Olivia Holt and Kelli Berglund

It was the middle of the night when I got up to answer the front door, forcing myself to stop the video game I was playing on the xbox.

“Kelli Berglund?” I said somewhat surprised. “Do you know what time it is?”

“Is that bitch home yet?”

Kelli was no doubt referring to my sister, Olivia Holt. And to my surprise, she didn’t appear to be alone and was flanked by three guys I had seen around the neighborhood, but who I didn’t know.

“Err, Liv got in late tonight, so she went straight to bed.” I explained. “I’m just waiting for our folks to arrive home from dinner.”

Noting this, an evil grin appeared on Kelli’s face before she barged her way past me at the door.

“Hey, wait! I told you she’s sleeping.”

“Yeah I bet she is.” Kelli quipped sarcastically. “I heard she was drunk tonight. I’m surprised she even made it home this time.”

I knew better than to get involved in the very public spat Kelli and Olivia were going through, but it was becoming increasingly hard to be objective since I had always harbored a huge crush on Kelli.

“Kelli, this wasn’t part of the deal.” I reminded her. “I told you I’d help you sort things out with sis, but not like this. Not here and now. She can’t know that I’m taking your side.”

As usual, Berglund turned on the charm.

“My sweet, sweet Cade.” she teased. “And I told you, if you helped me out that I’d make it up to you, remember?”

As Kelli and I discussed our previous arrangements, her friends completely ignored us and wandered around the house, making their way up the hallway towards Olivia’s bedroom.

“Hey, wait a sec! You can’t go in there.”

But despite my wishes, the guys seemed to do as they pleased with one of them sticking his head inside Olivia’s bedroom to check on her.

“It’s true.” he whispered. “She looks out cold, and sleeping in nothing but panties and a t-shirt.”

“Really? Let me see!” mumbled his friend. “Day-um, look at the way her ass looks in those panties, we gotta do something to her bro.”

“What the fuck?” I looked at Kelli. “Who are these guys? They can’t be in here. Get them out or I’ll call the cops.”

Noting my frustration, Kelli intervened.

“Sweetie, can I talk to you for a minute over here?”

As the actress pulled me into the hallway, her friends quietly opened my sisters bedroom door and tiptoed around the bed, quietly mocking her. While I was eager to hear what Kelli had to say, I kept an eye on her friends at the same time, making sure they didn’t do anything crazy to my passed out sister.

After all these were friends of Kelli’s, so I could trust her right?

“I wasn’t kidding when I said I liked you.” Kelli claimed, trying to distract me. “Do you believe me?”

“Err, I do, but..”

She then placed a finger over my lips, and reached down to grip the obvious boner in my pants. The action took my breathe away.

“Is this for me?” she winked.


I then watched in amazement as Kelli Berglund leaned over to kiss me on the lips, and before I could respond appropriately, dropped to her knees and fished out my cock. At this point I was so fucking aroused and confused that my erection almost slapped her right in the face, making her giggle.

“Kelli, wait. My folks are going to be home at any minute, and they can’t find you guys in here. I’ll get in trouble.”

Berglund replied by squeezing me firmly in her hand, instantly silencing any objections I might have had.

I let out a groan as she gently kissed the tip of my cock and smiled, then slipped my bell-end into her warm mouth. The entire world seemed to fade away, until I noticed one of her friends reach over and grope Olivia’s body on the bed.

Fortunately for us, my sister was so stoned cold drunk she didn’t even notice or care.

“Hey! You guys need to leave..” I pointed out, while Kelli continued to suck me. “Kelli, my folks are going to freak out.”

“Shh.. just relax.” she purred back. “You’re so tense right now. Just let me make it up to you.”

To her credit Berglund knew precisely how to distract and please me, as I let out a long groan and watched her leisurely swirl her tongue around the spongy head, taking me into her warm mouth once again.

I wanted to close my eyes and relish the moment, but her friends ruined it for me.

“Bro, I really want to see her tits.” I heard one of the guys say.

Inside the bedroom, Olivia had kicked off the blankets in her sleep, and her t-shirt had moved up her curved hips revealing cute pink panties with a dainty laced bow on the front.

I motioned for the guys to get out of her room, but they were so focused on admiring my sisters near naked body that they ignored me entirely.

“She makes for one hell of a Disney princess, all passed out with her panties exposed like that. Just look at that ass.”

Andre leaned in for a better view.

“Come on bro, let’s get her naked. I want to see her body.”

Alarm bells went off in my head (despite the pleasure Kelli was giving me) but thanks to her oral skills, all I could do was watch on as an observer as they carefully pulled my sisters panties down her thighs, leaving her to lay there completely exposed to them.

Suddenly I found myself filled with shame, for letting things get as far as they had.

“Damn girl looks sexy like that, with her panties pooled down around her knees,” grinned Andre. “And look at that pussy, smooth and hairless. The girl is a solid dime.”

“Told you.” his friend boasted. “You owe me a c-note, bro.”

As the guys fist-bumped and chuckled amongst themselves, Kelli picked up the pace and seemed determined to get all my attention.

Now while this may have been true for a few moments, I then watched with trepidation as one of the guys produced a pair of scissors, and began to slash along the middle of her shirt to peel it off her sleeping form.

Olivia was now left to lay there completely naked and vulnerable to the men, as I tried to object to their actions, while squirming and moaning with a hand on the back of Kelli’s head, encouraging her to suck me faster.

In fact her mouth was so good I almost let it go entirely, but quickly changed my mind when I saw them produce several zip ties which they used to fasten her wrists to the bedposts above her.

“..okay now wait a god damn minute! What the fuck are they trying to do?”

“Don’t worry about it, just look at me.” Kelli urged. “Don’t you like the blowjob?”

I could barely think straight much less offer up any kind of protest, as her head began to bob over my rod again.

When I looked back into the room a few moments later, I saw Andre was openly fondling one of my sisters breasts, and I’m almost ashamed to say it, but watching that actually made my cock swell inside Kelli’s mouth, which didn’t go unnoticed.

“Mm.. I bet that turns you on doesn’t it?” Kelli teased. “Bet if I wasn’t sucking your dick right now, you’d be over there with the guys playing with her body.”

I shook my head in denial, but we both knew it was true.

“Ha. Keep doing that Andre.” one of the guys said. “Look how hard those nips are getting. She clearly likes it.”

“Damn straight she does.” whispered Sam. “Check out her pieced belly button. God-damn this chick is smoking hot!”

“Seriously dude,” one of them directed the comment back at me. “How do you not want to destroy this girl every, fucking, day!”

“She’s my sister!” I answered somewhat obviously. “And get your hands off her!”

The guys laughed at my displeasure.

“Spread her legs, I want first dibs.” I heard someone say, and I totally freaked out!

Upon hearing this, I tensed up and attempted to stop whatever it was they were about to do, while Kelli could sense my concern and suddenly chimed in.

To her credit, she got up and told the guys to stop what they were doing, and to my surprise they immediately listened to her as though she was some kind of crime lord underboss.

“Now-now boys, if anyone is going to get first dibs.. it’s going to be me!” Kelli said while lustfully eyeing Olivia’s naked body on the bed. “I’ve been waiting a very long time for this.”

Just like her friends, I now watched as Berglund climbed up onto the bed, made herself comfortable between Olivia’s thighs, and dove in to eat my sisters bare naked pussy!

“Holy shit, that looks fucking good.” the guys remarked, while taking out their cocks and beating off to the show.

“..and you!” Kelli directed at me. “I want you to fuck me, while I eat out your sister. You hear me?”

Truth is I was so turned on that I didn’t need to be asked twice, but it was still made perfectly clear that if I didn’t comply with whatever it was she wanted, her friends were going to beat me up or make my life a living hell.

So with her permission, I did as Berglund asked and moved to mount Kelli from behind and proceeded to fuck her.

“Ah, yes.. fuck me.” Kelli moaned for added effect, as I thrust into her harder and faster.

I grabbed hold of Kelli’s hips and pounded her with reasonable force, causing both girls to now moan audibly.

“Yeah, yeah, give it to me!!” Berglund urged, while pushing her hips back against me. “Fuck me, come on!”

It was at this point that Olivia seemed to regained some consciousness, and while naturally confused, she didn’t appear nearly as shocked or outraged as I imagined she would.

In fact it almost made me think that the girls had indulged in some similar activities before?

“Kelli..? What are you.. ah, you bitch..!” Liv slurred between moans.

My sisters eyes opened slowly. She was super groggy and after adjusting to her surroundings, she muttered nonsensically.

“Kelli… what.. uhm.. uhmm.. what are you doing here?”

Everyone in the room seemed to panic – as though caught red handed with their hand in the cookie jar – except for Kelli, who kept Olivia struggling to speak with the help of her talented tongue, which was quickly buried inside Olivia’s pussy.

It was at this point that one of the guys in the room who had been jerking off to the show suddenly and unexpectedly blew his load all over my mewling sister, sending hot ropes of spunk all over her naked body!

Noting this, Olivia groaned to the vulgar action and in turn, suddenly and abruptly came into Kelli’s mouth – her hips grinding and flailing around wildly against her friends face.

“Mm.. I love the way you taste Livey, so fucking sweet.” Berglund said while wiping her chin, before getting up.

When I pulled out of Kelli’s pussy, I waited for her next order but was somewhat surprised by her request.


“You heard the lady, get in there!” the guys hissed. “Get your ass on the bed!”

At first I didn’t understand what they wanted me to do, but Kelli came over to whisper sweet nothings into my ear.

“I’ll give you one last chance,” the actress said. “Either you climb up on top of Olivia right now, or I’m going to have my friends here run a fucking train on her. It’s your choice.”

Not wanting Liv to go through such an ordeal (especially in her current condition) I complied with Kelli’s demands and ultimately moved to settle myself between my sisters legs.

However the first thing that caught my attention the moment I nestled between my sisters thighs, was just how warm her body felt to the touch, and the fact that her pussy appeared to be absolutely flooded wet.

In fact the moment I finally impaled Liv for the very first time, her tight little pussy showed little to no resistance at all, allowing me to bury my wick to the hilt in one go.

“Nnnnghhh.. Cade.” Olivia sighed to this.

Truthfully, this only made me harder.

“Grrr.. that’s a good little brother. Give that whore some of that young hard cock. God knows she needs it!”

However despite this traumatic event, Olivia’s eyes seemed to beckon me.

“Mmhmm..” she murmured as I hovered above her, trying desperately not to make eye contact with her.

Everything after that point seemed like a blur, like a dream.

I held that position for quite some time, not daring to move my hips and hoping that I could stay completely still and not succumb to any pleasure. But the longer we stayed merged like this, the harder I grew, and the deeper I melted and ultimately throbbed inside her already sopping-wet pussy.

To add insult to injury, one of the guys who couldn’t seem to keep his composure then stepped forward to blow his wad all over the bed, with some of his ejaculate striking the side of Olivia’s hips and legs.

For whatever reason, this really seemed to trigger something deep, dark and primal inside her, which was more physical than visual, as I (and Olivia for that matter) felt her pussy gently squeeze and release and effortlessly massage and accept a few more inches of my man-meat.

“oh shit..” I gasped when I realised just how deeply embedded I was now inside my famous sister.

I was now doing everything in my power not to look her in the eyes, knowing that any sudden movement or comment was enough to make me nut.

However when I did managed to catch the briefest of glances, I was surprised to see that not only was Olivia NOT upset about our current predicament, but I dare say she almost seemed a little amused or apathetic?

What. In. The Fuck? I thought.

At first I assumed this had a lot to do with the alcohol she had consumed during the night, but then again I couldn’t be sure. All I knew for sure was that the expression on her face really surprised me, and I have to admit turned me on!

In any event my thick, young, viral cock languidly eased further inside her snug little cunt before I finally found the courage to ease myself back out, and under Kelli’s direction, push back in again.

“Ugh.. fuck.”

The action caused me to recklessly moan as I slowly pushed into her again and again, savoured the sensation of the soft, gentle friction we shared together.

Amusingly enough, Olivia almost moaned to the action and now just glared up at me, spellbound. In fact for a minute there it didn’t even feel like she was looking at me like her kid brother anymore, but someone else?

Was she actually proud of me right now? I couldn’t be sure, but at least that’s the impression that I got. I suppose another strange part of that look on her face was her, trying to ascertain whether or not she was still dreaming.

After a few short pumps, I could tell Liv was trying her best not to let out a rasping moan, and I’m almost ashamed to say it but, a part of me suddenly felt compelled to see if I could actually make her break that stubborn composure.

Suddenly, my sister and I were swarmed by hands as Kelli reached down the narrow gap between our bodies and stroked her vulva to either side of her clit, not minding the frequent contact with my pubic bone. Hands now squeezed at her tits, hips, and ass, and those incredibly sexy distended nipples.

“ugh, ugh, ohmigod..” Livey whimpered to the added stimulation, her eyes rolling into the back of her head.

“Don’t stop now, she’s almost there.” Kelli boasted, before kissed me on the lips. “I want you to fuck her hard and deep Cade, like a cheap little whore!!”

I splayed my knees a little, lowering my body, angling my cock so that the head of it struck her front wall, just behind her urinary tract. The effect was apparent almost immediately. Olivia’s face, already blissed from penetration and clitoral stimulation, went red and slack.

For the rest of my life I’ll never forget the look Olivia gave me – that fire in her eyes.

Her consciousness receded, as the focus on her pleasure was resolute. Suddenly, she was as serious about getting her rocks off as I was about fucking her good and proper, and showing her that I wasn’t just her annoying little brother anymore.

I was a grown ass man, and I intended to prove it to her.

“unnghhh—yes!” Olivia moaned out loud, while twisting against her restraints. “Fuck me Cade. Make me cum..”

Noting his, I pounded her harder and faster and then stopped abruptly, causing my sister to cry out in angst.

“unghh, no… please! Don’t stop. I’m so close.”

I held her there on the precipice for several more times, stroking her inner walls with just the tip of my spear in shallow movements, tracing an elliptical pattern, back and forth, back and forth. It thrilled me to no end, and brought me up to the very edge before I’d pull back and stop myself from ejaculating wildly.

Then, through body language alone, I felt Olivia’s thighs spread open to give me full and unfettered access to her core.

“Fuck her, Cade.” Kelli grunted. “Stop teasing her and fuck the shit out of her! She obviously wants you to. Just look at the way she’s looking at you, squirming and biting her lip. You’re driving her crazy. Pound your sister balls deep!!”

Olivia and I suddenly made deep and unbreakable eye contact over Kelli’s lewd commentary, as I found a steady rhythm and felt her sweat-glazed thighs lock firmly around my hips.

“uh, uh.. I’m gunna cum.. I’m gunna cum babbbby,” Olivia squealed as her legs trembled.

This was followed by an almighty moan. Her legs locked me in, pulling my pelvis into full contact with her sex, pulling me into her as deep as humanly possible.

The hand that had been massaging and teasing her clit was now locked between us, and it was all I could do to maintain my balance as her hips rock vigorously, the powerful orgasm rolling through her entire body.

The other guys were no longer groping her now, and were just horny bystanders who beat their meat to the incestuous show. As my sister creamed her juices all over my cock, I permitted myself to catch my breath and lie upon her, mingling the sweat and dried semen together.

Caught up in the moment of it all, I then acting without thinking and instinctively kissed her on the mouth!!

At first Olivia’s tongue was slow and lazy to react, while her mouth tasted strongly of whiskey. However with my young hard cock still nestled inside her, the more we kissed the harder it throbbed, and the more she moaned and reciprocated.

Ultimately I moved my hips and proceeded to gradually fuck her with increasing thrusts, and under the gaze of our “guests” I fucked Olivia right there on her own bed, under our folks roof. My ass rose and fell above the arch of her legs, her body warm and shiny with sweat, shagged out beneath me.

We were both exhausted but dare not stop now, not after opening such a tantalising pandora’s box.

“Fuck yea bro, keep doing that!” Kelli hissed while playing with herself. “Fuck her good, she likes that. Don’t you baby? You like the way your little brother is pounding that tight little pussy, Liv?”

My sister could only nod in acknowledgement, her face a sexy, sweaty mess.

“..fuck, ngh.. fuck,” I grunted with each up-stroke, the feel of her snug pussy gripping and urging me back inside, as I churned her creamy core.

In all my days I’d never experienced such a sensually pleasing pussy, and the fact that it belonged to my beautiful sister only made it all the more erotic.

“Cum inside her bro,” Kelli urged. “I fucking dare you! Shoot that thick hot load inside Olivia’s sweet little pussy!!”

Olivia moaned at the mere possibility, biting her lip while flashing me an angst-ridden gaze. Even though she didn’t say it in as many words, we both knew she desperately wanted me to.. real fucking bad.

“Tell him you want it, Liv.” Berglund demanded. “Tell him you want his hot fucking load inside you!!”

My sister hesitated, but as the pace of my thrusts steadily increased she finally spoke with an almost sober and authoritarian tone.

“Please Cade, cum inside me..” she begged. “I want your fucking load inside me..”

Just hearing this language from her was enough to set me off, and a moment later her wish was granted. I’m not even sure I can pinpoint precisely when or how I came, but I quickly arrived at a modest but insanely gratifying climax.

When I finally stopped moving long enough for them to understand that I had ejaculated, I felt my hips twitching violently as I fired several ropes of jism deep inside Olivia’s box, causing our companions to let out an oddly subdued burst of approval.

For a time, Olivia and I just lay there staring at each other as we quietly felt my cock throb and spasm over and over, treating her to an extraordinary cream-pie again and again. It was was absolutely surreal.

In fact had it not been for the arrival of our parents outside I’m almost certain that Kelli would have “made” us fuck several more times, but instead they took off at the sound of the garage door outside, and rushed to their getaway vehicles down the street.

While I immediately pulled out of my sister to give chase – and at least show some semblance of dignity – when I got back to the house I was surprised to see that Liv was no longer in bed.

However I didn’t need to worry as she appeared from the bathroom and had ‘flushed out the evidence’ so to speak, and casually strolled past me at the door and climbed back into bed, like it was just another a-typical Friday night at home.

Not knowing what to say, I turned to leave and give her some privacy – and collect her thoughts over the harrowing nights events – when she suddenly spoke out of the blue.

“Do me a favor, and switch off the lights.” she asked kindly. “..and Cade, we need to talk about this tomorrow.”

“I know, I know.” I frowned, wanting to apologise. “I don’t know what to say, sis. I’m sorry about what happened.”

Olivia fell quiet, and with a devious grin replied.

“..why are you sorry?” she smirked. “Maybe I liked it.”

Holy shit, I thought. Maybe Kelli was right? Maybe my sister really was a total slut?