Anna Kendrick – Bitch Perfect

Anna and I had been married for five years and had been a relationship for perhaps eight or ten before that. We’d grown up together and had been high school sweethearts for all four years. While I attended the university in a distant city, the relationship had prevailed and it as shortly before my university graduation that she and I’d become intimate. We were deeply in love and I’m confident that we took each other’s virginity at that time.

Then, on my graduation, I moved back to the old home city where Anna and I were married It was a good marriage based on love, loyalty, consideration and caring for each other as we began to build a life. Anna continued her job with the investment company and I commenced my job as a computer engineer.

Though sometimes Anna seemed a bit immature and foolish, she had a good heart and I loved her. Somehow, I managed to find the extra money to buy my wife flowers and candy and take her out on date nights and she was very attentive to us at first. Then, she seemed to take “us” for granted and began to enjoy a wide circle of friends. While she enjoyed being a bit wild and flirted with the handsome male in our community, it was never a source of worry to me because she always cut potential swains off abruptly when they moved on her I saw it happen frequently.

Anna’s workplace was a large investment firm and employed some 30 people. On the few times that I’d been introduced to her fellow employees, I felt like I was not worthy of my wife; nor was I ever introduced to the officers of the company. It mattered little to me hat they thought as I didn’t work with them.

Each year, her company had a company safety meeting. In late spring, a large picnic area in a city park was reserved and the company employees and their wives were invited to attend. [Why a safety meeting for a company like hers was always a mystery to me. Perhaps injuries from paper cuts or falling out of their chairs was worthy of discussion]

The fist year after we were married, I attended with Ann was snubbed by everyone. It was depressing and I drank too much beer. The second time, I caught a cab home after making a token appearance. After that experience, I simply didn’t go to those meetings even after Anna’s pleading that I do.

It was after our fifth year of marriage that My wife was particularly insistent that I attend the meeting with her. Then, even after much discussion, I found myself dressed in a sport coat, shirt and tie with gray slacks, just as Anna directed.. Anna wore a very conservative white blouse and petal pushers.

So 8it was that we arrived at the party. Anna quickly moved to greet friends and enjoy the festivities as I was left lone to move to the bar and get a bottle of beer from the tub of ice. It was as moved to the first young man of interest, I approached with the usual ‘get acquainted’ greeting he man turned in an obvious snub. Then, after a third try, it was obvious that I was being shunned. I gave the matter little thought as Moved to a quiet area and drank my beer.

When the bell rang signifying dinner, I moved to get a seat next to Anna and was suddenly clocked by a solid wall of men as they moved to fill the seats at the table around her.

Then, with precision a man moved on all fours behind me as another nudged me slightly so that I fell over the man another prank which brought a great peal of laughter from the party goers. Anna seemed to laugh louder than any one.

As I regained my footing, all the seats sat Anna’s table were taken by young men and I was relegated to a place several tables away. As I looked at her to request that she join me, she only laughed again.

So, I took my place at the children’s table and fought to remain calm. (I sat and finally found conversation with the kids. It was then that a bowl of soup was delivered to me and it smelled funny. With little examination, I determined that it was a terd a piece of sh*t in my soup! From my wife’s table came loud voices calling, “Taste it! Eat sh*t” and “Enjoy your soup.”

This had been allowed to go too far. I’d taken all the abuse that I could from those guys who were all trying to make time with my wife. I arose from my table walked across the area to my wife’s table and calmly dumped all he food and dishes into the laps of the astonished people around the table.

Five people, including my wife, were covered in food and dishes as several others came at me with looks of pure hatred. The first charged at me as he swung his haymaker fist for my face. As his arm shot forward, I deflected the blow and his momentum cared him into the tree net to me. Then, in an instant the second man charged at me from behind and also trying to deliver a blow to my face. I grabbed the writ of his arm and threw him over my shoulder and on to the table that had recently been cleared of it’s dishes.

The men at the table were now concerned as I shouted, “All right! There’s at least of six of you so come on and beat the hell out of me. I‘m sure you can do it but I’m also sure that several of you will be hurting a lot more.” Then, after waiting for a few seconds for the action to begin, I left the subdued party and drove slowly to 141st and Polomar where I parked and rested and began to think.

A few minutes later, I’d checked into the Seaside Motel where I got comfortable and took beer from the refrigerator. There, alone and in the secure room, I began to relax and calm my nerves. The nervous excitement had drained me of my energy as the beer tended to calm me. Five years married and embarrassed by tje oman loved.

It was as I was about to open my second beer when a knock came at my door. I moved slowly to answer the alarm to find Anna, my wife, standing there and looking very pissed off! “How could you embarrass me in front of my friends?” she asked, “I feel line the laughing stock of the whole matter. You didn’t have to hurt those guys. Dirk’s been to the emergency room and . . .”

“Whoa!” I interrupted, “If I remember right, it was them who attacked me. I only defended myself.” Hearing my rather authoritative and firm tone, Anna took a new affirmative tone took a new position as she said simply, “Now, let’s get home and put this behind us. I’ll forgive you for what you’ve done.”

Hearing this, I felt my ire rising. She’d forgive me, she’d said. I responded simply, “I didn’t want to go to that party in the first place. Then, when I did, I was embarrassed several times by your friends pranks and made to feel like a fool. Those people laughed at me. I might have held my feelings in longer but you were laughing with them. When I attempted to sit with you at dinner you made no attempt to join me but opted to sit with your friends. Now, you offer to forgive me. I’ve got to think about this.”

Suddenly, Anna’s face turned ashen and tears began to well up in her eyes. “What are you saying? Are you saying our marriage is over?” My reply was quick and to the point, “I’m saying that I need some time to cool off and think. You’ve hurt me badly and I’m not sure any more.”

Now, she was clearly shaken and her complection had turned a pale gray. She moved to kiss me on the lips but I deflected it and she began to plead, “Please. Remember our vows. We love each other. I’ll quit my job and getaway from those people! I’ll make this up to you somehow. . . .”

“You’d better go,” I said. She did.

For the next couple of days, I returned to my job and buried myself in my work to forget my troubles. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t fun. On the third day back, a lawyer from Anna’s firm came to me with and offer. “The firm would not bring charges or sue me over the incident at the picnic if I would agree to not discuss the party with anyone.”

I smiled as I said, “You may go back and tell your client that I’d not agree to anything you jacka**es might offer. Please sue me and while we’re at it, let’s do it in Superior court where we can get all the publicity we can.”

A few minutes later, Anna, my wife came into the office and said, “Now, you’ve done it! They’ll ruin you. Please sign the agreement! “ Again, I rejected the proposal and Anna left in tears. That night, in Superior court was a charge against Anna’s company for $100,000 dollars filed by me. Of course, the case had insufficient grounds for winning but the publicity would reflect very badly on the company.

That night, shortly after midnight, I put my computer knowledge to work and got into Anna’s company computer network. There, I planted a half dozen illegal transactions and a dozen simple errors. Then, after a simple telephone call, the auditors arrived to audit the company. By nightfall, two of the company’s ace employees were discovered to have made illegal transactions a felony! The rest of the report reflected poorly on the company management!

That evening, as I returned to my room from dinner, I found Anna waiting at my door. “Look, we’ve got to talk. I know that you had something to do with that bad audit today. I don’t know how you did it but I just feel it. They’ll catch you and they’ll ruin you. Please!” In her eyes, I saw real concern and fear for the first time.

This woman standing before me was the woman I loved and she obviously felt concern for me. On the other hand, she was the woman who had laughed at me and ridiculed me. Right at that moment though , she was my wife and I wanted to love and protect her. As I looked at her there in my room, I felt obliged to respond, “Anna! I’m a big boy! And I know how to protect myself. You should be worrying more about your own situation.”

Next morning, Anna’s company was again sued for sexual harassment with an accompanying report in the newspaper. As I read the news, I wondered about the facts. I’d never met the woman bringing the charges and knew nothing of the situation.
By afternoon, it was reported that a second and third woman had joined the suit.

After a quick consideration, I gave the news article little thought until Mr. Jake Federson. President of Anna’s company came to my office and requested an audience.

So as we greeted he opened quickly, “I know that you don’t like my company and that my employees have treated you badly. I regret that I knowingly permitted it, thinking it all a prank in fun only. Since that company picnic, things have gone badly for the company and I can’t help wondering if you’re at the bottom of those troubles. If you are, I’d like to settle our differences now. I’m willing to pay.. .”

I interrupted him to offer him a seat in a comfortable chair and coffee before replying, “You should know first that I’m not at the root of all our company’s troubles. Oh! I sometimes wish that I were but I’m not. I would be willing to settle our differences right here and now though.” The old man quickly responded, “What are your terms?”

My response was first to fire those men who had treaed me so badly at the picnic; then . . . .”

Jake Federson interrupted, “I’ve already fired five of the seven. It’ll be no problem’

My second condition was that my wife, Anna, be promoted to the position of investment counselor. Trained. and assigned a small list of clients. To this Jake thought for a moment before responding, “I can do that but I thought that you and her were parted!”

“Estranged maybe but not necessarily parted. We’re working on that.” I replied.

Actually, I wanted it because if we divorced, she’d have a higher income than me and when the assets were split, I’d benefit or we might get back together at which time her nice income would become community property. . . or maybe it was something else! It just seemed right!

From that moment on, the company’s accounts were always perfect and the auditors lost interest. Anna moved to her new job which she pursued with a certain vigor that she’d not shown before.

Then, two of the women who had brought the harassment charges were suddenly rehired and their lawsuit was settled out of court. The third woman simply disappeared and those charges were dropped.

It was after a few weeks that Jake Federson, the company president came to my office again and request I join him for an extended lunch! It was as we sat down at our table that Jake spoke, “You’re a damn fool! You’ve got this beautiful wife who loves you and wants you back while other men move on her daily. It’s obvious that she rejects them on a daily basis but she is a woman with needs. Now, do something about it!”

Hearing the vehemence with which he spoke, I suddenly realized that he was right. She was mine and she was basically devoted to me but she was also sometimes influenced by others. Let alone and needy she might just succumb to the proposals of a man! I couldn’t let that happen!

An hour later, I had called Anna at work and asked her to meet me for dinner only to be told that she had a dinner date and wouldn’t be free until nine o’clock. Then, she quickly suggested lunch or dinner the following day. I quickly made arrangements for lunch the following day.

Then, as I Sat back from the telephone, I suddenly felt concern she had a date. Was I too late? The thought overpowered everything else in my mind. Had I screwed up and lost the only woman I’d ever loved? From there on, the rest of the work day was shot as my mind dwelled on Anna and her date. I couldn’t think clearly or organize in my muddled state.

After work, I went to the ‘Mom & Pop’ for dinner and ate very little as my mind was on Anna and her date. Back in my room, my concerns seemed to increase and I became excited. I had to do something!

It was then that evil thoughts crossed my mind. If Anna were going to take a lover, she’d find it convenient to do the deed in our apartment. She’d been living alone there. I’d just go and barge right in and break up their little tryst and take back what was rightfully mine. With that in mind, I drove to our apartment and parked on a back lot to avoid any unpleasantries. Then, using my key, I opened the door and entered. All was quiet and dark so, I assume that they must be in the bedroom. Then, having searched there and finding the place vacant, I considered they just hadn’t arrived yet.

With that. I went to the refrigerator and found a bottle of beer and waited as I could now break up their little love affair before it began. So, I waited in the darkness with my evil thoughts.

Shortly after eight, the front door to the apartment opened and Anna stepped inside, closed the door and turned to turn on the lights. It was then that she saw me sitting on the sofa. She smiled as she came to offer a greeting.

As she approached, I stood and pulled her to me in to a close embrace as I bent to kiss her. Our lips met but her’s were stiff and cold lips and there was no intimacy. Feeling the rejection, I moved back and our eyes met. “I’m sorry! I guess I’m too late!” I said and began to spill my feelings to her. I left out nothing as I ended saying, “I know I’ve waited too long but . . .”

She interrupted, “Hey silly, It’s not too late. You’re the only man that I’ll ever love.”

“But, what about your date tonight?” I replied.

“Oh that! I was at the Federsons for dinner. Jake wanted me to meet his family. Surely you didn’t think that. . . .” then, her voice trailed off as she realized what I’d been thinking. “I want you!. Please come and make love to me right now!”

Suddenly the world had color again and life was good as I moved with her to the bedroom that was her now, had been our’s once and soon would be again. Then, as we entered the bedroom, Anna said, “I feel dirty. I need a shower. Come shower with me?”

Perhaps two minutes later, our clothes were on the floor as we entered the shower together. It’d been a long time since I’d been close to my wife and it felt good. Soon, we were washing each other and enjoying the fondling, caressing and touching as we grew more intimate. Then, suddenly we kissed and unlike earlier, this kiss was filled with loving lust and passions that seemed to grow by the second.

It felt good and it felt like it had once felt before that party/picnic episode. Suddenly, we were laughing and it’d been a very long time since I’d laughed with her. When I moved to wash her pudenda, Anna uttered a small groan and grabbed my aroused cock. For the next few minutes, we enjoyed te erotic play until my wife suddenly wrapped her arms around my neck and threw her legs around my waist. There she moved only slightly and my cock had entered her waiting pussy. It was an awkward arrangement and left little room for movement and I desperately sought something more suitable.

Still joined at the groin, I moved us, soaking wet out of the shower and sought a place to sit, The toilet seat was there and I was soon seated on it as Anna sat on my thighs and drove herself o to my raging cock. Ads I looked into Anna’s eyes, I saw her excitement and her lust. She was hot! “Ever done it like this before?” she asked before continuing, “Me neither!” She continued.

When the stresses and strains on unfamiliar muscles forced us to move, I again grasped Anna and carried her, still fully connected, on to the bed where I drove myself into her from the missionary position. As the water from the shower still dripped off from us and mixed with our sweat, the sheets were quickly soaked.

After a time, we rested and talked and played as we made plans for the future. Somehow, our eyes seemed to speak for us in so many ways that words couldn’t express. Our bodies seemed to coordinate their actions in ways that we could never understand but came to appreciate.

Then, suddenly something about our bodies spoke and we were back enjoying the rhythm of good coitus. It was exciting and it was good! Anna was the love of my life and together we were proving it.

When our peaks arrived and we climaxed, we were ready. After welcoming my discharge of semen into her belly, we lay together, still joined by my deflating penis and awaited the afterglow. This was the part of the act that both of us had come to enjoy most.

It was cold and dark in the wet bed when I awoke and found Anna cuddled closely with me spooned around her back side. I arose and got a couple of blankets which I threw over her before crawling back into my spooning position. Once settle into my position, Anna spoke, “Thanks. I was cold.”

Some time later, I was awakened by Anna as she gently rolled me on to my back and began to move over my aroused cock. There, she mounted me, cowgirl style. and
moved to start the coital rhythm. Suddenly, I was awake and excited! It was like when we were first married. In the pale light of the moon in the room, I looked up into her face, and saw pleasure and lust in her eyes. We were together again and or intimacy was as intense as it had ever been.

With morning, I moved back home and we were a family again. When I went to thank ole Jake Federson for his timely advice, we developed a friendship and his wife and Anna became close as well. Years passed as my business continued to grow and improve and Anna learned the intricacies of higher finance with a lot of coaching from Jake. She took and passed the broker’s examination.

Anna and I talked of starting of starting a family and we tried together. Although the doctors reported that my sperm count was just fine and she was healthy, it just didn’t happen.

Then, as I passed my 35th birthday, Anna became morose and uncommunicative as if something troubled her. As the months passed, she seemed to grow colder and colder towards me. It was when Jake came to me and asked if I’d seen any changes in my wife as she’d seemed different at work of late that my concerns began to grow exponentially. Repeated questions only seemed to irritate her. I began bringing her flowers and candy and arranging date nights as I worked to make her happy again. The results were all negative.

It was just after the holidays that te blow fell. It was after dinner as we sat in our living room and shared wine together when Anna said, “We’ve gotta’ talk. I’ve always felt inferior to those around me who were at the top of their profession and I’m just a salesman. I need to excel and lead do, I’ve decided to start my own business. I’ve got some clients lined up and a place rented, with an apartment over, to start the operations. Unfortunately, It’ll be a fulltime job and there’ll just be no time for family. I’m asking you to allow me to be free of any family obligations and marriage vows as I embark on this.”

As she spoke, I interrupted, “You mean that you want to call off our marriage? You want t leave me?”

She replied, “It’s something that I just have to do and you’ll survive for a few years while I get the business up and thriving. Then, if you’re still available, we can get back together. Of course, I know that men have needs and I’d expect that you might want to find a new woman in your life. If that happens, then I’ll understand.

Still stunned and reeling from the shock of her words, I said, “What about your current job? You owe Jake!”

“He’ll live,” she replied, “I intend to give him some real competition!”

‘Please! I beg you to reconsider! You’re the only woman I’ve ever loved. . . .”

The look in her eyes told me that my pleas were wasted and that she was intent on leaving I was given no alternative.

The next week of turmoil was not a pleasant one for me as I moved to adjust to her leaving. As the week progressed, Jake came to me with his concerns he’d taught her the business, the fine art of brokerage and had made her the expert that she was. She was not only deserting him but she was taking a lot of his company’s clientele. I sensed that he was more hurt her betrayal than by the lose of the clients.

Gradually, I adjusted to my new single life alone. As the months passed, I grew content and began to build my new life. I seldom saw, or heard from, Anna as her business appeared to prosper. As my first holiday season alone approached, I booked a trip to Europe for a vacation. I met several attractive women and wined them and dined them but felt no special attraction to any of them. Rather, I found interest in the European computer science and the differences between it and that of the United States. I gleaned much good information to take home to my business,

Then, back home, it was business as usual only ten to fourteen hours each day, seven days each week. When I was elevated to a seat on the board of directors of my firm, I took little joy but was content.

Two more years passed as I continued to develop my new single life. I found that I had a larger circle of friends both men and women! When Prunella Hinsworth sat next to me at the opera I suddenly felt the need for a woman and felt my arousal. Then, at intermission, I stood alone drinking my wine when I was approached by Prunella and she introduced herself as Pru. Stunned and a little honored that this beautiful creature would approach me, I replied and we began a casual conversation. I quickly learned that she was alone and unattached.

Pru and I immediately hit it off and arranged to meet later for a drink and late dinner. Of course, suddenly I was torn! My mind was a chaotic mess as I considered sex with lovely woman and Anna, my estranged wife! I reasoned that she had deserted me and told me to make a new life and the rest was easy.

Pru was a private school principal and divorced several years ago by a man who had left her for a cocktail waitress and who obviously had no sense of beauty. Why not pursue her.” I reasoned.

The rest of the evening went smooth and efficiently as Pru and I seemed impelled towards the same goal. It went as though the both of us had long experience with each other as we kissed and played together. When I moved to kiss her it seemed as though we’d done it many times before and we fell comfortably into a deep soul kiss. Our tongues clashed! Shortly clothes were on the floor and we faced each other bare.

Again, as we moved to her bedroom, I admired her firm body and felt impelled to say, “You’re beautiful woman. Why hasn’t some guy come along and swept you off your feet with marriage?” She replied simply, “I’m not very good at marriage. . .tried it once and failed miserably.”

Again, we kissed, a soft, tender kiss that seemed to offer intimacy. Since that was my most urgent need, I simply played along as we made out and, as hoped, we grew closer and some intimacy developed. Pru’s only words were quietly spoken, “I needed this.”

Hours passed as we pleasured each other and our intimacy grew slowly at first but seemed to grow faster with familiarity. As we played, we talked frankly about or messy lives and soon, there were no secrets between us. It was early the next morning when I realized that the intimacy that I was feeling was similar to that I’d known with my wife and my lust for this woman as strong as any I could remember. I needed to make love to Pru.

It was as if she’d read my mind that she moved suddenly and said, “I want you now. Take it easy though as it’s been a very long time since I’ve done it.”

In an instant, I was over her and between her legs. Then in those awkward first moments, I tried several times to enter her several times until I finally felt the soft, smooth, warm sides of her love canal around my tool. I leaned forward on my elbows and kissed her as I continued to enter her. Suddenly, I felt her support flowing into me as I poured mine into her. I suddenly had a renewed strength again.

It was at that moment that we became friends with benefits.

Our sexual union that first time wasn’t spectacular. We didn’t drive each other to new heights of passion or incite unprecedented excitement and lust. It was a time when we two friends grew to know and trust each other. We were comfortable together and supported each other.

With morning, Pru and I discussed our time together and agreed that it’d been special. We agreed that we’d serve each other’s needs exclusively and keep us disease free. When I left Pru that morning, I felt the closeness of a good friend.

Over the next few months, Pru and I dated each other for symphonies, concerts and plays, etc. and made love every couple of weeks as our needs prevailed. My work days grew shorter and I began to enjoy the world around me.

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