Naturally this was nothing new to Paris who confidentially walked the carpet before linking arms with me and leading us into the venue itself where we were safe from the press. As soon as we were in, it was obvious she was looking for someone as she scanned the room. It didn’t take long for her to squeal and dash off excitedly to her hot, raven-haired friend Kelli Berglund.

After catching Paris up and some quick introductions, earning a subtle, approving eye from Kelli, the two girls quickly got to chatting while I fetched us some drinks.

When I returned I found the girls talking quietly and watching some other guy who was stood nearby, absent-mindedly on his phone and visibly bored by the whole event.

“—that’s your date?” I heard Paris saying.

“Ugh. Yeah this is the last time I let anyone set me up on a blind date. How did you manage to luck out with your guy?”

I noticed Kelli raised her voice to ensure I heard the last part loud and clear, smiling at me as I handed her a drink.

“Hey hands off!” Paris smirked, playfully grabbing me for herself. “Looking like that I’m sure you’ll find a replacement soon enough.”

With Kelli’s date deservedly earning himself the cold shoulder, he eventually left us to it and with the mood Kelli was in, it was without a doubt his loss.

To get herself into an even better mood, Kelly suddenly stepped closer, opening her clutch to reveal a small hipflask, causing Paris to gasp when her friend added something extra to our drinks.

“Relax Paris, let’s just have a good time tonight.”

Kelli was clearly the one in charge in their relationship so, despite looking uneasy, Paris did as she was told.

While Paris and I were fine taking it slow, against her better judgement, Kelli seemed intent on getting drunk as soon as possible, treating herself to several alcoholic drinks to the point she was already tipsy and swaying slightly when we were let in to take our seats for the main event.

Somehow my date with Paris had improved two-fold because I now walked with a stunning, young starlet on both arms and found myself seated between them in the packed event. It appeared Kelli had taken quite a liking to me and was now flirting up a storm, despite the fact I was currently on a date with her BFF.

I wasn’t sure if Paris was even aware of what was going on, she almost seemed too sweet and naïve for her own good. I did my best to ignore Kelli’s advances so as not to offend my date but I was finding it harder and harder not to get taken in by the sultry looks she was continuously flashing me. I had a feeling all I had to do was say the word and she’d take me home for a night of wild, lust-fuelled sex.

The show finally got underway, but just as I started to feel comfortable with a break from juggling the two ladies, I suddenly jumped when I felt a hand on my leg, gulping when I saw it belonged to Kelli.

Not daring to speak and bring attention to it, I simply caught her eye and gave her a warning look which she completely ignored, smirking to herself as she rubbed my thigh, managing to get me hard despite myself.

As I try not to squirm in my seat, her fingers continuously got dangerously close to the bulge she’d caused in my pants but she teased me repeatedly, never actually making contact.

Ultimately I came to my senses and while Paris was looking the other way, I reached to push her hand away only to have her catch my wrist and boldly pull my hand onto her own bare leg. I almost gasped at how soft and smooth her thigh felt and couldn’t help but caress her briefly.

With her hand holding me firmly in place, I couldn’t believe the audacity of the girl when she directed me even higher, clearly intending me to slide a hand under her short dress then and there, right in the middle of a live TV broadcast event.

In fact, the whole situation was so hot and risky, I suddenly found myself totally on board with fingering her where she sat for the world to potentially see but just as I was contemplating the idea, Paris turned back, interrupting and killing the moment.

Thankfully she didn’t see me jerking my hand away and was none the wiser about what had, and had nearly, happened while Kelli sat there smiling to herself.

I barely paid any attention to the rest of the award show, simply on the edge of my seat waiting for Kelli to make another move but nothing came, it was possible she’d come to her senses but I found it more likely she was simply playing a game with me.

When we were finally let out, Kelli was acting as if nothing had happened and wasted no time fixing us some stronger drinks, putting particular focus on encouraging her younger, impressionable co-star to drink. By the time I worked out her intention it was too late and Paris soon had one too many, hitting her limit.

“I should probably get her home,” I said, watching Paris swaying on her feet. It was still early but I already felt guilty for letting Kelli get her this drunk and the last thing I wanted was for her to potentially make a career damaging scene.

“Good idea,” Kelli chirped in. “I’ll show you the way!”

Before I could stop her, Kelli was off, leaving me to take Paris’s hand and guide her through the crowds and finally onto the backseat of my car where she promptly fell asleep.

While I sorted Paris out, Kelli climbed in up front. When I joined her, I was immediately drawn to the fact that she was still all legs, her tiny dress riding high up her thighs and leaving very little to the imagination.

“You don’t waste any time,” she remarked, catching me leering.

“Hey you can hardly talk, you were all over me all night,” I replied, bringing it up for the first time.

“Hmm, was I?”

I simply rolled my eyes at that while Kelli changed the subject and started pointing out directions until I finally admitted that I already knew the way given I’d picked Paris up from her place just a few hours earlier.

“Bet you’re pissed you won’t be tapping that tonight,” she said, glancing back at her hot friend after a minute of silence.

“Uhh…” I started, unsure how I was meant to answer that.

“If it makes you feel any better, you didn’t have a chance anyway. Paris doesn’t fuck on the first date.”

“Is that so?”

“Uh-huh, she’s a bit of a prude like that,” Kelli shrugged.

“Wow. Really? Not putting out on the first date makes you a prude these days?”

“Hey it does in this city! I don’t have the same hang-ups of course.”

“Why am I not surprised?”

“You’re just as bad! I bet you already planned out how you were going to sneak into Paris’s bedroom tonight. Slide in bed with her, fuck her so hard she can barely stop screaming and waking the whole family up…”

What she said and the slow, sultry tone of voice she said it in was enough to give me instant wood but just as I wanted her to continue, she stopped.

“—but that’ll be date five at least with a girl like her.”

“Alright then, how does a first date with a girl like you go?” I asked pointedly, turning it back on her. “What’s that guy you ditched missing out on?”

“Hm. Wouldn’t you like to know?” she winked, intent on teasing it out even further.

“You know I’m starting to think you’re all talk, Kell. At least Paris and I finished our date.”

This seemed to have the desired effect, striking a nerve with the young actress.

“All talk? You wouldn’t last five minutes with me, buddy.”

I shrugged. “If you say so.”

We both knew exactly what I was doing, purposely trying to wind her up but Kelli seemed happy enough to go along with it.

It had been obvious for a while now that it was less a question of if we were going to fuck, but more when we were and who was going to make the first move.

So it wasn’t surprising when Kelli finally repeated her earlier move, reaching for my leg but this time she went straight for my cock, giving it a good squeeze before tugging my belt loose and sliding her hand inside.

“See, you’re hard already!” she grinned smugly, letting my cock spring free.

Kelli took a moment to slowly stroke me in her small hand, watching it grow bigger still. She didn’t have to say anything but it was clear she was more than a little impressed with what she saw, licking her lips subconsciously.

“You know I’m timing you? Five minutes you said,” I quipped, prompting her into action.

“I was just being generous giving you five.”

With that, she flashed me another hot look before leaning over and taking me deep into her wet mouth.

“Ngh. Fuck—” I gasped, surprised at how far she managed to take it on the first attempt and leaving me anticipating what more she could do.

Kelli bobbed her head a few times, slurping noisily before attempting to get me into her throat again. She made me groan out loud at her enthusiasm as I almost brushed the back of her mouth and I suddenly wondered if I was going to be able to last the full five minutes afterall.

With one hand on the wheel, I ran the other through her dark hair, grabbing a fistful and pushing her head into my lap, listening to her moan whorishly as I controlled the tempo and fucked her pretty face, all while her BFF and my date lay passed out in the back seat.

Fearing we were probably seconds away from causing an accident, I pulled into the next gas station, parking up out of sight and turning the engine off.

Kelli didn’t even seem to notice as she continued to hungrily devour my cock, her hand massaging my balls, willing them to unleash and drain their contents down her throat.

“Fuck, you ready for this?” I grunted to which Kelli simply moaned in response.

A second later my hips jerked as I held her head down and filled her hot mouth with spunk, forcing her to swallow every drop.

“Mmm,” she sighed sitting up again. “So did I do it in five?”

“No idea, I wasn’t timing,” I smirked. “Come on, get out.”

It was only then Kelli noticed where we were as I climbed out of the car, quickly taking her by the hand and leading her straight into the gas station bathrooms. As soon as we were in and I knew we were alone, I abruptly pinned the hot tease up against the wall.

“How many of your first dates end in a place like this then?”

“Ugh. This would be the first.”

With her trapped and willing between me and the wall, I finally reached under her dress to get a feel of her wet cunt, sliding my hand into her underwear and taking her breath away when I slammed two fingers deep inside her pussy.

“Oh. Fuck!” she groaned, her legs immediately shaking as I started to finger her hard and fast.

Kelli’s arms wrapped around me and she suddenly pulled me in to kiss me hard on the lips to muffle her loud moans, her legs spreading as wide as they could in her dress.

“Oh God. Yes. You’re gunna make me come,” she whimpered, grinding and flicking her hips back against my hand.

But suddenly I decided I wanted a taste. I pulled my fingers free, leaving her dazed and breathless at the unsatisfied, empty feeling while I directed her to sit on the bathroom countertop.

There, I swiftly knelt down, shoved her dress up and practically ripped her panties off in my eagerness to get back to and feast on her precious, neatly trimmed peach.

“Ugghh—” she groaned, throwing her head back as I delved in. “Just like that. Right there…right fucking there!”

Kelli folded her legs behind my head and pulled me in tight, forcing me to stick my tongue deep inside her dripping snatch and making me drink down her sweet essence.

By now I was rock hard again, feasting on her and looking up into her eyes as she neared her much sought after climax. Catching my eye, she grinned before using her hands to push my head lower.

I immediately took the hint and had her moaning even louder when I flicked my tongue directly against her ass.

“Fuck yeah, eat my ass!” she purred when I finally stuck my tongue inside. “That’ll make me come!”

Not a moment later, her eyes rolled back and she did just that, her whole body convulsing as she drenched my face.

I didn’t even give her a chance to come down from the high before I was back on my feet and roughly slammed my entire length into her pulsing cunt.

“UGH! Fuck! Yeah. Take it!” she cried, bracing herself against the mirror behind her as I began hammering her tight, 20-year old pussy.

“Is this what you do then?” I grunted. “Fuck all your friend’s dates?”

“Uh-huh. Why do you want me to stop?”

“Fuck no,” I growled before having her turn around so I could fuck her from behind.

“Nggh—my friend’s don’t mind anyway. I make it up to them,” she added, looking at me in the mirror with a glint in her eye.

I was forced to slow down, fucking her with several long, powerful strokes

“Jesus,” I hissed as my mind went to its own conclusions about what she was insinuating. “You’d really be up for anything wouldn’t you? You little slut.”

“Fuck. I like that. Call me a slut again!”

“Yeah you are a slut. Look at you, getting fucked by someone you just met in a public bathroom!”

I now picked up the pace again, pounding her as hard as I could while grabbing a handful of her hair and cocking her head back.

“Ugh, God! You’re gunna make me cum so hard, all over that big cock!”

It was now an urgent race to the finish line as she pushed her ass back to meet my thrusts, taking my cock even deeper.

“Oh fuck, ohmigod…” she chanted under her breath as I fucked her within an inch of her life, spanking and grabbing handfuls of her round ass in the process.

“I think once I drop Paris off I’ll take you home and just fuck this sweet little ass all night long.”

“Holy fuckkk,” she groaned at the idea. “I’d let you. For hours. Just bring Paris along too, let me watch…join in…” her voice trailed off as her eyes rolled back and suddenly we were both cumming.

I didn’t even bother pulling out, her pussy felt so good and clamped down so tight I doubt I could have even if I wanted too. Instead, I shot my load deep inside her, prolonging her own climax and causing her body to grow limp and collapse.

We stood, panting for air. I came so hard it made me feel dizzy as I slipped out of her spent, twitching cunt. It took another minute to realise I had no idea how long we’d been in here for with Paris alone out in the car.

“Come on, we should get going,” I said, fixing myself up as best I could.

“Yeah, back to your place then?” Kelli winked with a freshly fucked smile on her face.