Anna Kendrick x Hailee Steinfeld – Team Building Exercise

Surrounded by cheers, flashing lights and calls from reporters & photogs, Hailee walked down the red carpet at the LA premiere of Pitch Perfect 3. As she walked down the carpet from one interview to the next she couldn’t but think back to how her career had taken off in the last 2 and a half years since the release in Pitch Perfect 2. In that tim she had become more recognized for her acting thanks to The Edge of Seventeen, her music career had taken off, and she was also viewed by many as one of the sexiest young starlets in Hollywood. Looking around at the media, fans and her costars on the carpet, she caught sight of Anna Kendrick whispering something to Max Handelman, on of the films producers and Elizabeth Banks’ husband. Seeing those two together she flashed back to her memory about the first time she had met them.

BACK IN 2014

Hailee was walking down the hallway to visit a producer of the Pitch Perfect 2. Hailee was hoping to get the part of a freshman that would pay a big part in the sequel. This is the role that she was hoping would be a big break, after earning an oscar nomination for True Grit in 2010 and she really hadn’t been in anything of note other than Ender’s Game, which had underperformed. With the success of the first Pitch Perfect, Hailee hoped if she got the part that it would open doors for her down the road. She’d already been through two interviews and a singing tryout, so she knew it was probably down to her and maybe a handful of other actresses.

Thinking that this was another, and hopefully final, audition Hailee was dressed like she thought her college student character might dress; tight jeans, a tight v-neck t-shirt, and sneakers. Entering the office of Max Handelman was feeling a bit nervous. She had met some of the other producers and the casting people before, but this was the first time she had met with Max one on one. He was sitting behind a desk wearing a polo shirt. Hailee didn’t think much of Max, he just seemed like a pretty average looking middle age guy.

“Hi Mr. Handelman, nice to see you again,” Hailee said nervously as she approached the desk.

“Hi!” Hailee stopped as she heard a perky female voice over to her side. Looking over she saw Anna Kendrick laying down on a black leather couch giving her a wave.

“Oh my god Anna! I didn’t know you were going to be here. It’s so amazing to meet you, I’m such a fan.” Hailee gushed meeting the star of the first Pitch Perfect movie. The two actresses had been at some of the same events in the past, but they had never really met until now.

“Aww that’s nice. And I really loved you in True Grit,” Anna told Hailee. “As for what I’m doing here, I was talking to Max and he told me you were going to get the part so I thought it was important that we meet.”

“Really, wait… did you just say that I got the part!?!”

Max spoke, “Well, technically we’re still negotiating things with your agent, but you are by far our top choice and as soon as the paperwork gets settled we can make it official.”

“Oh my god thank you! You have no idea how happy I am to hear this.” Hailee was brimming with excitement. She could not wait to go tell her family the news and celebrate. “Wait, so if I am not here to audition some more, why did you call me in?”

“I asked Max to call you in,” Anna explained. “We are going to have a lot of scenes together, and I thought it was important that we meet, and bond, and see what kind of chemistry we have together.”

“Oh, okay. So, do you wanna to run lines or something…” Hailee was pretty confused.

“No, I was thinking about something a little different and out of the box,” Anna laughed slightly “Max why don’t you stand up and show her how I thought me and her could bond.”

Max stood up and Hailee’s eyes bugged out and her jaw almost hit the floor. Max was now standing behind the desk showing off the fact that he wasn’t wearing anything below the waist, exposing the largest cock Hailee had ever seen. She was not a virgin, but the biggest guy she had ever been with was about 7 inches, and Max looked to be a little bigger than that and he was still completely flaccid.

Anna broke out in laughter from Hailee’s reaction. “I know right. It’s huge.”

“I..ummmm…so you want…ahhh.. To…” Hailee’s brain was going at about 100mph and she could not focus on any one thought.

Anna stood up off the couch and moved over to stand in front of Hailee “Look all of girls on the movie get along really well, and we are all very sexual. It’s not that uncommon to walk by trailers and hear sex noises coming from inside two or three of them. So…” Anna said moving to the side, both of them eyeing Max’s schlong, “I thought what better way to introduce you to our group, than by the two of us sharing a big fat cock. Think of it as a team building exercise.”

“Jesus, it’s just so big.”

“Yeah it is.” Anna had been dressed in a jumper and a pair of boots, until Anna pulled her jumper off leaving her nude except for the pair of boots. “Come on take a closer look.” Anna grabbed Hailee’s hand and pulled her as she walked over to the side of the desk. Max turned to the girls and Hailee, as though in a trance, followed Anna’s lead dropping down to her knees. Hailee continued to watch, unblinking, as Anna reached out and grasped the dangling tube of man meat. As Anna began to stroke it, the cock grew harder, and longer, and thicker. Soon Anna had both hands pumping and the producer’s cock began to show it’s true size, at a little over 11 inches and almost as thick as the Up In the Air star’s forearm.

“Wow…that’s…wow.” Hailee was stunned and also feeling quite intimidated.

“Yup. Some men are growers, some men are showers, and Max here is a mix a both. Lucky for us. Plus Max knows to keep his mouth shut and let us enjoy ourselves” Taking one of Hailee’s hands she placed it on the large tool. At first she struggled to get a handle on it but she slowly began to find her way. Now with both Hailee and Anna stroking the large cock with one hand each, Anna leaned in and began kissing the tip before taking the head into her mouth and swirling her tongue around it. Anna then backed off and pushed the cock towards Hailee.

“Here, give it a suck.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’m sure and he won’t mind.” Hailee was still hesitant, looking back and forth between the large man meat in front of her and the face of the man it belonged to. “You have sucked a dick before, right?”

“Yeah…Of course. I’ve done it with my last couple of boyfriends, and I like doing it, it’s just… I’m not sure it will fit in my mouth” Hailee said as she continued to eye the large cock.

“Only one way to find out.” Hailee shrugged her shoulders in response knowing Anna was right. Reaching out she took hold of it in one hand, and was unable to fully close her hand around it. Leaned in she stuck out her tongue and began giving the large phallus several licks. Finding her confidence, Hailee took a deep breath and slid the large tip into her mouth. Hailee surprised herself that it actually fit into her mouth, and now slowly worked more into her mouth. With the challenge of actually getting her mouth around it, she now wanted to test to see how much of it she could actually fit into her mouth. Hailee had worked nearly a third of it into her mouth before she started to gag.

“Urp” Hailee sounded as she gagged out the cock. “Holy shit.”

“Nice job. I’m impressed.” Anna encouraged her.

Hailee give the head another hard suck and then backed off the dick. “So I need to know, how did you know that he was so… umm…big? Did you sleep with him to get the part?” Hailee asked before returning to giving Max a blow job.

“What? No! I didn’t have to have sex with him to get the part. I didn’t even really have to audition for the role. Though some of the other girls did,” Anna explained as she fingered herself and watched Hailee suck cock. “I found out about him while I was having lunch with Elizabeth Banks, and she with venting about her husband and stuff. She talked how she had walked in on him having a threeway with Brittany Snow and Anna Camp and mentioned that if he wasn’t so hung and wasn’t such a good fuck she would have left him years ago. That peaked my interest so a week later right after we filmed the shower scene and the crew left the set, I seduced him and had him screw my brains out in the shower stall. I can’t watch that scene without my panties getting wet from memories of that afternoon. Now slide over and let me have a go.”

Hailee let the cock slide out of her mouth and handed it off to Anna. While Hailee blew Max at a slow methodic pace, Anna went from zero to 100. Taking half of the beast down her throat on the first go, Anna bobbed her head on the dick with great speed and after about 30 seconds she had almost the whole thing down her throat.

“Wow” was all Hailee could say as she watched the small girl down that huge cock. Anna enjoyed putting on a show her new friend, but put the show on pause for a moment.

“Turns out that singing exercises that help you loosen your throat are good for other things too. I’ll teach you some of them later, but for now why do you strip. Doesn’t seem fair that we’re naked and you’re not.” Hailee at this point was beyond questioning Anna, so she stood up and took of her t-shirt and then unhooked her bra. Throwing her top over to wear Anna’s discarded jumper is, she then slid off her sneakers and began undoing her pants. As she pulled down her pants she realized that both Anna and Max had stopped what they were doing to watch her strip down.

“Damn, girl. You have some crazy legs, and a really nice butt,” Anna comment.

“Thank you. Though I will to have tits like yours.” Hailee repaying the compliment though feeling a little self conscious as stood only in a black thong in front of two people who not long ago were strangers.

“Aww, these things” Anna cupped her breasts and gave them a shake. “Yeah, they are pretty great. Now come down here and help me with this.” Hailee dropped down to her knees and Anna let Hailee take Max’s cock back into her mouth while Anna began sucking his balls. The two then switched off with Anna deep throating him and Hailee bathing his balls with her tongue. The two actresses soon found themselves simultaneously kissing each other and the mushroomed head of large cock, with the tongue sliding around the head and into each others mouths. Anna stopped everything when she heard a long low moan released from Max. Knowing he could be close to cumming, she moved things along to the next phase.

“So, are you ready to fuck this?”

“Ummm… ahhh…” as insanely turned on as she was, Hailee was still intimidated by Max’s size

“Tell you what, I’ll go first and you can just jump in when you feel ready.”

Hailee agreed and stepped back to give Anna and Max room. Anna bent over the desk and Max stepped up behind her. Anna reached back behind her, taking a hold of Max’s large cock she rubbed it along her labia, teasing both herself and Max.

Hailee watched as Max got impatient and finally pushed forward. Once again Hailee found herself with her jaw dropped and at as lost for words as she watched the monstrous cock enter the Pitch Perfect star.

“Ewwwwww…Yessssss!” Anna moaned “I never get tired of feeling that thing split me apart.” Hailee watched as Max pummeled Anna’s pussy with and Anna reacted like a girl driven by lust and pleasure. Hailee didn’t even realise that she had been inching closer and closer to Max and Anna as she watched until she felt Max pull her towards him. Grabbing her by the back of the head, Max kissed Hailee and Hailee quickly responded by kissing him back. Max moved his mouth down to the teenagers titties. Hailee then turned her attention back to watching Anna get fucked. She watched as Anna’s breasts swung as Max pounded his dick into her. Hailee could not help herself. She reached out and began groping one of Anna’s breasts. Giving it a squeeze and giving her hard nipple a pinch.

“Hailee, get on the desk and lie back.” Anna demanded, and Hailee quickly followed instructions. Lying down on the desk, her legs hanging off the edge with Anna standing between them continuing to get railed. Hailee was taken by surprised as Anna slid her thong aside and t quickly descended on her future costar’s pussy, eating her out.

“Anna! Oh, oh my god! You’re… oh god…yes eat my pussy!” Hailee yelled out. Hailee had fooled around with Sophie Turner and Dove Cameron on the set of her last movie a couple months ago, Dove had gone down on her multiple times, but every time that happened they had been drinking quite heavily. This is the first time sober she ever had another girl do something to her, and she was really enjoying it.

Hailee had her eyes closed and her head tilted back, enjoying the feeling of having her clit sucked on. “What? No keep going. Please.” Hailee pleaded as she was on the verge of cumming when Anna pulled away from pussy. Looking up she saw Anna in the middle of a silent scream, cumming from Max’s fucking.

“Oh shit yeah.” Anna finally said breaking her silence. “Come on, do it. DO IT!” Anna yelled out, and it was followed by some loud grunts by Max. Anna and Max were now just standing there winded, trying to catch their breath as Hailee looked up at them.

“Did he just cum in you?” Hailee questioned.

“Yeah he did,” Anna said proudly, as she climbed up on the desk and sat next to Hailee.

“I got a vasectomy a year ago,” Max spoke up for the first time in a while.

“Max, I told you before, no talking,” Anna scolded him
“Whatever” Max said as he dropped down to his knees and pulled Hailee further off the desk, continuing where Anna was before eating Hailee out.

“UMMM…YES YES!” Hailee was once again on the verge of an orgasim when she got another surprise. “Holy Shit! Oh my god!”

“What is it?” Anna asked, already knowing the answer.

“His tongue..”

“What about it?”

“It’s in my ass! He’s licking my ass with his tongue!” Hailee screamed as she came with Max licking her asshole and fingering her pussy.

“Yeah he is a dirty fucker,” Anna said. When Hailee’s orgasim subsided Max stood up standing over Hailee who remained lying on the desk with Anna kneeling next to her. “Now it’s your turn sweetie,” Anna whispered to Haiz. Hailee watched as Max grabbed her legs and put them up onto his shoulders. He took his large cock and slapped it against her wet folds and swollen clit. Max had been hesitant to agree to Anna’s plan to seduce Hailee, especially since she was only 17, but now standing over her seeing her sexy nude body and his cock resting against her snatch, he couldn’t care less about those concerns.

“Umm not sure about this, I… I don’t think it will fit.” Hailee said nervously as she felt Max rub the tip of his cock against her opening

“Shhhhh…. It’s fine.” Anna said moving down and kissing the nervous girl. As they kissed Max took his shot. He slipped the head of his cock into Hailee, which caused her to let out a high pitch squeal as Anna continued to kiss the teenage actress. Hailee let out another primal sound as Max slid more and more of thick cock into her. Anna finally let up from her kiss.

“OH GOD! OH GOD! He’s splitting me in half.” Hailee yelled as Max started to ease in and out of her.

“But it feels good right.” Anna said looking down into Hailee’s brown eyes.

“YES! Jesus christ why does it feel so good.” Hearing that she enjoyed the feeling Max started to increase the speed and amount of his cock that he was pistoning in and out of her tight teenage pussy. Hailee only let out moans and groans as she was fucked on the producer’s desk.

“Yeah, fuck her good! Pound her with that huge cock!” Anna cheered on Max. As he was now giving Hailee everything he had, and Anna sat watching occasionally reaching over to play with Hailee’s breast or down to her clit. When Anna began licking Hailee’s clit and Max’s cock as he ficked her, it set Hailee off. She cried out in bliss as she came and Max pulled out.

“Roll over, I wanna see that ass.” Max said.

“No ta–” Anna was cut off as Max stuck his cock in her mouth. She gave him a dirty look, but she continued to suck him off until Hailee got down off the desk and bent over. Hailee wiggled her ass in the air when she was ready and Max stepped up behind her and gave her ass a slap before sticking his dick back in her. Anna slid over and now sat naked directly in front of her soon to be costar. Anna took hold of the back of Hailee’s head and made her look up at her. Anna then forced her tongue down her throat and the two girls made out as Max fucked Hailee from behind.

When Anna finally released Hailee from their kiss, Hailee’s head dropped down and she was now looking directly at Anna Kendrick’s recently waxed pussy. In a move that surprised even surprised herself, Hailee stuck out her tongue and licked Anna’s slit. Then she did it again, and again.

“Oh shit, come on. Don’t tease me, fucking eat that pussy,” Anna called out and shoved Hailee’s head into her crotch. Hailee had never done this before, but she was so turned on she didn’t want anything to stop, so she tried to remember the things she liked when Dove and Anna went down on her and then redo those same actions on her. They stayed this way for a couple of minutes; Max fucking Hailee from behind, giving her ass the occasional slap, meanwhile Hailee ate out Anna and Anna toyed with her own breasts.

“Ughh, oh god.” Max said and he suddenly slowed down.

“Don’t come in me!” Hailee yelled out, breaking her face away from Hailee’s pussy.

“Fucking shoot your load on our faces” Anna said.

“Fuck yes! I love it when a guy shoots his load on my face” Hailee agreed. However hearing the 17 year old actress yell this out almost caused Max to cum instantaneously. He was barely able to control himself enough to back away from Hailee and let the two girls get off the desk.

Max now stood in front of the two kneeling naked actresses stroking his cock. They were cheek to cheek looking back up at him when he finally shot off. He completely drained his balls of everything they had, and showering it over the two movie stars. Anna and Hailee both closed their eyes and opened their mouths as they got their faces painted with jizz. When he was done, Max’s legs buckled and he slumped back into his desk chair. Anna immediately went and cleaned off his cock with her tongue while Hailee tried clean a large dollop of cum of her eyelid.

“Wow, that was just… wow.” Hailee said when she finally got her eye back open.

“Ummm… well, I’d say we work pretty well together, though just to make sure we keep up the chemistry we may have to do this again from time to time during the filming” Anna told Hailee after she finished off Max’s cock.

“That sounds like a great idea” Hailee replied as she scooped some cum off her cheek and into her mouth.