Kat Dennings – I love your big boobs

We fade in on Kat standing in her living room, in a black bra and panties, laying out a towel on the floor, which she then kneels on. Reaching in back, her bra snaps a little as she unhooks it, smiling at the camera, then, crossing her arms, pulls down the straps, and takes it off, revealing her huge, white tits, which she rubs and squeezes for a moment, before holding one up to her mouth, and licks, sucks, and even bites her pink nipple.

Kat then picks up a bottle of baby oil, on the floor next to her, unscrews the top, then leans back, and pours it all over her tits. After putting the bottle down, Kat proceeds to start squeezing and fondling her breasts, so they’re all slick and shiny, sliding out of her hands when she holds them up. Picking up the bottle again, Kat pours more onto her midriff, and oils up her soft, pudgy belly. Sighing, Kat lays back, and continues to rub and knead her big, oily titties, biting her lip as she flicks her thumbs on her hard nipples.

Squeezing one tit hard, Kat slides her other hand down her belly, then, in a close-up, grabs the crotch of her panties, pulling them aside, and begins to rub and finger her already moist, pink cunt. “Ohm…” Kat moans, digging her teeth into her lower lip, and digging her nails into her tit, as, back in the close-up, her oily fingers pump in and out of her drooling twat. “Ouh…” Breathing hard, and face beginning to contort, Kat starts to buck her hips, as she gets closer to climax. “Hm!” Muffled cries getting higher, Kat moves the other hand down, and, again in the close-up, rubs her throbbing clit, as her other hand finger-fucks her practically gushing pussy. Finally, picking her ass up off the ground, Kat cries out, voice cracking, as the orgasm shoots through her.

“Huhm…” Kat sighs, as her body relaxes, and again kneads her big tits, smiling up at the camera above her, as the scene fades out.

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