My affair with Megyn Kelly 1.

I never thought I would get involved with another married woman, especially with Megyn Kelly of Fox News, but things happened. It started the weekend of my wife’s and I wedding anniversary, and we had planned to celebrate by spending three nights in New York City in Manhattan during New Years; We celebrate two anniversaries, one in December and one in October, because we were married in a civil ceremony before I shipped out to Iraq so our parents could focus on the time I was gone on the big family wedding. Yet two days before our trip, the wife was told by her boss she had to cover one of her coworkers who ended up in the hospital. After talking about it, we decided since the plane tickets and hotel were nonrefundable and we didn’t know when we could afford it again, that I would go. It worked out since my in-laws and parents had taken our children to visit Universal Studios so we could have the time to ourselves.

I arrived in New York, and made the way to the hotel which we had booked, and after getting settled in, I noticed that the sun was about set, and my stomach told me it was time for dinner. I changed into jeans, my Marine Corps collared shirt, and grabbed my leather jacket, since the temp for the evening called for it to be in the low twenties. I noticed as I was walking to the front desk that the hotel had a bar and it seemed a little light for a holiday weekend. The girl at the front desk pointed me to a restaurant just down the block. As I made my through New York City’s famous pedestrian traffic, I passed by Fox News building and quickly caught a glimpse of the workings of the TV network. But the hunger forced to me move on as I made my way to a new trendy restaurant near the studios that the lady at the front desk told me about. Yet as I walked in I noticed the place was packed so I waited my turn to meet the hostess.
“It is about a 30 minute wait for a table sir or you can eat at the bar?” She asked. I told her the bar was fine and she showed me to the bar area which had a several seats left. I sat down at the bar after taking off my jacket and hat and ordered a beer and looked over the menu and ordered my dinner. The bartender set the beer down in front of me.
“It is not on your bill. The lady at the table over there told me to put it on her tab.” He said. I looked over where he was motioning too and saw the lady wave. It took me a moment to realize who it was. Megyn Kelly of Fox News had paid for my drink. Since I ordered my dinner and it will be a few minutes, I got up and walked over to the table.
“Thanks for the beer.” I said, just trying to be polite and thanking her.
“No problem for one of our service men.” She replied. Apparently she saw my shirt and I knew from my times of watching her on TV she was a big supporter of the troops. “Are you on leave?”
“No, no. I have been out for a few years now, but I am still proud that I was a Marine.” I said. Even though I couldn’t tell what she was all wearing, I noticed she had on a sweater, with a pair of diamond studs in her ears and her wedding band and engagement ring. “Anyway I wanted to thank you for the beer.”
“No problem. Where’s your family?” She asked as I noticed she quickly glanced me over. She noticed my wedding band on my finger.
“Back home in Florida. Wife had to work at last minute so we can’t celebrate our anniversary, and the kids are with the grandparents at Universal Studios.” I replied. I leaned up against the table a little bit. I caught a whiff of her perfume, which smelled heavenly. “Where is your family? I know you took time off for the holidays.”
“The husband and his family went to Vermont for the weekend, but I stayed behind because I am covering for Jenna Lee until after the New Year’s and I am covering the New Year’s celebration.” She replied shifting in her seat.
I doubt it was me that was making her uncomfortable but I didn’t want to press. “Understandable. Thanks again for the beer and conversation.”
I turned to head back to my seat when I heard her ask “Do you mind joining me? I interviewed veterans before but I never get tired of hearing what they went through.”
“Sure, that would fine, let me get my stuff.” I said. I returned from the bar moments later with my coat, hand and my dinner. I pulled up and chair and sat down across from America’s most beautiful news anchor.
The next hour or so I told her about my service in Marine Corps from Boot camp to just up to my deployment to Haiti when our checks arrived. When I sat down, Megyn was eating a salad, along with a glass of wine. I reached for my wallet, when she stopped me. “I’ll pay for you, still the least I can do.”
“Thank you, how generous.” I replied. I saw her spin around in her chair and reach for her wallet. I saw her hair pulled up into a bun, and the hint of a necklace chain on her. As she handed the waitress the money, I decided to make a move and see if she will shoot me down or take me up on it. “If you are still interested in hearing more, my hotel has a bar which is up the street or we can…”
“Sure. I am still off till New Year’s eve.” She grabbed her coat, and purse and started towards the door. I followed at a short distance which gave me time to check out her backside, which was tight, and filling her form fitting jeans to perfection. I put on my coat and hat and caught up to her.
“Which way?” She asked, and I motioned north just past the Fox News Studios. Apparently a cold front had made its way to the city and the temperature had fallen quickly. We picked up our pace to the hotel, and out of a polite gesture, I stuck out my arm in a hook fashion which Megyn hooked on too and pulled up close to me. Even in a heavier jacket, I felt her warmth against me and I felt a stirring down in my groin area.
In a matter of minutes we made it to the hotel bar where I was staying. To my gladness and shock that the bar wasn’t overly crowed and plenty of space for us. We made our way to a table near the lobby entrance to the bar but back far enough where no one would bother us. I waited until Megyn sat down and then I followed suit. I ordered another beer, while Megyn order a glass of wine.
I waited until the waitress was out of earshot. “So where did I leave off?”
“You just arrived in Haiti.” Megyn replied. I nodded and continued to tell her about my experiences and deployments, which lead into talks about our spouses and kids, which included showing pictures. After my second beer, I excused myself and went to the restroom, and as I was returning to the table, I bumped into Megyn getting up. “Oh. Sorry didn’t see you there.” She said.
“No problem, what’s going on?” I asked startled at her bumping into me. I felt the firmness of her chest against my chest. More stirring raged below in my groin.
“That guy by the bar. He’s a blogger who is constantly hounding me and trying to post rumors of me cheating.” Megyn replied. I followed her arm and saw the gentlemen with glasses and balding head. “I need to get out of here before he sees us just talking.”
I looked around. “Well we if we walked past him, he would definitely see us. How about if we went out through the lobby?”
Megyn shook her head. “I have to go to the stop that crosses in front of the window…”
“I got it.” I replied looking around. I only had one other idea. “Well if you wouldn’t mind, we can go up to my suite and hang out for a bit, then check later.”
Megyn thought about for a second. “Wouldn’t hurt.”
I quickly went to the bar, paid the bill and Megyn and I went to the elevators. During the ride up, I quickly caught a glance, and noticed that she was wearing closed toe heels that were about three inches high, and the image of her on TV brought another stirring to my groin. We arrived on my floor and we walked to my room. I held the door open for her and followed her inside, catching another glimpse of her ass swaying in the jeans. I turned on the light to the living room area and went to the bar.
“Want anything?” I asked getting a soda I had brought from the airport.
“Water, but don’t take it from the fridge, tap will be fine.” Megyn replied. I took it from the fridge anyway and handed it to her. “How can you afford to pay for this?”
“Scrimp, save, and work a couple extra jobs.” I replied moving to the couch. Megyn sat down next to me and sipped her water. “I am a teacher, work at a job that I hard before started to teach, even tutored. Yet like everything else in our marriage something came up and we….”
“Adjusted. I know that feeling.” Megyn said finishing my statement. She set the bottle down on the coffee table. She turned on the couch and faced me. “That blogger has tried everything to ruin my marriage, and reputation, and he does it cheap publicity, yet he has a long list of followers.”
“And you being widely followed news anchor makes it more difficult.” I said getting nod from Megyn. Out of instinct I placed my hand on top of hers, she didn’t back away.
“I don’t use my sexuality to get what I want, I earn it through hard work.” Megyn told me, putting her hand on top of mine without noticing as I nodded. . She then looked at me. “Thanks for listening Aaron.”
“No problem.” I answered. We gave each other a hug, and as the hug broke we looked at each other for a moment. Out of instinct, I leaned in and kissed her lightly on the lips. I had almost thought she would push away and get up and leave, but she stayed, and to my surprised kissed me back.

One of my hands reached out and went behind Megyn’s head to bring it closer, while my other hand went to her side and started to bring her body closer to me. I suddenly felt her hands on my sides moving closer to my back. Our lips slowly parted as our tongues started to explore each other and my hands moved to start exploring her tight body. Her hands moved from my back to my chest, yet not to push me away but run her hands up. I felt her tight body and her C cups through the sweater. My mouth broke from hers and I moved to nibble and slightly blow in her ear and kiss her neck. I heard a moan and her hands moved slowly down my shirt and started to tug it up. My hands moved under her sweater, and ran her chest. Her bra felt satin and lace and so my hands began to explore her breast, beginning slowly. I felt her hands under my shirt, and her beautifully manicured nails scrapping against skin.
I moved my kisses from her neck back to her lips and our tongue lashing began again in earnest. Megyn’s hands went to my back and pulled me back onto top of her, and we broke from our kiss and looked at each other. I wanted to say are you sure, but I could tell she wanted to take this all the way. With a quick movement, I brought her up and had her sitting on my lap and we began kissing again, as my hands began to lift up her sweater. When her sweater was off, I found out I was indeed right, Megyn was wearing a black satin and lace bra. My lips moved to her breast and slowly started to kiss the top of the right one as my hands went to the clasp and free her breast. My lips moved down and began to suck on her C cups as her hands glide across my body and up into my hair. She moaned little bit as I nibbled on her right nipple and her hands immediately began to tug at my shirt.
“Oh baby, that feels great.” Megyn said as my lips moved to her other nipple as her hands began to pull my shirt up. As I continued to nipple, she arched her back to give my lips better exposure to her breast. I broke momentarily from my action on her breast as she pulled my shirt off. She then started to kiss my neck and slowly move down my chest slowly sucking on certain parts. My hands still fondled her breast and trace her sides as she moved down chest.

As she started her way back up, my erection became extra stiff, and she must have felt it, so she gyrated a little bit with her hips as a tease. I groaned as her lips found mine again. With one motion, I picked her up and started to carry her towards the bedroom. I placed her on the bed and unbuttoned her jeans and slowly started to pull them down. Her panties became exposed and they matched her bra to perfection. She nodded as I pulled off her heels, and jeans and climbed back on top of her. Starting at her neck my kisses made the way down her body to her panties which were wet, and smelled of her, but it enthralled me as I attacked the fabric as my hands slowly started to pull them down. As more became exposed, I felt smoothness. Her juices tasted to me heavenly as I continued to attack her area. Her legs wrapped around my head and she slide her ass her closer towards me as my fingers found her clit and began to work it.

“Oh Aaron, keep working it baby, you’re going to make me cum.” Megyn moaned. I continued to lap at her juices and work her clit as her hands gripped my head.
I could feel her building so I removed my hand and poked up my head to see her expression. I could tell she wanted more so taking one her hands, I had her work her clit, while I attacked her region again. After a minute I removed her hand which she began to lick a little bit, and stare seductively at me.
I moved towards her, but she stopped me, and began to unbuckle my pants. I stood giving her full access and she quickly slide them down and exposed my hard erection. I could tell she hungrily wanted it and she did. Slowly at first did she take it starting with the head and then working her way down the shaft. She then started to go faster as I grabbed her head and helped her along. Her hands playing with my balls and her tongue working magic on me. I pulled her up and put her on the bed and entered her womanhood. She moaned in pleasure as she felt me in her and as I started to thrust slowly. My hands caressing her and running over her smooth legs which wrapped around me. My lips hitting her neck and sliding down to her breast.
“Oh fuck me Aaron. Fill me up please.” I heard Megyn say as her nails began to dig into my back. I thrust a little deeper and harder and she moaned louder this time. Then with one move, she rolled me over onto my back and started to ride me. Arching her back as her hips and mine moved in unison. Running my hands over her tight body, I felt softness of her skin.
“Ride me go and hard baby.” I told her as she scooted forward and grabbed the headboard for extra support. I sucked on her breast as she leaned closer in and my hands continued to trace her body.
I again took command rolling back to her back, and then to proceed to flip on her and do her doggie style.
“OH fuck, this feels good.” Megyn said as she laid on all fours. She moved her ass back towards me as I started nailing her from behind. I grabbed her long blond hair and kissed her neck. “Fuck me good and hard Aaron.”
“You feel so good baby.” I replied leaning over her back and fondling her breast and kissing her. She squeezed tight as she felt an organism and began to build up again.
I pulled out and rolled her back onto her back and entered her once again, this time placing one leg over my shoulder and began to thrust. Her nails dug deeper into my back. “Oh god baby, that feels so good.”
“Fuck” I heard Megyn said as she built up to another organism. She swung her leg back down and wrapped it tight around me. “Oh I am going to cum baby.”
I pumped harder into her as she held on to dear life as she organism. I myself shot my load into her, filling her pussy up with my juices. We kissed lightly as I rolled off her and as she cuddled next to me. Throwing one leg over me and placing her head on my chest.
“That was….” Megyn said catching her breath and stroking my chest looking for the right word. “Amazing.”
“You weren’t too bad yourself.” I stated getting a playful slap on the chest. We stayed in that position and fell asleep in each other’s arms.