Selena Gomez – Adult Fanfiction

Getting a call being informed that your new job assignment was to be Selena Gomez’s personal bodyguard for her new world tour was incredible. I arrived at JFK Airport ready for her fight off to Paris for her first stop on the tour. The plane wasn’t a normal plane, it was a jet with all kinds of cool perks. There was internet, rooms, and a dining room and several areas to kick back and relax.

When she arrived, she looked incredible and I was speechless. She had a black dress on that showed her curves, she had her hair in a ponytail, and man’o’man did this gorgeous Latino have some curves to show off. I walked up to her and introduced myself, “Hello, my name is Dylan, and I will be your personal bodyguard on your main tour.”

She smiled and shook my hand, and introduced herself (which wasn’t really necessary) and walked up the stairs where I had been standing up to the jet. Several people had many suitcases for her. One person asked to take my suitcases I had, and I gave them to him.

He took several trips to gather my stuff. As I entered the plane, I asked the pilot how long the trip would be to Paris, and the pilot told me it would be 7 hours nonstop, but we weren’t leaving until Selena’s manager got on the plane. The man who took all my suitcases showed me to my room where my luggage was already there.

‘Perks of being a rich star’ I thought to myself as I was a king sized bed in the corner, and I decided to relax on the couch and I turned on the 72inch plasma TV in front of me.

I had just found a football game when I heard footsteps approaching the door, and my training kicked in, I quickly pulled my gun out of my right holster and ran to the door and opened it, only to see Ms. Gomez standing there in that amazing dress about to knock with her hair down, and her phone in her other hand and hairbands on the same hand.

“Well, at least I know I’m going to be safe with you, huh Dylan?” She said, “You can put that away you know” she continued as I realized I was still pointing the gun at her. “Sorry ma’am.” I replied, “Call me Selena, and it’s fine, just don’t shoot anyone by accident. Also my manager just called, she is 3 minutes out from the here, and then we will leave. Also if you need anything just let me know” She replied.

“Thanks, hey does this plane have drinks?” I asked, “Yeah, I will come in your room to tell you when we can drink. First, me and my manager have some work to do for this concert.” She told me.

With that she left, and as I watched I stared at her gorgeous ass and couldn’t help but get a bit hard.

I was going to have to work on this if I was going to be her bodyguard, I couldn’t always get a hard-on every time I saw her. I closed the door and sat back down. A little while later I heard an announcement from the pilot saying that we were ascending now, and that WiFi was on.

Good, I pulled out my laptop and turned it on. I searched up some of Selena’s music videos to watch and work on controlling my hard-ons. After several videos, I watched the “Hands To My Self” video, and that’s when something unexpected happened.

Normally, when I was with women, my member could be up to nearly 8 inches long, but jerking off to Selena’s videos had me at nearly 10 inches long.

The plasma TV was right next to the door, so therefore the couch was facing the door, and Selena had decided to come in. “Hey Dylan, do you want a -, oh my god, what are you doing, is that me?” she said as she stood with a drink in her hand and pointing at her on my laptop as she saw me with pants around my ankles, my laptop on the right side of me, and her eyes drifting from herself on my laptop to my member. “Oh shit, Selena, it’s not what you think-” but I was cut short because of what happened next.

She walked into my room and closed the door locking it as well. “Ummm… Selena what are you doing?” I asked confused and also curious as the way she was staring at my member. I stood up and pulled my pants up as well trying to cover myself up but Selena was a lot faster that she looked.

Still with her right hand occupied with what I think was my drink, she had her left hand on waistband of my pants pushing them back down. “Selena what are you doing?, aren’t you dating that Beiber kid?” I said to her as I stopped fighting her hand and show her my cock.

“Yeah I am, also I have never seen someone so big.” She replied to me.

Curiously, I asked her “How big is he?”

“Hehe, let’s just say, that even though we fucked, I’m technically still a virgin.” She said focused on my dick.

Selena then took the tip of my member and wrapped her left around it, massaging it with her thumb teasing me. She then handed me my drink, and told me to enjoy that. I drained my drink and tasted the sweetness and a slight sourness in the drink.

Selena got on her knees and she leaned forward entering my tip between her sexy lips. She licked my tip softly making random movements with her tongue on my tip teasing me and making me shake.My free hand slowly went down to her head, and pushed her head closer, engulfing more of my stick. She pulled back and stood up seductively taking off her black dress. She had on a matching black lacy bra and panties, and she removed her bra throwing it to the floor.She had the most luscious tits I had seen. Her nipples looked slightly hard and I threw my glass without a care and wrapped my hands around her tits. I smirked as I felt her body nipples become harder in my hands.

“Do you like them, they’re 34B?” She asked me as she thruster toward me, and her lacy panties began to tickle my sensitive tip, causing my whole body to shiver as she simultaneously kissed me and explored my mouth with her tongue.. “Mmmm, do you like that Dylan?’ She asked me teasing me.

“No I didn’t” I replied honestly.

“Well, maybe I should make lil’ Dil feel better, how does that sound?” She whispered in my ear as her hand slowly and softly grabbed my balls and began to massage them. She went back down and I erupted on to her face, my cum was never ending and sprayed her face, tits and her stomach.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry Selena.” I began to say when I was interrupted by her.

“Don’t worry, I got an idea” and with that, she grabbed my cock and rubbed all over her face, collecting my cum off of her and then took off her panties and wrapped up my cock, and collected my cum, causing her panties to become damp and sticky.

Selena then did something I didn’t ever expect to happen, she began to touch herself with her cum soaked panties moaning and before I could say anything, Selena grabbed my shaft and started licking it, covering it in her saliva.

“Oh, Jesus.” I muttered.

She began to let out small moans of pleasure as she sucked my cock and touched herself, she then started to tease the underside of my shaft. I was getting so turned on, all I wanted to do fuck her.

Within a couple of minutes, I put my hand up against her long hair, and started pushing her head in. I began to thrust my hips and used my hand to force her mouth further and further on my cock, pressing it deeper down her throat. Selena began to masturbate faster as I fucked her mouth.

Just when I thought she was going to choke, I pulled my cock from Selena’s mouth.

“I want you to fuck me, Dylan” Selena exclaimed immediately. She definitely looked like she wanted me to fuck her. She was so turned on by masturbating and sucking my dick, she was getting insanely horny.

“I want you to feel my pussy clenching on your dick as I scream your name.” She said seductively between takes as she lubricated my dick with your saliva.

“First, I want you to do what I say baby,” I said to her.

“Alright” She said to me between takes of lubricating me.

I told her to stand up, get your panties, put them on and sit on my lap facing me. She did all of this, and then sat on my lap, facing me as I instructed. I gave her a kiss and my left hand groped, pinched and pulled her nipples, while my other hand slowly went downwards and found her G-Spot immediately, as she seized up, and then I rubbed slowly and then sped up both hands.

My left hand switched from tit to tit, and I could hear Selena moaning loudly.

“DYLAN!” She moaned loudly as I thrusted harder and faster. Her body seized up, then burst into a thousand pieces as her orgasm ripped through her. I told her to then stand up and take off her panties and hand them to me and then sit on my lap facing me again and wrap your legs around me.

She did this, and I stood up with her legs wrapped around me, I walked to the wall next to my bed, and I wrapped her cum filled panties on my dick, and then took off some of hair bands, and wrapped them around me base, holding the panties in place and to ease her. I then told her what I did, and then I slowly entered her with my tip. She asked me to wait so she could get comfortable, and I waited. Eventually, she nodded and I pushed up and broke her wall fucking her like a real man.

After that we fucked in different places in my room for nearly an hour before I needed to cum again. Finally when I felt my urge, I told her and she got on her knees once again

“Ahh, Selena.” I thrusted hard, once more. I exploded as she shouted my name again. She looked up at me at that moment, her eyes closed, a look of sheer pleasure sweeping over my face. She jerked me twice then she opened her eyes. The warmth in his gaze was what she expected. But around the edges of it, past the sexual satisfaction, there was something more.
Selena and I soon met several times in our rooms to fuck for the rest of her tour.

On the last day of her tour, Selena told me how good I was, and that she was going mention me to her friends. She said that Taylor Swift was going on tour, and she was definitely going to mention me and my Lil Dil. She said winking and kissed me.