Melissa Joan Hart is taken against her will by a mysterious female she’s never seen before

Melissa decided to take a vacation from filming her
show. So she took a month off to travel around the
country and so she left LA and headed to the Rockies to
camp and hike for a time. When she got their early in
the morning in her car and then got out, and saw that
no one was around to see her so in her white t-shirt
and black spandex shorts and white canvas shoes and
hair in a pony tail she started up a trail.

After walking for about 30 min. she was getting hot and
felt like someone was watching her so she stopped and
sat down and drank some water and looked around. She
saw no one and then started walking again, About 30
min. in a thick section of trees near some caves she
was hit hard from behind on the head and blacked out.

When Melissa came too she felt her arm stretched away
from her body and being held in the air and her legs
being held stretched when she looked around she was in
a cave with torches and her body was suspended with
rope like an X shape pulled tight away from her body.
she pulled and struggled with the ropes and looked
around and then started to scream out, “HELP! HELP ME
SOME ONE!” as tears stared to run down her face.

“You can scream all you want but you cant be hear in
hear we are way back in this cave and the front is
blocked and sound proofed for a thing like this.” Say a
voice of a women in front of her the lady Melissa
notices is about 5’8 with shoulder length black hair
and medium build with about 36A breasts. as Melissa
looks at her she yells, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING WHY ARE YOU

The lady looks at her and gets an evil smirk and say
calmly, “No..” and then walks up to Melissa and then
puts her hand on her left breast and fondles it for a

Melissa looks shocked for a moment and the recovers and
starts to struggle and yells at the women, “DON’T TOUCH

The women looks into the younger woman’s eyes for a
long moment, then shows her a pair of scissors that
she’s holding in her left hand. She holds them close to
Melissa’s face and say, “Shhhhh…” Then she slides
them down the front of her shirt and along her hip and
then down the back of her leg and then, when she gets
to the shoe she cuts off the shoes laces and then pulls
both shoes.

Melissa shakes her head and sobs, “N-n-no no, please

Then she slides her hands up her legs and then she
takes the left leg of the shorts and starts to cut up
the left side of the short till she gets to the waist
and then she starts to cut up the right side and then
she cuts them off of Melissa and admires her legs and
her body now in only the t-shirt bra and panties which
the lady rapist finds, to be bikini panties. Which are
black and silky.

The lady rapist takes off her shorts and unbuttons her
shirt and shows that she has no bra on and then she
takes the bottom of the t-shirt and starts to cut up
the front of the shirt and the cuts away to Melissa’s
left sleeve and then cuts the shirt off of Melissa and
then admires her body in her nude color bra with the
lace on it and the black bikini panties. The lady
rapist then cut the straps on the bra off and let them
fall to the ground and then Melissa still sobbing said
“p-p-please don’t please let me go.”

“Oh I can’t my little bitch meat fuck slut. I am going
to have such fun with this body. He-he-heh, and now
let’s see them tits of yours.” The lady rapist then
takes the scissors and cuts the front of the bra which
pops open and then falls to the ground exposing
Melissa’s breast to the lustful view of this lady

She takes the Melissa’s left breast in her hand and
fondles it and weighs it in her hand and then takes her
thumb and traces the nipple till the nipple is standing
erect she then leans down and started tracing the
nipple with her tongue. Melissa jerks around and then
the rapist uses her teeth to bite on the nipple and
Melissa screams in pain. Then the lady rapist looks at
Melissa as she stands up and admires the red marks on
Melissa’s tit.

She then takes the scissors and cuts the panties away
leaving her totally naked and exposed. Melissa starts
to sob again, “n-n-n-no p-p-please stop (sob) please
(sob)” the lady rapist then tosses the scissors off to
the side and then walks behind Melissa and starts to
rub both hands on her ass and squeeze it and play with

“Mmmm, nice and round and full and the fun has just
begun.” She then leans against Melissa and Melissa
notices that she is naked and the lady slides her right
hand around Melissa’s body and rubs small circles on
Melissa’s stomach and then slides her hand down her
body between her wide spaced legs and starts to rub
slowly up and down her slit and then takes and left
hand and starts to fondle and squeeze Melissa’s left

She then takes her right hand and sucks the two middle
fingers and then she puts her hand between Melissa’s
legs again and then slides the two fingers into Melissa
and then starts a slow in and out from the tips of her
fingers to the last knuckle on her hand, “Uuhh, ungh,
ungh! No! Please stop, don’t do that, please stop. Uh,

The lady rapist kept going as Melissa’s juices began to
flow involuntary and the lady kept on fondling the tit
and then started to suck on Melissa’s neck with all her

And this kept on till Melissa was pushed over the edge
and came with shakes and mons, “OH GAWD! Unnggghh,
uhuh, hooohhh, nnnnoooo, n-n-no.”

Then the lady rapist steps in front of Melissa and
holds up the fingers covered in Melissa’s juices and
then puts them in her mouth and starts to suck as she
look at the hickie she made on Melissa’s neck, as
Melissa starts to cry from the experience and the shame
and humiliation of the person who just brought her to

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