Lacey Chabert on the Casting Couch

Lacey Chabert had been experiencing a rough time
following the cancellation of her popular television
show, “Party of Five.” She’d only had one small role
in an independent film since the final show, and the
jobs were simply not coming her way. Since she knew
that maintaining her reputation as goody-two-shoes
might be hurting her, so she began trying to drum up
some publicity by appearing in a sexy layout in a
men’s magazine. The response was positive, leading
Lacey to believe that she could take things a step
further with the help of some experienced friends.
She arranged a lunch with her friend and “Party of
Five” co-star, Jennifer Love Hewitt. Love and fellow
“PO5” star Neve Campbell had sort of groomed Lacey as
she grew up over the years of the show’s run. They had
been down a similar road themselves when they were
younger, and taught Lacey how to utilize her sexuality
to get ahead in Hollywood. When the show was on the
brink of cancellation two years ago, Love, Neve and a
blossoming Lacey convinced the Fox
executives to renew the series by treating them to an
all-night orgy at a swanky LA hotel, where Lacey
surrendered her virginity and never looked back, even
managing to out-swallow the far more seasoned Neve,
though no one could beat Love’s cock hunger.
Over the years, they’d shared advice, seduction
secrets, and even men. Love and Neve had taught Lacey
a great deal about controlling men and reaping
pleasure and money in return. As they lunched, Lacey
complained about the lack of work she was receiving,
and Love told her she had been experiencing the same
problem until a few days before. She relayed the
events of her meeting with Tim Johnson to Lacey
Needless to say, Lacey was excited by what she heard
– though Love was more experienced in the field of
sucking her way to success, Lacey had already done her
fair share too (most recently, she fucked and sucked
four editors of the men’s magazine she posed for in
order to nail the cover). Despite her clean image,
Lacey had learned quickly from the advice Love and
Neve frequently gave her, and was by no means the
innocent little schoolgirl television had made her out
to be.
“Give your body to him however he wants it, and trust
me, you’ll be compensated,” Love grinned. “You know
what to do.”

Two days later, Lacey headed down the very same
hallway Love had traversed a week before, dressed in a
devastatingly sexy strapless red top and black
miniskirt. Her newly buxom tits were practically
falling out of the top, and she also sported tall
black boots that covered her to her knees, leaving a
sexy portion of thigh visible due to the shortness of
her skirt. She approached the secretary.
“Hi, I’m Lacey Chabert, here to see Mr. Johnson,” she
said, trying to make her squeaky voice sound more
“Sure, Ms. Chabert,” the secretary said. “Head on
Lacey smiled and entered the office, closing the door
behind her. Tim immediately stood up from behind his
desk and greeted her. She quickly noticed his eyes
surveying her sexy petite figure with admiration.
“How nice it is to meet you,” he said.
Lacey gushed similarly, kissing up to him
“I hope you don’t mind, but some of the other
executives were very pleased to hear you’d be meeting
with us today and asked to sit in on our meeting,” Tim
said, pointing to the long table in the center of the
room, adorned with six men in expensive suits, all
pretty attractive.
“Uh, no,” Lacey said, a bit surprised. “The more the
Tim showed her to the table, and she began pitching
her idea to them. It wasn’t much of a pitch, as she’d
only come up with it to get into the office and nab a
check after doing a little work. Tim sensed this, too,
and interrupted her as she droned on.
“I think we all know why you’re here,” Tim said.
“We’ve heard the interesting tales of your exploits
with Neve Campbell and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Bill here
was even at that orgy you threw to stave off
cancellation,” he said, pointing to one of the more
attractive men. Looking at him, Lacey vaguely
remembered him fucking her before spraying his cum
over Neve’s tits.
“Here’s the deal. Spend the day with us here and you
get $100,000 directly up front,” he said casually.
Lacey had expected this, but, remembering that Love
had nabbed the same amount for only fucking two guys,
she upped the ante.
“$200,000,” she said. “After all, you gave Love 100K
for far less.”
He smiled, fondly remembering the great fuck she’d
given him.
“$150. Final offer.”
Lacey knew she had no real room to argue, so she
jumped at the deal.
“Does this answer your offer?” she asked, standing
and bravely pulling her top slowly over her head,
revealing her bra-less chest. Her tits were developing
nicely; the round, full mounds bounced slightly as she
reached down to lower her skirt and black thong
panties. The men all stood and began removing their
clothing as Lacey’s small black bush came into view.
Love had recently taught her how to shave her pubic
hair into a small triangle, allowing men easy access
to her juicy folds.
Tim approached her first and enveloped her in a
strong kiss, pushing her backward onto the table. She
was naked except for her sexy black boots, which she
chose to leave on. Staring him in the eyes, she slowly
spread her legs for him and set her boots on his
shoulders. He gripped her thighs in each hand, then
knelt as she pushed her pussy up towards him. He
quickly began licking and sucking her snatch, causing
her to moan softly.
Her moans were soon cut off as another exec mounted
the table and knelt above her, parting her lips as he
shoved his cock between them. She set about blowing
the man, as another straddled her chest, pushing her
full tits together and forcing his cock through the
soft, perfect channel left between the sexy mounds.
Blowing the man above her became a secondary
consideration for the moment, as she stopped sucking
so that she could reach behind the man fucking her
tits to grab Tim’s head and push him deeper between
her legs, moaning as he opened her pussy wide and
coaxed her clitoris out of its quickly moistening
As she lay back down and re-started the blowjob, the
man enjoying her titjob moaned loudly. Watching her
beautiful pixiesh face contort with pleasure as she
was eaten out and gave a blowjob was too much for him,
and his cock erupted, sending thick streams of white
cum all over her tits, neck, face, and hair. As the
titfucker stood, Tim rose from his position and lifted
her legs high.
She arched her back as he slowly fed the head of his
cock into her moist but tight cunt, using the thick
head to pleasure her clit and then sinking six inches
deep into the moaning little slut. Tim’s girth made
her lose her concentration to such a degree that she
had to stop sucking and merely let the man above her
fuck her face so that she didn’t gag on his monstrous
Lacey was one of Tim’s youngest conquests, and he
certainly was enjoying showing the little cocktease
what getting fucked really felt like. Her body jerked
in pleasure and shock each time he rammed his tool
into her, opening her legs wide to accommodate him and
closing her eyes as her face fucker exploded, covering
her upper body with a second stream of jizz. His cum
plastered her face, drenching her cute cheeks and
lacing across her eyes so that she couldn’t see.
Lacey tried to wipe at her eyes, but decided to give
up and enjoy the expert fucking Tim was delivering
her. Over and over again he assaulted her body,
plunging his thick nine-inch member into her young
pussy. Eyes closed, head thrown back, mouth open wide,
Lacey screamed with pleasure as she was consumed by
her first orgasm of the day, locking her soft legs
around Tim’s midsection, tits bouncing wildly across
her chest.
Seeing the cute little teen cum her brains out put
Tim over the edge as well, and he withdrew from her
cunt just in time to spray his load all over her taut
tummy and lithe legs, staining her black boots with
his cream. Lacey recovered from the assault quickly,
sitting up on the slippery, cum-splattered table. “Is
that all you’ve got for me?” she asked in an
electrifyingly seductive voice, cleaning the cum from
her face with her fingers and sucking it off.
That was all the horny executives needed to hear.
Lacey was rushed by three men, who turned her onto her
hands and knees. One slid beneath her and grabbed her
by the hips, pulling her quickly onto his tool. She
gasped, opening her thighs and settling down onto his
body, supporting herself by placing her hands on his
chest and kneeling forward. Another cock was pushed
between her lips, and as she began sucking with zeal
another man played with her asshole, using some of the
sweat and cum that had coated her body to lubricate
each finger her delved into her tight passage.
Lacey had never been fucked in the ass before. Most
of the time, men got so excited over her naked body or
fucking her pussy, mouth, or tits, that they could
never hold out long enough to delve between her soft,
round cheeks. Hence, the man ran into some trouble
trying to open her virgin hole. Luckily, the guy
underneath Lacey was fucking her hard, and she was
responding ecstatically, her body rising and falling,
breathing deeply and moaning loudly. His cock shoved
out several ounces of pussy juice and pre-cum with
each thrust into her, and the man at her ass used
these liquids to lube his fingers up before working
them inside her ass. He decided to keep it nice and
open for later, and gradually pushed a thick six-inch
dildo up her ass, causing her to scream out in pain
and pleasure.
Five minutes later, Lacey was orgasming wildly from
the pussy fucking she was getting, arms wrapped around
the man whose dick she was sucking in order to keep
>from falling off the table. Again and again he reamed
her tender cunt, taking the young sex kitten to new
heights of passion. Several men were so turned on by
what they saw that they simply stood by the table and
jerked off, spraying their loads on to Lacey’s sweaty,
succulent skin. A fine sheen of sweat had developed
over her entire body, making her even more angelically
beautiful, and the cum randomly plastered to her made
it even more sexy.
The man underneath her could no longer handle fucking
the hot teen, and with one last thrust he grabbed her
ass tightly and held her in place as he tanked her
pussy full of cream. Moaning incoherently, she sucked
the cock in her mouth one last time before it burst,
filling her throat with spunk and causing the cute
starlet to cough and gag. She was turned over again,
and spread her legs as another exec set about taming
her cunt.
Each man took another turn at fucking her pussy, and
seven more loads hit her sweaty skin. Then she was
turned over, and the dildo plugging her hot ass was
removed, leaving a gaping new orifice for the men to
fuck. Tim started first, setting his head at her
crinkly hole and ever so slowly pushing his member
into Lacey’s ass. She moaned loudly, experiencing
feelings she’d never dreamed of, then reached behind
herself to spread her asscheeks wide. Taking this as a
good sign, Tim sped up her impaling, shoving his cock
deep into her virgin ass. Lacey screamed, more out of
pleasure from her new feelings of delight than pain at
the intrusion. Tim yelled out loudly, pulling his cock
>from her ass with an audible popping sound, and
sprayed her with cum, sending streaks streaming down
her ass, legs, and back.
Since they had all cum so much already, it took each
man an amazing amount of time to cum again, as they
fucked Lacey Chabert up the ass for over twenty
minutes apiece. By this time she was lying flat on the
table, breasts squashed onto the glass, while her ass
was held up and fucked silly. Her hands gripped the
edge of the table securely and her hips and ass jerked
forward each time they thrust into her. Two hours
later, as the last man sprayed his cum onto her back,
Lacey collapsed onto the table, exhaling deeply, and
fell unconscious. She was more soaked with cum than
any girl they had ever seen. Tim filled out the check
for $150,000, tore it from his checkbook, opened her
asscheeks wide, cleared some of the cum out of the
way, and slid the check up her ass.