Baywatch Marathon Saturday

COZI TV had a Baywatch Marathon Saturday and Sunday, and
Saturday evening I watched a favorite two-parter from
1992 “The Trophy”, guest starring A.J. Langer.

A.J. Langer is one of those actresses who looked a lot
younger than her age, so she could play younger

I believe on Baywatch was the first time I saw her. She
played the “new girl on the beach”, and lyingly told
everyone she seduced lifeguard Eddie Kramer to become
popular. Then I saw her in the 1991 horror film The
People Under The Stairs. She looked so young in that

I’ve been watching In The Heat Of The Night every Sunday
night on THiS, and she played a recurring character
called Meagan Fowler, who loved to get fucked,
especially by older men, even if they were married.

I like to think sometimes “art imitates life”, and A.J.
was a wild girl. Lately my “Making Babies” entries have
been good girls or somewhat experienced girls having
their first time. But thinking about doing an entry
about her, I wanted to do a very experienced girl who of
course is far from a virgin. A girl who knows what she
wants, and goes and gets it. So without further ado,
here is “Making Babies 45: A.J. Langer” ~ G


[Summer 1987, Ohio]

I think I have a good life. I was raised well, minded my
parents and teachers, got into College, got a good job
and married a beautiful woman who loves sex as much as I

We have no kids of our own yet, which is why my wife
likes to have the neighborhood kids over sometimes. But
we’re still young, we may still have children.

My wife has an older sister, her and her husband do have
a child. A daughter. She insists on being called A.J.

My wife’s sister’s family doesn’t live close to us, so I
hadn’t actually met the thirteen year old girl until she
came to spend the Summer with us. Hell, I didn’t mind.
What was one more kid visiting anyway?

Actually, in the Summer my wife doesn’t have any of the
neighborhood kids over. One, most of the families go
away or send their children to Summer Camp. And two, my
wife works later in the Summer, so she doesn’t have the

So when my wife’s sister called and asked if we’d let
their daughter visit for the Summer and my wife agreed,
I knew I’d be spending most of the Summer keeping an eye
on the girl. I guess I could suffer through it.

My job closes during the Summer, so it’s not like I had
anything better to do.

A.J. was cute enough. She was hardly 5’1″, with very
long dark hair and a beautiful face. Between her height,
face and tiny body she looked more like ten or eleven.

She dressed like a tomboy, baseball cap, t-shirt and
overall shorts that were rolled up, showing of her long
coltish thighs. A.J. acted shy and mostly kept her hands
in her pockets. Later I realized she acted more shy when
my wife was around.

Eventually A.J. asked if there were only boys around who
got baseball or football games going, she loved to play.
My wife told me to walk her down to the field the boys
liked to play in.

A.J. went into the bathroom first. When she came out her
long, long hair was braided neatly in a ponytail and her
shorts rolled down.

“I’m all ready,” She said.

When I had the front door closed behind us, A.J. took my
hand in hers and held it as we walked. At first my face
felt hot, but by the time we reached the field I felt my
normal self again. And she let go of my hand as soon as
we were in sight of the field.

“Hey, boys,” I called out.

“Hi, Mr. Geminelli!” Several of them called it.

“Let her play, all right?”

“Sure,” Some of them said, shrugging.

I stayed and watched for a while. They were playing
football. Despite her size, A.J. was holding her own,
really tackling the boys. They didn’t seem to mind, and
cheered her on. I finally left and went back home.

The girl returned hours later, clothes dirty, hair
messed up a little, but a big grin on her face, which I
knew was of satisfaction.

A.J. saw me looking.

“You should see how messed up the guys are!” She
grinned, shrugging.

I liked her already.

She went to her room to change, into another t-
shirt/overall shorts ensemble, but different colors.

Of course the shorts were rolled up again, but she
wasn’t wearing her baseball cap this time.

The rest of the day what was left of it went by
uneventful. A.J. hardly spoke unless my wife spoke to
her during dinner. After dinner we watched some
television. Not my wife, though. She never has time for

A.J. sat beside me, her arm looped through mine and her
head on my shoulder. Did I mention her hair was back out
of the ponytail again? It smelled like jasmine.

My wife came in and told her it was time for her to
brush her teeth and go to bed. My wife immediately left
the room. A.J. rose and kissed me on the cheek.

“Goodnight,” She smiled, then left the room.


The next morning I had slept until long after my wife
left for work as I’m in the habit to do. I put a load of
clothes in the washer and while I waited for them to
finish so I could transfer them to the dryer I watched
some television. Not much else to do. Maybe play cards.

A.J. finally came downstairs, making her appearance.

She was still in her nightgown, which went past her

“Where’s my aunt?” She asked. I got the feeling she
already knew the answer and was just playing stupid.

“She’s at work,” I relied.

“Are you going to work?”

“No, not in the Summer.”

Seemingly satisfied, she joined me on the sofa. But
instead of sitting beside me as she did last night, A.J.
leaned back against the arm, one leg bent so her
nightgown slid up. Her smooth, coltish thighs were
mostly in view, not far from my prying eyes. A.J. didn’t
seem to notice, she was watching television.

I stared for a bit, then turned back to the television
myself. After a while, I noticed a bit of movement out
of the corner of my eye. I turned to look.

She was still watching television. I looked down. The
leg that wasn’t bent dropped off the sofa. Her nightgown
slid up further. Now I could see the crotch of A.J.’s
underwear. I tried not to stare but couldn’t help
myself. My eyes were locked on her crotch for the
longest time. Finally A.J. shifted.

That broke the spell.

My eyes shifted upward, but she was still focused on the
television not wanting to take the chance, I turned away
and watched television again.

But later movement caught my eye again. Instead of
checking if she what she was looking at, my eyes went
straight below. A.J. was rubbing her inner thigh absent-
mindedly, or so it seemed. I licked my lips, felt my
face get hot, then looked up. I was still in the clear.

I averted my eyes back to the television. But my brain
kept saying “Look again Look again”. Finally I did.

A.J. was now rubbing the crotch of her underwear! My
eyes widened at the sight. Was it really absent-mindedly
being done, or was the girl aroused somehow?

I had to remind myself she wasn’t ten. She was only
thirteen, but girls her age did have sexual feelings,
didn’t they?

It took me a while but I finally averted my eyes once

But it still held a strong pull for me to watch. So I
did again. And my eyes went wider.

A.J. had pulled her underwear to the side.

Her young pussy was unshaven, covered in very dark

This time I didn’t look away at all. I watched as A.J.’s
pussy began to glisten. She was getting wet! So were her
fingers. I licked my lips again.

Soon she started pushing two of her fingers in and out
of her young pussy.

“Enjoying the show?” A.J. asked in a husky voice.

My face grew hot again. I looked up.

She was grinning at me. A dirty little grin, and the
look on her face was pure naughty.

“I bet you’re rock hard…” She said softly.

Leaning forward, A.J. reached out her free hand and
grabbed my crotch. I hadn’t been hard, but I was now.

“Wow,” Her eyes widened, as did her grin. “You’ve got a
big one…”

I had the feeling the thirteen year old had seen A LOT
more cocks than she should have.

A.J. continued to rub my cock through my jeans, until
she felt it throbbing. Then she unbuttoned them, and
slowly unzipped them. The sound was so loud in the
suddenly quiet room, since she used the huge television
remote to MUTE the television.

A.J. rubbed my cock through my boxers before finally
fishing it out and holding it possessively.

“It’s really big…” She grinned excitedly.

She moved really close to it. I felt A.J.’s breath on
it. I groaned.

“You don’t mind if I, say…suck it, do you?”

Why the Hell would I mind?

Then I remembered. I WAS married. And to her aunt.

“I don’t think that would be a good idea…” I answered.

A.J. pouted.

“Why not?”

“Because I’m married.”


“To your aunt.”

“Again, so?”

“I don’t cheat on my wife.”

“I won’t tell,” A.J. insisted. “And it’s not REALLY

She had a point, but I couldn’t.

But while I was debating the issue with myself, she
wrapped her lips around my shaft and I groaned. My eyes
rolled back. How could I argue was such an amazing
mouth? And I couldn’t anyway, my mind now felt like it
was wasted on drugs [hey, I wasn’t a perfect teenager].

A.J. mouth started bobbing up and down my length, taking
more and more of it into her young but very experienced

Soon I felt my cock hit the back of her throat, and
quickly slide down it. Not even my wife could deep
throat me, that is, when she USED to suck me.

A.J. didn’t slow down nor did she choke on my large
cock. I watch the sweet-looking, innocent-looking girl
suck me like a porn star [yeah, I’ve seen those too
growing up, I found my dad’s porn back in the early

Faster and faster she sucked me, every now and then
pushing her long hair out of her face and behind her
ear. I was moaning and groaning louder, my balls getting
closer and closer to lift off.

I felt her tongue rake up and down the sensitive
underside of my cock, and I knew I was doomed.

My balls tightened up, my cock swelled in her mouth
[without any reaction from A.J.], and I grunted, as my
cock began to spew heavily into her mouth.

She never slowed or even gagged. I saw her throat
working to swallow it down faster than the next blast
could jizz out. She ably swallowed down seven or eight
bolts of my hot jizz.

My balls drained, A.J. continued to suck my cock a
little longer, before letting the softening shaft slip
from her mouth with a plop.

“I’m going to go take a shower,” She said, kissing me on
the lips. “Don’t go nowhere.”

I watched A.J. hop up off the sofa and head back
upstairs. I couldn’t move right then even if I wanted

I’m not sure if I drowsed off, but when I open my eyes
again, A.J. was coming back downstairs, squeaky clean,
and as naked as the day she was born. Her hair was
clearly washed as well, but already dry. How long had I

A.J. smiled at me.

“Like my body?”

What was not to like? She had some curves going on,
decent-sized breasts, with medium-sized areolae,
reddish-brown in color, nipples rock hard.

I suddenly woke up fully. A.J. had sucked my cock! Now
that I’d cum my mind was thinking clearly again. I
opened it to speak but she placed her finger on my lip.

“Shhh,” She said, as her other hand wrapped around my
cock and started to jerk it.

My brain was screaming to stop her, but her face was
right in front of mine, her brown eyes locked onto my
green eyes, and I was lost in them.

Then she ducked her head back down and took my cock back
in her mouth, sucking it to a new erection.

A.J. pushed me down onto the sofa, her naked body
straddling me. Still holding my cock, she sank down
around it. Her pussy was very tight, and very wet. And
as she began to bounce up and down on my cock, her pussy
grew wetter and became hot. Soon it was like a volcano

A.J. was riding my cock faster and faster, her body
thrashing violently.

“Damn…” She groaned. “Your cock’s got me ready to cum

Throwing back her head, A.J. screamed as she orgasmed.
Her young pussy spasming around my hard cock. I watched
her tits bounce up and down as she fucked me harder,
gasping and groaning loudly. At least until her second
orgasm followed quickly, wracking her body again with

A.J. rotated herself around my cock, until her butt was
to me. It was medium in size, smooth, round and firm-

And as she started to fuck me again her butt bounced as
she did, but it didn’t jiggle.

She supported herself on my legs, leaning forward as she
rode me hard. I grabbed the sides of her butt as A.J.
rode me, pushing my thumbs into the firm flesh.

A.J. made herself cum another eight times, before
climbing off of me. Dropping to the floor, she spread
her legs, and motioned for me to come. Completely lost
now, too far gone to stop, I dropped down on top of her
and sank my cock back into her young pussy. I fucked her
even faster and harder, and A.J. grasped my upper arms
roughly as she screamed through orgasm after orgasm.

She came maybe two dozen more times. I lasted about
fifty minutes, partly because she stopped twice, but
mostly because I’d jizzed earlier in A.J.’s mouth.

I knew I should have pulled out, cumming inside her was
taking things too far, but I didn’t care anymore.

I just cried out and started dumping my jizz into her,
triggering one more orgasm as I filled her pussy with my
heavy loaded.

Drained again, my cock slid out of A.J., as she
whimpered against me. I dragged myself back up onto the
sofa, looking down at what I’d done.

A.J.’s legs were still spread obscenely. My jizz – MY
jizz – was oozing from her freshly fucked pussy. Freshly
fucked by me. I had fucked her. And I was feeling guilty
about it.

But I knew in my heart I’d do it again. And I knew A.J.
wanted me to.

Soon, still catching her breath and covered with sweat,
she pulled herself up onto the sofa and sat on my lap,
cuddling against me.

I knew we’d be fucking all Summer, and I didn’t care
anymore. The girl was totally worth it.