Fan Fiction – Belle Delphine

Buzz Buzz

“Yeah?” I answer my phone

“Hey! Its your mom. I need to ask a favor. Your aunt called me and your cousin Belle has gotten into a spot of trouble and needs a place to lay low for a while, and I offered up your place since you have that spare bedroom.”

“K. When will she get here?” I asked, getting slightly frustrated for being volunteered for something without being asked about it first.

“Her plane lands in about three hours.”

I hung up with my mom and got the bed ready for my guest. Growing up, Belle and I were close, me being a few years older, but us hanging out about every day until she was about 8 and her mom took a job in the UK. Since then we had not seen each other much less talked. I picked up my phone with the intent of googling her to see what shes been up to, but saw I needed to be leaving to be able to get to the airport and thru security in time to pick her up.

I arrived at the gate about 15 minutes early and made a quick sign that simply read Belle. The gate opened and people started filtering thru. I had no Idea what I was watching for, and didn’t expect the small blonde, dressed in what can only be described as a Japanese school girl outfit who was snapping selfies of herself.

“I’m belle.” she said, pushing herself onto her tip toes to give me a hug.

I held her for a second as I began to notice various business men and dads looking our way. I took a look in a nearby window and faintly saw in the reflection the bottom of her ass cheeks peaking out from the bottom of her skirt. I put my hand on the small of her back guiding her to baggage claims as she kept leaning into me more like I was a boyfriend than a cousin.

We found her three over sized pink bags and I escorted her to the car, making small talk about her trip. We gradually began getting caught up on the last 12 years on the drive to my house. As we cruised the highway, I looked over seeing her turned towards me, pushing what little cleavage she has together.

“I just wanted to say how happy I am that you’re doing this for me.” she said reaching over and rubbing a growing bulge in my pants.

“Belle we’re-” I started but was soon hushed as she pulled my pants opened letting out an audible gasp as it was apparently larger than she expected.

She lowered he head next to it and began taking more pictures of herself as she began stroking it. I did my best to focus on the road as he lips wrapped around my balls and her tongue began massaging them. She trailed her tongue up the shaft and wrapped her lips around the tip, as both hands twisted ad stroked around me.

I placed a hand on the back of her head as she slowly took more and more into her throat, having to sop several times to take a breath and rub in the strings of spit. She angled her ass to be visible out the passenger side window. I felt her reach the base of my dick with her lips, and she flipped her tongue out as she began gargling her spit against me, massaging my balls with one hand, and reaching into my pants, tracing my asshole with her fingers.

At this point I had to pull over and stop. I began thrusting my hips against her mouth and throat as I reached back, sliding her thong to one side. I first tried to finger her ass, but felt something hard. She flew from England to south Africa with a butt plug in, so i stretched and began massaging her juice pussy lips. She closed her eyes as he breathing became more pleasurable. She slid my meat out and began massaging it furiously, pulling her top open.

“Cum for me.” she ordered, stroking my dick as she played with her tits.

I grabbed her by the chin and kissed her.

“Not so fast.” I say, taking off my seat belt.

I pulled her between the front seats and handed her her phone for her to take video of her face. I gave her ass a solid slap as I ran my tongue around her butt plug, slowly pulling it out with my teeth, and plunging my tongue back into her ass before it could close off. I heard he squeal and moan, as I rubbed her clit and tongue fucked her ass. soon enough I felt her began to shake and clench as she dropped her phone, pussy juices dripping out onto my hands. I sat back into my seat pulling Belle into my lap. She gently kissed my neck as she reached between my legs stoking my dick.

“Will you cum for me now daddy?” she whispered.

I smiled and pulled out one of her gamer girl condoms. she slipped it on me and worked me into her teen tight pussy. I popped almost instantly. She slowly slid me out and leaned down, putting her ass in my face as she pulled the condom off of me and sucked the cum out of it, before collapsing back in her seat for the rest of the trip home.