Olivia Munn and Candace Bailey

Having traveled to New York City with Candace Bailey for a few days, we were there to shoot a special segment for “Attack of the Show” when I decided to surprise her with dinner and two tickets to Madison Square Garden to watch the Knicks vs. the Pacers, and in the process help celebrate our two month anniversary.

Although Candace and I had only known each other for a few short weeks, there had been a strong and undeniable attraction between us on the set, so much so that even her co-host Kevin Pereira had commented on it.

“For the love of god!” he would repeatedly whine, “Will you two just get a room already?!”

Truth be told I had pursued Bailey for several days before she finally and ultimately surrendered to my charms, and we began to date in secret with just a few of our closest friends and co-workers knowing about our secret trysts.

Back at the Garden, we had arrived to the game a few minutes late and while rushing to our seats, Candace insisted that I go to the snack bar and get us some refreshments.

With a quick peck on the lips, I made my way through the throng of screaming fans and into the lobby where I soon groaned with frustration when I noticed the long line of patrons waiting to be served.

“Damn it!” I shrugged, before I decided to duck off to the bathroom to take a quick leak.

It was then as I rushed towards the men’s room that I turned a blind corner and abruptly bumped into someone who was coming the other way.

“Shit!” we both cussed, before I turned my head and prepared to give them a piece of my mind.

However, before I could berate them I instead gasped with surprise as I immediately realized the woman standing in front of me was none other than onetime AOTS host (and moreover my ex-girlfriend) Olivia Munn.

To be fair, I guess I should confess that what Olivia and I shared for those 14 months could hardly be regarded as anything conventional by the traditional sense, but more along the lines of a fuck-buddy arrangement, which essentially consisted of her calling or coming over at strange hours of the night to simply get her rocks off, before leaving my place without any shame or explanation for her lewd behavior.

(not that I complained of course).

I suppose it only made sense considering just how alike we both were and how much we both despised labels and everything about “conventional” partners and relationships.

I guess we were both just too damn picky and preoccupied with our careers at the time and just took each day as it came.

Still, the arrangement had worked out great for the most part until one night during a drunk fueled rendezvous we both spilled out our hearts and told each other exactly how we really felt, and how much we loved and cared about one another.

This was followed by some of the most passionate and intense sex either of us had ever had, but as great as that sounded I guess you could say we were never the same again.

To make matters worse, it was around the time that Olivia’s contract with G4 was up for renewal, but with everything going on in her life she decided to take a chance and try something new and contemplated her next big career move, which apparently meant moving to New York City and excluded me and the show which had made her famous.

In some ways Kevin had blamed me for the whole fiasco, but fortunately for us Candace Bailey arrived on the scene just in time to save the show and our sanity for that matter, and everything was set right again…that was until she and I started to have sex.

So here I now stood, face to face with my onetime lover and former best friend, Olivia Munn.

“What the hell are you doing here?” she gasped, as I lied and told her that I was in town with a few friends.

I was actually surprised to see how good she looked. She looked downright radiant, and as expected she hadn’t lost any of her warped sense of humor or charm, and quickly proceeded to openly flirt with me.

“So, are you dating yet or what?” she bluntly said, as we briefly touched on our shared history.

As we spoke I couldn’t help but admire her simple yet sexy ensemble which considered of tight black jeans, black boots, and a black and white striped shirt which was strategically pulled down so as to expose her subtle neck and portions of her feminine shoulders.

Jesus fucking Christ if that top didn’t give me instant wood then it was her alluring perfume that did me in.

In fact the fragrance sparked off an old memory which suddenly crept into my subconscious and I recalled a time in which I had dropped her off home after spending the weekend together and she refused to take off my sweater, claiming that she didn’t want to take it off as she wanted to enjoy my scent.

Despite the memory, I pushed it aside and tried to catch up with her and act natural.

We discussed old time, the show, and Kevin. And I made a note to tell her how the guys back in Los Angeles were following her burgeoning career closely and how we all loved and agreed with her new hairdo.

The short hair style definitely suited her pretty face. To my delight more and more memories quickly came flooding back, and before long I noticed that sexy little twinkle in her eyes that I had come to love so much in the past.

God it was great to see her in person again, I had really missed her. And judging from her body language the sentiment was mutual. Feeling bold, I then made a smart ass remark about our previous “arrangement” or as she liked to put it “Blowjob Fridays” which made her immediately grin.

“And how did I know you were going to bring that up again?” she snickered.

“I guess you just know me too well, babe?” I quipped thoughtlessly, before we both paused and I quickly realized my faux pas.

“Sorry.” I apologized, referring to my “babe” comment. “I didn’t mean to say that just now.”

Olivia simply smiled and went on.

“So I guess those rumors about you and the new girl are untrue?”

Surprised by her inside knowledge, I played coy and acted like I had no idea what she was referring to, as she went on to describe Candace to a tee, and how she had heard all these rumors about me sleeping with her replacement.

To hear Munn tell it, you would think Bailey had only hooked up with me to land and secure the highly prized co-hosting position. Maybe she was right? Who knows? But I didn’t want to think about it.

Instead I began to reminisce about an early and more simple time when Olivia and I were at the peak of our relationship and how she’d come over during the day unannounced and we’d put a blanket on the bedroom window to stop the light from shining in and spend the afternoons just lying around naked on my bed, touching, exploring, and fucking each other senseless till the early hours of the morning.

I think I could safely say that at one point I had kissed, licked, and caressed every morsel inch of her remarkable body and then some. We were that close.

While I once again tried to push these lewd images to the back of my mind, Olivia and I continued to converse with one another before she finally asked me for my new cell number.

“Oh, and don’t worry,” she grinned. “I live in New York now so I can’t knock on your door in the middle of the night.”

“That’s too bad,” I quipped, making her smile again.

I was glad to see that those kind of memories were still fresh in her mind, and I started to wonder if she recalled all those instances when I would go down on her for hours on end and eat her hairless little peach to a toe curling orgasm again and again, cause god knows I did.

I just never got sick of making her cum and savoring her juices, and hearing her shriek out my name in sheer ecstasy again and again.

I think if memory serves our record for the most amount of orgasm I gave her in one visit was fourteen? She was just an orgasmic machine begging to be touched, played, and pleasured with.

Having exchanged numbers, we now stood there awkwardly for a moment, simply grinning at each other and both wondering if we were thinking the exact same thing. I couldn’t speak for her but at that precise moment in time I just wanted to grab her by the back of the neck and kiss her hard on the lips, drag her to a secluded area of the stadium and just fuck her senseless!

Noting that sly expression on her face I wondered what kind of perverted fantasies she was in fact entertaining in her own mind.

Knowing how kinky and depraved she could sometimes get behind closed doors, I imagined it was something real mind blowing and terrific. God how I missed her dirty mind and mouth.

“So, how long are you staying in town for?” she finally asked, which brought a smile to my face.

She was definitely interested in hooking up again.

“Just tonight, unfortunately.” I answered. “My flight leaves in the morning.”

“Too bad,” Munn replied, “Because I was going to suggest that maybe we hookup before you leave for LA?”

“Yeah, it’s a shame.” I muttered. “Maybe next time I’m in town I can give you a call and you can give me a tour of the place?”

“I’d like that.” she beamed. “I’d like that a lot.”

Once again there was an awkward silence between the two of us before she mentioned how she had to get back to her friend and how they were both excited as they had scored courtside seats.

I don’t mind admitting that at this point my heart was pounding in my chest as I realized that this was my opportunity to kiss or hug her goodbye, and up until the very last moment I wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to proceed.

I was dying to touch her again, even if it was for just a brief moment in time.

“Well, give me a call if you ever want to talk.” I offered, as I leaned forward to give my ex girlfriend a kiss on the cheek.

Olivia responded warmly and initiated a hug, and returning the favor, she moved to kiss me on the side of cheek as I withdrew but to my delight she inadvertently missed her mark and we somehow managed to peck each other on the side of the lips.

My heart literally stopped beating for a moment and my cock throbbed to life in my pants as I felt those magnificently soft lips briefly press against mine again, something I hadn’t felt in almost nine months, two weeks, and three days…but who’s counting, right?

To my amusement Olivia blushed brightly to the contact and if her face was any indication she found the incident just as thrilling as I did.

We now stuttered and stammered our goodbyes, before I watched her turn and walk away and my eyes immediately fell to her ass which was perfectly formed in those tight denim jeans.

Once again Olivia seemed to read my mind and as she wandered off in the direction of the court, she glanced over her shoulder to catch me glaring directly at her butt.

Catching me stare, she simply responded by flashing me a wink while at the same time she covered her hands over her derriere and playfully flipped me the bird.

God she was exquisite, just a phenomenal woman. And I immediately cussed myself out as I started to wonder just what on god’s green earth ever made me even consider giving up a hot piece of ass like her.

I must have been crazy to let her go. Back in the stands, I handed Candace her soda and candy and we proceeded to enjoy the game when something in the corner of my eye caught my attention and I realized I could see Olivia from our seats.

She was hard to miss in that black and white striped shirt, and just as she had claimed she was seated up front and courtside for all to see. Feeling cheeky, I decided to have a little fun and I quickly text messaged her a note which simply read, “I can see you.”

I then watched with amusement as she looked at her phone and then proceeded to look around the stadium trying to locate my position.

“Where are you?” she wrote back a minute late, but I didn’t respond and returned my attention to the game at hand.

A few minutes later I heard a noise from my cell and looked to see a new message from Olivia.

“You’re so busted!” the message read. “And I’m very, very disappointed in you right now.”

Startled, I looked across the way to see Olivia and her friend Cara openly leering in my direction, with Olivia smirking smugly and shaking her head in a mocking kind of way.

It was only now that I realized I had totally lied and incriminated myself earlier when I told her that I was at the game with friends.

Now she could see firsthand that I had in fact lied and was there with Candace, my new girlfriend and her replacement in more ways than one. I couldn’t help but blush with shame.

“Wow! Is that really her?” Munn typed. “Is that my replacement? Meh. Whatever!”

Olivia then added a few more comments over the next few minutes.

“I thought she was taller? Oh well. I guess you can’t win them all, huh?”

I then watched as the Olivia and Cara giggled amongst themselves while Olivia undoubtedly rushed to send me another series of text message from the sidelines, and I was taken aback by her next comment.

“So tell me the truth. Is she better in the sack than me?”

While I was initially taken aback by this blunt question and tried to contemplate an appropriate response, Candace seemed to notice several faces seated opposite us and staring back at us from the sidelines, and she immediately recognized Olivia.

“No way?” I heard her gasp. “Guess what? You’re not going to believe this, but guess who’s here at the game tonight?”

Playing dumb, I pretended to be too preoccupied with the scoreboard as Candace then pointed Olivia out in the crowd and the co-hosts soon proceeded to exchange glances at each other, both of them staring each other down and waiting for the other to blink.

At one point Candace was so perturbed by it all, that she threatened to get up and confront Munn in front of everyone.

“Seriously, WTF is she staring at?” my girlfriend snapped while sucking on her straw.

“Just ignore her, babe.”

“But look at her!” Candace complained. “She just can’t stop looking over here.”

Meanwhile to complicate things further, Olivia continued to send me various text messages the entire time and went on to tell me exactly what she thought of my new main squeeze.

“Wow. Even Cara thinks you can do better than her! Please tell me you’re not fucking her?”

Fortunately for me, Bailey was so preoccupied with the whole staring situation that she didn’t notice or care that I was having a separate conversation (with Olivia no less) on my phone.

“Just remember,” I typed back to my ex. “I’m not the one who walked away from us.”

To my amusement this comment more than any other seemed to shut Olivia up, and a minute later the halftime buzzer rang out and I watched Munn take the opportunity to get up and walk towards the exit with her phone.

“Good!” I heard Candace exclaim. “I hope she leaves and doesn’t come back!”

But looking back at Cara, I could see she was still minding Olivia’s things and I realized Munn would be returning back to her seat soon.

I now sat in my seat squirming anxiously for several moments trying to decide what to do before I finally relented and got up and announced that I needed to get another round of snacks.

Almost immediately Candace seemed suspicious and remarked, “You’re not going to talk to her are you?”

I laughed at the mere notion and quickly reassure her with a kiss, before I lied and told her that Olivia and I did not get along very well and that I highly doubted that she would want to see me much less hear from me again.

Distracting her, I then suggested that Candace call Kevin back in Los Angeles and tell him about the entire incident while I grab us some refreshments.

With that settled I leaned over to kiss Candace one last time to which she responded with, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” I replied half-heartedly.

Outside in the lobby, I lined up at the snack bar and anxiously looked around for Olivia but couldn’t see her anywhere.

I figured she had ducked into the ladies room and now hoped to catch her on the way out but it never eventuated. It was only now that I realized the absurdity of it all. Here I was lying to my girlfriend and hoping in vain to bump into an ex just so I would talk to her?

Coming to my sense, I finally stepped out of the line and decided to return to my beautiful girlfriend when I was suddenly interrupted by my cell phone.

“Still hungry, huh?” the message simply read, and it was from Olivia.

Reading this I immediately started to wonder. Was she referring to food or something else? And before I could answer appropriately, I was then taken aback by the next text message to flash across my screen.

“Where are you? Do you see those stairs at the end of the hall? You’ve got 5mins.”

Taking a deep breath, I almost jumped out of my skin and literally skipped my way over to the stairwell, but once there I was suddenly presented with another conundrum. Do I go up or down?

Taking a stab in the dark, I decided to go down and by the time I arrived to the second landing I noticed how considerably dark and more secluded this section of the venue appeared to be

Stopping for a moment, I wondered if I had gone down too far, and as I turned to head back up the stairs I heard a soft yet familiar voice from behind me.

“You look lost.”

Turning my head I squinted in the dark to see a tiny light emanating from Olivia’s cell phone as she stood there in the dark perusing her messages and texting with Cara upstairs.

Adrenaline now coursed through my body as I suddenly found myself alone with my ex-girlfriend, and as I approached her in the dark the thrill of sneaking around combined with the sound of the stadium above us only intensified the moment.

Without wasting another moment I closed the gap between us but was surprised to see her back up against the wall.

“So, what do you want to talk about now?” she snickered while still playing with her cell.

“Talk about?” I replied. “Hey, you texted me down here remember?”

Pausing for a moment, Olivia then seemed to have a change of heart and suddenly wanted to leave. I guess she just got a kick out of leading me on, but only now realized that nothing was going to come of it (certainly not with my girlfriend upstairs) so she decided to bail on the entire affair.

“I think this was a bad idea.” I heard her mumble to herself as she attempted to step around me to leave.

“Wait a minute,” I intervened. “Wait just one god damn minute. Where are you going?”

As I spoke, I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her close to me and attempted to kiss her on the cheek but she was definitely apprehensive and recoiled to the action.

“What the fuck?” I thought to myself.

“Olivia?” I finally stated sternly, “Babe?”

I insisted that she look at me, and after a long moment she finally turned off her phone and did so.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her seriously.

“Maybe we shouldn’t do this?” she suddenly postulated. “This is wrong.”

“Wrong?” I repeated. “We haven’t even done anything yet?”

“I know, but I know you want to.” she added seductively.

I paused for a moment and realized we were both breathing a little heavier than normal and the damp temperature there under the stadium only increased our already aroused state.

“Is that what this is all about?” I finally claimed, “You want to know if I’m still attracted to you?”

Olivia simply shrugged and scoffed defensively, “No! But alright, are you?”

I answered her question by swiftly grabbing her by the shoulders and kissing her hard on the lips, taking her breath away before she responded in kind, and hungrily thrust her long tongue down my throat and literally mauled me.

We now kissed each other passionately and zealously in the dark, and without even realizing it my hands had moved to her chest and I groped her pert breasts through her shirt, fondling and kneading those extraordinary tits through what appeared to be a lace bra underneath.

“You really missed my body, didn’t you?” Olivia purred between kisses. “I knew that skinny bitch couldn’t satisfy you like I can!”

Groping her body some more, I swiftly moved to her neck and devoured her flesh causing her to moan into my ear.

Caught up in the moment, I then squeezed her luscious ass with both hands and reached around and attempted to slide my fingers inside her jeans but she giggled and resisted me.

“Wait, what are you doing?” she snickered. “Stop it! We don’t have time for that!”

Nevertheless I was a determined man and I silenced any objections she might have had with my lips.

Still, despite my attempts there was simply no way I was going to get my hands inside her pants as they were simply too tight. At one point I growled with frustration and came to the conclusion that she must have painted the fuckers on her!

Pausing for a moment Olivia remarked, “Your skinny bitch girlfriend is probably looking for you right now?”

“Come on Olivia,” I urged, as one hand slipped under her shirt to fondle her incredible boobs. “I know you miss this as much as I do.”

Thinking for a moment, the up-and-coming actress suddenly reached down and grabbed hold of my raging erection with her prominent hand and squeezed me.

“You really miss me, huh?”

“You have no fucking idea, baby.” I told her, as she then took my breath away and suddenly dropped to her knees before me and proceeded to unzip my pants.

Suddenly, I was the one who was left speechless and looked for any excuse to stop her from proceeding. I mean was she serious? Was she actually going to attempt to take out my cock and blow me right there in the dimply lit hallway?

Privacy or not, I was almost certain that places like that were fitted with security cameras.

“C’mon, take it out.” she insisted as she fumbled with my pants.

At one point I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Maybe I had bumped my head and knocked myself out in the bathroom earlier, and was now just dreaming up this entire ordeal? I pondered.

Fact was it had been quite some time since I had been treated to the remarkable vision of Olivia Munn on her knees, glaring up at me expectantly and begging for some cock.

“C’mon on, do it!” she urged from beneath me.

Still shocked at the mere suggestion, I heard myself respond without thinking.

“Why? Why should I?”

“You know why.” she smirked seductively. “I want to suck your cock.”

“You want to what?” I teased.

Olivia flashed me a sarcastic look, knowing exactly what I was doing. We both knew full well how crazy it made me to hear her talk dirty to me. It really excited me. Playing along, Olivia then stared up at me and spoke slowly.

“Seriously, take out your fucking cock because I want to suck it, now!”

Hearing those words, my body seemed to have a mind of its own and despite any reservations about getting caught my hands slowly unzipped my pants and reached inside to retrieve my throbbing member.

In fact I was so hard it took extra effort to take him out, which apparently amused her.

Without any further ado the sultry euro-asian leaned forward and took me into her hot little mouth. I groaned as she finally wrapped her soft lips around the base of my shaft and proceeded to suck me fervently.

“Holy fuck, Olivia.” I gasped at the feel of warm mouth.

“Mmpphhff!” she responded with a mouth full of cock. “I missed you baby! I missed your thick cock!”

Clutching the back of her head, I then moaned involuntarily as the sexy harlot bobbed her head up and down, and at one point I grasped her firmly by her short dark hair and turned her face to the side so I could fuck her mouth and push the tip of my bulbous cock flesh against her cheek, making it bulge erotically.

The sexy little nymphet simple moaned enthusiastically to this lewd act and twirled the tip of her tongue around the head of my penis.

“Jesus Olivia, if you keep that up your going to make me pop right here!”

“Do it!” she gasped between slurps, “Cum in my mouth!”

“Yeah? Is that what you want?”

“I want to swallow your load!” she confessed, before taking me deep into the back of the throat and gagging on me momentarily. The action caused my entire body to tense sharply and my eyes to roll into the back of my head.

“God you look sexy with a cock in your mouth!” I told her, as my balls came to rest against her chin.

The fucking talented little minx had somehow managed to take most if not all of my length straight down her dirty little throat which made my head spin.

Suddenly to my chagrin, I was literally on the verge of climaxing when we were abruptly interrupted by the sound of a janitor/stadium employee who was wandering the secluded halls with loud two-way radio

Panicking, Olivia and I jumped with fright and swiftly dashed up the stairs before we stopped at the top of the stairwell to catch our breath. There we looked at each other and laughed. What were we, teenagers?

“Well, that was intense.” she huffed while wiping her mouth.

“That’s what I miss about you, Olivia.” I stated sincerely.

“What, my cock sucking skills?” she quipped. “Thanks.”

“Well, yeah that too.” I laughed. “But what I meant to say was I miss all that dangerous shit we used to get up to together.”

“Doesn’t what’s-her-face like to have fun?”

“Not really?” I admitted. “She’s a little on the shy side to tell you the truth.”

Olivia laughed.

“Well in that case I might as well tell you, I’m not wearing any panties at the moment.”

And with that said, Olivia smiled seductively and slipped out of the stairwell to join her friend seated by the game, leaving me dumbfounded with blue balls and my mind awash with mixed emotions.

“Ah shit.” I huffed, “What the hell do I do now?”