My Hands are Tied – Alexandra Daddario

I worked at a surfboard rental shack in So-Cal for one summer, but only one summer. After what I did, there’s no way I could work there again.

It was a normal summer, like any other summer I worked before. Every year from May through August I would jump around beachfront jobs during my time off from university. One day, things changed completely.

The clientele was what you’d usually expect; teenie-boppers, actual surfers, first-time try-outs, big groups of friends and people fighting their midlife crises. I had one of these bigger groups come to the shack, but this group was different. Or I should say, they had someone with them who was different.

I feigned ignorance as to who she was, but there was no chance in hell that I could miss or miss identify Alexandra Daddario. I couldn’t miss her with smokey eye shadow, flawless, tousled brunette locks, those big blue eyes, and oh my God that body in a tight, form-fitting one-piece swimsuit with a zipper right between her large breasts.

It took everything in me not to stare, and I don’t think she caught me looking too hard, or if she did she was probably just that used to it.

After the group had their boards, paid, and were out of my hair, I didn’t have any other customers for the evening, so I had some free time to just watch her. The water seemed like her natural habitat, and I loved seeing her flourish in the waves.

It was about 45 minutes after Alexandra got her board that she waltzed up to my booth with swaying hips.

“Excuse me?” she asked politely, getting my attention because I was pretending to read a newspaper.

“Hey. What can I do for you?” I asked her with a professional, but not at all creepy smile.

“So, um… this may be a little awkward, but… do you offer lessons, or is this just a rental place?” she asked, biting that plump, full bottom lip of hers as she dug the heel of her foot in the sand.

“One of your friends need a lesson?” I asked, an eyebrow raised and elbows on the counter.

“No, just me,” she said with a light smile.

“No, you don’t,” I chuckled. “I saw you. You’re no rookie,” I laughed.

“You were watching me?” she asked, her jaw falling open. If it fell any lower, she could catch a pelican.

“I try to keep an eye on my boards when they’re in action,” I explained, confirming I was, but leaving out one of the two reasons I was watching her. “So what’s the deal?”

She guffawed for a moment, knowing she was caught, but I couldn’t catch on to what her game was. “Okay, fine. My friends are being weird assholes and I want someone else to spend my evening with.”

I looked at her for a moment, blinking a couple times. “Uh… I can close up after I get the boards back,” I said, motioning to her friends. She immediately handed me hers and I had her sign a slip, and she filled out a small service survey and review. She slid it back, and her number was on it, circled twice.

“What if I promise they’ll get the boards back? You have a board deposit bin. Can they just put them in there and you can do whatever you do with them tomorrow?”

“You’re really not happy with them right now, are you?” I asked, not laughing this time, but certainly curious.

“Can we talk about literally anything else, please?” she groaned as I started to close up. It didn’t take me long.

I tossed the closed sign on the counter, and on my door, and let Alexandra lead the way.

“So where are we going?” I asked the slightly older woman, my hand in one of hers and her beach bag in her other hand.

“Do you like ice cream?” she asked, looking over her shoulder at me with a light smile and beautiful eyes.

“Does anybody not like ice cream?” I joked, and Alexandra laughed a little.

“You know, I never even got your name,”Alexandra told me, and it dawned on me that she was right.

“Oh my God, you’re right. I’m so sorry. I’m Michael,” I said, bowing slightly instead of trying to shake her hand, because she still held mine and her bag.

“Hi, Michael. I’m Alex, and I’m really glad you can hang out with me,” she told me, kissing my cheek. I wondered if she was this friendly with everyone. “Let’s start off with some ice cream, and we’ll see where we go from there.”

“You know what, that sounds good to me,” I said with a smile and she smiled back. It was genuine, warm, and I liked the way it made me feel.

Conversation came light and so easy with Alex that I couldn’t believe it, and at no point did she mention that she was famous, an actress, or anything about money, outside of insisting that she pay for the ice cream. It was because she pulled me away from my booth early, she said.

The sun began to set, and I loved the way it made her skin glow, the way the burnt orange and the lavender purple molded with her ocean blue eyes. I don’t know what made me do it, but I reached out and pressed my knuckles ever so gently to her alabaster, flawless skin.

She slowly turned to face me, but didn’t remove my hand. “Michael, what are you doing?” she asked quizzically, but let me keep brushing her perfect face.

“I don’t really know, to be honest,” I said, turning my hand to cup her chin in my palm. “You’re gorgeous in this light, did you know?”

“I’ve been called gorgeous by creepy trolls on Instagram and in person, but it’s rare I hear it from a guy with such sincerity. It’s beyond flattering,” she said, and took the next move. She lunged forward and kissed me hard on the mouth, and I could still taste the mint chocolate ice cream on her tongue.

She was so commanding, giving me no chance to explore her mouth. I could feel her hand wrapping in my shirt as we passionately made out on the beach towel, keeping us off of the sand.

I made my move this time, and began to lightly scratch her milky thigh with my nails, just ghosting her flesh to leave goose bumps.

Our exchange remained heated, and we only broke our kiss to take in needed air, but three times we went back in for more. We couldn’t seem to stop.

Finally, I was so emboldened that I placed my hand right on the joining of her legs. Immediately, the brunette wonder closed her legs and moved my hand away.

“I don’t think I can… we moved too fast, Michael. It’s my fault, but we shouldn’t….” she couldn’t bring herself to say it.

I pulled away as if I had been burned, which I more or less had been. “You know what, you’re right. I got way too caught up in the moment and I went too far,” I said, standing to my feet.

“Again, I’m so sorry, Michael,” Alex said, standing up with me. She pressed her fingertips to her lips and smiled. “Is… is it okay if I do tell you that you’re a great kisser, though?”

“That’s more than okay. Now I get to tell people Alexandra Daddario said I’m a great kisser,” I shrugged.

Her eyes widened. “You’ve known who I am the whole time?” I felt like she shouldn’t be shocked, but I decided to leave it alone, not feeling overly gracious about being blue balled.

“So are we pretending this never happened and we both disappear? We exchanging numbers?” I asked, informally checking on the formalities.

She smiled and reached into the bust of her swimsuit she still wore, and removed her cell phone from the dry bag that had been between her breasts. “I’ll give you mine, you give me yours?” She stuck out her hand, and I took the still warm cell. I fished into my pocket and handed her mine.

We traded numbers, and I reluctantly gave her phone back. I had indirectly touched Alexandra Daddario’s world-famous tits, and I was pretty happy about that.

Later that same night, I received a text from “Alex ;)”. I opened the message and it said “get me down,” followed by an address.

I quickly got dressed, not entirely sure what was going on, but it didn’t sound good. She was in a hotel only twelve minutes away or so, so I was there in no time. Luckily, a room number was with the address.

Upon my arrival, I knocked on the door three times, and was met by a distressed, muted groan. I rushed into the room and found Alex quite literally tied up. Her hands were bound above her head with curtain ties, the other ends of the ties wrapped around the overhead light fixture.

Alex was in a pair of tight-fitting jeaan shorts and a white tank top, which pulled across her skin showed off the glorious swell of her massive breasts and pokey nipples.

I shot from the door to her, and removed the gag from her mouth. It was a pair of panties, and I could only assume they were hers. “Alex, can you explain to me what’s going on here?” I asked the woman drenched in sweat, probably hers from struggling to free herself.

“My friends were pissed off that I ditched them. They literally tied me up here, messaged you, and left me like this.”

“Your friends suck,” I told her flatly as I untied her legs.

“Trust me, I won’t be seeing them again. I hate them when they drink too much. They started getting shitty when I came and found you the first time. They’d been drinking since, and then it turned into this.”

I crossed my arms and stared at the tied up angel. I felt sorry for her, but at the same time, I was horny as fuck and still remembered my blue balls. Seeing her like this definitely didn’t make it easier, as the blood returned south.

Alex’s eyes lowered and saw the tent. She looked back up at me and smiled coyly. “How about since you helped me out by coming here, I help you out… by letting you cum here?”

“I accept that. I mean, I would have let you go anyway, but I can’t turn down that offer….” I mumbled as I slowly reached up to grope her waiting chest.

“Is there a man alive that doesn’t love my tits?” she asked with a chuckle.

“No,” I told her simply before lowering my head to suckle one of her protruding nipples through her top. She sighed and continued to hang there, at my mercy until we agreed that I should let her go.

I massaged one huge breast in my hand, tortured the other nipple with my tongue, and played with her pliant ass with a free hand.

Once I had gotten as much joy as I could from her torso, I reached into my jeans pocket and pulled out my pocket knife.

“Wait, what are you doing?” Alex asked with real shock in her voice as I cut her tank open from neck to hem. I pulled her shirt halves apart and gazed upon her glorious tits.

I immediately returned my mouth to her, circling her big nipples with my tongue, each in turn, lifting her breasts up from underneath.

“You don’t want to cut me down?” she asked breathlessly, trying not to moan as I suckled and licked all over her sweaty breasts.

“Why would I?” I chuckled, my lips still against her warm skin. “I’m going to lick every bit of sweat off of your hot body,” I growled.

Alexandra shivered at not only my words, but my actions as well, as I removed my hands from her boobs and quickly undid the fly and button of her jean shorts.

I roughly tugged down her shorts and the pantiesshe was wearing from her athletic and silky smooth legs that looked like porcelain. She used the ties above her head to lift her legs from beneath her, and I pulled her garments all the way off.

“Whatever you’re going to do, just do it, and then get me down,” she demanded.

Instead of answering, I sucked on her bare titties and palmed her naked snatch. She gasped aloud when she felt my thumb circle and flick her swelling clit. “Okay, so maybe this isn’t so bad,” she gave in.

“Uh-huh,” I agreed, my mouth still slobbering on her impressive chest and my tongue enjoying her warm sweat.

“You really get dirty sometimes, huh?” she asked, trying to ignore the fact that she was beginning to buck into hand a little bit.

I prefer to be a man of actions instead of words, so I used my free hand to deliver a sharp spank to her juicy ass.

Alex squealed a rocked into my hand. I timed it just right, and used that momentum to sink a digit deep up her clam.

“Oh fuck!” she cried out, completely off guard.

I began to curl my finger into her increasing wetness, and kissed her fully on the mouth, probing my tongue between her lips.

Our tongues wrestled for a while, and when I finally let her breathe, she gasped, “I can taste my sweat on your tongue.” I kissed her again and let her moan into my mouth as I inserted a second finger into her. Behind her back, I continued to spank and knead her supple behind.

As I continued to relentlessly finger fuck her cookie, she lost the ability to kiss me back, simply moaning hotly into my mouth as I plundered hers.

After she came for the first time, completely soaking my hand to the point that her juice ran down my wrist, I quickly removed my fingers, momentarily causing her twat to act like a vacuum as it got used to the loss.

I slapped her face. “Open your mouth.” Alex did as commanded, and she sucked all of the cum from my fingers, and I held my hand up for her to completely lick it clean.

Once she was done, I clasped her face in my hands and I claimed her tongue, sucking all of her heady flavor from it.

I made deep eye contact with her as I removed my own clothing, leaving myself naked as she was. Her big blue eyes lowered to my groin, and they widened further when she saw my proud cock, the tip reaching to my belly button. “Holy Christ,” she exhaled as she watched me slowly stroke it.

I gathered some pre-cum from my shining dick slit and applied it to her lips like a balm or gloss. It was her turn to look me dead in the eyes as she licked my glaze from her plump, red and swollen lips. “You taste fantastic,” she said, and I smirked.

“Just wait,” I told her and I slipped behind her. I roughly cupped her chest in both hands, pulling her body tight to my chest, my cock fitting perfectly along the crack of her ass. I squeezed and pressed her tits in my hands, twisted and pinched and flicked her rock hard nipples as I humped her, but didn’t enter her asshole. I had work to do yet.

“Oh my God, you’re going to fill me up,” she guessed as I nestled my wick down by her taint and let my length gather moisture there. I used my own skilled hips and no hands to find her entrance with my pink helmet. I was just about to enter her, just about to pierce past her slick nether lips when I pulled back.

“Not yet,” I whispered into her ear and licked her cheek, and then licked a line down her neck. I kissed her shoulders and continued to harvest as much of her sweat from her sleek body as I could until I reached the top of her ass with my mouth.

I dropped down to my haunches and smacked her firm ass again and again until I was satisfied with the rosy tinge I had given it. I grabbed both perfect globes and pried them apart, displaying for me her little rosebud. I dove in tongue first and she was completely powerless to stop me.

“Hey, what are you doing? I didn’t agree to ass stuff!” Daddario complained, and I laughed against her little hole. I spanked her again for her insolence. I lapped circles around her shitter and prodded at it with the tip of my tongue. “I mean it! Get away!” she tried to argue, but she literally couldn’t move away.

“I don’t think you get it,” I growled, and smacked her ass again for good measure. “I’m the one who is going to get you down, and until then, I will do to your tight body whatever the fuck I want or I’ll start snapping pictures and you’ll be all over.”

“This is fucking extortion! I can’t believe I thought you were a good guy!” She cursed her luck, and I didn’t blame her.

“I am a good guy, but when an opportunity like this texts me, all bets are off. Now shut the fuck up and enjoy this,” I ordered as I returned my tongue to her backdoor again and jammed two fingers up her duck pond again.

“For fuck’s sake!” she groaned as my tongue finally made it’s way inside her easing sphincter. “How long is this going to take?”

“Will you shut the fuck up? Keep whining and I’ll fuck you before you’re ready for me,” I gave her fair warning and sank my teeth into her ass. I didn’t draw blood, but she yelped and I left teeth marks.

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry!” she apologized.

“Apology accepted,” I chuckled as I sucked on her ass cheek and pushed a finger in her ass.

“Fuck!” she barked and tried to pull forward again. I straightened out my finger entirely and then pushed her back onto my finger, allowing it to go deeper into her tight back tunnel. “Fuck you, man.”

“Oh I plan to, but I’m going to fuck you while I do it,” I laughed and chomped her glowing ass again.

“I can’t fucking believe this,” she whined.

“Start believing it,” I said as I slowly worked my finger in and out of her ass and kept working her drenched pussy with my other hand.

Alex was openly vocal, moaning and yelping every time I smacked her ass or hit an extra sweet spot. “Can you please just fuck me? Please?” she was literally begging.

I stood to my full height and withdrew all of my fingers, I sucked her girl cream off of my right hand, and she tasted divine.

“I could eat you with strawberries. My God.” I told her as I slowly pistoned my hand on my cock. “I’ve wanted to fuck you since I saw you on the beach.”

“Yeah? Did you think it would happen?” Alex asked, trying to see me over her shoulder.

I turned her head to face front again as I lined up and drove myself deep inside of her.

“FUCK!” she cried, completely unprepared for such a brutal entry. “Asshole!” she called me, her head shooting back.

I wrapped her hair around my fist and fucked her deep, fast and hard. She felt exquisite on my rod, and I wanted it to last as long as possible, but I felt like I was possessed and had no control over myself.

Alex, still hanging from the ceiling, had nothing she could hold onto, nothing she could brace against as I stretched her over my entire length.

Alex was almost screaming with every thrust, and I wasn’t entirely sure if it was pleasure, pain, or a powerful mixture of both sensations. My cock was absolutely soaked, and her liquid was running down my legs as I drilled away.

“Oh my God, Michael! Fuck!” Alex pushed out through gritted teeth. I don’t know how we hadn’t gotten in trouble yet for disturbing other guests.

“I’m not too rough, am I?” I whispered in her ear, pulling her taut against me by her hair.

“No,” she said, shaking her head as much as I would let her. “I… I like it,” she admitted shamefully.

I smacked her ass for what seemed like the millionth time and reached up to take her tits into my hands again as I kept up my pace as much as I could.

I knew I couldn’t keep it up forever, and my balls, my gut, let me know that we were quickly about to crescendo.

“Alex, I’m gonna cum soon,” I warned her, urgency laced in my voice.

“No! No no no no no!” Alex sputtered out, shaking her head and again, pointlessly trying to pull away from me. “You can’t! Don’t cum in me!” she pleaded.

“Don’t worry, I have a plan,” I assured her as I slowly pulled out.

My cock was shocked to have air freely hit it again, and I felt the temperature change instantly.

Seeking fresh heat, I took myself i hand and nuzzled Alex’s cute, slightly stretched asshole.

“Stop! No! That doesn’t work eith… Fucking Christ!” Alexandra shrieked as I pushed my head into her tight pipe. “Get out of me! Fuck! Please!” she begged, and I would be out of her soon enough.

I lifted her right leg, allowing me to change my angle and get a little deeper as I picked up pace just a bit, but I didn’t want to shred her.

“Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” she chanted, matching my strokes. “Oh my God! Oh shit!” Alex’s head fell back, her beautiful hair falling into my face, but I didn’t care. “Michael, I’m gonna, fuck you’re going to make me cum again!” she said, her voice shaking as she broke loose again.

I was right behind her, but instead of blowing inside of her, I quickly pulled out just I burst, and I coded her perfect, now red ass in hot ropes of my white icing.

I gave each of us a bit to come down, particularly to give Alex time to stop shaking. And as promised, I did untie her raw wrists, and I carried her to bed. I laid her on her belly and told her I would be right back.

With a warm wash clothe, I wiped off her back side and then tucked her in. “If you ever get in this situation again, do call me.”