Melanie Griffith – Sucker For A Soft Dick

[Circa 1992] I rammed my cock into my secretary
harder, groaned, and began shooting my jizz up her
pussy. Finally, I pulled my slowly softening cock out
of her and collapsed back into my chair. She leaned
over my desk – her black skirt up around her waist and
her red panties halfway down her thighs – catching her

After a while she straightened up, pulled her panties
up over her firm butt and smoothed out her skirt. She
adjusted her glasses and as she began to move past me
to leave my office I slid my hand up to her butt. She
deftly brushed it off. “You know you’ll never get
that,” she said matter-of-factly, turning back to me.
Her long black hair was piled up on her head, in sharp
contrast to her china white skin. Her cocksucker red
lipstick was smeared.

I laughed. “Hey, doll, Ms. Griffith will be stopping
in later this afternoon. Let her in to my office, then
put out the lights, lock up and go on home.”

“Yes sir. And thank you, sir!” She smiled before
turning away, her perfect butt swaying as she left my
office, closing the door behind her.

I got up and went into my washroom to clean up my
cock. I tucked it back into my boxers and pulled up my
pants, buttoning and zipping them up. I went back and
retrieved my shirt, putting it back on along with my
tie. Then I slid my suit jacket back on and it was
time for my next client.

The afternoon passed quickly enough. Soon my secretary
opened my door. “Ms. Griffith here to see you sir.”
Melanie breezed in wearing a white blouse under a
light-colored blazer and matching skirt, her purse in
hand, smiling. The door was closed behind her.

I stood up, looking my beautiful, busty client over.
“Melanie! I’m glad you could make it!” I smiled back.

Melanie came up to the other side of my desk and put
out her hand. I briefly clasped it. “Can I get you
something to drink?” I inquired. “Coffee, tea, a
mineral water?”

She shook her head. “No, thank you,” Melanie replied
in her soft, sexy voice.

I have many celebrity clients, many of them female,
but Melanie is my favorite; she is the sweetest,
kindest of them all. “Please have a seat,” I motioned.

“Thank you,” She said, smiling as she sat down.

Once she was seated I sat down also, pulling my chair
up under my desk. “How have you been, Melanie?” I

She clasped her purse in her hands on her lap. She
smiled and audibly to a breath. “I’ve been great,
thank you! I have the best agent in the world. My
career is at a high point, I’ve been getting so many
great roles, and it’s all because of you.”

“Melanie,” I said as I pushed back my chair and stood
up. I came around my desk and perched on the edge of
it. Melanie had crossed her legs, her skirt rose above
her knee showing more of her long, sexy legs…
“Melanie sweetheart, it’s all you! Your public adores
you. You’re gorgeous, you’re very talented, you’re
sweet, down-to-earth, and you’re real. People find you
believable. And it doesn’t hurt that you had your
breasts enlarged a few years back…” I finished.

“Jim… You’re making me blush.”

“I heard your latest movie will be coming out soon.
Bonfire On The Vanities. It’ll be another surefire
hit. I haven’t had a chance to see it, the studio
offered to let me preview it but I’d been busy. Rumor
has it you have a line ‘I’m a sucker for a soft

Melanie nodded.

“I can’t picture any guy not getting hard for you at
first sight,” I teased Melanie.

Now she was blushing. “Oh, Jim…” She waved

“You know,” I began as I stood up and moved beside
Melanie. “The only guys who would have a soft dick
around you are the ones who are hugely-endowed, the
ones you’d have to stroke or suck to get hard… like
me.” I put my hand on the waistband of my pants. “So,
Melanie, are you REALLY a sucker for a soft dick?”

Melanie shifted sideways to face me, mischief in her
eyes. “Is that an invitation?” She asked. I just
grinned devilishly.

I moved my hands as Melanie’s came up to undo my belt.
Soon my pants were pooled around my ankles and she was
working my boxers down. Melanie’s eyes went wide when
she saw my large cock. “Oh, wow, Jim…” She took it
in her hand and wasted no time as she began to suck it
like a porn pro.

I got hard quick. Her hands moved over my balls and
stroked the base of my cock as Melanie sucked at least
two-thirds of my cock. Her lips were clamped tightly
to my shaft as her mouth alternated between flying up
and down my cock and moving excruciatingly slow. I
finally did what I’d wanted to do for years: I reached
down and have Melanie huge tits a squeeze. She moaned.

I quickly unbuttoned her blouse almost all the way
down and spread it open. Melanie had on a massive lacy
beige bra that showed A LOT of cleavage. I grabbed the
bottom of her bra and tugged it up. Her massive, firm
tits tumbled out. Her dark areolae were large and
oval-shaped and nipples stuck out from the centers of

I began to knead Melanie’s tits roughly, making her
moan louder around my shaft. I pinched and twisted her
nipples hard. Melanie uncrossed her legs and ground
her crotch against the seat hornily. This went on for
about twenty minutes until Melanie coaxed my load from
my balls, siphoning out ever last drop of jizz.

When she finished sucking me I pulled her up into my
arms and we kissed passionately. My hands went to her
hot butt which she pressed back against them. My cock
remained hard and poked into Melanie lewdly. She
moaned. She began pulling off the rest of my clothes
and then her own. Melanie sat on the edge of my desk
and spread her sexy, stocking-encased thighs.

“Fuck me!” She moaned.

I took hold of my throbbing cock and rubbed it along
her soaked pussy a few times before sinking it in.
Melanie gasped loud. I began to ram most of my length
up into her. She wasn’t able to handle it all. That
didn’t stop Melanie from cumming a storm. She shrieked
loudly, clinging to me as she came often.

I fucked her like that for at least twenty-five
minutes then Melanie begged me to do her from behind.
I pulled out and she in a frenzy rolled onto her
stomach. I quickly popped it back into her pussy from
behind and she went bananas. I was able to penetrate
Melanie deeper and she came harder and longer. I
couldn’t help staring at her hot, firm butt as I
fucked her. Her butt hole seemed to glisten.

“Melanie, you kinky girl… Why is your butthole look
like it’s been greased up?” I teased.

She giggled. “I have some kind of anal fetish,” She
admitted. “I was fingering my butt before I came

I thought about it as I kept pounding Melanie’s pussy.
Finally I pulled out and told her to spread her butt
cheeks. Melanie did without a word. I pressed the head
of my cock against her anus and pushed. My cock pushed
forward with great ease.

“Oooo… Oh, yeah! I’ve always wanted to do this!”
Melanie moaned giddily.

So have I, I said to myself.

“I’ve always wanted a dick up my butt!” she gushed.

She was more vocal as I buttfucked her, egging me on
to fuck her butt harder and harder. Melanie was
screaming so much her voice got hoarse from the
effort. After forty or so minutes I finally dumped my
load deep up her rectum.

When I was done cumming Melanie pushed back hard until
my cock dislodged from her and I fell in the chair
she’d been sitting in. Melanie spun around and dropped
to her knees, taking my scummy cock back into her
mouth, sucking it clean and keeping it hard. Seeing
this new side of Melanie really turned me on. She
finally pulled me from the chair and pushed me down on
the thickly-carpeted floor.

Mounting me, Melanie took hold of my cock and lowered
herself back down on it, taking it up her cock chute
once more. “I hope you have a lot more for me, because
I’m not done yet!” She grunted.

I grinned. I hoped so, too…

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